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KCA – Where we’re at and where we’re going. A year in review.

This is the last post for the year and I thought it would be good to summarise what this site has achieved and the direction it will heading for the next 12 months. Even though this site has not set the world on fire, we have had a number of wins which is pretty good going […]

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Attorney General Robert McClelland does a runner and leaves a poisoned chalice for Nicola Roxon.

Robert McClelland who could be fairly and generously described as the greatest failure and most corrupt Attorney General Australia has ever seen is no more. As of the 12th of December 2011, with the Julia Gillard cabinet reshuffle, he has passed on a poisoned chalice to Nicola Roxon who becomes Australia’s first female Attorney General. McClelland could have achieved so […]

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Roll call. Murray Farquhar, former NSW Chief Stipendiary Magistrate. Part one.

Mr Murray Farquhar, the former NSW Chief Stipendiary Magistrate was sentenced to 4 years jail in 1985. It wasn’t all bad news, with good behaviour he was out in 2 1/2 years. And to the best of my knowledge he was the first judicial officer in Australia to be sent to jail. Murray Farquhar was jailed […]

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