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Samantha Armytage and Rebecca Gibney thrown under a bus in Tim Worner sex scandal

Channel Seven owner Kerry Stokes has thrown Channel 7 Sunrise host Samantha Armytage and actress Rebecca Gibney under a bus in the sex scandal engulfing Channel 7 and their CEO Tim Worner. Armytage, Gibney and 2 other female employees at Seven West Media have been forced to sign a legal document saying they did not have a sexual relationship with Tim Worner.

The women were clearly forced to sign the legal document because there is no other reason why they would sign given the only benefit is to protect Tim Worner, Kerry Stokes, Seven West Media and its Directors.

Since the women signed the legal document Seven West Media’s lawyers have instituted defamation proceedings against me (Wednesday 21/12/16) which their lawyers admitted in court on Friday (23/12/16) would fail to make me delete the names of Samantha Armytage and Rebecca Gibney in an article I published. So why did they institute the defamation case in the first place? The defamation case is about protecting Tim Worner, Kerry Stokes and the Directors. Gibney and Armytage have been badly deceived by Seven West Media’s lawyers representing them and the ones paying the lawyers which is Kerry Stokes and Seven West Media.

The reason they knew I would not delete the names is because there is history between myself, Stokes and his lawyers. (Click here and here to read more) This article is a follow-up to the two articles I published last week:Seven CEO Tim Worner and Amber Harrison sex scandal statement in fullandSamantha Armytage and Rebecca Gibney institute defamation case re: sex with CEO allegations

The Australian reported Saturday (24/12/16):

“This Christmas Eve, the Stokes empire remains on high alert.”

“Also on edge are the four women — from on-air talent to behind-the-scenes staff — who are named in the Australian Human Rights Commission claim against Seven by Worner’s former mistress Amber Harrison.”

“This week, after Harrison, a former executive assistant to Seven West’s former magazine boss Nick Chan, dropped her bombshell revelations of her sexual relationship with Worner into the inboxes of Australia’s media writers, Seven’s hardball commercial director Bruce McWilliam arranged for the quartet to sign legal letters denying the allegations and threatening action if their identities were made public.”

“Accordingly, Stokes, Worner and McWilliam, who are well known for their aggressive, take-no-prisoners corporate tactics, have amassed a veritable army to fight 35-year-old Harrison, determined to defend their reputations and that of the organisation.”

“On Thursday, McWilliam briefed Seven’s external lawyers to assist in instituting an independent panel to conduct an investigation into the Worner affair. But the company is silent on its terms of reference and timeframe.” Click here to read the full article – It is behind a pay wall)

Seven are using their “external lawyers” to assist with the independent inquiry. I suspect the “external lawyers” will be Addisons lawyers and barrister Sandy Dawson who have been threatening Australian media with defamation action over the sex scandal. So much for the “independent inquiry“.

Bruce McWilliam arranged for the quartet to sign legal letters denying the allegations

Samantha Armytage, Rebecca Gibney and the 2 other women need to get their own legal advice. Bruce McWilliam works for Kerry Stokes and his interests, not the women’s interests. The fact that McWilliam had them sign the legal letter is proof of that. If the women had their own lawyers the advice they would have received would have been not to sign the letter whether it is true or not as there is no benefit for the women to sign it.

If the women are stupid enough to think that Seven have their best interests at heart, then that is their fault given the publicity of what happened to the Taeuber sisters at Channel Seven in Adelaide. All the women have to do is issue a press release saying they were forced to sign the legal letter and it is all over for Tim Worner and then they at least have some protection. The other option for the four women is to stay quiet and wait for the hatchet to come down like it did for Harrison, the Taeuber sisters and the whole 1997 Melbourne Today Tonight crew which included Kerry Stokes’ then sexual partner Jill Singer. (Click here to read more)

Is Amber Harrison a victim. Yes and no.

Amber Harrison has admitted wrongdoing but that doesn’t mean that Kerry Stokes and Co are entitled to destroy her life. And why did Stokes try to pay Harrison off?

“Seven West Media attempted to pay Harrison (initially out of Worner’s bonus) but later (about $350,000) out of shareholder money to go away and stay quiet.”

“This was at the same time that the company was accusing her of credit card fraud.” (Click here to read more)

Directors liabilities – Hope their Directors Liability Insurance is current

It is well-known that Kerry Stokes rules the Seven West Media board with aniron fistso he has to take responsibility.

Seven West Media’s conduct since the Amber Harrison story broke last Sunday and their legal proceedings against me (Seven would be paying for it) raises some serious questions and issues for the Directors who going forward should take full responsibility for the company’s actions in relation to this matter:

  1. The four women named by Amber Harrison are getting used as Seven would have no plan on going to final hearing in their defamation case against me given the evidence also involves Amber Harrison’s media statement which they are not challenging in court.
  2. What was the purpose of signing the legal document denying they had an affair with Tim Worner? If they hadn’t had affairs all they need to do is deny it. There is no upside for the women signing the legal document except maybe keeping their jobs if they were threatened. The only people who benefit from a signed legal document denying the affairs is Kerry Stokes, Tim Worner, Bruce McWilliam and the Directors who can then use the document against the women at a later date if need be like they are doing against Amber Harrison and the same way they tried to do against Amy Taeuber.
  3. What did Seven tell the women to make them sign the legal document? We need you to sign these legal documents before we take legal action to protect your names knowing full well that the legal action wouldn’t protect their names and would in fact inflame the situation and promote their names more?
  4. Why are they are suing me for defamation while they are leaking defamatory material about Amber Harrison to the media such as the fine detail of her expenses when she worked at Seven. (Click here to read more)
  5. All it will take is one more woman to come forward and Tim Worner will be gone and the Directors of Seven will be forced to take real action as News Corp were forced to take action with Fox News CEO Roger Ailes when the women he harassed supported each other.
  6. While Kerry Stokes and Seven think they are protecting Tim Worner and themselves with the legal action against me they have in effect put the final nail in the coffin of Tim Worner’s career at Seven because they have not challenged Amber Harrison’s statement about drug use, sex during work hours and fraud by Tim Worner.

Samantha Armytage, Rebecca Gibney and Tim Worner


Justice Stephen Campbell

I didn’t show up to court on Friday as it was a 2 days before Christmas and it wouldn’t have made any difference given the judgment on the Wednesday which clearly wasn’t going to change.

Justice Stephen Campbell who heard the matter again on Friday apparently said it was “a flagrant and obvious case of defamation“. What a joke Campbell is. Neither Armytage or Gibney have filed an affidavit in the case nor has Justice Campbell published any written reasons justifying his grubby pre-determined decisions so how can he say that it is “a flagrant and obvious case of defamation.” In my previous article, I said they had taken out a super-injunction which was a mistake as I read court documents quickly before publishing the article and because Stokes has previously taken out several super-injunctions against me so I thought they had again.

I do not know Samantha Armytage or Rebecca Gibney nor do I watch them on TV. I have never had an opinion of them or their careers but now they are suing me for defamation I do have an opinion on them and it is not high. While I know that Stokes is behind the scenes running the show it is being done in their names.

If Armytage or Gibney genuinely believed they have been defamed they should come through the front door in open court and not through the backdoor trying to conceal their names and now my name. Australia has always had an open court system and that’s for good reason to stop frivolous and vexatious defamation proceedings like theirs. Kerry Stokes is running the case and Samantha Armytage and Rebecca Gibney are under his control now and that isn’t a good place to be as he has a long history of using people then discarding them.

Admin: Kerry Stokes had Facebook block Australian access to a few articles on the KCA Facebook page. You can still share the articles but need to do it from this website. All other social media such as Twitter are fine so it is quite weak of Facebook to buckle to Stokes.

The defamation case against me by Samantha Armytage and Rebecca Gibney is set down for a directions hearing on the 3rd of February 2017 in the NSW Supreme Court and I will be defending it so please read below and support.

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  1. As I read your words….this is getting very interesting and quite serious.

    As usual, you stand up and you are accountable….. always!

    Some of your long term friends at KCA are more powerful than you know and will probably stand up for you….I personally have no doubt about that!

  2. I wonder if Rebecca Gibney will make a sequel to her TV series “Wanted”? or maybe she won’t be WANTED at Channel 7 anymore!!

  3. ‘Australia has always had an open Court system’ Yair, so open that cases fall through. Like not notifying you that it`s taking place—twice. Like letting your barrister stand up in the Supreme Court and saying he knows nothing about your case–and the judge not querying him. Like trying to represent yourself because you are broke and the judge refusing to listen to you. Right–open Court.

  4. Some people are simply not fit to take control of a chook house, or a chook raffle either.

    To quote one of my favourite authors:
    “A servant when he reigheth is confusion to the end”

  5. “Admin: Kerry Stokes had Facebook block Australian access to a few articles on the KCA Facebook page”

    If a website or article is blocked from Australian access use another browser which locates you in another country. Epic browser can be freely downloaded from also has a fairly effective adblocker.

  6. What is the use of a legal document signed by the guilty and what weight does a ‘legal document’ carry in the real world as it doesn’t prove anything.
    Swearing under oath is for the innocent and fearful which means nothing to those involved in this scandal.
    A person will say and do almost anything with a loaded gun held at their head, and this is the low level at which Stokes & Co operate in their daily lives.

  7. Very interesting reading, over here in WA we don’t get to read any of this in the newspapers, unless we purchase The Australian. The ACCC saw to that. Stokes owned The West Australian and his newly acquired The Sunday Times give him the monopoly in WA. Keep up the good work!

  8. Is there still one honest Judge in the Judiciary in NSW? Or actually in Australia?

    I support your article, but do not know, whether you will win this one.

    It is absolutely frightening, how powerful this Kerry Stokes is!

  9. The courts are run by The Cartel. There is no such thing as a justice system – it’s a legal system where truth is irrelevant. You can read all about our corrupt judiciary system in excellent books by Mr Evan Whitton e.g. ‘The Cartel’ or ‘Our corrupt legal system – Why everyone is a victim – except rich criminals’ (2009)

    • Spot on. If the readers want to read about our ‘legal system’ and how costly and corrupt it is, please read “Serial Liars” How Lawyers Get the Money and Get the Criminals Off. Written by Evan Whitton. Straight to the point and brilliantly explained. This book is a Must read.

  10. Stokes owned women’s mags have no problem implying media rivals such as channel nine’s Karl Stephanovic of having an affair. What a bunch of hypocrites they are at Seven.

  11. I think we all wish you every success for next Friday when the court case happens. Every time you stand up to be counted and I believe you do your groundwork and homework very well. As for the owner/s at Seven West Media what can I say…..there has been a vendetta against you for ages and they need to be publicly shamed for what they do to some people due to power, greed, influence etc etc. Stay strong mate because the truth will always win on the final day of reckoning!

  12. There’s no way the women involved would what to testify in trial and be opened up to questioning. You’re safe

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