Julia Gillard

Victorian Police are investigating the Julia Gillard / Bruce Wilson / AWU Fraud

It has been reported that the Victorian Police are investigating the fraud committed at the AWU in the early to mid-1990’s. The police want to talk to Ralph Blewitt about the slush-fund set up by Julia Gillard for her then boyfriend Bruce Wilson which was used to funnel stolen AWU funds through.

This has happened after a formal complaint by Michael Smith to Victorian Police Chief Commissioner Ken D Lay APM. (Click here to read his complaint)

Andrew Bolt is the first to run with the story and says:

“Police have asked lawyers for former AWU official Ralph Blewitt if he’ll talk to them about the slush-fund Julia Gillard helped her then boyfriend Bruce Wilson set up in 1993.”

“Blewitt’s lawyer, Robert Galbally, of Galbally Rolfe, says Blewitt was “happy” to give police a statement if it included a “built in” assurance the evidence would not be used against him.”

“He said a Victoria Police sergeant wanting to talk to Blewitt was now seeking
instructions on whether this could be done.” (Click here to read more)

The bottom line? The Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard is under police investigation because we know she was involved in the AWU fraud and theft as she admits setting up the slush-fund account. It must be noted that Julia Gillard denies any wrong doing. But it is not everyday that the police investigate a Prime Minister’s past.

What will happen? Who knows, maybe nothing. But it is a start and a very good start.

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  2. That it is Mark Latham so aggressively defending her “honour” is interesting in itself as there appears to be little love lost between them personally. I wonder if Latham can see the writing on the wall for the Labor party generally if this continues to grow? His response though is hardly going to help.

  3. Not only is Gillard a hopeless P.M., woman, Aussie (born in Wales – surely a P.M. should at least be born in Australia) etc etc, she is corrupt, a fraudster and a lier to boot. I think she ticks all the boxes for the left as it is now!

  4. Don’t think that she will go quietly. Look around you! the gigs up Ms Gillard.

    To Slater & Gordon, really time now to show all of that redacted ” departure” interview, otherwise you will be going down with her.

    We want our Australia back!

  5. I feel Gillard has serious questions to answer, she should be investigated. Her appalling behaviour along with her hand bag hit squad iis a disgrace. She does not represent me as a woman, nor any of my friends. She is obviously a man hater and sexist. Karma will come at the next election. It won’t be long.

    • Her past indicates she is not really a man hater, just a devious, prevaricating man-user whenever it suits her ambitions. Won’t be long before her CV reads, Former failed PM.

    • Thanks Colleen. I am absolutely appalled at her behaviour. She has put the credibility of women in senior positions back to the 80’s when jokes were made in boardrooms about “female histrionics and management don’t mix”. In effect, giving credibility to the accusations of behaviours women have worked so hard to overcome.

    • Colleen
      The questions I want answered are:

      When you helped set up the “slush fund” did you know it was a slush fund to benefit the two persons for whom you provided the help, since you apparently told and reassured the WA Commissioner it was to be a training vehicle for AWU members?Didn’t you mislead that Commissioner and enable the entity which didn’t comply to be associated and didn’t you thereby disadvantage the AWU, one of your firm’s long standing clients?

      When you arranged the Power of Attorney from Mr Blewitt in favour of Mr Wilson, where were you when it was signed and did you indeed cosign as witness, because Mr Blewitt claims he signed in Perth, you were not there, and the document was back dated-?/ -wouldn’t that have been by either yourself or Mr Wilson as the other two persons involved?

      Since the file notes of the conveyancing for the property bought in Blewitt’s name by Wilson at an auction you attended with him, using the POA, show you waived the fees, and that Olive conferred with you, do you still deny doing the conveyancing on this matter?

      Why did you respond to MS Bishop in the House saying that the matter of the AWU/WRA was under investigation when you found out the nature of Wilson’s activities and when you described that you ahd ended your relationship with him– that is at your “exit” interview which your partners called and taped?
      It is a matter of record that the AWU didn’t find out or call police in for the AWU/WRA until about 8 months after your “exit” interview, so the fact remains, since you were a lawyer and full cognisant of the law about misprision of a felony WHY didn’t you report the information you had about this Association to the AWU and any subsequent investigators?

      I could ask more: about how you exposed your partners when you kept matters secret from them for over 3 years— about the $5000 suddenly appearing in the bank account around the time you allegedly needed funds for the renos you were getting done; about the persuasion of the WA unionists so they changed their widows Fund into Wilson’s care and got defrauded,about how you played the secrecy card so well you totally disadvantaged the AWU–and I have never seen one word written where you have expressed regret about ANY unionists defrauded by Wilson and Blewitt, by Thomson or by Willamson,, and no doubt there are others. It makes me wonder what exactly si the culture and code of behaviour rife in unions and the ALP……
      “I did nothing wrong” YES YOU DID Prime Minister, you did a lot wrong and that’s not even to suggest you could or might have financially benefitted from your relationship with Bruce Wilson.
      I just know that if I knew a lawyer with such loose ethics wanted to help ME, I would RUN A MILE!

      • Hi Jazza, you have summed it up beautifully. There appears to be a lot of covering up going on with missing files etc. Just because she is the prime minister (by default I might add) she should not be shielded from these allegations. She has to answer the questions. .

  6. Not surprising that the Labor Government are corrupt, judging by the amount of ex-unionists who are now Labor Government Ministers. They are offshoots of the Norm Gallagher era when union corruption and bully boy tactics was rife in Victoria. Power strikes, train strikes, tramway strikes et al on a regular basis. Add to this the severe threats to private businesses if employees were not union members.
    The sooner that every Labor clown is sunk in the cess-pool, the better off Australia will be.

  7. fools line up here….so do you really think charges will be laid against Julia, you wish but that’s just your delusion…see you back here after the “investigation”, the conservatives are getting desperate 🙂

    • I think Bazza’s comment sums it all up perfectly, in a variety of different ways.

      Firstly, the constant denials, all the way to the very end. This is how criminals learned and are taught by lawyers to operate – deny everything at all times even in spite of overwhelming evidence. This in itself to me is proof of criminal behaviour, for surely if anybody accused me of anything I would talk until I’m blue and provide all evidence I could to prove them wrong. Any genuinely innocent person would do this – only criminals do the opposite.

      Secondly, he might be right about charges never being laid against Julia. This site and many others have proved beyond a doubt that the criminals have embedded themselves so deeply within our system that they can make, break, and sidestep laws, verdicts and prosecutions as it suits them. I think we have all seen cases of innocent people being gaoled, yet people guilty as hell walking free. The fact that a person may never be charged with any crime does not mean they are not criminals – it means that are well connected with other criminals, effectively making them even bigger criminals.

      Thirdly, “the investigation”. Refer to my second point regarding criminals being well connected. As an example, a former unionist turned politician could use union funds for prostitutes and other personal spending, be caught out with evidence, the so called “investigation” being palmed off to their criminal mates within the system (eg: fair work australia) and then have a finding of “no wrong doing” and a “flawed investigation”. Case closed, no charges, goodbye and thanks for the money.

      And finally “the conservatives are getting desperate”. Refer to Paul’s question on that one! Refer to my first point too. Clearly a politically motivated statement to protect the nice little golden goose all these criminals have.

      These people need to be made aware that we are on to them, and we must keep pushing hard to educate others about their cunning methods and how they manipulate with lies and misinformation. Their days are numbered, no stopping this train now. May it hit them hard.

      • Yeah -saw it put very succinctly on a T-shirt once
        “Admit nothing
        Deny everything
        Make counter accusations “

  8. She just keeps up the mantra “I’ve done nothing wrong”. Perhaps someone could explain to her that it is wrong to cheat, steal and deceive, even if it is only from Unions.

    • Concerned aussie and grumpy oldman , you have both summed it up perfectly. We already know that gillard does not tell the truth. Its a worry with all these ex union people running the country. Gillard was not born in this country and therefore has no right to be running this country.She was not elected, she knifed rudd in the back and I feel she will do anything for power.

  9. One could well argue that having Bruce Wilson for a boyfriend was a bad enough judgement call in itself , let alone assisting him in his criminal activities behind the backs of her colleagues in Slater and Gordon and in the union movement .

  10. Why is anyone surprised? We have got the quality of union supported government that was elected – sort of. Voters supporting these people should not complain.

    • The voters who support these people arent complaining they are quite complacant with what is going on or couldnt really care less its the ones who didnt vote for them that care and want justice

  11. not much else to say but keep the word up that she is a liar and a home wrecker then look at lathams antics the other night proves that bully boy union antics don’t work on everybody.

  12. Collen: unfortunately, if it was a requirement for a PM to have been born in Australia, then that would rule out Tony Abbott – he was born in London, England.

  13. A person who had nothing to hide would have by now had lawyers pursuing people who are publishing material online. That person would also be open and honest when questioned.

  14. Can politicians stop the police from investigating political corruption and cause threats and intimidation. Politicians should not be above the law. What would society be like if politicians could even get away with not being responsible for their actions, even if it becomes a crime and the crime was committed many years ago.

  15. Seems to me a child born of Australian parents in another country is still an Australian. Certainly so if the birth were recorded in our High Commission.
    Different in Gillard’s case. Welsh parents still bear Welsh offspring even when later Displaced. And displaced offspring of socialist Welsh stock seem to bring their family baggage with them.
    There should be rule against it but too late now to cry over spilled milk. At least Julia is allowing us insight into how a socialist lawyer’s mind works. There’s a learning curve there somewhere.

  16. Hope the Vic Police are better filekeepers than everone else in this rotten affair. Don’t want their efforts lost like the other 3 sets of files. I reckon that Vic Police could locate copies of the missing files on the computers of those who lost them. No-one runs the ideal paperless office and the hard copies are all generated on computers.

  17. There is so much rhetoric, publicity but do you think police will really take the cudgel up and charge these possible fraudsters ie Thomson , Gilliar etc.
    Time goes on and nothing seems to be happening!!

  18. Why am I not surprised? Less than a week ago three key files on this matter were missing (those empty file holders). Now the players are producing annotated pages from them that back up their various recollections.
    Are the file holders full again? If they are, I’ll bet London to a brick that they are consistent now with Julia’s latest recollections.
    The electorate is dealing with the tip of a very big iceberg here. But don’t expect the AWU will suddenly get some backbone and claim they were robbed or defrauded by the conspirators. Plenty of laws broken, large sums missing and funnelled into the ALP and its inner circle.
    Let’s hope the police don’t stuff this one up.

  19. More people who know the facts now coming out of the woodwork! Gillard can surely no longer continue this “I did nothing wrong” mantra, though she’s giving it a good try! Leigh Sales on ABC “7.30 Report” beginning to see the light do you think? It would be a good start if the ABC in general take a good look at themselves, and acknowledge that they’ve been giving support to a crook!

  20. What a fine body of commenters you all are (I think that could become a new word). Any way, the collective views are very compelling, so what to do? The culture of Australia is corruption and it is this that unites us and we all benefit from it. A good example is the police who have a vested interest in keeping crime convictions up. It is corruption that raises the volume and speed of money exchange. One cannot climb the ladder of success in Australia without at least paying homage to corruption. The higher up the ladder, the more so. There is nobody in Australia to complain to if you are a victim of corruption. I’m told that even Anti Corruption Commissioners are corrupt.
    The Prime Minister may believe that she has done no wrong. Some body should point out the difference. I was going to send her some blatant examples of magistrates and court registrars supporting criminal activity. Not now, she would have found that very embarrassing. Instead I’ve sent one to the Minister for Home Affairs. I’ve heard nothing… I might have misunderstood what a home affair is.
    What to do? Get this web site a higher profile. If we can get a PM who at best turns a deaf ear and a blind eye, that would be a fantastic improvement. Come to think of it, any change would do.

    • Corruption does’nt unite all of us and we certianly don’t all benefit from it. Corruption divides people and destroys people.

      • I’m getting on in years now, and I can truthfully say I’ve never seen the country so divided, and this nasty, corrupt, manipulative woman has to go! If we were to believe everything Gillard says, the entire Labour front bench should be canonised, when, in fact, every one of them deserves derision!

      • Well said – from another “getting on in years” and as a woman I can only say Gillard embarasses me intolerably. She destroys everything that real women have fought for over the past few decades and I am NOT a feminist, just a real woman.

      • Thank you curious for your invitation to expand. You will have noticed that the corrupt are uniting backing the PM and there are far more of them than there are uniting against. This will may-be change if we can increase our numbers to the point where the corrupt need a scapegoat to throw to the lions. You are correct when you say that corruption does not unite us all. 20% of immigrants return to their original homeland, More and more businesses are moving offshore. As for the benefits, it’s too dangerous to go into that just yet, suffice to say that it grows the economy. These benefits are meagre and we would all be better off without the corruption.
        Tony, Curious and all the other commenters can see the damage that corruption is doing but clearly don’t understand the great size of this corruption network. It is a vast web of speedy communication, State to State, capable of destroying any individual who challenges them. It operates with great speed, efficiency and impunity. We need to grow our movement to provide protection for the brave men leading us. When we have done that I will expose some areas where corruption can be found. One of them you would never suspect, I only came across it in my roll as a U.N. adviser.

  21. Leigh Sales and the ABC are so supportive of this bunch of wasters, I just cannot believe it.!
    At least Andrew Bolt and others are continuing to expose this group for what they are!!

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