Cardinal George Pell groped 3 boys and exposed himself to another 3 boys

Cardinal George Pell is in a lot of trouble with the ABC’s 7.30 Report broadcasting allegations that Pell groped 2 boys and exposed himself to 3 other boys. The allegations came directly from alleged victims and witnesses and were broadcast on Wednesday the 27th July 2016 and are in addition to the previous Southwell allegations in 2004 where Pell allegedly groped a boy which forced Pell to stand aside while it was investigated.


Victoria’s Police Commissioner recently confirmed his Taskforce Sano is investigating George Pell over multiple allegations. The investigation has been going for more than a year and involves a number of complainants spanning decades. (Click here to read more)

Prior to this the only time George Pell had been investigated personally was in 2002 for sexually assaulting a 12 year-old-boy in 1961. The old complaint is consistent with the new complaints. (Click here to read more)

“After a church-appointed inquiry, Pell said he was grateful to God to have been exonerated.”

“In fact, retired Victorian Supreme Court judge Alec Southwell had said that both Pell and his accuser gave the impression they were speaking the truth. Taking into account questions about the accuser’s credibility (he had a criminal record) and the fact that the alleged incidents occurred so long ago, Southwell found he was “not satisfied that the complaint had been established.” (Click here to read more)

If George Pell is a paedophile, and I suspect he is, then the below photograph of Pell and serial paedophile Gerald Ridsdale starts to make sense.

Confessed paedophile Gerard Ridsdale and his supporter George Pell go to court

“In the photo, Catholic priest Gerald Ridsdale (left, in sunglasses and hat) walks to court, accompanied by his support person (Bishop George Pell, then an auxiliary bishop in Melbourne), when Father Ridsdale was pleading guilty to his first batch of criminal charges in May 1993 for sexually abusing children. But no bishop accompanied the victims, who felt deserted by the church leaders.” (From the Broken Rites website. Click here to read more)

New complaints

The new complaints in The 7.30 Report deal with two people, Lyndon Monument and Damian Dignan, who say they were groped repeatadly by George Pell at the Bathurst pool in the 1970’s. Other allegations are also raised regarding 2 boys in the 1990’s but not in any great detail. Also an allegation by Les Tyack about Pell exposing himself to young boys which is outlined below.

Torquay Surf Club

Les Tyack says he saw George Pell standing naked in front of three boys for up to 10 minutes at Torquay Surf Club. Based on the witness statement George Pell most likely had an erection during that time. One has to assume that Pell either masturbated in front of the boys or maybe Pell had the boys touch him. The witness said Pell made sure he could not see the front of him.

LOUISE MILLIGAN: George Pell left the Ballarat Diocese for Melbourne in 1984. He then spent his summers at Torquay Beach, where he was a member of the local surf club. Local dad Les Tyack’s kids were keen surfers and Mr Tyack used to see George Pell around the club. One summer day, he says he witnessed a strange incident, so strange it later compelled him to go to police. He says he walked into the club change rooms and found George Pell and three boys he estimates were aged between eight and 10.

LES TYACK, TORQUAY RESIDENT: I said, “Hi, George.” And at that time he was towelling – had the towel going across his shoulders drying his back. But he was facing three young boys only about three or four metres across from him. And I thought it was a little strange, but I put my gear down on the bench and walked into the showers. I was in the showers for probably five to 10 minutes and when I came out, the boys had got dressed, but Pell just had the towel over his right shoulder, still facing the boys. And the boys were looking at him. There was no communication between them, but Pell was looking at the boys, they were looking at him. I immediately thought, “This is not right. There is something amiss here.”

LOUISE MILLIGAN: Les Tyack says he was disturbed that a naked man had stood there for 10 minutes facing the boys.

LES TYACK: I thought that was not on. Very strange situation for an adult to be full frontal to three young boys. I said to the young boys, “Finish doing what you’re doing, off you go.” When they left, I then said to George Pell, “I know what you’re up to. Piss off. Get out of here. If I see you back in this club again, I’ll call the police.”

LOUISE MILLIGAN: Mr Tyack says the way George Pell’s torso was angled during the incident also raised alarm bells.

LES TYACK: It makes me very suspicious that he was exposing himself to those three young boys. He made sure that at no time was I given the opportunity to see the front of him.

LOUISE MILLIGAN: And you thought that was suspicious?

LES TYACK: Very suspicious. Very suspicious. Because when I challenged him, he made no response to me at all, which I thought quite odd. I’m certain that if I’d been challenged in such a manner, I certainly would have fired up with questioning. What do you mean? What are you talking about? But no, Pell went very silent, didn’t say a word.

LOUISE MILLIGAN: When the royal commission was sitting last year, Les Tyack decided to make his statement to Victoria Police.

LES TYACK: There may have been other incidents out there in the public domain that people had seen or witnessed and so I decided to report it so that those collating all the evidence could put it aside there and it might help form a dossier on Pell’s activities. (Click here to read more)

Les Tyack’s story and the account of others is starting to show a pattern by George Pell as being a pervert who got off exposing himself to boys and groping boys.

Below is the video of the above transcript

(Click here to watch the full show)

One has to wonder why both Tony Abbott and George Brandis had secret meetings with George Pell and both tried to cover-up the meetings which I wrote about in a previous article. (Click here to read the article)

Victoria Police cover-up

The Victoria Police look like they are very much doing what they can to cover-up the alleged crimes committed by George Pell. But with numerous witnesses blowing the whistle to the media that will be a lot harder now.

Pope has no real choice but to stand George Pell down

The longer Cardinal George Pell stays in his position in the Church the more embarrassing it becomes for the Church. The Pope has to take immediate action and stand George Pell aside. Pell knows the rules as he stood aside in 2002 during the Southwell investigation. So it is odd that Pell hasn’t acted this time and stood aside himself. There is a lot more to play out in this story and really there seems no choice but for the police to charge George Pell. Whether or not Pell comes back to Australia is another story.

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  1. Law enforcement will chase you down for unpaid fines, over due Tax debt and for not completing the Census form and will use lethal force if necessary to obtain compliance and conviction, yet will cover up and protect these people.

    • Uloola -i read these allegations coul not be looked into by the royal commission because they only had the power to look into child institutions and government agencies with children in it’s care .
      thus these complaints were refered back to the police for further follow up –they now rest with the – office Vic DDP awaiting appraisal—to say the least -the amount of collected evidence is unholy and damning

      • Yeah good point. They may well have done and the commission decided that there was not enough substance to carry it further.

  2. If Cardinal George Pell feels so aggrieved by these latest allegations he should try his luck with a defamation action. You can bet on it that he is highly unlikely to try such a stunt.

  3. By the way, thanks for the mental image of Archie Pell with an ….. I needed that like a hole in the head.

  4. I am a survivor. I was abused by Priests, Nuns, Brothers and Lay Teachers in Catholic Schools from 1970 to 1981. I kept it hidden until 2011 when Nick McKenzie at the Melbourne Age broke the story of my last living abuser and what he did to others. In the past five years my life has been destroyed I now live with PTSD, Depression and Anxiety. I have gone from being a CEO to not being able to work. Keep the pressure up and don’t let him escape justice.

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