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Capilano take out super-injunction to silence a 2nd journalist re: poisonous and toxic honey

Last Friday Capilano Honey and their CEO Ben McKee instituted injurious falsehood and defamation proceedings against myself and this website at a secret hearing in the NSW Supreme Court. They were also granted a super-injunction and I am not allowed to tell anyone about the court case.

The court has also ordered me (7/10/16) to take down 2 previous articles from this website in an attempt to cover-up them selling poisonous and toxic honey. I am going to stand and fight as this is clearly a national public interest matter regarding health and safety and undermines people’s legal right to free speech.

I was denied natural justice as I was never told about the hearing and given I am not allowed to tell anyone about the case it also breaches the “open courts” principle.

All Australians should be alarmed that a food company like Capilano Honey can get a secret super-injunction so they can conceal their corrupt conduct

I am now the second journalist that Capilano Honey and their CEO Ben McKee have sued in frivolous and vexatious defamation proceedings although I am the first where they have sought a super-injunction to cover it up from the public. The first article that they want me to take down is actually an opinion piece regarding them suing the first journalist Simon Mulvany, the health dangers and Capilano breaching court orders to file their full statement of claim. Court orders that Capilano and Ben Mckee are still in breach of now.

If Capilano Honey and Ben McKee had truly been defamed then they would want everyone to know they are suing me for defamation to send a message to others, not trying to conceal it like they are with a Super-Injunction.

They have sued me for 2 posts. One published on the 17th of September 2016 titled: “Australia’s Capilano Honey admit selling toxic and poisonous honey to consumers (Click here to read) and a second one published on the 6th of October 2016 titled “Sex tape featuring Capilano Honey CEO Ben McKee covered up by Directors (Click here to read).

Capilano and Ben McKee ‘s lawyer Richard Keegan emailed the court documents to me at 7.42pm on Friday and said:

This email is not for publication and the Court Orders prevent you from providing it to anyone apart from a legal representative for the purpose of advising you. (Click here to read the rest of Mr Keegan’s email)

Court orders: (Click here to read) Affidavit of Capilano Honey’s lawyer Richard Keegan: (Click here to read) Summons: (Click here to read)

If you have a good look at Richard Keegan’s affidavit it becomes very clear what their real concern is. The article I published on the 17th of September 2016 titled: “Australia’s Capilano Honey admit selling toxic and poisonous honey to consumers” has gone viral including in some parts of Asia. Keegan’s affidavit has stories from Brunei and Malaysia where they have quoted this website and the article. The article has had over 528,000 page views as of today so it has had a fair impact.

On page 6, 7 and 8 of Richard Keegan’s affidavit he seems to confirm the existence of a sex tape and refers to transcript of the tape on page 87. But page 87 is missing as the judge has said they do not have it give me a copy. Once again I am denied natural justice as how can I defend myself against evidence I am not allowed to see?

Interestingly they have not sued me for a 3rd post published on the 24th September 2016 which is titled: “Channel Seven, Capilano Honey and Addisons Lawyers involved in judicial favours scam (Click here to read) The fact that they have not sued me for this post I take as admission by Capilano Honey, Channel Seven, their lawyers and barrister Sandy Dawson whom I name in the post.

Capilano Honey has a lot of health and safety issues. For example, by their own admission Capilano Honey know their beekeepers are feeding their bees antibiotics and Chinese irradiated pollen yet refuse to do any testing to determine if it is safe for humans. And then there is the question of all the imports from China, Mexico, Argentina, Hungary and Brazil etc.

While Capilano fail time and again to address the issues and/or answer media questions then it is more than fair to make allegations against them especially when it is backed up by evidence as my previous articles have. Each time I asked Capilano fair and reasonable questions before I published and they refused to answer. They only want to answer easy questions or put out media releases by spin doctors that virtually say nothing.

I do not know the judge who issued the super-injunction but I believe it would have been Justice Peter Hall given he was the Duty Judge for Common Law on Friday. I wrote an article about Peter Hall in 2014 titledMoney talks at the Supreme Court of NSW. Billionaire Kerry Stokes boy Justice Hall scandalises the courtso he is obviously not a fan of this website and vice versa.

Other media like Fairfax Media, who are sued for defamation on a regular basis, are not made to take down their articles until after the final hearing and then only if they lose. It is time corrupt judges stopped abusing their position for the rich and trying to silence whistleblowers.

Time to take a stand

Yes, I am in breach of the super-injunction telling you I am being sued by Capilano and Ben McKee but as far as I am concerned the super-injunction was illegally issued by a nameless judge who has failed to publish reasons for his corrupt secret hearing which breaches common law. So as far as I am concerned the injunction is null and void.

The matter is listed again at 3.00pm on Monday the 10th of October before the Duty Judge (Common Law) which is currently listed as Justice David Davies. I cannot make it and will email him an alternative time and update this post accordingly.

I would greatly appreciate if you read below and help support the battle against Capilano Honey.

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  1. In recent years, as irrefutable evidence has emerged of widespread politician corruption in Australia’s governments (both State and Federal), it’s hardly surprising that political appointments to our Judiciary have seen that contamination spread to our Courts of Law.

    Secret proceedings that allow mere lawyers to send unsigned Court Orders by Email? I’d want hard copies from the Court that I’d signed-for, along with full transcripts of the hearing and personally signed by all parties to the matter before I’d take any notice of them at all.

    Emails sent in the night? What next? Bloody outrageous!

    Maybe Paul Keating was right after all – Australia in the 21st century has become little more than a Banana Republic without the Rule of Law, free speech or natural justice for anyone, least of all whistleblower journalists.

    Your fortitude in taking a stand for Justice is highly commendable.

    Thank you for bringing the truth to your readers … the ‘fifth estate’ of a free internet is the only place we can expect to find it these days.

    Along with half a million other people I’ll be watching the outcome with great interest.

  2. Hi Shane
    It looks as if you are scratching the tip of a very very sensitive iceberg. Food Security, what, we eat and the integrity of the food sold to us has all been assumed by the Australian public as Kosher. What you are revealing with Capilano Honey is now wide spread as our largest food retailers, manufacturers and food distributors purchase more and more food from areas around the world where there are absolutely no food safety standards. Within the icberg that you are scratching there is an entity called Border Force, previously named Customs and Excise that was responsible for monitoring the quality of imported food. It has never done a good job but now with more and more imported processed food entering the country it is essential that this food is tested so as it meets Australian Food Standards. If you were to ask Border Force what food testing resources they have access to I would suggest you would be confronted with an F.O.I that would go nowhere just like pg 84 of the court documents.
    We are all too aware of how corrupt our legal system has become and how this corruption is being utilized by those with a vested interest to perpetuate an Australian disaster.

  3. Skulduggery of the highest order.
    Words are not enough to define the method of demise that that should befall the ratbags involved.

  4. For what little it is worth – everyone I know has heard about Capilano (and Allowrie). Interestingly enough, the Australian Bush Honey I was buying from Safeway – wasn’t on the shelf when I went to buy it 2 weeks ago – just after your first “expose”!!! Haven’t re-checked since but makes one wonder just how far this shindig reaches!!
    Hang in there.

  5. Thank you for publishing all of this with the attachments, “in the public interest”. It is a mighty pity our mainstream media hasn’t got the balls to do it! That is far more than our highly corrupt legal system with its pond scum bottom feeders have too. I think they are bent a long way out of shape. For them, it is the almighty dollar gained by stealth, secrecy, corruption and threats to keep us great “unwashed” plebs in line.
    Is it any wonder, the general public of Australia have very little faith in the legal system, the political system or even the so-called “good governance, transparency, honesty, yada, yada, ” tripe they trot out with their spin doctors. Perhaps I sound a tad cycnical or jaded but certainly far more truthful than that bunch of crooks.
    You have to wonder how far up and down the supply chain the levels of deceit travel, how many palms have been greased and how many “inspectors” and government agencies at various levels have taken their eyes of the wheel because a certain name or party is involved?
    A secret hearing that names you and yet you are not advised or present? FFS – this is not America. They love that garbage with all their amendment rights. This is Australia; the so-called land of “a fair go”. There was nothing fair about what you have been on the end of.

  6. From public, thank you for sharing all information.

    As to the COURT SUPPRESSION AND NON-PUBLICATION ORDERS ACT 2010 (as per please check Section 2. Commencement ( – if you notice, this so called “Act” has not commenced and is not law at all. If you want to know how to use this information in court, let me know. Most of the current acts are the same, unfortunately.

    I sent this information if there are any issues with the court not liking your action of making their threats public (Capilano’s and court officials).



    6 Safeguarding public interest in open justice

    In deciding whether to make a suppression order or non-publication order, a court must take into account that a primary objective of the administration of justice is to safeguard the public interest in open justice.

  7. Wasn’t impressed with the tone of the last post & comments, two adults engaging in consensual acts are not ‘depraved’ or ‘perverted’, just enjoying different things to you. Bragging about if on air afterwards is just crass & stupid.

    But this injunction & take down order is completely wrong. Keep fighting.

  8. My partner and I used to produce honey in southern Qld in the mid 80’s. We were told then (as newbies) NOT to sell to Capilano as they would collect honey from all around Australia and then heat-treat it in order to blend it. Heating honey destroys the natural healing properties of the honey and uncontrolled blending produces honey of dubious quality.
    We sold honey privately and won prizes for at at the local Woodford show.

  9. Really disappointed to see bully boy tactics being used against organisations speaking out on behalf of the public. kangaroo court is necessary.

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