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KCA Christmas and New Year post 2012 – yearly review

It has been a good year for this site with growth of over 600% for followers and page views. If anywhere near that growth rate continues it is looking very good for the future of this site and what it can achieve. Statistics At the end of 2011, its 1st year, this site had 300 email […]

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Justice Rodney Madgwick and the missing court judgement in the Julia Gillard Bruce Wilson AWU fraud scandal

There is a missing court judgement by Justice Madgwick in the Julia Gillard / Bruce Wilson AWU fraud scandal. The court has advised me that he did not publish a judgement which I find scandalous and not believable, especially when put together with the other documents that have gone missing from other sources in relation […]

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Justice Rares hands down judgement countersigned by AG Nicola Roxon in the Peter Slipper James Ashby matter

Justice Steven Rares has handed down a summary judgement accusing James Ashby of abuse of process, his application being politically motivated and using the proceedings to defame Federal MP Peter Slipper. This is hypocritical of Justice Rares to the extreme. Rares judgement is clearly politically motivated and he abuses his position as a judge to defame numerous people […]

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Rhys Holleran CEO of Austereo and owner of 2Day FM guilty of breaching Australian criminal laws

Two Australian DJs made a prank call to the UK which it is believed helped drive UK nurse Jacintha Saldanha from King Edward VII’s Hospital to commit suicide. What is clear is the Australian criminal offences committed by the  two DJs, Mel Greig and Michael Christian, and management at 2Day FM and their parent company CEO of Southern Cross Austereo. […]

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Julia Gillard misleads parliament on who sought the dodgy AWU association

Julia Gillard has misled parliament on who sought the dodgy AWU association, which was used to defraud the AWU, in an attempt to protect her former boyfriend Bruce Wilson. Gillard and Wilson are playing the blame Ralph Blewitt game to protect themselves. Bruce Wilson was the brains behind the fraud and setting up the association to facilitate […]

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