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Sydney Siege cover-up. Sandy Dawson the barrister with his sister’s blood on his hands

The cover-up by Australian authorities and others of the Sydney Siege is being done in a blatant manner and is powering ahead unchecked. Key evidence is openly being withheld from scrutiny which makes the current Coronial Inquiry a joke. One of the most disgusting parts is that barrister Sandy Dawson, who is the brother of one of the 2 victims, is entrenched in aiding and abetting the cover-up.

If you are a coward and a lawyer, barrister or judge the last thing you do is blow the whistle on corruption in the legal fraternity because it will destroy your career as the people you blow the whistle on will come after you. It is for this reason I believe barrister Sandy Dawson has decided not to push for the full truth behind why his sister Katrina Dawson ended up being shot dead.

Also Sandy Dawson was well up to his neck in corruption before Katrina Dawson was killed and cannot afford to rock the boat otherwise he might go down as well. I questioned Sandy Dawson about the cover-up on the 24th of August 2015 outside court and he became very agitated but more on that in moment.

The Sydney Siege cover-up is an issue that the whole country should take notice of as it affects all Australians. The Australian Foreign Affairs minister, Julie Bishop, said a few week ago that “it is time for “the whole nation to take stock” after the murder of a 58-year-old police worker in what the prime minister has described as a “terrorist incident”.” (Click here to read more)

There have been many terrorist attacks in France in recent years (click here to read more) but with the latest attacks with reports of at least 127 dead it’s is even more reason for the Australian public to “take stock”.

The most obvious reason for the Sydney Siege cover-up is to conceal corruption in the legal fraternity. As we now know from a recent leaked police report the Mafia have been bribing NSW  judges $millions to get reduced sentences. (Click here to read more) If the mafia are doing that then basic logic says that it is quite likely prosecutors can also be bribed to keep people out of jail on bail which looks like what happened in the Sydney Siege / Man Haron Monis tragedy.

I wrote in December last year that we cannot afford a cover-up but is what we are getting. (Click here to read more)


The instigator of the Sydney Siege Man Haron Monis was facing charges of accessory to murder and over 40 charges of sexual assault and indecent assault against 7 women when he instigated the Sydney Siege. He clearly should not have been out on bail. Vital documents and emails that would shed light on why he was allowed to be on bail have never been revealed and names of the prosecutors and police involved have also been withheld.

I wrote in a previous article on the 27th August 2015:

Sydney Siege cover-up is in full swing

Almost immediately after last December’s Sydney Siege it became apparent that Man Haron Monis should never have been out on bail and people in the legal fraternity had a lot to answer for.

I am sure most readers remember the Sydney Siege well so just a brief background:

“On 15–16 December 2014 a lone gunman, Man Haron Monis, held hostage ten customers and eight employees of a Lindt chocolate café located at Martin Place in Sydney, Australia. Police treated the event as a terrorist attack at the time but Monis’ motives have subsequently been debated.“

“After a 16-hour standoff, a gunshot was heard from inside and police officers from the Tactical Operations Unit stormed the café. Hostage Tori Johnson was killed by Monis and hostage Katrina Dawson was killed by a police bullet ricochet in the subsequent raid. Monis was also killed. Three other hostages and a police officer were injured by police gunfire during the raid.” (Click here to read more)

Since then an Inquest has been investigating the Sydney Siege:

Inquest into the deaths arising from the Lin​​dt Café siege​

“The inquest into the deaths arising from the Lindt Café siege will examine the circumstances surrounding, and issues arising in relation to, the deaths of Tori Johnson, Katrina Dawson and Man Haron Monis in December 2014.”

“The State Coroner, Michael Barnes, will preside over the inquest. Jeremy Gormly SC and Sophie Callan are Counsel Assisting the State Coroner.” (Click here to read more)

Right from the start the (DPP) Lloyd Babb was trying to cover-up the role of his office in letting Monis out on bail when he clearly should have been behind bars.

“The NSW Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) initially sought to exclude the question of bail from the scope of the inquest and, more recently, to keep confidential numerous communications between police and prosecutors who examined a potential appeal after Monis was charged as a murder accessory in 2013 but released back into the community.” (Click here to read more)

Lloyd Babb SC failed in stopping the inquest investigating why Monis was out on bail. But in the last few days Babb has been successful in concealing numerous emails and documents under the pretence of legal privilege and also protected the names of two DPP lawyers from being published in the media.

“One solicitor, who has already given evidence at the inquest into the Sydney siege, unsuccessfully opposed bail for Monis on a charge of being an accessory to the murder of his ex-wife in December 2013.”

“The second solicitor, who is expected to give evidence at the inquest on Thursday, advised against opposing bail when Monis appeared in court on 40 sexual assault charges just two months before last year’s siege.”

“Counsel acting on behalf of the media, Daoud Subtain, argued it was in the public interest to publish the names of the two men.”

and: “State coroner Michael Barnes dismissed the challenge and ruled to keep the men’s identities a secret.” (Click here to read more)

Why state coroner Michael Barnes is aiding and abetting Lloyd Babbs SC in the cover-up is very disturbing to say the least. The public have a right to know the full facts of what happened.

Surely the NSW Government have to take action and sack Lloyd Babbs SC. This is a first of a number articles that I will be writing on the blatant cover-up attempt of truth behind the Sydney Siege. (Click here to read the full article)

The below video summarises the long list of charges Man Haron Monis was facing


Sandy Dawson

There were three people killed in the Sydney Siege. Man Haron Monis, Katrina Dawson and Lindt Cafe manager Tori Johnson. At the Inquest there is a barrister representing Katrina Dawson’s family and another representing Tori Johnson’s family. I have no doubt that the barrister representing the Dawson family would be taking instructions off Sandy Dawson given he is also barrister.

The cover-up was reported in the SMH on the 13th August 2015.

A public inquiry into why Man Haron Monis was on bail at the time of the Lindt  cafe siege – despite facing serious criminal charges – has been prevented from examining crucial communications between solicitors and police, after they were found to be privileged legal documents.

In a decision that may make it impossible to fully answer some of the key questions from the December 2014 incident, the NSW Coroner has largely upheld an application by the NSW Director of Public Prosecutions to exclude the documents from the coronial inquiry.

Coroner Michael Barnes upheld the DPP’s application for 62 of the 74 disputed documents or sets of documents.

They are understood to include discussions between police and DPP solicitors before the siege about appealing Monis’ release on bail in late 2013 when he was charged with accessory to murder.

After almost two full days of legal argument, in which counsel for siege victims Katrina Dawson and Tori Johnson strenuously opposed this position, Coroner Michael Barnes upheld it in all but 12 cases. (Click here to read more)

If (DPP) Lloyd Babb SC wanted to hand over the concealed documents and emails he could. Then why hasn’t Premier Mike Baird made him hand them over or sacked him. The failure of Premier Baird to do so shows how high the cover-up goes.

What is even more disturbing is that every court judgment can be appealed so why hasn’t Sandy Dawson’s family appealed given they have enough money to do so. If they didn’t want to appeal to a court of law Sandy Dawson could have appealed to the media given he does work for media companies such as Channel 7, Fairfax Media and 2GB’s Ray “Jelly Back” Hadley.

Given the clear cover-up we should assume corruption played a major role in Man Haron Monis being on bail and that led to the deaths of Katrina Dawson and Tori Johnson. And as regular readers know Sandy Dawson has been up to his neck in that corruption since at least April 2014 which is long before his sister Katrina Dawson and Tori Johnson were killed. So as far as I am concerned Sandy Dawson helped facilitate the corruption in the legal fraternity that allowed the deaths to happen and he is now helping cover it up by shutting his mouth.

Sandy Dawson has been representing Kerry Stokes in his frivolous and vexatious defamation case against me and I have written about Mr Dawson’s corrupt conduct numerous times which I won’t repeat here. But you can read some of that criticism by clicking here, here and here)

But I will say this regarding Mr Dawson representing Mr Stokes, The Barrister’s Rules states that a barrister should stop representing a party if: “the barrister has reasonable grounds to believe that the barrister’s own personal or professional conduct may be attacked in the case”. (Click here to read section 101 (f)) Mr Dawson has clearly come under both personal and professional attack from me but continues to represent Kerry Stokes. That alone shows how dodgy Sandy Dawson is and he has no shame.

Sandy Dawson has sold out the memory of his sister. He claims he is helping make the world a better place with the Katrina Dawson Foundation but behind the scenes he is up to his neck in corruption. Sandy Dawson has a lot of similarities to Man Haron Monis, he’s just not as extreme.

Sydney SiegeSandy Dawson (far left) and others at a 60 Minutes fundraiser for the Katrina Dawson Foundation.

On the 24th August 2015 I was waiting outside Court in Sydney for a directions hearing for the Kerry Stokes defamation matter. I asked Sandy Dawson about the NSW DPP refusing to hand over documents. He said words to the effect that is was a touchy subject and he did not want to answer any questions. I then said that it was clearly a cover-up. Mr Dawson got agitated and asked the court sheriff to remove me from his presence. 

Only a few minutes later Sandy Dawson was in court lying and deceiving trying to deny me justice as per usual. (Click here to read some of the transcript for that day) Anyone with any legal knowledge can read the transcript and see Mr Dawson shooting himself in the foot regarding his corrupt conduct but more on that another time.

Man Haron Monis was not a terrorist, he was a nutter and common low life criminal. The real terrorism was committed by the people who let him out of jail on bail

Man Haron Monis had a long criminal history of violence against many victims. He was clearly a mentally disturbed person and the criminal charges that he was facing should have meant he was in jail. The NSW prosecutor who did not appeal the first judges bail decision and challenge bail the second time even though the police wanted to is the real terrorist as he let Man Haron Monis out to commit more crimes which he did. It is fairly obvious the NSW prosecutor acted on instructions of the DPP Lloyd Babb SC and that is why there is a cover-up of the paper trail. Mr Babb and other are just as guilty of terrorism.

I have to also wonder why hasn’t the judge who allowed Man Haron Monis out on bail for the accessory to murder charge been called to give evidence at the Sydney Siege inquiry?

Without a doubt plenty are going to try and say Man Haron Monis was a terrorist because it suits their agenda of covering up the truth behind the Sydney Siege.

Impact on all Australians

The Sydney Siege inquest in continuing into next year:

The first public session of the inquest, which started in May, examined Monis’s personal history, while the second in August and September probed how he came to be on bail.

Two more sessions will be held: a closed session will examine national security issues from November 18.

A final session examining the conduct of the siege and taking testimony from siege survivors and witnesses, will be held in early 2016. (Click here to read more)

The hardest part of solving any problem is knowing what the real problem is and if we half way through an inquiry and already know that we will not be getting to the truth then we should stop and start again. If we do not get to the truth then it could easily happen again.

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  1. Shane, Page still not opening from link…..I clicked on your name in the email itself which took me to a page where I could select the story I wanted to access, Error 404 Page not found. Just now Error – 12.55am, 14/11

    Error 404 – Page not found!

    The page you trying to reach does not exist, or has been moved. Please use the menus or the search box to find what you are looking for.

  2. I read somewhere that one of the Police Officers involved in the investigation let it be known that the money trail for bail money paid for Mon Haron Monis led back to the Lakemba mosque. Is this the type of thing that the DPP would not want to get out publicly, That perhaps a bribe came from the Lakemba mosque and possibly Hitzb-ut-Tarhir? That could look very damaging in the eyes of the General Public especially as Mr Abbott and the then Coalition Government had been looking at having them listed as a proscribed Terror Group?

    • Do a little research on Finsbury Park Mosque in the UK and its ties to “security” services e.g. MI6. They are doing more than cover-up they are constructing a narrative. One could go further into who benefits from sowing the seeds of Islamic panic in the West, but that’s another topic altogether and one best not raised here.

  3. Well, it does not surprise me about Sandy Dawson from what I read about him on KCA re his representation of Stokes and the general cover-ups going on in the NSW legal system, the DPP and the number of dodgy judges etc.

    I thought at the time of the Man Monis incident and what I had read, mainly in ‘The Australian’ that….”how could this bloke be out on bail with the long list of charges he is facing”. There must have been some big money moving around to keep this so-called terrorist Monis out on bail or is he really a very mentally disturbed man with probable schizophrenic and bipolar problems, giving him delusions of grandeur and ultimate confidence.

    It reminds me of 30 odd years ago when Nifty Nev was NSW Labor Premier….. the corruption that was rife then throughout the NSW system was well-known and maybe it has never left!……I think Neville Wran taught his cohorts a lot of tricks which they have learnt well!

  4. Hello Shane
    Thank you for tackling this issue. Monis should have been locked up. Monis was not locked up because the Australian Legal Systems has no Quality Standards. Quality standards evolve from complying with Consumer Law. The Australian Legal Fraternity has avoided its obligations to the Australian Community since 1974 by failing to observe the consumer rights of its own customer base.If you analyse the Adrian Bailey case and the rape and murder of Jill Meaher you see the same same but different issues. IE A dysfunctional and corrupt legal system that put Derryn Hinch in Jail.

  5. Is it possible that Katrina was the target of the Sydney siege. Given she was a barrister and the corruptness of her brother, was she also corrupt? Could her death been a warning to Sandy Dawson? It seems a rather large coincidence that the sister of such a corrupt and high profile barrister is killed in a siege. I’d be interested in your thoughts on this.

    • I think she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. What we really need to get to the bottom of is how Man Haron Monis was out on bail and why it is being covered up.

  6. Could it be threats to person, property, or family that motivates people like Lloyd Babb to make odd legal decisions? Are all the many dodgy judicial findings purely based on corrupt/ biased decisions?

    I am firm in my belief that that all our institutions are basically corrupt i.e. one cannot remain in office without the other e.g. police without the legal industry, and/or Government instrumentalities. Sad, I know, but without trust in our institutions, we have little democracy left.

    We cannot deal with the clear dangers to our society without a tough and honest Government and judiciary. The police are in the middle of course, and take their orders from them both. Enough said.

  7. I think the (IL)legal eagles that have corrupted this so called Sydney siege drama should serve the same sentence as Monis would have served had he survived the siege. Get the Mafia in to supervise our legal system, at least they wouldn’t be so corrupt and anyone who steps out of line would find himself in bed with a horse’s head. Allan Usherwood Myalup WA.

  8. I will say it again. I believe this was a false-flag to kick along the “War on Terror” paranoia, and Monis was an asset to be used hence the ease with which he walked in there with an illegal weapon while no-one watched, even though he was apparently well known to our worshipful uniforms for his “look at me” over-baked Islamic exhibitionism. I believe he thought he would be leaving the scene after the media fest had been created and probably had no expectation of being shot himself (you get that with useful idiots). We are awash in lies at the moment on so many fronts, both here and globally that a legal cover-up isn’t just likely, its mandatory.

    • Spot on Paul, spot on. Look at whom we place in a position to represent us, nothing “common ” about them, all elitist and part of ” a tribe”. Members of these tribes protect each other, to survive with lies and physical force, They are without doubt all blessed with the curse of entitlement. These individuals need public exposure to neutralise their corruption.

      • This will require a coordinated effort by all of the 25 million Australians who are been disaffected by the 60,000 privileged few who happen to have received a law degree. That is the groups representing the people and their families who have been abused by the family law courts, by the medical industry, by the building industry, by the education departments, by the religious and government institutions who were responsible for their care, the victims of criminality caused by criminals who`s responsibility for their incarceration has been handed to this privileged minority and those that have had their family inheritance plundered by the same mob who think that fiscal necrophilia is not a crime.
        The problem is that we the public have to pay for this legal monopoly and the legal profession has obviated its responsibilities to its customers under Australian Consumer Law. Unfortunately for us the regulators are infested with lawyers.

  9. There is nothing unfortunate about this matter, because there are decent professionals in each of the areas you mention as well as the mercenaries.

    It maybe hard to neutralise a group, but easy to neutralise one at a time. Deception by our government can be stopped. It requires exposure exposure exposure not of generic groups but the individuals who control them. With the Monis matter, who was the NSW Attorney General at the time???

    Heads must roll!

  10. We appear to be seeing a remarkably similar element to the events in Paris where an Islamic showboat, already well known to authorities goes unmolested organizing and equiping the biggest terror show in many years, and despite all the surveillance, spying and prying powers they now have no-one notices?

    I think corruption only tells half the story and incompetence only provides them a cover or limited hang-out. I think actual treason may well be somewhere in the mix.

  11. It is critical that the Australian public know why Monis was let out on bail. The process for that investigation must be transparent. The shenanigans of lawyers claiming privileged over the documents that reveal the truth must be overridden after all we are all now threatened by terrorism and we want to know how our authorities that is the judiciary made such a mistake and how they plan to ensure it does not happen again.

  12. Sydney siege inquest: Coroner considers whether ASIO could have done more to stop Man Haron Monis

    Australia’s national security hotline received 18 calls and emails about Man Haron Monis’s Facebook page less than a week before the Sydney siege, an inquest has heard.

    The inquest into the siege has begun considering what Australia’s intelligence agencies knew about Monis and whether they should have intervened before he took Lindt Cafe customers and staff hostage on December 15 last year.

    State coroner Michael Barnes told the inquest he would be questioning whether the Australian Security and Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) should have taken a “more active or interventionist” approach after receiving multiple warnings about Monis.

    Questions provided by the families of victims Katrina Dawson and Tori Johnson, who were killed during the siege, will also be addressed during the forthcoming hearings, which will take place behind closed doors.

    “All the world now knows that Monis was a dangerous deviant,” Mr Barnes said.

    “The questions the inquest must grapple with are: should ASIO have predicted his violent outburst? And could its methods be improved to make such predictions more reliable in future?”

    Counsel assisting the inquest Jeremy Gormly said the national security hotline received 18 calls and emails about Monis’s Facebook page on December 9 last year.

    It is understood the warnings related to a “pledge of allegiance” to the “Caliph of Muslims”, written on Facebook in Arabic and seen as supportive of the Islamic State group.

    Mr Gormly said ASIO assessed the hotline reports and reviewed Monis’s Facebook page with the help of a foreign language expert, but concluded “the posts did not indicate a desire or intent to engage in terrorism or politically motivated violence”.

    NSW Police and the Australian Federal Police also assessed some of the warnings and Facebook posts, but concluded they did not represent an imminent threat or meet the threshold for prosecution under new laws against advocating terrorism.

    Mr Barnes said ASIO had given him access to all records on Monis, and operatives would give top secret evidence under stringent and far-reaching non-publication orders.

    This morning’s opening address is the only part of this session of the inquest open to the public.

    Not even the dates of the forthcoming hearings will be publicly released, for security reasons.

    Counsel assisting the inquest Sophie Callan said the evidence heard would probably never be made public.

    Ms Callan said the ASIO operatives who gave evidence would not be cross-examined by the parties, but lawyers for the families of siege victims had provided lists of questions and topics they would like addressed.

    Read more at: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-11-18/inquest-to-explore-what-security-services-knew-about-monis/6949600

    • “and operatives would give top secret evidence under stringent and far-reaching non-publication orders.”

      The Prosecution rests.

  13. The government has to be sued for allowing this tragedy to happen. The NSW Supreme Court judges received over $ 2.2 m from mafia, and I wonder how much was enough to bribe ASIO in this case.

    • Were ASIO/ASIS involved in the planning of the event? That would certainly justify the legal sanitizing process we are seeing unfold.

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