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Samantha Armytage and Rebecca Gibney institute defamation case re: sex with CEO allegations

Channel 7 Sunrise host Samantha Armytage and actress Rebecca Gibney have instituted defamation proceedings against this website and myself (21/12/16) regarding allegations they had sexual relationships with Seven West Media CEO Tim Worner. They have also taken out an injunction to hide their names. On the court documents, they show up as Jane Doe 1 and Jane Doe 2.

The matter relates to the last article I posted (20/12/16) titledSeven CEO Tim Worner and Amber Harrison sex scandal statement in fullwhich has Amber Harrison’s full media statement detailing the sex and drug use etc with Seven West Media CEO Tim Worner. I also wrote the paragraph:

There are reports that Tim Worner has had sexual relationships with at least 4 other staff members at Seven which include an actress and on-air-host. I am reliably told the actress is Rebecca Gibney and the on-air-host is Samantha Armytage.

Their case is clearly being run and paid for by Seven West Media. The court orders only demand that I delete their names. So, I take it from the court orders that the rest of the article is true and correct  as they have not sued me for it and that Tim Worner is a sex fiend and cocaine addict which the rest of Amber Harrison’s media release implies.

The allegations were not made by me but by Amber Harrison who blew the whistle on Sunday (18/12/16) regarding her sexual relationship with CEO Tim Worner and how Channel 7 payed off to keep her quiet but then reneged on the deal and played games in an attempt to destroy her. Given that I did not make any allegations against Armytage and Gibney their case against me is frivolous at best. Why haven’t they sued Amber Harrison if they believe they have been defamed? 

Before anyone feels sorry for Samantha Armytage and Rebecca Gibney remember they work for Seven West Media which owns Channel 7 and which smears people’s reputations almost every week. Seven West Media also owns magazines like New Idea which smears Lleyton and Rebecca Hewitt regularly and even falsely implying that Mrs Hewitt is having affairs. This has caused the Hewitts so much distress they have to write articles on their website to out the lies by Seven West Media.

In one article the Hewitts say:

This is not the first time that New Idea has fabricated articles concerning the Hewitt family.  It is disappointing that New Idea continues to show so little regard for the truth, for the people who are harmed by the false claims which New Idea publishes and for their readers. (Click here to see their website)

So every week some of Samantha Armytage’s and Rebecca Gibney’s pay comes from the deliberate smears by the likes of New Idea. Do Ms Armytage or Ms Gibney ever complain about that? Yet they think their actions or alleged actions which show up in witness statements should not be reported.

Everyone else gets named and Armytage and Gibney can do what everyone else does and issue a denial if they wish. Or they can do what Seven West Media has forced the Hewitts to do and set up a website and write articles to deny rumours and allegations. Having secret court hearings to avoid media scrutiny is a joke and as corrupt as it gets.


Channel 7 Sunrise hosts Samantha Armytage and David Koch

The allegations of Tim Worner having sexual relationships with four other women, including Armytage and Gibney, shows up in a statement by Amber Harrison that went before Australian Human Rights Commission in her complaint against Seven. It is more than fair to report it.

Seven went into court today while I was not there to defend myself which means I was denied natural justice which makes the court orders null and void and they will be ignored. The same as I ignored the grubby court orders by the Kerry Stokes controlled Capilano Honey in October 2016. (Click here to read more)

Today (21/12/16) I received the following email from Seven’s lawyer Richard Keegan which was sent this morning.

From: Richard Keegan []
Sent: Wednesday, 21 December 2016 9:16 AM
To:  Shane Dowling
Cc: Martin O’Connor <>
Subject: Urgent: Kangaroo Court Article 21 December 2016

Dear Mr Dowling

We act for the two women whose names you have published on your website today in relation to the allegations made by Amber Harrison about her relationship with Tim Worner.

Your post suggests that both of those women named had a sexual relationship with Mr Worner.

Both women have professional dealings with Mr Worner as a result of their work. One of the women is happily married with a child. The references to them in your post are entirely false and also deeply hurtful and distressing.

Both women require you immediately to remove their names and any information which would identify them from your post and to ensure that their names are not republished in any comments made on your website or Twitter or Facebook, or any other medium of publication under your direct control.

Whilst there are many further falsities contained in the statement of Ms Harrison you have posted, our immediate concern is for the wellbeing of the two women you have falsely and improperly accused.

Your post refers to “4 staff”.  Please note that we also have instructions from the other two women referred to about whom the allegations are made which are also entirely untrue.

Please confirm you have removed the names by 10.30am today. If we do not hear from you, we will approach the court for appropriate orders without further notice to you.


Richard Keegan | Special Counsel


D +61 2 8915 1075 | M +61 410 554 357  | F +61 2 8916 2075


Level 12, 60 Carrington Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Richard Keegan - Addisons Lawyers

Richard Keegan – Addisons Lawyers

This evening (21/12/16 – 5:52pm) I was sent the below email notifying me of the court orders.

Dear Mr Dowling

We act for the plaintiffs, Jane Doe 1 & Jane Doe 2 in this Supreme Court proceeding commenced against you today.

In accordance with Orders made this afternoon we attach, by way of service, a sealed copy of those Orders, together with our clients’ notice of motion, statement of claim and affidavit sworn by Richard Keegan on 21 December 2016 and Confidential exhibit RMK-1.

As you will see from the Orders, you are required by 8pm today to remove from the Kangaroo Court of Australia website (and as published elsewhere by you) reference to our clients whose names are set out in paragraph 4 of the article entitled, “Seven CEO Tim Worner and Amber Harrison Sex Scandal Statement in Full”.

This email is not for publication and you will note the suppression order made in Order 4.  

The proceeding is listed at 10am this Friday, 23 December before Justice Campbell. (Click here to see the full email)

Attachments: Court Orders (Click here) Statement of Claim (Click here)

Notice of Motion (Click here) Affidavit of Richard Keegan (Click here to read)

Confidential Exhibit (Click here to read)

Justice Stephen Campbell

The court orders were issued by the bribe-taking Justice Stephen Campbell whose criminal conduct I have a long history of writing about which he knows. He should have never been near the case because of perceived bias and real bias. A link to one of my posts on Justice Stephen Campbell is below:

Former ICAC investigator Justice Stephen Campbell caught acting corruptly

Over the last three years Kerry Stokes, Ryan Stokes and their lawyer Justine Munsie have been suing me for defamation which is a frivolous and vexatious case where they have been avoiding a final hearing like the plague. They have deliberately tried to undermine the work this website does in exposing corruption. (Click here to read more)

It’s time for a Kerry Stokes and the grubby way he treats staff to be outed. I do not know Amber Harrison but from reading other media reports she wants the truth to come out. I intend doing what I can to help her get her story out in the public domain as I know what crooks Kerry Stokes and his lawyers are.

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  1. Wow, you dont hold back the punches, well done, some (well mm?) are as corrupt as sin. In bed with pharma, and MM and the rot is rampant!

  2. And yet again we meet with the old foes of Self Interest and Self Justification. Haven’t some people ever read the adages – or is it that they just don’t live by them – “With what you mete it out shall it be meted back to you” or “The truth shall set you free”?

  3. The good ship Severn is in damage control. They must be looking for anyone who is publishing information and reacting very quickly. I thought the legal system was a very slow and sluggish slug, but it has proven that where necessary so as to protect the vested interest, it can strike like a tiger snake. Interesting to see Jeff Kennett is aboard this ship.

    • Jeff Kennett is aboard Channel 7? Is that correct. Very disappointing if so, – first of all he gave Gillard a tick in his Beyond Blue – and if this is true – well well well. Jeff also has Mrs. Andrews on his new gig. Has Jeff turned SOCIALIST like Malcolm Fraser? Must be money in “it” somewhere. Channel 7 is a pit of snakes – and we have read numerous papers on Kerry Stokes – well, that’s it, sorry Peter and your goodselves on Channel 7 news – won’t watch Channel 7 news anymore – doesn’t leave much left for us TV viewers – Channel 9 is also rife with socialists, TG of ACA and LW of Today show – haven’t watched them either for 7 + years. We will all watch selective SKY news – as long as Beattie isn’t on any program – another socialist dud who ran up debt – and doesn’t pay!

  4. There is a sector of wealthy big-shots who believe they are above the law.
    The past history of Kerry (I am wealthy look out) Stokes fits the caption above.

  5. I believe the Legal trade to be the most corrupt profession in Australia (and this is where they draw their judges from). Go to the various Legal Services Commissions for each State and see how many lawyers have been disbarred, fined or reprimanded over the lifetime of the Commissions. Lord knows how many escaped the net before they came into existence. Compare other professions to see how many of their members were censured. Compare the number of politicians who are lawyers and wonder why we have this protected bunch running the country. Remember the 200 barristers who thumbed their noses at the ATO a few years back? Keep up the good work.

  6. Looks like the above article might have helped. On the SMH website this morning

    DECEMBER 22 2016 – 10:12AM

    Seven West Media launches independent investigation into sex scandal

    The board of Seven West Media will commission a second independent investigation into former employee Amber Harrison, who alleges she was mistreated by the company in the wake of a sexual relationship with its chief executive Tim Worner.

    After meeting nearly every day this week since the story first broke on Sunday, the board announced on Thursday morning it wants another inquiry.

    Seven’s share price dropped from 81¢ to 74¢ earlier this week, but closed at 80¢ on Wednesday. However, concerns over the chief executive’s future has rattled investors.

    “To allay any concerns that our shareholders may have the board has determined it prudent to commission a further independent inquiry to establish all of the facts so as to confirm that all necessary matters have been and were taken into account,” the company announced prior to stock market trading on Thursday.

    Read more at:

  7. We are so blessed to have so many celebrities who pull their underhanded dealings and continue, or hope to continue, to pull the wool over our eyes! Thanks for “outing” a few more of the scum!

  8. It’s a disgusting company to work for, I worked there for many years, male senior staff treat female staff like sex objects, women coming back from maternity leave are told to get a job elsewhere, notorious bullies who ‘know too much’ are kept there for years because of what they know. It’s an entirely foul organisation and the truth always reveals itself!

  9. I worked there for years. Loved the work there, great colleagues on the studio floor and middle management, and, following the ruthless share trading to get rid of the post Skase management and the takeover by that great patriot, it all went downhill.

    Executive management changes, company funded share buybacks which just concentrated ownership with Stokes and finally the “arms length” deal which left employee shareholders lose ownership of a successful TV network and end up with shares in what was effectively a truck and tractor dealership.

    All the land under the buildings was sold and studios demolished*, production outsourced with the most talented studio staff sacked and programs becoming the lowest common denominator garbage.

    There are still some good people there, but they wont last long.

    (* he tried to do that in QLD but the land title for Mt Coot-tha meant the land was only available for use by the TV networks, he couldn’t redevelop)

    • From the SMH website this afternoon:

      Blogger behind Tim Worner affair posts displays ‘continuing defiance’: court

      A rogue blogger who claims to have revealed the identities of other lovers of Seven boss Tim Worner could face criminal contempt charges.

      The blogger named two Channel Seven celebrities on his website on Wednesday, repeating allegations made by Mr Worner’s former mistress Amber Harrison.

      Ms Harrison has detailed a tryst with the Seven West Media chief executive between 2012 and 2014 when she was an executive assistant to the then chief operating officer, Nick Chan.

      She alleged Mr Worner had four other affairs with Seven staff members. The claims have been denied by Mr Worner and the women.

      Two on-screen Seven identities, given the pseudonyms Jane Doe 1 and 2, have launched defamation proceedings against the blogger in the NSW Supreme Court.

      The blogger, who cannot be named for fears his notoriety would drive traffic to his site, failed to appear in court on Friday morning.

      He ignored court orders on Wednesday to delete the women’s names from a post and on Thursday published another repeating them, while attaching the court orders forbidding publication.

      Read more:

  10. Sack all of them what a disgrace taking cocaine and buying it from drug dealers is a criminal offence so according to this story Channel 7 is run by criminals and adulterers, I thought those 2 women were nice adulterers destroyed my marriage God help Ms Harrison, I believe her

  11. This is absolutely how Samantha must have got the sunrise gig!

    I did a quick google and it only took 3 pages to find your blog.

    If people have affairs & sleep their way to a higher pay packet, they run the risk of being caught.

    I agree that these TV networks destroy and damage reputations with completely false & misleading information every single day. They are rife with tall poppy syndrome & use their programs to deliver trash TV for higher ratings.

    Totally disgusting & I look forward to seeing this unfold. Karma coming back to seven for all the defamatory articles, programs & features they’ve done on other people.

  12. What a disgrace Sam and Rebecca.
    Only took 30 seconds to find this blog. Thanks to Ch 10 news for the heads up! Keep up the great work and keep fighting the big useless bullies over at 7. Garbage TV station anyway….

  13. Serves them right, portray themselves daily as the doogooders, skeletons are now coming out to play, nice to see these things brought into the public arena

  14. Media of all persuasions and nationalities bending over backwards to avoid mentioning Sam & Rebecca and your blog. So to even up the score I have sent a link to as many people as I can. You know your case has even made the UK Mail…

    IMO the media have double standards. Everyone else if fair game except when it comes to them. John Saffran’s spoof on going through Ray Martin’s garbage was a big eye opener to myself a young student at the time on how two faced they were. Has been good watching them squirm and bare their teeth at the possible release of their identities. Hopefully in due time we will learn the identities of all 4.

    All I got to say is good luck mate I think you have raised all hell with this one. Though I think you would probably garner a lot of sympathy amongst the good in the legal fraternity IMO they (Ch 7 & celebrities) are going to come at you with everything now to make an example. Good luck.

  15. Agree with the others that the double standards, no, sheer hypocrisy of the MSM and the click bait style or reporting these days needs a good going over.

    Hang in there.

  16. Fairfax Media mentioned your blog in all but name. They knew Google would do the rest.

    I bet Stokes and co weren’t counting on their bully boy tactics ending up driving traffic to your site. Well done!

  17. You are just reporting Harrison’s allegations – nothing wrong with that. Their actions against you have drawn more attention than the original story. When will 7 ever learn?

  18. what a sordid cover up by channel 7 board . The fact this man is still there sickens me. I thought Stokes had more integrity.Payments should NEVER EVER HAVE BEEN MADE. But this subsequent lack of action by the Board is even more woeful.

  19. Interesting story. Could you clarify if the two women you name are named in Ms Harrison’s documents? You say ‘I am reliably informed…’ which suggests the names have been provided to you by a source other than the documents. Just asking.

    The big concern for me is that SEVEN’s approach to the matter overlooks his behaviour, making the focus on getting Ms Harrison ‘out of the way’ and looking the other way on his drug consumption (‘a private matter’) – an illegal drug incidentally (not to mention who he is purchasing it from). Rich white men sticking together and promoting ‘oh boys will be boys’. What about his poor wife and family?

    • You say “Could you clarify if the two women you name are named in Ms Harrison’s documents?” If you look at the lawyer’s letter in the article they in effect admit that the Armytage and Gibney are part of the four in Ms Harrison’s documents.

      The letter says “We act for the two women whose names you have published on your website today in relation to the allegations made by Amber Harrison about her relationship with Tim Worner.”

      and then says:

      “Your post refers to “4 staff”. Please note that we also have instructions from the other two women referred to about whom the allegations are made which are also entirely untrue.”

      If Armytage and Gibney weren’t part of the four then they would have just said so which they didn’t.

  20. A disgusting rumour abounds that channel 10, channel 9 and the ABC are competing to finish their respective mini series scripts for the ‘7up’ television series and that a SMH reporter has been commissioned to edit the script.
    Further, it has not been determined whom,
    from the successful series of the ‘Rake’ tv series, will be contracted to represent one of the potential cast.

  21. Defamation Act 2005 NSW, Part 4, Division 2 defences, Section 29 Defences of fair report of proceedings of public concern. Probably you know already. Merry Christmas!

  22. amazing in that no one named the two women until this site did, and then by default the lawyers have confirmed the rumour within their first letter. Are the lawyers simply professional idiots?

  23. So that’s what’s you have to do to get into the industry. I know of great actors that cannot get into the industry because they will not compromise their integrity. Same old garbage actors or reporters in everything. We are going backwards in the film industry and what is produced and in particular the acting or reporting is absolute rubbish these days. So I wonder how these woman feel when when they are another notch on several someone’s belts and how much did they have to do to get where they needed to go. Can’t look at them the same.

  24. Do you know what Amber Harrison is going to do now? She is surely unemployable… I’m guessing 60 minutes will pay her a few hundred thou.. but then what? She’s got guts, but will it be worth it for her?

  25. Ignoring the apparent alleged standards of some human beings,

    I would like to know if the law is pursuing the allegation of ” use/purchase (which requires a supplier) of illegal substance”.

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