Julia Gillard

Julia Gillard and Bruce Wilson AWU fraud investigation gathers pace.

The Julia Gillard and Bruce Wilson fraud / AWU scandal is gathering pace again. This week Deputy Leader of the Opposition Julie Bishop asked questions of the Prime Minister in Parliament, Fairfax media have run a number of stories on the matter and Michael Smith and others are still hot on the trail.

There is no stopping it now. Make no mistake about it, the matter will keep on growing until the next election and after.

Below I will put links to a lot of what has been published over the last few days. But that is not the key point I want to make in this post. It is the power of the Internet and the part you play and I will use the Gillard / Wilson / AWU fraud as the example because what is driving this story is you the reader, not only reading the posts but then promoting them online as well.

This is important to understand for the people who feel powerless and think that nothing can be done, not just in this matter but corruption matters overall. You will see it in the comment section from time to time that “there is nothing we can do”. Well that is changing at a rapid pace because of sites like this one and others. If you take out the online sites and community that have been driving the Gillard / Wilson fraud story for over 12 months the story would have died long ago.

There is a very good article on the current state on the media on Crikey titled “Brave News World: media is dead – long live media” Two key parts are where it says:

“The effect of the internet has been as profound as it would have been on any oligopoly suddenly confronted by overpowering quantities of high quality, real-time content priced at zero. It has shivered markets to fragments, atomised and energised audiences, and gnawed business models away at each end, impacting newspapers’ abilities both to attract advertising and to charge for news, winnowing television audiences away and eroding the value of free-to-air broadcast spectrum. The proportion of Australians who read a daily newspaper, and who watch an evening news, are roughly half those of 30 years ago.”


Not surprisingly, speed is in fashion. “The way you respond to a story has huge implications,” says Hal Crawford, head of news at ninemsn. “If smh.com.au beats us to a breaking news story by two minutes, that can have a huge impact on traffic figures for that month. If you’re always slower, the audience will go elsewhere. We don’t have a metric yet to measure response times accurately but the difference is palpable. A lot of people hear about stuff first of all from the radio. They then go online to verify the news, which they’ve only half-heard. So if ABC Radio is running something about a guy who got bitten in half by a shark in Perth, you’d better have it on your site. Doesn’t matter how small it is; it has to be there somewhere.”

It is quite a long story but a must read for people who use online news sites. (Click here to read the article)

In summary what the above says is that a lot of people are moving to the net for their news and if the major players like smh.com.au, ninemsn and news do not have the popular content that readers want on their site they lose a lot of traffic. And traffic equals advertising dollars for them.

Fairfax Media

This is probably the main reason that Fairfax Media who own The SMH and The AGE sites have started running with the Gillard / Wilson story this week harder than they had before. They had been losing a lot of traffic to other sites such as the News Ltd sites, mine and Michael Smiths new site who have been running the story. Fairfax’s metro papers are dying and they will soon be online only in the not to distant future so they can not afford to be losing online readership.

Their advertisers know how long people spend on their sites and how long they spend on specific stories. So if they have garbage stories the readers go elsewhere and Fairfax lose advertising dollars. They can also quickly get a bad reputation which you can see in the comments section of this site and others where Fairfax have been heavily criticised for not properly reporting on the Gillard / Wilson matter. If that is the reason behind Fairfax decision to start reporting on the matter then it is because of you the reader.

An example would be this story yesterday on smh.com.au titled “The man who knew too much stirs ghosts of Gillard’s past” At the time of writing this it has had 580 Facebook likes and 46 Tweets on Twitter. These numbers are very large even for Fairfax with most of their stories getting nowhere near those numbers. So not only have they received a lot of readers and will show up high on the search engines by having the content, a lot of their readers have helped promote the story. By ignoring the story like they have been they have cost themselves money and they must have realised this and changed their mind.

Julie Bishop / Julia Gillard questions

Below is what Julie Bishop asked the Prime Minister in parliament on Thursday about the fraud scandal:

“Did she also inform the appropriate authority of Mr Wilson’s misappropriation of union funds?” Ms Bishop wanted to know on Thursday.

Ms Gillard responded by insisting she had exhausted questions about the matter in August.

She also reiterated that police investigations had been conducted in the mid-1990s. No prosecution was ever launched.

Ms Bishop on Thursday subsequently asked why the PM, as a practising lawyer at the time, “didn’t inform the appropriate authority of Mr Wilson’s fraud when she became aware of it”.

The Labor leader fired back: “I remind the deputy leader of the opposition of what I just said. The appropriate authorities were engaged in this matter.” (Click here to read more)

I have no doubt Julie Bishop has picked the line of questioning up from a previous post I did on the 26th August titled “Prima facie case to charge Julia Gillard with concealing a serious indictable offence in the AWU Scandal.” (Click here to read) Andrew Bolt did a post a couple of days ago titled “Why did Gillard not go to the police about the AWU scandal?” (Click here to read) Once again if they have picked it up from my post it is because of the readers who promote my posts on Facebook and Twitter etc. I make this point not so I can boast about me and what I have written, but so you can understand the influence that you have.

Julia Bishop asked a broad question of Julia Gillard which allowed her an out to a degree which is fine for a first question. Now Julia Bishop needs to get more specific and ask the questions that I raised such as:

1. Why did you not give a statement / affidavit to the police? If you did why have you not released it as it would clear the air on the whole matter.

2. If you did give a police statement is the story in the statement different to the one the one you have made publicly?

3. Why did you not assist the AWU in their investigations given they were the client?

This gives Julia Gillard less wriggle room to get out of the questions. While other questions are being asked, this is the main line of questioning the opposition and others need to focus on, because why she did not go to the police and give a statement to the police is the hardest thing for Ms Gillard to justify. In fact it is something she could still do. So maybe she should also be asked if she plans on going to the police with all the new evidence that is coming out.

Remember, you as the online reader have played a major part and to keep on playing your part to drive this issue and other issues. Stop writing in the comment section what a great job I am doing (it is becoming embarrassing and is off topic) and start focusing on the job you are doing. It does not take long to play your part, 5 or 10 minutes a week reading my posts then promoting them on social media which takes 1 or 2 minutes.

I have been sitting on some information and will start writing about it in the next week or two. But here is a question for you. In 1996 Ian Cambridge wrote to the Federal Labor Government asking for a royal commission into the Gillard / Wilson / AWU fraud. Not in a million years were they ever going to have a royal commission given the Labor Party are an extension of the union movement and Cambridge would have known this. So why did he write to them seeking a royal commission? That first came to my attention in 2006 and it hit me straight away what Cambridge was up to.

Some links to reporting the last week:

Michael Smith interview with Ralph Blewitt: Part One (Click here) and  Part Two (Click here)

Fairfax Media – Mark Baker – PM vouched for union body caught in corruption scandal (Click here to read) and The man who knew too much stirs ghosts of Gillard’s past (Click here to read)

Andrew Bolt Blog – New Document: Gillard Misled on AWU scandal (Click here to read)

The Australian – Hedley Thomas – Tussle over mystery file on AWU slush fund (Click here to read)

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    • Dangerous? Bah. She’s an elected official. Let her get angry. Back her into a corner and let her throw a tantrum instead of answering the questions as an elected official should. All that will happen is that the electorate will cast her into the brimstone.

      She can only run from this for so long. The public want answers, and they’ll get them sooner or later. Labor will lose the next election, that’s a given. So if a royal commission isn’t assembled this term, it will be once the LNP win and have a majority government (hallelujah!)

      • Shane,a crime is a crime, is a crime, and I believe that Gillard has committed at least one crime in this matter. My main concern is that when the LNP win the election, this matter will go away.
        We can’t let this happen. Every criminal should have to answer for their crimes, and being the PM is no exception.
        Same for Judges, solicitors, magistrates and politician. Indeed more so for them, for they are in a position of trust and leadership.
        Unfortunately we all know that Union Officials are corrupt, and have been for many many years.

    • Dear The Truth Will Out – your comment is the same as thousands of others i have heard, had told to me, and seen on Kangaroo Court, Andrew Bolt different sites, all aiming for the one conclusion – and now we have seen PM has witnessed a Power of Attorney when a solicitor in Melbourne in this AWU scandel, when the attestor was in PERTH – another fraudulent matter – Miss Bishop must keep asking and asking – because if Tony askes she will just be accused of being a woman hater again – yes, TTWO – the pam is one very very dangerous Woman and must be removed immediately.

  2. There are 2 questions I would ask of J Gillard, 1/when she found out that she was being used,why did she not report the matter to the Police??,2/also on the same vain,why did she no notify the AWU Exec,??Well I’ll tell you,she that it would incriminate her,she thought it best to leave sleeping dogs lay.!! The dogs are now about to bite here on the rear end.!!

  3. Shane, Very pleased that you are picking this up again. I must say though that I think this whole affair is such huge web of lies and deceit, that it will be very difficult to be handled in parliament, especially with Albanese immediately not allowing questions as he did last week with Christopher Pyne, I had to leave, so could not see what happened there.
    And as you have seen with the ‘rant’ in Parliament the other day, I think she is demented. She is full of hate and wants to remain Prime Minister at all costs.
    And it will be at the cost of Australia.
    BTW Are you going to Canberra again, or is it not possible, as you cannot get a Press-Card, which I sttill do not understand and find unacceptable.

    • This is why the power-brokers like sociopaths and narcissists to run for Office. They will do and say anything for power and prestige, and they will sell us out as quick as glance at us through the tinted windows of the limo.

      • I agree with you on the media, A lot of the journo’s at Fairfax are taking packages, many more will have to go somewhere, surely they must realise that their downfall was to be foreseen if you write for 30% of the people.

  4. This devious, conniving, duplicitous woman will meet her political demise of that there is no doubt. The truth will get her in the end. Her venomous rantings this week showed her for what she is a person of no conscience, no moral fibre and prepared to sell her soul to remain in power. I pray for that one person with the ways and means to sink her to come forward.

    • THe sooner this debacle is fully investigated by the police the better.If the Dept of Public prosecutions can spend millions to try to get Andrew Forrest outed and lose the case in the high court surely a few million on this disgraceful saga would be justified!!

      • Glen, I agree with your statement about a full Police investigation, whatever the cost, because each day Gillard is in office costs us a fortune! We have only 2 weeks before the Christmas break and she will cause more trouble. We need the Governor General to dissolve parliament before the break! We should send constant but polite mail to the G.G. and maybe Gillard will resign!

      • Pauline Hanson was sent to jail for much much less than the ever swirling rumours of the PM’s corruption, deceit

        Gough Whitlam was sacked for much much less than this PM’s giving jobs to her labour mates on the Bench, Speaker and Attorney General.

        Yes, the Governor General should be stepping in right now and ridding us Australians of this loud mouth, over spending horrid PM we have

  5. Shane, Nothing will happen, Gillard, Cambridge, Shorten, Roxan all the pox will get out of it, the unions will go on ripping off their members and corruption will continue, it always does.

    God I hop I’m wrong, but I reckon the LNP will not have a Royal Commission into the unions as they ( The unions ) will bring the country to a standstill.

    Moderator – Deleted

    The UN have too much power and our money, ( more of which is going to go there under the guise of carbon proicing, what Bollocks) Gillard will get a nice little job in New York and Labor will have that twat Combet as the new leader, with Piggy Howes as his side kick.

    The LNP will take 10 years to rebuild and then it will all get handed back to Labor and the merry go round will start again.

    We the working people will still get screwed with higher taxes and smaller super.

    We don’t need the LNP,to save us, we need a war

  6. The transcript prepared, prior to Gillards departure from Slater and Gordon seems to be restrained and calm. Now we know she likes to lay claim to the title of ” Badass mother ******” , who does a fair impression of a mental dummy spit when put under pressure – is there anyone who can tell us what the atmospherics were like in the room that day. I am sure she would not have been a willing participant, just as I am sure she would rather bring Australia down than relinquish the PM tag.

  7. We must get rid of this government asap. The commie redhead running it for all the other far left factions will keep ripping us off until she goes, leaving the Labor Party with 30% of the vote if they are lucky. I hope Julie Bishop keeps at her in Parliament every day they sit. Gillard is a tough cookie…that’s why the backroom boys put her there. She will make a big mistake soon enough and will not be able to wriggle her way out of it, despite the friendly Canberra Press Gallery…..every dog has it’s day and she will certainly get hers soon enough. I predict an election prior to May before the next fudged bidget is delivered!
    Shane …keep your peddle to the metal mate and we’ll get there….all power to you!!

  8. You’re doing a terrific job on this Gillard/Wilson scandal, Shane and� team!�I still live in hope that I’ll see the PM led away from the Lodge� or Parliament in handcuffs!

    Cheers, Chris


  9. We have the power all right! A few good men and women donating many hours and hopefully a few $’s to keep these fredom fighter site owners afloat.
    This whole topic has been a dead duck for 16 years due to power and theats and bribes. Us “nutjobs ” don’t have a price when it comes to saving our country from being trashed! I subscribed to the Australian 28 day free pass before I have to pay $2.95 per week.By the time that I go through my favorite half dozen sites there is no time for Tv or the news ltd- lightweight glossy stories smothered in adverts. It is a bit much to think that I am going to jump for joy reading stuff in the msm that we have all compiled to a point that we have shamed them into action.
    Stuart Bocking 2UE has got some apoligising to do to Smithy (limp bastard)

  10. As a woman, watching the debacle that is our parliament I am so sick of the use of sexism being used to try to stop Tony Abbott from doing the job of Opposition leader and has made me sick to my stomach. It appears that the opposition can no longer use the word shame or it will be used against them in a rant from Gillard and the other name calling that is the Labor party way. This has nothing to do with sexism but is a direct ploy emanating from Gillard’s scottish senior press secretary/advisor. I forwarded the link to this website to Julie Bishop a number of weeks ago asking why this had not been addressed in parliament as Gillard has never really asnwered the real questions just called an impromtu press conference when she knew that there was no real unbiased journalists in attendance so I applaud Julie Bishop for asking the questions of the PM regarding the missing union money and her connection to it and am sure she will not let it go now. Gillard and her use of sexism to avoid answering questions but defending a man (Slipper) who is actually guilty of it has put back woman’s rights and respect to the dark ages. Give me 5 minutes with this disgusting PM to ask her some questions and she will not be able to avoid the situation and start with the SPIN..I don’t listen to SPIN and she would quickly find that out.

    • Ever since Gillard was installed the tactic has been to keep the focus on the Opposition, and make them the story. In this the MS Media has aided and abetted like the criminal organizations they are. We saw it taken up to a whole new level this past week.

  11. Note in Justice Murphy’s acceptance speech at his appointment to the federal court, when he reflects on his time with S&L, he refers to Ms Gillard, as, one of a cohort of fine “young” solicitors, from whom he (Justice Murphy), learnt a lot.

    Yet Ms Gillard describes her own time at S&G as when she was “young and naive”.
    She knew exactly what she was doing.
    Young, but not naive.

    Page 12, lines 20 to 30.

    • I would not normally consider someone in thier thirties young?? Having an affair with a married man certainly highlights her lack of character. I shudder to think that someone with this background could hold the position she does. Can you imagine if Abbott had done anything remotely like she has done. The Labor party would use it to crucify him but hey that’s the Labor party for ya HYPOCRITES, the lot of em! Of course she knew what she was doing and is a very sly, dangerous, self absorbed, power hungry person. I am ashamed to admit to even myself that we share the same gender.

  12. As a woman who once did abortion counselling at Women’s House in Sydney, so indeed was a feminist of sorts, I am ashamed and disgusted by the unbecoming, ranting behaviour of this Prime Minister. My disregard for her is not due to sexism but because of her lack of honesty and integrity. Maybe the wives of some of the married men with whom she has had affairs should be interviewed regarding her lack of conscience and morality. Australia deserves better!! Keep up the good work pursuing her corrupt past.


  13. It never sat with me right that Cambridge asked for a Royal Commission. I could only speculate on the answer but would love to hear why?Does asking for a Royal Commission some how defuse the issue?

    • No it does not defuse the issue. But I will not say more now otherwise I will in effect start writing an up and coming post. I thought I would put that on the table now so people start thinking outside the square a bit.

    • Maybe Cambridge could see what now is happening coming to fruition, and it has, that those who were corrupt back then are now in power.
      A Royal Commission now would have terms of references biased in favour of those in the government who have something to hide.
      In my opinion, we need a election, and then a Royal Commission. But that is only my opinion.

  14. I don’t think Gillard gave a statement to the police when the fraud was discovered and did not swear an affitdavit too. She didn’t help the awu in its investigation into the frauds because I believe she was so madly in love with Bruce Wilson she wanted to protect him, and also she must have been so worried that she was going to lose her law license and even been arrested for maybe aiding and abetting a crime. That’s why she said nothing on the “workplace reform association” fraud which had not been discovered when the other frauds were found. That fraud was found the following year, by that time Gillard was long gone from slater & gordon.

  15. Personally, I think this AWU story is bringing about a severe testing of the old media and those who operate it, and they are looking exposed as the Gatekeepers and paid liars and shills that they have always been. It’s a bit of a watershed story in terms of how old vs new media have dealt with it. I refer to both sides of the media spectrum: the Fairfax/ABC/SBS Left, and the Murdoch Right. Each side gate-keeps specific turf (HWS knows what I mean I suspect) with equal fervor, and some subjects are always off limits to public exposure and debate. The Net has blown open these organizations though, revealing their true deceptive nature for all to see who have the mind to look.

    • Paul,
      indeed, I do.
      But it is more frightening when invasions, killing and theft are planned on a world scale and the controlled mass media are complicit in enabling the lies, encouraging hate and distrust between peoples, to excuse warmongering invasions, killing and theft, especially by giving aid comfort and protection to purveyors of false flag events, for example.
      Same principles, (or lack thereof, morally!) apply to countries where entities/interests (especially intelligence gatherers) blackmail all government and the people wholesale.
      The internet is exposing the evil that surrounds all such levels and those facets of society. The mass media is exposed as part of the betrayal and is becoming moribund….. Stiff to them!
      In the US, 90% of the whole media is contolled by about 6 anti-democratic interests/entities. Thus it is important that independent activists, such as Shane should be supported and encouraged. That does not mean that everything shold be taken as gospel, but at least the information is exposed for consideration and commentary has a chance to enlighten the public, thus putting the liars on guard and concerned that their corruption will be more likely to be exposed.

  16. I am surprised at the outrage felt by a politician suspected of lies, self interest and corrupt behavior. I thought these were prerequisites for the job and the result of having an embedded and lazy press gallery.

    • They say the best offence (when caught lying and cheating) is defence and she fell for it hook line and sinker showing her true colours and bag of lies. Problem is a liar has to have a good memory and so far her story has changed in the telling every time and her unwillingness to answer further questions in relation to the matter indicates a bad memory therefore GUILT!

      • I don’t want to see our 1st female PM be removed in disgrace, I’d like to see her move on with dignity, time for change. A new face, no old guard, no cronies, just some trustworthy replacements, until the next election.

  17. I think that we need an election too, but we have no instrument to bring this about.
    The G-G will not do anything as her son-in-law is a minister of the Crown! I have written to everyone in regard to that, never had a reply. That situation should not be.
    In regard to The Royal Commission Ian Cambridge wanted, there was horror in the Unions, and somebody wrote a letter, which said, if The Royal Commission gets called “We are stuffed”, I cannot remember who that was and I do not think anyone has been able to locate that letter.

    The other thing i would like us all to do something about is the Press-Card for Shane.
    Does anyone know how we can achieve this, legally is there a way, where we all sign a letter of write letters, which we put in an envelope with a stamp

    Surely it is too ridiculous for words that he is unable to attend a Press-conference.

  18. …In 1996 Ian Cambridge wrote to the Federal Labor Government asking for a royal commission into the Gillard / Wilson / AWU fraud. Not in a million years were they ever going to have a royal commission given the Labor Party are an extension of the union movement and Cambridge would have known this. So why did he write to them seeking a royal commission? That first came to my attention in 2006 and it hit me straight away what Cambridge was up to…

    To get it on the public record? Both the alleged crime(s) committed by Gillard/Wilson/Blewit, and his (Cambridge) efforts to get justice even through the union (it’s leadership), Theis, and Slater & Gordon were doing their darnedest to make it all just go away?

  19. How can we get a judge to oversee a royal commission who is not compromised? How can the Federal Police be trusted to act honestly in view of the wheat board investigation?
    These are matters that need to be addressed.

    • Ken H,

      There is a very basic rule that applies when a governemnt considers calling a Royal Commission.
      Unless,…………………. the conclusion is known!
      Very basisc!.

      • There is a Liberal Party in power in NSW who may wish to influence the NSW police to do a complete investigation into the NSW part of the affair in exchange for not pursuing the details of the “Operation Mascot” inquiry into senior police.

    • Ken, They are the questions that need to be asked by everyone! As Shane said all that is happening with the AWU scandal would have been covered up years ago and forgotten if it were not for the internet! Common sense tells me we need to use the same driving force to force a fair Royal Commission!

      • What is needed is a federal version of the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption because the Federal Police are a bunch of Ostriches.
        A place where whistleblowers can speak freely and indemnity can be offered to those who roll over and tell every thing that they know,any omission will result in prosecution.Which of the “Honourable” members will propose such legislation ?
        Only Independents would dare to sip from that poisoned chalice.

  20. Shane, you are a great patriot,it is long overdue for this women to get her payback, she has wallowed in her wickedness for far too long.Your diligance will be rewarded because you have brought to the public attention one of the worst scandals that has been perpetrated in our political history. The high office she holds requires a person of high integrity and the way that she conived to get there including knifing her colleague was despicable. Allan Myalup,WA

  21. When people say “What can we do about it?” infuriates anyone who is in any way interested in being Australian and truly wants to see Australia progress, not be controlled and manipulated in any way. For most of this government’s two terms we have seen many tricky moves for people to gain power and do and say (without any shame) what they feel will fool the people who pay their salaries. Let the truth not only shine very strongly on this issue and any further sleight of hand very quickly.

  22. “now we have seen PM has witnessed a Power of Attorney when a solicitor in Melbourne in this AWU scandel, when the attestor was in PERTH – another fraudulent matter ”

    Why has this not been chased up with more vigour?

    What has happened to the Labor party? Tony Abbott is defending the rights of low paid Union members who have been ripped off by their Union officials (re Craig Thompson, Bruce Wilson etc). Don’t those workers deserve their money back? They’ve been cheated.

    I just saw an American army officer refer to Julia as “maam”. Why didn’t she walk away from that sexist reference?

    It is a disgrace. We have squandered years of hard work to manage the budget. We have squandered the opportunity presented by the mining boom. The government is not governing but dodging questions about its integrity and honesty.

    Force an election. Let’s start afresh.

  23. A Royal Commission would have had the power to uncover the evidence that was being withheld from Cambridge.

    Our lawmakers need to be held to a higher standard than has been the case, it is ridiculous for people to accept that Politicians lie.

    Too bad, so sad that it happened on Gillard’s watch…

    • Andrew,a Royal Commission has first to be established if one of our sociopathic politicians feels it should.To refer to a previous comment made by Hypocrisy With Style,never establish a Royal Commission unless you a certain of the outcome.
      However a permanently established body such as the NSW ICAC,who’s budget is not able to be restricted, as is happening with the NSW Police Integrity Commission, can achieve the same outcome.The appointment of the head judicial officer must,as with Ms Irene Moss etc in NSW is a good example, be above suspicion. If this can be done by the states it can be done federally,we just need a statesman not a politician to make it happen.

  24. We need investigative and honest journalism….bring it on Shane and keep the B…..s honest or at least caring Australians in the picture…..

    • Investigative Journalism and honesty wont be tolerated by the present government Glen Milne learned that. Gillard had him sacked. Honesty of any type will not be tolerated by the Gillard government Thats why Craig Thomson and Peter Slipper are totally protected by the Gillard Government They are part of the mob They all rally round each other when endangered

  25. Attention:
    Calling for an Aussie Statesman/woman!
    Not likely, under the present system. Sorry, no applications received.
    If there was/is a likely candidate that person would provide us with an overview of their attitude to this site and matters raised and a view as to his/her attitude and/or concern.
    Hey: Tony, Malcolm, Barnaby, Milne, Rhiannon, Julia, Wayne and the rest ; ‘where the f r u’?
    How about recognizing that the msm is sc…..g you. Does
    the msm pay for your existence? Where are your democratic allegiances? On legal advice, perhaps you should remain silent! No worries, we will do your job.

  26. A brave comment was recently made regarding our PM: “JEZEBEL” is what was stated.. and rightly so! Surely this PM would have to be the personification of such an evil character and her ‘clever’, sneaky, slimy etc attacks against Tony Abbott are an indication of just who she is.
    As for a royal commission.. isn’t that’s akin to investigating the police force with police? Do you really think that you’re likely to get an fair result there?

  27. Dear Shane, I am so pleased that you have got back onto this. I had a dreadful feeling that the whole thing was going to die after her ‘set-up/debacle’ media conference which concluded looking as if she had convinced everyone/some people that she was an innocent, bad done by,niave, poor little thing when in fact she is a coniving, manipulating, lying, corrupt, standover merchant. (And thoes are her good points)! Don’t let this go otherwise she will walk away from it all just as Thomson will with the unions paying for everything.Keep on keeping on mate. Patrick

  28. I’m watching how the MSM have recently folded and started covering in a limited form the AWU scandal, and I’m so far thinking that we are seeing a “limited hang-out” in which the media touch on the story but only grant it enough oxygen to make it look like the MSM are up there covering it, but not enough to allow it to gain traction. A lot of what they have offered rakes over ground already covered by yourself and Mike Smith, and they are not putting a lot of pieces together.

  29. Shane,I have been following Michael Smith and his work covering the AWU/Gillard/Wilson scandal/fraud…I was very interested to read your comments regarding Fairfax,their non-reporting of the AWU scandal and the reason they are now reporting on it again…I had a bit of an idea how these things work…but you have given a much more detailed explanation…with Andrew Bolt , Michael Smith,Mark Baker, Hedley Thomas and yourself on the AWU trail…how can we lose…keep up the great work Shane…

    • Dear Jennifer,
      As Shane suggested it is nice to have the accolades. However, we can assist a lot more him by sending the guts of this sordid story along with your sincere concerns about this pathetic excuse for a Prime Minister to as many people as you can and at the same time ask them to send it to as many people as they can….adinfintum. You can also get onto ‘contact your prime minister’ on the web and send your questions to her. She won’t answer but if we can invade that site with thousands of e-mails that will also help. Send her the same questions Shane has in his blog. Patrick

  30. Hi Shane, a funny thing just happened, I received a email from Slater & Gordon Solicitors promoting their eNews. When I replied and advised them that i could not trust a firm that has the ability of loosing key documents in a fraud matter, the email bounced back. Maybe they are getting a rush of similar advice. Its about time they cut the PM loose and let her sink or swim ? Cheers Paul

  31. Julia was not an 18yo artical clark 4mts into a relationship with an older man but an astute intelligent 35yo partner in a law firm and 4years into a relationship with Wilson and she’s asking especially the women of Australia to believe she was “younge and naive” and taken in by a conman?
    After 4 years she knew nothing of his personal financial affairs? whether he could afford to purchase an expensive piece of inner city realestate while attending the auction with him?
    It’a all to hard to believe!

  32. an open letter to anyone involved in or having intimate knowledge of this scandal (i know you are all watching sites like this one VERY closely):

    come out with everything you have got, hopefully including a mountain of hard evidence. even if you are involved in the dirty business that went on you will no doubt be treated as somewhat of a national hero for finally bringing this despicable, evil woman down. come on, for possibly the first time in your lives put your country ahead of your own selfish interests.

    i cannot wait to see this woman gone. it makes me sick watching those excuses, evasions and diversions.

  33. Further.
    To all, all at the risk of committing an overt act of conspiracy to defeat the course of justice, get advice.
    ‘Smart arse’ ‘spin’ (and lost files) can result in a different interpretation in a court of law.

  34. Losing files of such importance does little for the reputation of Slater and Gordan This may save Gillard and Wilson temporarily but does little for the efficiency of the company and they need to keep in mind that Gillard and her party will be gone after the next election but they have to survive in the future.I wouldnt trust them if i required a lawyer or solicitor

  35. Piers Akerman in the Daily Telegraph today on p102-3 has a relevant article. He may be reading this site. It may be available on the Tele’s web site.

  36. It is ludicrous and bizarre that a group representing 20% of the workforce in Australia should be allowed to run the country. We should rename our country Fantasyland or Imbicilica..

    • It’s even more ludicrous that we, the 80% majority of the Australian people, sit around doing nothing to stop the 20% from doing what they’re doing!

      • Australians haven’t overcome the apathy yet.

        They appear to need a severe shock to their lifestyle to wake them up .

        Let’s hope it’s not too far away .

        With people like Shane , and a few others bringing out the realities of what these people have done , day by day the pressure will mount.Even the oppostion is turning up the heat in the parliament .
        It seems this corruption is far far bigger than anyone can imagine , and many many heads stand to roll if the truth does come out .
        I’d imagine things may get a lot nastier , as people start trying to protect themselves from being exposed.But if enough people rally behind those who are exposing the issues, the more chance of the truth coming out will occur.And those exposing these truths will be protected by the fact the public are watching every move these people are making.

  37. The mass media charge the public to read it’s reports on the basis that they are ‘reporting’.
    Well mass media report on what is happening via Shane’s articles and the comments posted.
    If you do not, then stop screwing the public with banal gatekeeping.
    So how many is the SMH putting off? Then Alan Jones reports that the ABC cannot afford the staff to investigate. [30.10.12]
    So why are we paying the ABC? . So what use is an expensive ABC board of directors, The NSW ex chief justice might take note!

    • The first thing Kevin Rudd done when gaining power was to block the CSIRO so that no statement was to be issued without passing his desk The ABC is government funded So probably the same block is put on the ABC by Julia Gillard that no statements are issued without crossing her desk No ABC staff want to lose their jobs So much for HONESTY and TRANSPARENCY in government. But not to worry this web page will eventually do what the ABC should be doing and do a better job of it With REAL honesty and REAL transparency

  38. My opinion when someone refuses to answer questions and calls people names to get out of answering the question.They are Guilty as charged

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