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KCA Christmas and New Year post 2012 – yearly review

It has been a good year for this site with growth of over 600% for followers and page views. If anywhere near that growth rate continues it is looking very good for the future of this site and what it can achieve.


At the end of 2011, its 1st year, this site had 300 email followers and 104,889 page views. The site for 2012 is currently sitting on 1889 email followers and over 684,000 page views which means by the end of the year it should be around 1900 followers and 700,000 page views.

What doesn’t show in the above figures is the influence this site has had on driving stories in other media. For example every time you read about the AWU fraud matter no matter on what media forum this site can take some credit as it got the ball rolling in August last year and continued to drive it. Other stories have also been picked up by other media. Sometimes this site gets credit although mostly it does not.

So my guess is that this site has had influence on stories that have generated millions of page views maybe going into the tens of millions and then if you add TV, radio and papers etc it goes a lot higher again. As the site grows the influence will become greater over time.


I did three interviews during the year 1. Media Watch 2. The Australian 3. The Bondi View

Interviews do help with promoting this site but with the rise of social media like Facebook and Twitter etc. it is of less importance. If enough followers use social media to promote the posts when I do them it can be just as effective as an interview for promoting the story.


For the first 20 months (Jan 2011 to August 2012) this site raised funds solely via book sales, t-shirts and mugs. While showing signs of growth, revenue did not cover fixed costs for that period, so the site was funded almost 100% out of my own pocket. At the end of August I reluctantly added a donation button. I say reluctantly because this site is not a charity and I had avoided adding a donation button until then.

But a reader suggested I add the donation button and because the financial outlook for this site was not great at least in the short-term I decided to try it. While not raising a fortune it has been a big help and allowed me to do a few things that I would not have otherwise been able to do. Such as the trip to Canberra, having time of work and inspecting the court files (the court charged me $111 just to inspect the 3 files). Things like that which helps with posts and this site.

I decided to try the crowd funding campaign so I could work on this site full-time instead of my spare-time which I currently do. The campaign did not succeed and did not raise any funds as it did not hit its target. It was worth trying but was clearly at least 12 months before its time.

Looking forward

2013 should be a big year for this site especially if it continues to grow like it has this year. But even at a lower growth rate it should be powering along at the end of 2013.

I have only scratched the surface of things that I would like to do with this site but over time hopefully I will get there. One of the things I did not do to the degree that I would have liked is more video on the site. Hopefully I will be able to pick that up next year.

It would be nice to do another Canberra trip even if only achieves the result of rattling the cage of the Canberra Press Gallery Committee again. If the pressure is kept on eventually they will crack and I will get a press pass or at least others like me will.

Thank you to the supporters

Thank you to everyone who has supported the site during the year. Whether that be making a donation, buying a book or t-shirt or simply following the site by email. Without your support this site would not be where it is and all things considered I am very happy with what it has achieved to date. And a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone.

I will start posting again at the end of January which is the same break from posting as I had last December / January. Although I will still be working on the site from an administration viewpoint and look at updating the site in a number of areas.

I am currently planning and preparing for next year and in an election year it would be good to work on this site as much as possible to help drive important issues. If you would like to help it would be greatly appreciated if you would make a donation. Just click on the donation button below or go to the donation page for details to send a cheque. (Click here for the donation page)

Thank you for your support

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  1. I have a business that doesn’t do too bad so I’m going to try and pay you something a few times a year for fighting this corruption that has burnt so many of us! But I’ll have to sack you if you go soft. So ” keep goin hard at ’em”. All the best for next year!

  2. Although I have only been following your site for a short time I am impressed by your commitment to highlight and right the corruption that is so rife in certain areas. I wish you a very happy Christmas and a successful and rewarding 2013.

  3. Shane you have opened my eyes and brain up to so many things which many take for granted and don’t give it a second thought as to whether it is good or evil. Now by being observant, researching and questioning everything which has an impact, good or bad on my life and existence one is no longer a mushroom. Keep up the good work and have a great Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

  4. Thanks Shane, I am looking forward to the day when we see some justice for all your hard work and research, I am sure all the Australian people will will enjoy the harvest you have sown, and I hope all your supporters will enjoy the results I am sure we all shall see. Seasons Greetings to you and yours. Allan Myalup WA.

  5. Hi Shane, you are doing a wonderful job. I have about 40 in my email group list to whom I forward your articles and they also forward on to their groups.
    Like a pebble in a pond the ripples grow exponentially.
    thank you for all you do and have a happy ans safe Christmas.
    cheers, Peggy.

  6. Thank you Shane for all the sabre rattling that you do, it is very much appreciated! With the Draconian laws about to be passed if we do nothing, I’m worried they might ‘shut you up’…so keep up the good fight, we need good men to keep this country safe from Communist-like thuggery. Have a Merry Christmas, and a very Happy, Healthy and Fruitful 2013.

  7. Hi Shane, Vicky told me about your site, & as she told me I say to many people if you want to know the true facts, then read your site. It is always amazing to me how many of the Australian public is so easily duped. Love what you are doing & will do my part to make sure you growwwwww next year. Have a safe x’mas

  8. Great work Shane and many thanks .
    Your efforts to expose ”misbehaviour” are such a welcome contrast to that of the mainstream media,like the ABC and the Fairfax press , who try so hard to defend and protect the reputation of their mates on the Left.

  9. Thanks Shane for your well researched articles. The truth is out there ..and you are just the right man to find it and commit it to paper. Your efforts are very much appreciated.

  10. Thank You ~Shane D~ for sharing hope and vital information.You are a very decent role model of maturity and ethical standards(imo).
    You offer much needed balance and rational consideration.Know you are appreciated and valued.
    I am so pleased of your optimistic outlook and position. You share in a well meant manner.If more folks made unselfish wishes when wishing, they may well come TRUE.
    Priceless smiles sent.
    Kind regard relayed, with Cheerful Christmas* wishes to you* and your family* and supporters.*

  11. thank you shane.

    i am hoping that in 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 years time history will record that the people you write about on this site are filthy criminal scum, but that YOU are recorded as one of the rare people who did so much to rid us of these people and to make this country a better place.

    i know this site will grow much more next year and we wish you all the best – you deserve it.

  12. Shane, I say to you “many thanks” KCA is the light within the darkness, slowly growing brighter each day, I know eventually you, your site and followers will be a blinding light in the face of our corrupt manipulating system and those who run it, you have my support ethically, morally and next year financially.

    I tell everybody I meet about KCA, and will continue to promote the site at every opportunity.

    I wish you, your family and all your followers a safe and happy time over the festive period and into the New year.

    ***********UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL*************

  13. Have a blessed Christmas Shane to you and yours and also to your followers of this site.
    It’s very important Australia has a person like you to help expose the evil faceless ones of this country.
    I hope to save up and send you some money next year (I’am an age pensioner) for the good faith and hard work that you do to inform the rest of us who are unable to speak out like you for one reason or another.
    But maybe we can through your site now.
    God bless you dear man.
    From MG

  14. Thank you Shane for all your efforts, very much appreciated.
    I have tried to do what I can by passing on your website and news to many, bought the book, bought the T-shirts,stupidly I did a Wayne Swan guesstimation,t hey are too tight-oh vanity, vanity! and have donated too- I think it was 200 dollars-forgotten now and ditto Michaels Smith. I decide to do without some Christmas cheer as I believe what you do is so very important. Wish I had won 40 million in Tatts I would buy you a radio/.tv station but being of modest means as a SFR all I could stretch too. Just hope another 10 thousand would do likewise,
    Have a lovely and a safe Christmas, be of good cheer Shane, and all who visit this blog and who support your endeavours.A very very happy New year, and lets hope we all get what we most wish-don’t need to say what, do I??

  15. Ditto to all the above comments. It amazes me what a broad cross section of our society that has bobbed up in support of the cancer invading our country. We see people from city/country , religeous to atheists , workers, lawyers professionals , retired judiciary- all joining with a common purpose as we have all been otherwise dudded and ingnored by those that are paid to enforce our sense of fair play and integrity.

  16. I am going to try and send something each month after Christmas, if we all sent just $10 dollars and get our friends do likewise I am sure it would add up to a very reasonable sum and no one need feel it a burden thus enable Shane to continue this great service he does on our behalf and Australia.
    Again a very happy Christmas to Shane & to all my compatriots at KCA

  17. Merry Christmas Shane & all the supporters of this site. Keep up the good work for the sake of all decent Australians mate. I just donated $100 as I believe we need to ramp it up in the new year. You know how it goes,”All it takes for evil to prosper is for good people to do nothing” or words to that effect. Everywhere I read, people are sick of our political & justice system, and they concentrate on things like plain packaging & pie in the sky ideas that they cannot implement because they don’t have the skills or experience to do so. To see our joke of a treasurer backflip on his ridiculous budget promises the other day, it truly saddened & embarrassed me. Criminal waste of the taxpayers money the last 5 years, and I’m OS at work so no bevvies to cheer myself up. Have a Chrissie drink for me Shane, if you imbibe that is

  18. Happy New Year Shane and thank you for your amazing efforts to keep us informed about the facts and the goings on in our government.
    We appreciate what you do and I hope 2013 brings you much success and happiness.
    God bless you and all those who contribute via these blogs and may you have a happy and prosperous new year.

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