Justice David Davies

Capilano Honey want journalist jailed for exposing their toxic and poisonous honey

At Capilano Honey’s request I am about to be charged with contempt of court for breaching the Super-Injunction taken out by Capilano Honey and their CEO Ben McKee last Friday (7/10/16). The Super-Injunction, which means you can’t even tell anyone there is a court case, was issued by Justice Peter Hall. In what would have to be one of the all-time classics Justice David Davies has now also breached Justice Hall’s Super-Injunction as you’ll see below.

On Sunday (9/10/16) I breached the Super-Injunction when I published an article telling people I was being sued for injurious falsehood and defamation by Capilano Honey and their CEO Ben McKee.

On Monday (10/10/16) Capilano applied to the court to make me take down the new article and Justice David Davies ordered the Registrar of the Court to commence proceedings against me for contempt of Justice Peter Hall’s Super-Injunction.

I had written to the court Sunday night complaining about Justice Peter Hall’s Super-Injunction and that I could not show up to the hearing on Monday on such short notice and said:

“I am writing in regards to a defamation matter that was instituted against me on Friday the 7th of October 2016, was served on me by email late Friday night and has been set down for the duty judge (common law) at 3pm Monday the 10th of October 2016. This is scandalous and I cannot make it as I will be at work. All other litigants that have proceedings commenced against them get at least 30 days to prepare and what makes it worse is that I am a self-represented litigant so if anything I should get more time to prepare not a ridiculously short time to prepare.”

It must be noted one of the articles the applicants complain about was published on my website on the 17th of September which they became aware of almost immediately yet took no action until the 7th of October then they expect me to jump when they say and the court obliges.

For obvious reasons which I am sure you all will agree The Super-Injunction/ Suppression Orders issued on Friday the 7th of October have been ignored because they were illegibly issued and are therefore null and void. I have written an article on my website which explains why. (Click here to read the full email)

The hearing went ahead on Monday anyhow even though I wasn’t there and Capilano’s lawyers filed another application for me to take down the new article and also to extend Justice Peter Hall’s Super-Injunction. Justice David Davies complied and gave Capilano everything they wanted. Capilano’s lawyer emailed me Monday night with the court documents and orders. The lawyers in effect said the Super-Injunction had been extended which meant I could not tell anyone about the court case.

Capilano’s Lawyer’s email: (Click here to read) Notice of Motion (Click here to read) Affidavit of Richard Keegan (Click here to read) Court Orders (Click here to read)

Justice David Davies published judgement: Capilano Honey Ltd v Dowling [2016] NSWSC 1441

I have now written 4 articles about Capilano Honey but their real concern in the first article titled “Australia’s Capilano Honey admit selling toxic and poisonous honey to consumers” which was published on the 17th September 2016. One of the key reasons Capilano Honey wanted a Super-Injunction is to try to conceal the fact that they are now suing 2 journalists which is very embarrassing for them.

The big business scam to control the media

Big business lead by Kerry Stokes, Ryan Stokes and their media company Seven West Holdings are running a scam whereby if they do not like what’s written about them by small media sites they go to court and get a Super-Injunction or standard injunction. They then drag the court case out for as long as possible to avoid a final hearing because their claims are frivolous, vexatious and without foundation.

I know this because Kerry Stokes and his lawyer Justine Munsie sued me for defamation in 2014 and took out a Super-Injunction and have spent the time since avoiding a final hearing like the plague. It is now set down for April next year.

Capilano Honey, which Kerry Stokes owns 19% of, has been suing journalist Simon Mulvany since February 2016 and Capilano have continually breached court orders to file their full statement of claim and are using the go slow routine.

When companies demand courts operate behind closed doors and the courts comply then the public should be gravely concerned because the companies are not doing it for the benefit of the public. The companies are doing it to hide their corrupt conduct and crimes.


Breaching Kerry Stokes Super-Injunction in 2014

I breached Kerry Stokes Super-Injunction in 2014 on principle of the matter. The whole thing was that dodgy I was fined $2000 but never had to pay because I threatened to complain to ICAC. The NSW Justice Department knew how corrupt the whole thing was so they wrote to me and said they would not be enforcing the fine. (Click here to read more)

Justice David Davies breaches Justice Hall’s Super-Injunction

The Super-Injunction means you cannot tell anyone about the court case but on Tuesday (11/10/16) Justice David Davies sent me a copy of his judgement and then published it on the NSW Supreme Court’s website which clearly lets everyone know about the court case.

Justice Davies is also now in contempt of Justice Peter Hall’s Super-Injunction. What are Capilano going to do now? Go to court and ask another judge to put a suppression order on Justice Davies judgement? That’s the mess people get themselves in when they use halfwit lawyers like Justine Munsie, Richard Keegan, Michael O’Connor and Alex Latu at Addisons Lawyers and corrupt barrister Sandy Dawson.

Justice Davies mentions my email to the court on Sunday night and key elements of it in his judgement so he had obviously read it but he does not mention the perceived bias or real bias part that I raised in the email. Justice Davies shouldn’t have been anywhere near the case. And where is Justice Peter Hall’s written reasons for his secret hearing and Super-Injunction?

Capilano Honey have a lot of questions to answer and have told a lot of lies which I outlined extensively in the first article. One of the questions Capilano won’t answer is what effect on humans is there from the Chinese irradiated pollen that their beekeepers feed the bees? But at least the contracted Capilano beekeeper in the video below is honest when he says he doesn’t know what effect it has.


Capilano Honey and their CEO Ben McKee think they’re smart instituting proceedings against me and asking for a Super-Injunction and then asking the court to charge me with contempt when things didn’t go their way. All they have done is expose themselves for being the crooks and fraudsters they really are.

The reason every Australian should be worried about the corruption exposed above is because it could happen to you or your family. Someone takes out a Super-Injunction against you and then says you breached it then you are facing contempt of court charges. The NSW Supreme Court is rotten to the core and acting like it is part of a communist country run by some third world dictator. I could say a lot more but given there are legal proceedings afoot I’ll keep plenty up my sleeve for court.

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    • Exactly! Much of our judiciary, but not all, is about Peerage.This means age-old corruption and power abuses are long instilled, deeply entrenched in the psyche of those (public servants!) who operate within the legal system/judiciary including jobs for the boys, etc.
      The arrogance and air of privilege that says “I was off to a more privileged start than you”. And thus looks down upon every other person which in turn fuels the abuse which fires deception and corruption.
      There are many layers to the wheeling and dealings of corruption that, as we know, really does exist “in high places”.
      Shane has exposed one case and this will not go away until justice is served.
      Has the judiciary bought into the act through behind-the-scene negotiations?
      What drives a person (Judge) in a seat of authority to mete out corrupt measures against both the individual and society to the grave detriment of a persons health and wellbeing?
      This dumping of toxicity and toxic waste on humans affects us all on every level and has the power to alter our DNA. The dumpers (Capilano) have no right to create and reinforce harm against humans that will ultimately do one thing: destroy us.
      The old cliche is obviously sweet and tested:
      “You catch more flies with honey!”

  1. It is an absolute disgrace that members of the Judiciary are acting in this way, abusing their Authority and position. The Annotated Constitution of the Australian Commonwealth SS297. “On the Ground of Proved Misbehaviour or Incapacity.” – Misbehaviour means misbehaviour in the grantees official capacity. “Quamdiu se bene gesserit must be intended in matters concerning his office, and is no more than the law would have implied, if the office had been granted for life”. (Coke, 4 Inst. 117.)

    Misbehaviour includes, firstly the improper exercise of judicial functions, secondly, wilful neglect of duty.

    It seems the Judiciary in this case meets the definition of Misbehaviour under SS297 of the Commonwealth Constitution for improper exercise of Judicial functions.

  2. It’s doubtful that NSW officialdom has been this lawless since the days of the Rum Rebellion – though today they’re only accountable to their Corporate paymasters. At least Capt Bligh could appeal to London for redress and the threat of the noose made miscreants think twice.

    Disenchanted Libertarians are right – today Government is owned by Corporations, not by the People. It becomes clearer by the day that they also ‘own’ the Judiciary.

    It’s commendable that you continue to have the intestinal fortitude to fight these criminal litigants … most would be cowed into silent compliance.

    More power to you Sir! Half a million VERY interested parties are watching the outcome closely.

  3. Corporations, government owned is correct, The Commonwealth Of Australia, Federal, State governments and Local Councils are Corporations, each with an Australian Business Number.
    Too bad the majority of Australians are unaware of this fact.

  4. I m absolutely APPALLED to say the least!
    Every journalist has a duty to inform the public – via every journalistic medium – of deception.
    The public has a right to know.
    I have been buying Capilano for years. My shop-keeper will no longer stock Capilano and it is NOT as a result of this revelatory article!
    Is this another WikiLeaks?
    From the time we are born our values – that include ethics (business ethics included), honesty, truthfulness, honesty etal., – are shaped and shape individuals, families, communities and society.
    However, when we apply these values to daily living and reject the opposite that in fact harms people in multiple ways (morally, economically, health-wise etc) and breaches public trust, we are attacked and threatened?!
    This is political. It is designed to harm journalists, to gag journalists, and any other civilian who speaks up and warns us of that which is harmful.
    No life is expected to be subject to these abuses.
    This journalist needs a medal to say the least! Some people would run away, go to ground.
    It us up to us all to support him as we can. We all have a duty to give awareness to others.
    That the judiciary is willing to conceal deception generally makes it a party to this deception. In particular, J. Peter Hall, is willing for trusting civilians to be subject to ongoing deception, while the perpetrator goes free. This is not why we have a Justice system. Not that it comes as a surprise.
    ‘Super-Injunction’ – my toe. How many more good, honest people will have to suffer as a result of this journalist being subject to what is nothing more than a GAG order!?!
    The public has a right to know and the journalist has a right to tell.
    The judge is obviously unethical for starters. Who, in their right mind, would go against the very law itself and condone corruption, and/or the gagging of an innocent man, as is being done here, by imposing the constraint of THREATS TO HARM HIM, on him?
    The judiciary is a public servant and we expect the judiciary to deliver HONESTY, AND EQUITY.
    Where there is harm, remove it.
    Would you give your son a stone of he was thirsty?
    Such hypocrisy is, in and of itself APPALLING.
    It is only right that Capilano should stand exposed and publicly accountable instead of covering it’s sins with threats. This alone demonstrates that Capilano is not worthy of our support.

  5. Perhaps they need to read the Constitution of the International Tribunal for Natural Justice to see how a court conduct itself.

  6. Why am I thinking Kerry Stokes? Bloody hell – the illegality of this entire set-up against Shane is so blatant and obvious – my dog is barking it to the neighbourhood!!!
    Know, Shane, that as many decent human beings as possible are with you all the way!

    • ‘TheWorld…’this is also my understanding. I have not encountered anything else to date. The most significant ‘change’ is that libel and slander are now incorporated into – or under, the ‘banner of’ ‘Defamation’, which is rather silly because they are both defamatory acts – either way, they both remain individual aspects of the same body as always…
      However, a SMALL corporation can sue for defamation. Capilano is NOT ‘small’ – does not meet that criteria.
      Similarly, public bodies cannot sue. An individual within such a body can. It is all about being able to ‘identify’ the individual.
      Hope this helps.

    • Your upper case name is a Corporate Fiction under the law. I guess maybe its a Corporation suing another Corporate Entity, Capilano suing the upper case name or Corporate fiction i.e. SHANE DOWLING?

  7. Ladies and Gentlemen… this is how the REAL terrorism in the word works.

    The “terrorists” you are told all about by the same corrupted media are all fake. (paid mercenaries).

    The “evil dictators” you are told by the same corrupted media are all lies. (to justify overthrowing and pillaging of nations).

    The “news” you hear is all fake, lies, and insignificant. (designed to distract you).

    The REAL terrorists in this world are the bankers, politicians, media, big business and the entire judicial system. THIS is how they operate… they try (and most often succeed) in squashing anyone who attempts to avoid being stung by their crimes or who try to expose their crimes. This includes individuals, companies and even entire nations.

    I commend and thank Shane for showing us small pieces of the real world. Give it to ’em!

    • Absolutely agree! These “terrorists” expertly attempt to strike fear into the hearts and lives of individuals families and societies whereever possible.
      This is one instance where the ongoing attempt to lord power over those who present the facts are subject to detestable abuses of corruption in both the corporate world and judiciary.
      We see this time and again as power brokers throw people off their properties (to build a dam, or when times are hard) or when controversials issues arise and present the powerbrokers with opportunist measures (crimes) against everyday people.
      These abuses result in social destructions against the individual to include the oppressive nature of corruption in such forms as suicide, alcholism, despair, the breakdown of relationships (families, marital,friendships etc) on levels (moral,ethical, economic etc) that are designed to weaken the very fabric of society and the individual.
      Shane has a resistance that we all need to stand up and take notice of if we hope to preserve life and all that is just and right.
      Day after day I realise that Shane is representing and standing for us all.
      Who would knowinhly feed toxins to themselves, their kids, families and friends (and expect to have a clear conscience and get away with it?).

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