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Julian Assange and WikiLeaks. What Australian politicians know.

Julian Assange’s lawyer Jennifer Robinson submitted a brief for federal politicians in March 2011 which is below. For anyone who has an interest in Mr Assange and his matters it is a must read whether you support him or not. It lets you know what the federal politicians know. By the time you are reading […]

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Craig Thomson MP HSU / escort news. Michael Smith interviewed by Victorian police and signs statutory declaration.

Craig Thomson lied to parliament in the first minute of the speech he gave to defend himself of the fraud and theft he committed while employed at the Health Services Union. How do I know he lied in the first minute? Because of an interview he gave with Mike Smith at 2ue in August last year. This […]

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Former AG Robert McClelland abandons ALP sinking ship and is back practising law on the side.

Former attorney general Robert McClelland has set up office at State Chambers in Sydney’s Martin Place. He is back in the law game and trying to grow a legal practice. This raises numerous issues. The first thought that comes to mind is that he is already preparing for defeat at the next election. The problem for me […]

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Has Bill Shorten gotten one of his staff members Pregnant? Shorten calls the lawyers.

The rumour mill has spread all over the net in the last few days that federal MP Bill Shorten has gotten one of his staff members pregnant. Bill Shorten says he has taken legal advice. Bill who is currently married to Chloe Bryce (daughter of the Governor General Quentin Bryce) is Minister for Employment and Workplace […]

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High Court of Australia gives Chief Justice Spigelman one last slap for the James Hardie judgement.

Chief Justice Spigelman committed one last criminal act in the James Hardie matter before he resigned as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of New South Wales in May 2011. At the same time he had some major questions that needed to be answered in relation to illegal deals that his registrars were approving between the NSW Crime Commission and […]

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