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The day the Australian media died.

In the last two months and especially the last few days the Australian media have been found to be so subservient to the Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard, that their integrity is shot. From this they will never be able to recover, at least as far as a lot of Australians are concerned. What’s the saying […]

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Judgement Day for Julia Twitter campaign.

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has had her opportunity and has been found to be severely wanting in honesty, integrity and competency. I am organising the “Judgement Day for Julia Gillard Twitter campaign” which will be on Monday the 21st of November 2011. The main message that the campaign is sending is that we will not be ignored and we will […]

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Sweden vs. Assange with special guest Julia Gillard in Sweden’s corner.

A lot of misinformation has been spread about Julian Assange in relation to the allegations made against him and what he is facing if extradited to Sweden. A lot of this misinformation has come from the mouth of Julia Gillard. As of yesterday Mr Assange lost his High Court appeal and will find out in 21 days […]

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