Australian Federal Police

Kerry Stokes Channel 7

New post coming here soon regarding corruption and fraud at television station Channel 7

In the meantime read this from the Herald Sun which shows how corrupt Channel 7 are:

Channel 7’s shame to cry victim in raid over Schapelle Corby

CHANNEL 7 is shameless. How dare it try helping Schapelle Corby to break or evade another law — this one against a criminal profiting from their crime?

How dare it pull political strings when there’s a police raid to stop it?

Seven’s commercial director, Bruce McWilliam, last week brazenly admitted Seven indeed wanted to pay “in that ballpark” of $500,000 for convicted drug smuggler Corby to tell about her life and crimes. “Sure, there’s an expectation money might have to be paid,” he said.

Indeed, Seven has already paid Corby’s sister Mercedes $25,000 to arrange the interview — and who can tell how much of that goes to Schapelle, now on parole in Bali?

We actually have a Proceeds of Crime Act to stop this kind of thing. That’s why the NSW police raided Seven last week. (Click here to read more)


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