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What is the price of freedom? About $900,000 if you are bribing Commissioner Phillip Bradley at the NSW Crime Commission.

The bottom line with this post is that there is enough prima facie evidence to have Commissioner Phillip Bradley of the NSW Crime Commission charged with criminal offences. E.g taking bribes, attempting to pervert the course of justice and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice etc. The NSW Crime Commission is a law enforcement body that is […]

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Faceless Judge

Judging judges and the mental illness defence

Two Magistrates in NSW have been directed to show cause to the NSW Parliament why they should not be sacked as Judicial Officers. The magistrates in question are Magistrate Jennifer Betts and Magistrate Brian Maloney and it was based on the findings of the NSW Judicial Commission enquiry in relation to complaints of misconduct which led to them […]

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Julia Gillard – Double Take – 9 to 9

The below video is a parody of the Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard when she was Deputy Prime Minister and Kevin Rudd was Prime Minister. It is a bit off track for what this site is about but I think it is a very funny video and what she says in it turned out to be spot […]

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Truth in Justice – Reform Adversarial Legal System to Inquisitorial System

A new group are running a campaign via a petition to have the Australian legal system reformed. The campaign is called the “Truth in Justice campaign” (click here to go to their website). I am not a member of the group nor do I know the people organising it but I have signed up to their petition and […]

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