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Has Julia Gillard blackmailed the Media to cover-up her corrupt past? The Fairfax Media and News Corp scandal.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard over the last few days has gone on a full frontal attack on the Australian Media which undermines free speech in this country. Her motive is to cover-up her own corrupt past. Julie Gillard has personally phoned executives and editors at News Ltd and highly likely Fairfax Media to stop reporting on her past of helping her former boyfriend Bruce Wilson rip off the AWU of over $1,000,000. It makes one wonder if she has also phoned other media as well in her cover-up attempt.

She has done this while she has had a massive conflict on interest in that the Australian Government is currently considering conducting an enquiry into the Australian Media. One of her press secretaries told me on Friday (2/9/11) that Julia Gillard had no intentions of standing down from the decision-making process of whether or not the government will hold an enquiry.

Over the last week two pieces of evidence have come to light to say that it is highly likely that Julia Gillard knowingly helped Bruce Wilson rip off the AWU.


The focus of her attack public has been on Glenn Milne and a story he wrote that was published on Monday the 29th August 2011 in The Australian which is a News Corp owned paper. The reporting and coverage of her attack in general by other news organisations has been scandalous and they have used it to go on an unjustified attack of News Corp’s Australian subsidiary News Ltd. Fairfax Media who are also involved in the cover-up have tried to point the finger squarely at News Ltd while trying to conceal their own involvement in the cover-up.

The current outbreak started right here on this site with a post I did on the 7th August 2011 (click here to read) which was subsequently picked up by Michael Smith at radio station 2ue which is owned by Fairfax Media and Andrew Bolt of News Ltd.

Time Line:

1. I did a post on the 7th August 2011 titled “Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s criminal history and her hypocrisy with WikiLeaks and Julian Assange.” The post had its good days and average days. It started to pick up pace in a big way and started going viral in the week beginning Monday the 22nd August.

2. On Friday the 26th August 2011 Michael Smith at 2ue and Andrew Bolt starting running with two of the key elements of my post. That being an interview Glenn Milne did with Julia Gillard in 2007 and the answers that she gave. They also were pushing an affidavit and its contents by Robert Kernohan which was mentioned in one of my links to the Hansard on the Victorian Parliament website. Michael Smith read out some of the affidavit on air and Andrew Bolt published some on the content on his blog site. (Click here to read the Bob Kernohan affidavit) I have also put a link in the comment section as this one does not work sometimes.

3. They took the story further than me and Michael Smith pre-recorded an interview with Robert Kernohan who is a former president of the Victorian branch of the AWU on the week-end (27th and 28th August) which was meant to go to air on Monday the 29th August. Andrew Bolt also put on his blog that he would be following up on his site on the Monday.

4. On the week-end of the 27th and 28th August Julia Gillard starting calling John Hartigan who is CEO of  News Ltd which is News Corp’s Australian subsidiary. She wanted assurances that Andrew Bolt would not follow-up which John Hartigan gave her.

5. Monday 29th of August. The Australian ran Glenn Milne’s story in the The Australian and on their website. Julia Gillard called John Hartigan again and demanded it be taken down from the website and demanded a retraction. There was only one key bit that she apparently complained about but she wanted the whole article to be taken down. Julia Gillard apparently made numerous calls and sent emails and texts. (Click here to read the Glenn Milne story (“PM A Lost Cause For Warring Unions“). I have also put a link in the comment section as this one does not work sometimes.

6. Monday 29th of August: Fairfax Media pulls the Michael Smith interview with Robert Kernohan on their radio station 2ue. There was a 7 or 8 minute recording on the 2ue website from the Friday the 26th program of Michael Smith reading from  Robert Kernohan affidavit. This was also pulled from their website and the previous days recording (Thursday 25th) put in its place.

7. Monday 29th of August to date: Other media start running with the story of how News Ltd were forced to pull the story. Fairfax Media pulling the Radio interview gets very little mention or no mention at all. No one asks the question: If Julia Gillard rang John Hartigan at News Ltd to pull the story who did she ring at Fairfax Media to pull the radio interview.

8. Michael Smith has tried a couple of more times to run the interview with Robert Kernohan but has so far been stopped by Fairfax Media management.

9. On Friday 2nd September I spoke to one of Julia Gillard’s press secretaries and I asked in words to the effect:  “given that Julia Gillard had called John Hartigan to have the story pulled at News Ltd who at Fairfax Media had Julia Gillard called to have the Robert Kernohan interview pulled from 2UE.” The response I got from the press secretary was that he was confident that Julia Gillard would not have called Fairfax Media. He obviously has a lot more confidence than me.

10. News Ltd have since gone on the offensive and fought back to some degree. There are a few links under the Andrew Bolt heading below which show the fight-back.

As mentioned above in second paragraph of this post Julia Gillard’s press secretary also told me that she would not be standing down from the decision-making process of whether or not the Government will hold a media enquiry even though I had pointed out the massive conflict of interest given that she had threatened News Ltd to pull the story. He said words to the effect: “she would not be standing down because if every politician who had interaction with the media stood down there would be no one left.” and that “she would not have threatened Hartigan with legal action but just pointed out the errors in the story”.

Julia Gillard helped her then boyfriend rip of the AWU in the period of approximately 1993 – 1995. The Prime Minister says it is old and no longer relevant and she has addressed the issue many time before.

Well it is relevent now for many reasons and she has never addressed it in full or to any real degree.

The reasons it is relevent now:

1. In the interview in 2007 with Glenn Milne she complained about how distressing it was to be falsely accused of wrong doing in the media. As I pointed out in my post on the topic that is what she did to Julian Assange and WikiLeaks at the end of 2010.

2.  That the Prime Minister has clearly been trying to cover up the current scandal of the Federal Politician Craig Thomson ripping off the Health Services Union. Given that the AWU clearly covered up her former boyfriend of ripping off the AWU and her involvement it is clearly in the public interest to look at that as it shows a history in the Union movement of ripping off their members. How many more people in the Union movement are ripping off their members that no one knows about. There should be a broad enquiry.

3. Given that Julia Gillard has tried to close down media coverage of her involvement in ripping off the AWU it is in the public interest to have a good look at it to clear the air so the public can have confidence in the Prime Minister. Which the Prime Minister does not want to do.

Julia Gillard has never fully addressed the issue:

I have been aware of her history in this matter since 2005/2006. I have never come across anywhere in media reports where she has fully addressed the matter in any detail. Just vague palm off’s, she generally says that it happened a long time ago and that she had already addressed the matter. Even the 2007 interview is only brief and as I have already pointed out in a previous post what she says beggar’s belief.

Michael Smith on 2ue has also been following up this week with questions to the PM which she has avoided answering. On the 2ue site it shows the email correspondence to and from the PM’s office this week:

He asks her a number of questions like:


Did you ever create or cause any legal entity(ies) to be created with the letters AWU or words Australian Workers Union in its/their title(s)?

Did you establish or in any way instruct any person to establish any bank accounts for the Australian Worker’s Union?

Have you ever paid back any money to the Australian Workers’ Union?

The response from the PM’s office the next day “These are matters that have been dealt with on the public record over a period of fifteen years.” and after another email from Michael Smith the PM’s office replies “The Prime Minister, as you note, has made comments about these matters in the past. I’d refer you to her comments.”

Michael Smith sends another email on Wednesday the 31st August: May I ask that you make good on the offer you made below to refer me to her comments?   Where are they, what are the comments that you are happy for me to use?

And the PM’s office responds with: Well actually Julia Gillard’s office did not respond even though Michael Smith had staff following it up.  She is ducking for cover. Very similar to the Craig Thomson affair as he has gone all silent as well. I would put a link to the Michael Smith emails but they will probably go down in a day or so based on current form. He does seem to be the only one following it up so if you have the time his show is on 2ue M-F from midday to 3pm.

Fairfax Media and Michael Smith

Fairfax Media have at this point acted disgracefully and have buckled to Julia Gillard’s pressure. While they have not closed down Michael Smith totally they have stopped his interview with Robert Kernohan going to air. Maybe they will never let it be broadcast or maybe they think if they hold it back long enough even if it does go to air it will have no impact.

I called Fairfax Media on Friday to ask who there had spoken to Julia Gillard and who had stopped the Kernohan interview going to air. A person at their PR company Access PR told me Peter Fray was probably the person to speak to and she would call me back. She never got back to me.

I spoke to Michael Smith on Friday as well and he said he had “no comment” to make as why the story had been pulled. I had spoken to an assistant at 2ue prior to that and she said that because it had not been approved yet. Well it was meant to go to air on the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday but kept getting pulled. Andrew Bolt I recall said on his blog that it had already been legally approved.

In reporting in their papers Fairfax Media have not said why the 2ue interview has not gone to air. In one report at least which is titled “Bombshell for Gillard explodes under Murdoch press” which was printed on Tuesday the 30th of August they point the finger at News Ltd but make no mention of the fact that they are involved in the cover-up. (Click here to read) It says in another article in the Fairfax Press where they put the boot into News Ltd “Michael Smith of Fairfax Media’s 2UE, who decided yesterday not to discuss Milne’s column or read the promised statutory declaration” Well that is a lie and there is no mention of the Kernohan interview, Fairfax Media management pulled the interview and shut it down. (Click here to read)

Who pulled the pin at Fairfax Media? Well the likely suspects are the directors who are:

  • Roger Corbett AO, Chairman
  • Michael Anderson
  • Nicholas Fairfax
  • Greg Hywood, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director
  • Sandra McPhee
  • Sam Morgan
  • Linda Nicholls AO
  • Robert Savage AM
  • Peter Young AM
Or maybe it was Gail Hambly who is the Group General Counsel for Fairfax Media. I thought that given that the likes of John Hartigan get mentioned in this story it would not be right for me not to name and shame the directors of Fairfax Media who are overseeing a cover-up and aiding in the denial of free speech.

Andrew Bolt

Andrew Bolt had a lot of what was on his site pulled down but has written two posts on what happened since that are well worth a read.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s hand overplayed    

Protecting Gillard: ABC sacks Milne

There is also a good story in The Australian which details the phone calls between the Prime Minister Julia Gillard and John Hartigan and Chris Mitchell who is the editor of The Australian.

8am call that put Julia Gillard’s old news on front page

Other Media Reports

As I have stated above, reports in other media of what has actually transpired have been disgraceful, full of errors and sometimes out-right defamatory in an attempt to bag News Ltd, Glenn Milne and Andrew Bolt. Amazingly Michael Smith and Fairfax Media rarely get mentioned.

ABC – Jeremy Thompson

The ABC on Thursday sacked Glenn Milne from appearing further on their Insiders program for not meeting its editorial standards. That is a joke as Julia Gillard was clearly trying to shut down any reporting of her past before the Glenn Milne story was published. The time-line above shows that Julia Gillard was calling John Hartigan at News Ltd on the Saturday and Sunday to stop Andrew Bolt from reporting on it anymore. It does not really mater what Glenn Milne said in his story because as long as it mentioned Julia Gillard’s corrupt past it was going to be pulled.

Jeremy Thomson did a report on the ABC website on the Tuesday the 30th of August which was updated on the 31st  which is nothing more than a joke. There are solid grounds for News Ltd and Andrew Bolt to sue for defamation.

He says in relation to a section Andrew Bolts blog ” It began: ”On Monday, I’m tipping, a witness with a statutory declaration will come forward and implicate Julia Gillard directly in another scandal involving the misuse of union funds.”

“No such witness has come forward.”

Well Jeremy Thomson is either a very sloppy and lazy reporter or he is straight out lying. A person has come forward, Robert Kernohan, and the interview was meant to go to air on Michael Smith program on 2UE. Why did Jeremy Smith not know that? Why did he not report anything about Fairfax Media pulling the story? Why did he not ask who Julia Gillard had spoken to at Fairfax Media?

He also says: “The article, written by journalist Glenn Milne – but later repudiated by the newspaper – claimed Ms Gillard had been unknowingly implicated in a “major union fraud” while she was working as a lawyer in Melbourne before she entered parliament.”

Well they did not repudiate the whole story just a small part. Which even says it at the end of the story. (Click here to read the full story)

Given that the ABC sacked Glenn Milne (they say he was not sacked because he was not actually an employee) from the Insiders program for “not meeting its editorial standards” what will they do to Jeremy Thomson?


I am a fan of the Crikey news website. A democracy needs a diverse media and they have some good articles on there. But a posting by Andrew Cook is a disgrace which is titled “Milne debacle: how a 16-year-old story was spiked by The Oz”. It starts off “Glenn Milne has egg all over his face after the re-hired columnist filed an error-filled op-ed reviving discredited allegations that Prime Minister Julia Gillard had somehow been an accomplice to her one-time partner Bruce Wilson’s alleged fraud.”

The claims are not discredited at all. What because Julia Gillard denies them? How many criminals admit their crime?

Andrew Cook goes on to say “While a popular topic in the right-wing blogosphere, the allegations are rarely taken seriously by professional journalists.” Really, has Andrew Cook done a survey has he? I wouldn’t mind a look. When people write dribble like that it is because they can not attack the content so they attack the messenger.

In relation to current media attention on Gillard’s past in helping rip off the AWU he says “The fresh outbreak was three days in the making.” Well it actually started with my post on the 7th of August. Mr Cook obviously can not use the internet.

He goes on to say “In fact, the PM has consistently shot down the suggestions with supreme force each time they get trotted out.” Well where is her detailed side of the story Mr Cook. You obviously have a copy, can I see it.

Andrew Cook goes on to try to discredit Robert Kernohan. He might be right but he makes no mention of the response that Julia Gillard gave to the Glenn Milne interview in 2007 that beggars belief. Maybe Andrew Cook believes her answers. The reality is that Julia Gillard openly admits helping rip off the AWU so even though she says she did not do it knowingly, it should still be scrutinised even more so, when she has never given a detailed account of what happened. But a simple denial is good enough for Mr Cook. (Click here to read the full article)

The question that is going through my mind is how many media organisations has Julia Gillard called to close down the reporting of her grubby history.

We know she called News Ltd many times over three-days, firstly to close down Andrew Bolt and then Glenn Milne. Given that and the conduct of Fairfax Media logic says that she also called them. The ABC sacking Milne seems very odd to me given what I have already written above. And what have the TV stations Channel 7, Channel 10, Channel 9 and SBS been saying? Not much to my knowledge or maybe that has something to do with the $250 Million election year bribe Tony Abbott has previously spoken about.

Given that a lot of the material has been taken down from the net has Julia Gillard also contacted Google, Yahoo and Bing to make sure that negative articles do not show up in a search or at least far back in the search results. It does happen, so why wouldn’t Julia Gillard try it given her current form.

The Media Enquiry

The Federal Government is currently evaluating whether or not we should have a Media Enquiry. I have no doubt we should and the first port of call should be Julia Gillard and her intimidation of the Australian Media. She should have never called Hartigan and once she did she had an obligation to put out a press release stating given her fight with News Ltd and Fairfax Media she would no longer be part of the decision-making process on whether or not to have an enquiry or its potential terms of reference.

In 2007 Julia Gillard said she was young and naive when she had a huge conflict of interest of having a sexual relationship with Bruce Wilson and taking instructions off him for her client the AWU. As I have previously said, when she started having a relationship with Wilson she should have handed the AWU account to someone else at the law firm Slater and Gordon. But her excuse was she was young and naive. What is her excuse now she has a massive conflict of interest but is still the main decision maker of whether or not to have the media enquiry. Is Julia Gillard still claiming to be young and naive.

The two pieces of evidence that I spoke of at the start to say that it is highly likely that Julia Gillard knowingly helped Bruce Wilson rip off the AWU. 1. Her personal jihad to close down the reporting on the story and 2. Her lie about previously addressing the issue. If she had she would have responded to Michael Smith’s emails and said where she had previously addressed them.

One of the key reasons that I point out that the above started with my post on the 7th of August is so all the people who have promoted the post on Facebook, Twitter and emailed their friends etc know they have made a difference. Without your support not much would have happened. Even if the so-called main stream media do not pick up issues of public importance you can make a difference.

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  1. Gillard has the typical lawyers (liars) psyche – I’m above the law. Add to that her union alliances, her current role as PM and you get a person (demonstrably) capable of lying with impunity. Look at the fools she surrounds herself with – most tarred with the same brush. So insulular are they that their abhorent behaviour is deemed normal in the corridors of power. Lawmakers indeed!

  2. I have found Crikey.com completely lacking in substance, bearing in mind they have overlooked the deadly legacy being left by Rupert Murdoch here in Australia, and it is called Fox Studios Australia Heavy Industrial Factory site, self-regulated and condoned by the Prime Minister Julia Gillard and former Premier Kristina Keneally – has Julia threatened to close it in these most recent times thereby bringing even more pressure to bear?
    After all it is continuously being propped up with huge chunks of Taxpayer’s hard earned money which allegedly is disappearing overseas as fast as at all possible – will she threaten to stop this gravy train apparently not – so how easy is it for her to stop an inquiry into her own alleged ‘misconduct’ – that is through the Media?

    The stench of deliberate and calculated cover-ups is on all levels of Australian Governments – until such time the playing fields are level, such as Government Ministers and their heads of department being dealt with as they would have the general public dealt with, then it has to be noted that the system is so corrupted as to be beyond redemption.

    A massive clean out is needed, until that happens both main parties will continue to bring immense pressure on all Media outlets – Julia Gillard would do well to watch the UK Parliament this coming Tuesday on yet another grilling of News International a News Corporation Company – at last sense has prevailed but only after the general public were up in arms and a few ‘good people’ challenged not just the Media but also the corrupted system of government and the police.
    Will anyone in Australia hold their hands up to do the same, it would appear not!

    And yet one Media outlet continues to hold court and power over all others –

    Only private individuals – who pay heavily for their determination to bring out the truth – it is a question of ‘do not shoot the messenger’ but expose the perpetrators –

    Josephine – http://www.foxandchickens.org/hetty/index.html

  3. Shane, anyone with a modicum of integrity would appreciate the efforts to which you have gone to expose this rampant corruption in our Political/Union system.

    The role of the Mainstream Media in rendering itself to be the propaganda arm of Government is shameful. The old maxim “In the Public Interest” has long been buried while in its place has risen the Self Interest paradigm. Journalists jealously guard their political contacts, ever hopeful of a ‘leak’ or a ‘scoop’ (whatever that means these days). Politicians dangle the prospect of such confidential news morsels around the noses of the MSM who, seriously impressed by their own importance, are seemingly oblivious to the fact that they are being ‘played’ like so many wind instruments.

    As the substance of Milne’s article is a matter of public record, there appears to be no reason for it to be withdrawn or any apology to ensue – except perhaps his assertion that she “shared” the house with Wilson. Ok, so she had lots of ‘sleep-overs’. Maybe even for a period when her house was undergoing those expensive renovations – but nothing to warrant the tirade of outraged indignation, threats and bullying that she has unleashed on Media Executives.

    And what utter wimps they have been in failing to stand their ground and protect their journalists’ right to free speech “in the public interest”. The misappropriated union funds belong to the workers of this nation – since when is the disclosure of the theft of those funds not in the public interest?

    We have been told that ignorance is no defense in the eyes of the Law. What are the chances of such a plea being heard from a partner in a major law firm who compromises all principles of ethics and integrity by such questionable behaviour over an extended period of time?

    “Well may we ask, because nothing will save…..” this Prime Minister from the judgment of the nation that she purports to serve.

  4. For democracy to thrive citizens need to have confidence in the integrity of a country’s institutions. It is apparent from these revelations that political influence is being brought to bear on the police, the courts, the unions and the media.
    “Corruption and hypocrisy ought not to be inevitable products of democracy, as they undoubtedly are today,” or so Mahatma Gandhi once famously said.
    Maybe he was wrong. Nothing has much changed since he voiced his concern. Indians have recently protested vociferously against corruption in their society and their government has been forced to promise reform to placate the protesters. Time will tell if the promised reform is delivered.
    Of course corruption and hypocrisy are not exclusively restricted to democracies. The abuse of power and position seems to be endemic in all societies and systems of government. It is just that ordinary democratic citizens are ostensibly able to do something about it.
    Australians are less inclined than other people to take public action in numbers large enough or united enough to influence politicians in this country.
    In the absence of independent and authoritative anti-corruption institutions that investigate and take action when citizens make complaints undoubtedly Gandhi’s observation will continue to be wrong.
    Corruption and hypocrisy will be inevitable, pervasive and corrosive.

    • The obsession with ‘democracy’ annoys me mightily – two bunches of partisans arguing about which set of megalomaniacal sociopaths should have the right to rape everybody… and those who want no part of it are saddled with the debts accumulated by the morons who want ‘society’ nudged in such-and-so a direction.

      If there was no State, the frightened think that there might be bands of marauders who go around plundering (because they’re too stupid to understand that the security business ALREADY furnishes superior services to those offered by the State)… but they ignore the fact that the absence of the State means an absence of industrial-scale WAR.

      And not for nothin’ – once you tot up all taxes (direct and indirect) plus the present value of the debt, plus off-book unfunded political promises… well, it amount to over 50% of everything the average citizen makes. I’ll take my chances with an occasional marauder any day.

  5. If she’s compromised she’s controllable which explains why she’s pushing ahead with the globalist climate-tax project in the face of such public hostility. The rewards of doing as she’s told are too great for this opportunity to pass, and the punishment would be exposure, public humiliation and serious jail time (would have been execution some years back) if she didn’t do what they put her there to do. Explains those holidays in Israel that she doesn’t talk about. They were for instructions.

  6. I think you hold the Australian media in too high a regard. The unbalanced or falsified coverage of almost every major issue of late, whether it is Afghanistan, climate change, Libya or the London riots highlights that very little pressure is required to have them sit up and wag their tails waiting for that pat on the head. That Julia is allegedly able to so easily exercise control over them is more of a reflection of the media barons than it is of a transient politician fighting for survival.

  7. Blackswan, although I get the point you’re trying to make, it’s naïve in the extreme to think that the press *ever* really stood for anything remotely related to the public interest; media barons and the tax-eating parasites from the political class have always been as thick as thieves. Lord Beaverbrook, Hearst, Murdoch, Maxwell, ‘Lord’ Black of Crossharbour… these are all members of a plutocracy whose job is to maintain the status quo, and periodically gin up the proles when the slave-owners decide it’s time for a war.

    In a way, the nexus between media owners and the political parasites is similar to the old nexus between the Church and the Throne: the Church went around telling people that the invisible man in the sky said that the king ought not be questioned… although from time to time it suited the Church to overthrow or supplant a King themselves. Likewise, the dominant narrative in the press regarding the political parasite class, is that their corruption is a mere peccadillo but that overall, they help ‘keep us safe’… so when they send trained sociopaths to kill brown people, it’s all good. And thus as far as the media is concerned, all it takes for a corruption claim to be ‘discredited’ simply by dint of the fact that the politician in question has a prepared smart-ass bromide whenever the subject is brought up.

    Show me the mainstream media organ that questioned Colin Powell’s ludicrous cartoon presentation to the UN – a presentation so utterly laughable that it was beneath contempt, done by a man who was complicit in covering up My Lai. (Fortunately that presentation cost him his career – in a just world he would also have been stripped of his pension and be spat on in the street).

    Show me the mainstream media organ that questioned Rumsfeld’s claim the “we know where the weapons of mass destruction are” or Blair’s “WMD capable of being launched in 45 minutes”. Show me the media organ that declares that Blair, Bush, Howard, Rudd and Obama should all be dragged to the Hague.

    Go all the way back to the media’s complicity in the false reports of crucifixion of Belgian soldiers and Huns bayonetting Nuns (WWI), the sinking of the Lusitania (or back further to the Maine)… fast forward to media narratives after Hiroshima and Nagasaki, forward to the Gulf of Tonkin… history shows us that the media is, and always has been, the propaganda organ of the political class.

    Individual journalists might start out with a fire in the belly, but they learn very soon that they can either let the chains rest lightly and have a successful career, or they can pull against the bit and be turned out into the wild. Hence the only decent journalism in the world at the minute is from independents and people batting outside their normal place in the order (e.g., Matt Taibbi at Rolling Stone).

    • MM,
      While it may well appear to be “naïve in the extreme” to endeavour to encapsulate what the MSM should be about in a single paragraph (and I don’t disagree about the historic examples you give), this post is about the criminality of public figures and how an entire ‘system’ is geared to render them accountable to nobody.

      The Fourth Estate stands condemned by its acquiescence to political/corporate interests.

      The Fifth Estate (the Blogosphere) has overtaken conventional sources as the only means of distributing accurate information on matters of “public interest” and is undoubtedly the target of any Media Inquiry. Take an incident like News Corp’s phone hacking which provides the excuse, and they will come up with all manner of reasons and ways to clamp down on who says what and who has access to it – if they can. That remains to be seen.

      Meanwhile, people like Shane need to be applauded for their endeavours in bringing us matters of public record, asking the right questions and demanding that thieves and charlatans be held accountable.

  8. Humm
    I do not know too many people that would call a 30 year old lawyer working for a firm like Slater & Gordon young and naïve, especially one that was looking after a large client like the AWU. Something wrong with this picture?

  9. HI

    As we speak it appears that Michael Smith has been suspended from 2UE

    It is all over social media at the moment and I know many people are currently jamming the switchboard at 2UE and emailing them to show their horror.

    You might like to follow up and maybe even know something we don’t but it certainly doesn’t look good today! In fact I am surprised as I thought it would be too blatant a thing to do but obviously that is not the case

  10. Julia and Michael O’Connor. Julia and Bruce Wilson. Getting the numbers for pre selection in Lalor. A gel’s gotta do what a gel’s gotta do.

  11. From the Adelaide Advertiser:
    When the union discovered the fraud they went after Wilson through the courts.

    In an affidavit the AWU’s then joint national secretary, Ian Cambridge, raised specific questions about the role of Ms Gillard’s law firm, Slater & Gordon, in the purchase of a Melbourne property by Wilson. “I am unable to understand how Slater & Gordon, who were then acting for the Victorian branch of the union, could have permitted the use of funds which where obviously taken from the union, in the purchase of private property of this nature, without seeking and obtaining proper authority from the union for such use of its funds,” Mr Cambridge said.

    “To my knowledge, none of the $388,564.92 which passed through this account was used for authorised union purposes.”
    When the union discovered the fraud they went after Wilson through the courts.

    Moderator: I have changed the link as it is in a previous post of mine 7/8/11. The link is “How the scam worked” which is a story by Glenn Milne. It is in my post: http://kangaroocourtofaustralia.com/2011/08/07/australian-prime-minister-julia-gillard%e2%80%99s-criminal-history-and-her-hypocris-with-wikileaks-and-julian-assange/

    • Where and when did Wilson face court? I don’t believe he has been charged at all & has got away with it despite reports he was found guilty of embezzlement – where and when?. It would be very interesting to see these court documents and see where the naïve Gillard is implicated! This is just another question to put to this trusty PM and no doubt the response will be it’s on the public record! This is a disgrace that some people seem to be above the law and have never been brought to account and now have the media protecting Gillard by not allowing any discussion of alleged misuse of union funds. Michael Smith at 2UE should be allowed to broadcast his interview with the ex union leader, as there is much public interest and they have a signed declaration, so why not allow. According to Smith last week he has got confirmed signatures from the bank and business documents who was the actual person who set these accounts up as similar named AWU a/cs and was later used to deposit AWU funds into. Why there was not greater scrutiny at the time beggar’s belief, but now it seems in the light of how Gillard will say and do anything to stay in power regarding Thomson and the strong evidence against him for the alleged misuse of union funds clearly shows deceit and a cover up. Gillard also said there would be no carbon tax and lied, ignoring the public will, is rushing this legislation through next week. As well this whole carbon tax is a lie and will not reduce carbon emissions but will only collect $billions for the govt to have more funds waste and to send billions overseas for their one world agenda. This govt needs to be removed now.

  12. Did anyone follow this link put up on crikey? I did. Shocking stuff and I do not believe for one minute Gillard was niave and innocent in that whole disgusting business with Bruce Wilson.
    An enquiry was recommended in the transcript in the link, where are the results of that inquiry? or was the inquiry squashed along with everything else pertaining to this affair.
    CnP the whole adress below.

    See reply below for link.

  13. Julia Gillard may be taking the Marcus Einfield approach to our laws and the fair scrutiny of evidence. He thought he was too important to be inconvenienced by the laws applying to ordinary people!

  14. date Wed, Sep 7, 2011 at 4:15 PM
    subject This letter was submitted to PM Gillard’s Office

    4:15 PM (9 minutes ago)

    Information relative to the letter I sent to Gillard’s office can be found here.


    If you have an interest in derailing the carbon tax fraud (to be introduced into Parliament in the next few days), study the info found at this link then distribute to interested parties. Contact the PM’s office yourself and express your own dismay. This is the address: http://www.dpmc.gov.au/feedback/index.cfm

    regards, Edward


    Allegations of your complicity in embezzling funds from the Australian Workers Union have been brought to my attention by international media. Thus,I engaged in a full review of the various incidents that have occurred relative to this matter since 2007 as reported in various Australian media.

    These are serious allegations and need to be addressed in that there cannot be a pall of corruption over a sitting Prime Minister while attempting to pursue legislation that will affect everyone in Australia.

    This is all the more important as two individuals instrumental in your ascension to the post of PM feature in this story. Paul Howes, because he is the National Secretary of The Australian Workers’ Union the very organization you are accused of stealing from and Bill Shorten, a key member of your government.

    While you have claimed to have dealt with the issue in the past, there is no record that has happened. Can you be explicit about how you have previously resolved this affair? That will be important for your position in relation to the public. Your standing has already deteriorated to a point that any further impugning of your legitimacy will certainly see escalating demands that you step down.

    Thank you for your consideration of this matter and your RELEVANT response as opposed to the boilerplate that one generally receives upon submitting a statement to a government department.

    Sincerely, Edward Brungardt .

    Sent to 40 Australians all with email distribution lists

  15. Shane, alleging Ms Gillard has a ‘corrupt past’ – that’s the strongest I’ve seen. You seem to know what you’re doing, but are you not opening yourself up too much?

    Anyway, I have written a story on this at the NoCarbonTax website.

    • No I’m fine. There are a lot of questions that Julia Gillard needs to answer about her past that she can not, unless she wants to dig a huge whole for herself like Craig Thomson did when he did the interview on 2ue. That’s why julia Gillard would never sue anyone for defamation let alone me. Besides she would lose badly anyhow as I do not defame people, just write about the truth.



  16. Keep up the good work. More out today on Wilson so it’s going to be interesting next week. I’m starting to read PMs history from wikipedea links as that’s where most would get info from I believe. Cannot find any mention of this in anything so far.

    This from Australian Story 2006 is interesting for it’s omissions and its summery of ALP leaders Crean, Beazley, and Latham. Note her support of Crean and comment on Conroy. Quite a bit on Latham. Lady Doth Protest To Much? Note her thinking back then (2005?) of running for PM. Maybe Latham has reason to dislike her today.


    You may want to add a time line here with dates of Australian Prime Ministers and WA Inc. I’ve a feeling there’s more to this than anyone will ever know. WA Inc found that the corruption was most likely not limited to WA. (RE: Wikipedea WA INC.) and this is Hawke era.

    Lawrence began enquiry 1990 so Gillard would of been aware of it being a union lawyer. This is then going into the dates of alleged Wilson/Gillard scandal (1994~1995?). Coming from such recent history of union/ ALP corruption one would assume a lawyer no matter their age would be extra careful about starting a relationship with a rep from the state the corruption was in. Especially when employed as their legal rep by his union and a partner in the law firm!

    aside: Burke/ Grill were bobbing around still 2007 as lobbyists for some dodgy deals that had Rudd in a secret meeting with Burke and Burke being asked to quit(?) ALP.

    Who are the wheeler dealers and what are the deals they’re wheeling dealing? All I know for sure is I’m not joining a union or putting any extra money in my super fund ever again!

    The following is where the Thomson union theft investigation is headed in my opinion, though the use of cards from a company your union is awarding overpriced contracts to could get creative.

    Same corruption. Different day.


    He served six months before the convictions were quashed, on appeal, by a two to one majority, on the grounds the money was Burke’s to use, as state leader, “as he saw fit”.

  17. 1. Does anyone else have any evidence of union funds being misappropriated . . used for personal use instead of members business
    This is the time to let the media know!
    2. Does anyone have evidence of our PM’s involvement in any other matters requiring investigation
    3. is the ATO investigating the use of money for personal use as additional income. It would if a company director did it !

    • Yes, West Australia had a very large sum of money go missing from the Unions, it was called West Australia Inc. (incorporation) The Labor government was in at the time and of course they could never prove who did it etc.. the talk was that it went different states and unions and perhaps ended up in Queensland unions or something.. but it was never found..
      Anywone remember the details on this one???

  18. I agree with Bruce. Our media is every bit as corrupt as the politicians – possibly more so. Far from being the voice of truth, impartiality and reason that we hope for in them, instead they push their own agenda. Our media don’t exist to tell the truth, they exist to sell and make a profit. More than that, they exist to promote the interests of certain very wealthy individuals who control the media.

  19. I believe that the same things happened under the Beatie government in Queensland, silence anything which is not in favour of them… Well they have made it legal to lie in Parliament saying that they are just taking away the criminality of lying in government, which of course means that you can now lie without getting charged. If they will do this in parliament then how much more will they lie to us????
    Liberal and or the LNP tried to get it reversed and when Anna Bligh became leader they tried again, without success..
    We have become a communist country and no one knows it, all they have to do now is put the last bits into place.. they have slowly brought in restrictions which have tied us down so much that we cant move…

  20. Although this article says that MICHAEL SMITH HAS BEEN DISMISSED, I cant find it on Google, so hope it is wrong..
    If he has been dismissed it makes it all the more reason to never ever vote Labor again. I have head that they are very experienced in bullying both state and federally, and if they can bully people this much, then they are no better than communism in Russia, but oh I forgot they are socialist/communist anyway, and bullying people into silence is the name of the game..
    A lot of mud was thrown at Mr Howard and he said nothing, did nothing and just kept going.. he had the attitude that if he had done nothing wrong he had nothing to fear, and it is the freedom of the press as to what they say. But if the media has been bullied, then Gillard obviously has something to hide..

    • It sadly looks like it is true about 2ue trying to dismiss Michael Smith, check out the Australian. This is is an absoute disgrace.

  21. Thanks Lyn for your tip and I have now checked. Yes he has, but he is appealing, so lets write to 2UE and tell them what we think.
    It is a disgrace, and if they succeed then I will know that we are further down the road to communism than I though we were…
    I know that the same sort of things went on up here in Queensland with the media and they would not print the rotten things that labor did, as I was told that the media had been threatened. Some of the media being left anyway were happy to not print things that looked bad for labor.
    But have you noticed that after any election, the media is on about how terrible labor is (as though they didnt know before hand) and as it gets closer to an election they then start saying how wonderful that labor now is and how they have come into themselves etc.. This way no one can say that the media is bias. Hitler said, “what luck for leaders that people forget, or dont think”. He also said that if you tell people a lie long enough and often enough that they will believe it.. man we are stupid eh…

  22. I will most certainly be contacting 2UE. This cover up about Gillard’s past is just disgraceful. The task force into the HSU should include Gillard, Wilson and the AWU & she should be made to address ALL the questions that have been asked about those allegations of the misuse of union funds in your column by yourself, other readers and Michael Smiths by the actual task force…
    The more we hear from Gillard since becoming PM, the spin, the deceit, outright lies, lack of integrity and the lengths she will go to, to stay in power, the more we mistrust her and question if she is a fit and proper person to hold her position, particularly with serious unresolved matters not being cleared & an obvious cover up in shutting down the media.

  23. I think that if Michael Smith has been dismissed then this places a question mark over the integrity of the other 2UE presenters ! Does it not ?
    I have listed with intent to Jason and David and have valued their comments on all matters they have raised, but would they now watch what they say ?

    • Ivan, that is a good point, it sure does put a question mark over the integrity of the other 2UE presenters, so dissapointing as that was the only station that I listened too as I thought that they were the only ones we could trust. My radio is not off..

      But can we also say that if Labor will not investigate for themselves then does that not put them all in doubt also.

      I know that many lies were told about Mr Howard and when I rang liberal to ask why they did not do something about it, they just said that it was freedom of speech and the press, that if they silenced the media even on lies that we would be no better than a communist country, and well here we have it, Gillard has silenced the press.

      But then socialism is just a twin of Communism, not an identical twin but still a twin, and as yet the people have not woken up to the fact that we are being taken down, we are SLOWLY being controlled., slowly so as we will not notice.. The fabians coat of arms was a wolf in sheeps clothing now it is evidently a tortoise… slowly, slowly.
      People think that if they change the leader that the party will now change, but the left wing policies are the same world wide..
      I have also sent a disgusted email to 2UE..

      • I think we are being to narrow. The whole of the Australian so called main stream media have got a lot to answer for. Where are the ones that have come out in full support of Michael Smith? They should realise that this is a free speech issue that is in the public interest and needs to be defended. Not all just buckle to the Prime Minister.

  24. I don’t know what all this fuss is about anyway.
    Nobody who commented on this article told the Truth in their writing, nobody placed any Knowns (Nouns) correctly, therefore they not only cannot read and write correctly, but also cheated on their exams at school, and that includes Julia!!!!!

  25. I took the afternoon off and went to court. Michael Smith has not been sacked, but is seeking an injunction to stop them from sacking him as 2ue’s lawyers had flagged to his lawyers that he was about to be sacked. The hearing has been put off until October. They have given an undertaking not to sack him until then.

  26. Seems that ‘someone’ got pretty heavy with the 2UE hierarchy. Freedom of speech is always threatened by those who want to rule not govern. We need an election to rid us of those who have lied to and betrayed all Australians, Bring it on quick

  27. Shane, from what I can gather and have been told by some of our colleagues and friends is that it is the universities and where journalists are trained that is to blame. Most universities lecturers are left so they pass on their left ideologies to their very impressionable young students or trainees.. And this is not happening here in Australia but most democratic countries. When you know the aims and how they want to go about these aims it all becomes very clear and obvious, and I only know a little, or I think I do heheh.

    • I think University teachings have very little to do with the current situation. The Media companies do not want to upset the Government as there is an enquiry happening and the reporters have seen what has happened to Michael Smith, Milne and Bolt. So everyone shuts there mouths.

  28. Yes, but why is Liberal, and other parties not yelling of the silencing of the media.
    I know here in Queensland that some have told me that they were tooo scared to report what was given to them also.. There is a lot of bullying done by the left here as well. I said something to another left wing Prime Minister in a letter a long time ago and was threatened, wish I still had the reply letter..

  29. Shane, we have had a fair amount to do with the top in education, and I can assure you that labor has placed labor party faithful in positions of control across the top, who control who get the positions. We know people who although their qualifications are exceptionally high, and should have had positions within weeks who simply did not get there even after years, and of course they were heavily involved with the right. We hear of the treatment and bullying that the right in these positions often get. We know of one person who was so bullied that it almost caused a break down. And to this degree it is safer to keep silent..

  30. Of course not shane, I am of course saying that so many in the media are left wing, so they will perhaps bow to the demands of Gillard.. I feel that if the media is not left that if there was not some bullying from Gillard that the media is big enough to fight what she is trying to do..

  31. Shane, yes the Murdoch media has exercised an influence over politics. We all know it and countless journalists have borne testimony to it and have written and broadcast about it. Murdoch likes to back both sides of political parties and their leaders. He backed John McEwen, leader of the Country Party in the Menzies era, then briefly backed Gough Whitlam. The relationship between his media empire and Kevin Rudd was impaired by the OzCar episode when Rudd criticised The Australian for publishing poorly documented claims. Murdoch backed Tony Blair in England but abandoned Labor in favour of David Cameron prior to the last election. He has met every US President from Harry Truman on, backed Barack Obama via his New York Post.
    Clearly, for whatever reason, Murdoch sees it as to his advantage to liaise with national leaders, and they in turn see it to their advantage to cosy up to him, given his enormous media power and through it his capacity to make or break political leaders and their parties, which you could say that Murdock has frightening control of the world.. . It has been reported that Murdoch had even offered Tony Blair a position after his retirement.

    While Murdoch claims that he does not influence his editors, whom he insists have editorial freedom, when all but one of his 160 plus newspapers editorialized in favour of the Iraq war, it became hard to accept the reality of that. All editors know what Rupert wants.
    Murdoch owns around 70% of newspapers in Australia and vast slab of TV outlets, and from what I can gather that was made possible during Hawks reign, when Hawk said that if Murdock backed him that he would make it so as he could own more of the media and each successful election Murdock some how got another percentage allowance.
    Up until Hawks time, ownership of the media was not allowed to be in the hands of only a few. Of course I dont know how true that is but it seemed to be pretty well known at the time.

  32. We have to remember that she is not the only one in the party, all the others know what she is like and has done, yet they still back her??? makes one wonder eh…
    She has to be guilty or else she would not have bullied the media into silence..

  33. would not suprise me what this british owned puppet has done to hide her past, shes owned and controlled by british interests. She has done nothing for this country but support the corporate and banking filth that selected her for her dictatoral role. Australia has been ruined by these political rats, future generations will never own land, will never own property and will never have secure employment when Rats like gillard infest the hen house. Time to burn this corrupt system to the ground and rebuild. Australians with aussie spirit and heart is what is needed in politics, not gillard types who sell out to corporate and banking interest because shes weak and has no political experience. Gillard is a british controlled puppet. time to get her out.

  34. I have never read so much twaddle in my life. Are all you people unhinged? Or maybe I’ve stumbled into an alternative universe. Either way I Definitely won’t be returning.

    • Wow, Julia has a true believer.
      Good on you Julie.
      You’re a one in a million.
      You’ll be sorely missed. Back to the Age and The Drum then, hey?
      Right back where you belong.
      Have a Merry Christmas.

  35. She is communist and they cover up all freedoms through persistent lies. The proof is “there will be bo carbon tax …”

  36. Since September 2011, The Expendable Project has been publishing government cables and letters. The real deal, which prove abuse of office, complcity, corruption, and criminality at ministerial level.

    But you are not aware of it. Hardly anyone in Australia is. Why? Because the media there won’t cover it, even though they know about it. THIS media:

    It is a national scandal, of the gravest nature for the state fo Australia. It exposes the corrupt, from the government to the AFP, from commcerical corporations to the media itelf.

    But silence. Not a single column inch.

    Julia, darling… you know about this. Your ministers know about it. Your joke of an inquiry knows about it.

    Why are YOU silent?

    Why is the Australian media silent, spinning disproven smears against the destroyed victim instead?

    Why is your inquiry ignoring the fact that the media are blanking it?

    Is this what you entered politics to be, Julia?

    It isn’t corrupt, Julia, it is criminal.

  37. What happened to transparency in Government?
    As a member of the voting public, I challenge Gillard’s statement that she will never reveal what was said and what took place behind Caucus doors when she overthrew Government (isn’t this a criminal offence?).
    I think that as a voter I at least deserve to know how my vote is contributing to politics and behind closed doors doesnot indicate we still have a free democratic country or Government.
    If you want my vote baby – fill me in. Haven’t we had enough corruption?
    Stand up. State your claim. Name you game.

  38. As a ex union member I know why Julia and her cronies are silent. I also know what it is like to have a physical gun stuck in my right ear and told to never challange an elected officer again. I also know what it is like as a low ranking official to get 10% of all union dues in my workplace to get full union shop, tax free. I still remember Baldwin from Balmain on the front pages of the newspapers. I now know why when at the end of a district meeting the officials ask for a vote of confidence in the elected office bearers. Yes I know when one goes to the ICAC the heavies come back with we are going to charge you for offering a bribe when all you are trying to do is expose one. Would I ever vote labour again and the answer is no. Would I ever join a union again you answer that one.
    Yes I know labour party democracy well.
    I have crossed the floor and am on the dark side.

    • Your comments are chilling. I am sure there are many more out there who believe they are “untouchable”. The Government of today has shown us all only part of the incestuous Politics that exists and continues still! Andrew Bolt today was brave to interview Michael Smith who discussed past rorts.

  39. I came across your site accidently and thank you so much because, if not for you Shane, I would never have discovered what I now now. I have just heard the Alan Jones interview with Mike Smith…..absolutely fabulous. This cannot remain hidden any longer. I have been sending messages to media and even putting sign in Woolworths local store to read your site. Thanks again Shane.

  40. Whosoever has the testicles to go up against the cronyism of Australian Union bosses, their staff and members, and then tries it, shall be castigated by not only their blinded union members, but their families and friends.
    John Halfpenny and others were doing it in the 70’s, with the sanctions of Bob Hawke and Keating, so please, try if you dare. These cronies from Fabian to Freemason are in charge, so get used to it.

  41. I listened to the Alan Jones interview with Michael Smith on youtube yesterday. Julia Gillard knew that she was helping Wilson steal from the union, she set up those fraudulent accounts brilliantly and cleverly. Gillard thought she would get not caught by her employer Slater & Gordon and that Wilson trusted Gillard with the legal background of these created accounts. After all they were in a romantic relationship, there are no secrets in many relationships. She said during that time she was “young & naive”? My answer to that is rubbish, Gillard was young sure but definitely not naive. At the least Gillard was reckless, at worst she defrauded. Gillard is guilty as hell I believe, no doubt about it. I also found out on the same interview that Joan kirner helped Gillard get a job as the chief of staff to John brumby after leaving Slater & Gordon, shame, shame on Joan kirner & John brumby. Thank you for this wonderful, excellent website. Just 2 questions I like to ask. 1. Did Gillard get sacked from Slater & Gordon after the fraud was discovered?. 2. Did Gillard get disbarred/banned from practicing law after leaving Slater & Gordon? Thank you very much again Shane and kind regards.

  42. Andrew Bolt has just come out on his show 19/8/12 and said he would be very interested in talking to the builder who did her renovations. Love it!!!! Spoke to the local member and gave her your site name. She couldn’t wait to get home to read it. So many in the dark .. told her to spread the news …. she was happy to.

  43. I just saw the email from yve1111 about watching the bolt report today. I watched it too and it is very interesting that Andrew bolt wants to talk to the builder who did the renovations on Gillards house. If the builder talks to bolt it may be one of the smoking guns that can bury Gillard as prime minister. Also on the bolt report today they showed a little snippet of Gillards interview on sky news this morning or yesterday about the awu fraud, she said for the 1000th time that it happened over 15 years ago and that they are false accusations. By golly, does Gillard realize she can get away with this and that the Australian public believes her, no, no, no!!. Gillard has dug a deeper hole for herself, the Australian newspaper wrote another article yesterday over the awu fraud and believe me it is another smoking gun that could bury Gillard. A ex lawyer with Slater & Gordon has revealed that Gillard was questioned by Slater & Gordon over the false accounts in September 1995, the interview was taped and transcripted, Gillard I believe told lies about the accounts, that Slater & Gordon realized that Gillard was in on it too and a few weeks to a month later Gillard got sacked. The lawyer now works in the United States still as a lawyer and said that basically Gillards conduct as a lawyer was wrong and likely illegal over the awu fraud which could have ruined Slater & Gordons reputation.

  44. I will say this much without reservation.
    The people in the Australian judiciary and the media CAN be served with papers to appear in court for their crimes, but unfortunately it has to be in a Sovereign courtroom…offshore.
    Now, where do we get the finance for that?

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