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Money laundering the Labor Party and Union way.

A few years back the NSW Labor Party stole over $700,000 of taxpayers money from two government departments which was laundered through the Transport Workers Union into Labor Party bank accounts. One of the key players, Tony Sheldon, was also caught in relation to a slush fund he had set up where a lot of the money is still unaccounted […]

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Kangaroo Court of Australia interview with Sydney newspaper The Bondi View

I did an interview last week with The Bondi View which was published today (25/10/12) . They are a Sydney local newspaper and publish monthly covering the eastern Sydney areas of Bondi, Bondi Junction, Waverley, Bronte, Rose Bay, Dover Heights and Tamarrama etc. The article is titled: No place for corruption in ‘Roo Court’ and […]

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Slater and Gordon lawyers have serious questions to answer over the $159,955 payment to Craig Thomson in 2009

The law firm Slater & Gordon and their client the Health Services Union (HSU) have a lot of questions they need to answer in relation to a $159,955 payment they made to federal politician Craig Thomson in 2010. There is a prima facie case to say that this payment was to cover-up Craig Thomson’s fraud and […]

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Julia Gillard set up a slush fund in 1996 for female politicians while police investigated another slush fund she set up

An organisation called Emily’s List was set up in 1996 by Julia Gillard and an Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) search says it is still in her name. At the time she set it up various police forces had or were investigating the “AWU slush fund” she had set up for her then boyfriend Bruce Wilson. We […]

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Julia Gillard and Bruce Wilson AWU fraud investigation gathers pace.

The Julia Gillard and Bruce Wilson fraud / AWU scandal is gathering pace again. This week Deputy Leader of the Opposition Julie Bishop asked questions of the Prime Minister in Parliament, Fairfax media have run a number of stories on the matter and Michael Smith and others are still hot on the trail. There is […]

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2012 Crowdfunding campaign for Kangaroo Court of Australia

The below crowdfunding campaign has finished and was unsuccessful and no money was raised. It was at least 12 months before its time. This site will continue for the forseeable future and I believe it is not to far off before I can work on it full-time. Thank you very much to the people who supported […]

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AG Nicola Roxon gives instructions to her subordinate Justice Steven Rares in the Peter Slipper / James Ashby case

Attorney-General Nicola Roxon has been using the media to give instructions and try to influence Justice Steven Rares in the Peter Slipper / James Ashby matter currently before the court. While there has been plenty of media attention on the matter and some criticism of Nicola Roxon there has been no summary of Mrs Roxon’s clear and blatant interference […]

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Kangaroo Court of Australia Canberra trip September 2012

I went to Canberra from the 16th to the 18th of September with the intention of interviewing politicians. The trip did not go to plan as outlined to some degree in my previous post. The politicians that I approached said no to interview requests and I knew before I went that I would not be getting a media pass […]

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