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KCA 2013 Yearly Review – Christmas and New Year post

It has been a good year for KCA and it has continued to grow into a solid force. It is the support of the regular followers that underpins this site and I would like to say thank you for that support and your continued support. KCA has published many posts that are in the public interest […]

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Julia Gillard, one step closer to getting away with the AWU fraud and theft

Victorian Chief Magistrate Peter Lauritsen handed down a judgement on Monday in the Julia Gillard – Bruce Wilson AWU fraud in relation to the discovery of documents sought by the Victoria Police. The bottom line is that the police now have access to the documents they were seeking. It is a judgement that will probably […]

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Bill Shorten refuses to answer media questions regarding alleged rape of 16-year-old girl

I have written to Federal Labor leader Bill Shorten and the Victoria Police regarding the rape allegations against Bill Shorten. The Victoria Police have responded but Bill Shorten has not. As it stands things are not looking good for Bill Shorten. Background I published a post 2 weeks ago (29/11/13) in regards to the Victoria […]

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Mick Keelty and the stolen WA Senate votes. So why no police investigation?

Former Australian Federal Police Commissioner Mick Keelty has finished his investigation in relation to the missing 1375 senate votes in Western Australia. So what did he find? Bugger all says Mick. Although he did give us the scoop and say the possibility that the votes might have been stolen cannot be ruled out. No wonder […]

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