Kangaroo Court of Australia

Kangaroo Court of Australia 2016 Christmas and New Year post

I missed publishing the Christmas / New Year post last week because of the frivolous legal action instituted by Kerry Stokes’ Channel Seven. But that aside it has been a good year for this website. Traffic is way up and so are email followers and followers to the Facebook page which is just over 12 months old.

This website started in 2011 and is now six years old. 2016 has been its biggest year with articles that have gone viral. One was on Capilano Honey and their abuse of defamation law and the legal system to conceal health dangers with their honey. Also, Kerry Stokes and the grubby way they treated the Taeuber sisters which led into the Amber Harrison / Tim Worner story.

The engine that drives this website and what it achieves are the supporters. So a very big thank you to all the supporters, email followers, Facebook and Twitter followers who have helped promote this website and the articles.

As always a special thanks to people who have donated as without your support it is highly unlikely KCA would still be publishing.

There is plenty of work to be done next year as we are currently fighting 3 frivolous and vexatious defamation proceedings from Kerry Stokes’ lawyers. Although I haven’t heard anything in relation to the Capilano Honey matter since October and I doubt I will in the future given they have now in effect admitted there is poison in their honey.

Over the last few days I have received a fair amount of media attention regarding the Channel Seven scandal but apparently the media have been ordered by the court not to name me so I have been referred to as the “rogue blogger”. This is on top of the suppression order banning the media naming the applicants which of course I have. This alone tells me we are fighting for a justifiable reason when an Australian media company, Kerry Stokes’ Seven West Media, can silence all other Australian media companies in a frivolous and vexatious defamation matter.

How regularly I have published articles has been impacted this year on when I have been working. Because there are numerous court battles in the near future for myself and this website I might look at doing another fundraiser in the near future to try to focus more, if not full-time, on this website which looking forward hopefully the day will come when working full-time on KCA is a reality.

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year.

This website is independent and reliant on donations to keep publishing. If you would like to support the continuance of this site please click on the button below to donate via PayPal or go to the donations page for other donation options. (Click here to go to the Donations page)

Normally I stop publishing articles for a few weeks over the Christmas / New Year period but this year I’ll be posting right through the holiday season.

Thank you for your support

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  1. And a very genuine wish that your efforts are continued and that eventually true justice will win out with regard to the cover-ups you expose. So, more strength to your cause and best wishes to you for a great year ahead.
    Bill Grassick

  2. Well done Shane and another positive and informative year. I do like the way you always back your info with meticulous and added facts and/or printed matter to give credibility to your articles.
    Wishing you a positive and successful year ahead and a Happy New Year mate.
    Cheers…Barrie Macmillan

  3. Shane, your website has always provided the “real news” behind what’s really going on. More of us are leaning to independent news sources to be better informed rather than misinformed. Best wishes as you battle the courts. We’re watching.

  4. Thank you Shane for what you put into KCA.

    Okay, it may be prosaic and overworked to say so, but someone needs to keep the bastards honest.

    I will never forget many years ago, when that crusty old late lay Anglican stirrer, Francis James, was returning to Australia from his year or so of solitary confinement in a Chinese prison. At Mascot Airport he was met by a media circus which included a shrill young female reporter yelling at him “Mister James, Mister James, How did you keep your sanity?”
    Without a sideways glance the old bugger muttered “Nil bastido Carborundum” and strode on wards without losing a step.
    I understand that roughly translated he said “Don’t let bastards grind you down.”

    Francis James lives on and has provided me and many others (you too Shane?) with a motto of life.

    If good people shut up and say nothing, evil people will never be satisfied.

    Good on you Shane and KCA.

  5. Thanks for keeping us uptodate with the truth and not manufactured news stories. The truth will win out. My very best wishes for a great 2017. Jillroo

  6. With so much corruption to cover in Australia, might not FRIENDS OF KCA be a good move as volunteers can ease the workload. Something to consider, Shane. And all the best for the New Year

  7. Good on you Shane for taking on the big end of town crooks/bullies. These are the stories the mainstream will not print for obvious reasons but the main one would be to hide their own rotten corrupt behaviour. Seasons Greetings Shane and keep up the great work.

  8. Shane, I wish you a very Happy New Year and sincerely hope you will continue with KCA.

    It would be unbelievable if Kerry Stokes would be able to shut you down, I just wish, there are more people who care for our freedom.

    Wishing you all the best with your fight for your freedom to continue with this site.

  9. Shane, if I may make a suggestion. Could you please include the date each of your posts is made. Reading older posts makes it difficult to put it into time context. The only clue being being when the first comment was made. Including the date is such a small thing that would help a lot.

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