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Kerry Stokes Seven West Media blackmailed Amber Harrison in 7 sex scandal documents show

Key documents in the Tim Worner sex, drug and fraud scandal clearly show that Seven West Media blackmailed Amber Harrison to sign a Deed of Release and keep her mouth shut. Seven also bribed her which is known as the “carrot and stick approach”. The blackmail was executed by Seven West Media’s Legal and Commercial Director Bruce McWilliam with the assistance of others including global accounting firm Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu.

The situation has quickly spiralled out of control and is now a major fraud and criminal cover-up scandal involving dozens of players. As far as the blackmail is concerned it is a matter of which Seven West Media directors were aware of the blackmail, what they knew and when. I’ve seen some dumb contracts but the Deed of Release below is close to the dumbest because it is a key part of a paper-trail showing the crimes and has left Seven West Media and its directors exposed to criminal charges of blackmail and fraud etc.

It has been reported that Amber Harrison has now retained Melbourne barrister James Catlin. If the barrister is any good, then the directors of Seven West Media and Deloitte should be directly in the firing line and they should be extremely worried. Seven has been threatening Amber Harrison with jail if she doesn’t shut her mouth and if she does a paid interview on Channel 9’s Sixty Minutes show. Those threats alone could and should be construed as Seven West Media attempting to conceal the crimes committed by Seven management and could put several Seven managers and directors in jail.

The perfect storm is brewing for Seven West Media because as well as being sued by a number of ex staff their $200 million deal with Tennis Australia in under investigation by ASIC because it “may have broken the law” which is another way of saying someone is suspected of taking a bribe.

Below is a powerful prima facie case and sufficient evidence for Amber Harrison to make a complaint to the police.

Background – (Includes extracts from Amber Harrison’s press release issued on the 18/12/16. Click here to read)

Amber Harrison worked at Seven West Media and had an affair with the CEO Tim Worner which lasted almost 2 years. Mr Worner is alleged to have had affairs with numerous other women as well.

When the affair between Worner and Harrison finished in 2014 Seven West Media tried to put the political hit on Amber Harrison and had her company credit card audited by other Seven West staff which found $14,000 of personal use.

On the 30th of July 2014, Ms Harrison met with Seven’s group executive HR boss Melanie Allibon at Sydney’s Darling Hotel to admit her part in the affair with Mr Worner.

Two days later on the 1st of August 2014, Ms Harrison signed a deed of release with Seven which, as per agreement with Ms Allibon and Mr Bruce McWilliam, would see her paid two months full paid leave, $100,000 paid (and taxed) as a bonus, and a new job in a non-administrative role away from Mr Worner.

The Seven West annual remuneration report would record Mr Worner’s bonus for the 2014 financial year dropped by $100,000 to $650,000 on the previous year when he pocketed $750,000 on top of his $3,075,962 salary. This bonus cut was in stark contrast to his fellow executives.

On the same day as signing the Deed of Release, 1st August 2014, and while Amber Harrison was on holidays Bruce McWilliam secretly engaged accounting firm Deloitte to fabricate $262,000 of false credit card use by Amber Harrison. This was used to justify breaching the Deed of Release and also to blackmail Amber Harrison in future negotiations and to make sure she did not go to the media.

On the 18th of December 2016, Amber Harrison issued a press release which told the story of how Seven West Media had tried to destroy her over the previous 2 years. She said at the end of the press release:

Seven have backed me into a corner and I can’t get out of it but I refuse to be bullied and intimidated. I have been threatened with court proceedings in writing over twenty times and with jail three times. I will not allow the threat of being sued to take away my right to speak. Any money Seven have paid me from the two deeds has been spent fighting them. Seven should play out their war of law against me in public now. (Click here to read more)

The Blackmail

Amber Harrison was in an extremely powerful position to negotiate a deal with Seven West Media after her sexual relationship with CEO Tim Worner ended in 2014. So to try and control the situation Seven West Media falsely alleged that Amber Harrison fraudulently misused her company credit card of $262,000 which was used to threaten Amber Harrison with legal action and jail. To make the fraud allegations look authentic Seven West Media enlisted the help of accounting firm Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu.

The $262,000 fraud claim was quickly discredited by Amber Harrison and as the documents show it is Seven West Media and Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu that have serious questions to answer not Amber Harrison.

Documents below

Below are extracts of a financial report supplied to Amber Harrison by Seven, the deed of Release between Seven West Media and Amber Harrison and an email exchange between myself, Deloitte and their lawyers Corrs Chambers Westgarth.

Below is page 8 of a financial document given to Amber Harrison by Seven West Media that shows massive spending on credit cards which should have sent alarm bells ringing in any company’s finance department for potential rorting.

The report was published on the website Crikey and I understand both Seven West Media and the accounting firm Deloitte sent legal letters and Crikey deleted the link to the report. I emailed Deloitte and they do not dispute the accuracy of the report but took offence to it being called the Deloitte Report.


The fact that only Amber Harrison was investigated for suspect credit card use shows it was a political hit and the Deed of Release makes it clear that it was used to blackmail Amber Harrison.


(Click here to read the full report)


Neil Gray – Deloitte

While the above letter only says they are investigating a “current employee” other letters in the attached report name Amber Harrison. The letter itself it not very telling but when it is put together with the Deed of Release signed on the 14th of November 2014 it shows the lead-up to Amber Harrison being blackmailed by Seven West Media and Deloitte’s role in the blackmail. The date of the 1st of August 2014 as stated in the letter as the engagement date is important as well as that was the same day that Seven West Media signed the original agreement with Amber Harrison and shows they never had any intention of honouring the original agreement.

The carrot and stick approach. In this matter it equals blackmail (The “carrot and stick” approach refers to a policy of offering a combination of rewards and punishment to induce behaviour.)

No one should ever have to negotiate the right to access documents that prove their innocence regarding criminal allegations but that is what Seven West Media did as the below document shows. Seven West Media falsely accused Amber Harrison of $262,000 fraud and then made her negotiate access to documents to prove her innocence while at the same time paying her another $150,000 to keep quite about the sex and drugs with CEO Tim Worner.


At section C above it should also state that on the 1st August 2014 Seven West Media paid Amber Harrison the initial $100,000 to keep quite about the sexual relationship.


(Click here to read the full Deed of Release)

Tim Worner and Bruce McWilliam

Tim Worner and Bruce McWilliam

Below is the email I sent to Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu partner Neil Gray.

Sent: Wednesday, 25 January 2017 12:03 AM
To: ‘’ ‘’ ‘’ ‘’
Cc: ‘’ ‘’ ‘’ ‘’ ‘’

Subject: Seven West Media and Deloitte blackmailed Amber Harrison – Media questions – Shane Dowling – Kangaroo Court of Australia

Dear Mr Neil Gray

I am writing to you regarding your role in assisting Seven West Media in blackmailing their previous employee Amber Harrison in 2014 and 2015. I have some questions for a story I am writing with the working title: “Kerry Stokes Seven West Media blackmailed Amber Harrison in 7 sex scandal documents show”.

The following link is the Deloitte Report that Amber Harrison gave to the media website Crikey which was later taken down after threats from Seven West Media and Deloitte. Can you please confirm the contents of the Deloitte Report as being true and correct which is at:

Attached is the Deed of Release between Amber Harrison and Seven West Media signed on the 14th of November 2014 which mentions the alleged fraud you helped fabricate right throughout the Deed of Release especially at section 6 – Expenses.

There are numerous questions below:

  1. Can you please explain why you helped fabricate alleged fraudulent expenses of over $200,000 which you should have known were genuine expenses that was then used by Seven West Media’s Bruce McWilliam to blackmail Amber Harrison into signing the Deed of Release?

Below is a statement and questions that Ambre Harrison wrote to Crikey to publish on their website when Deloitte threatened legal action if they didn’t remove the link to your dodgy and incriminating report.

Below is by Amber Harrison:

I appreciate Deloitte is deeply concerned about the publication of a document it does not believe it is responsible for. Just imagine for a moment how deeply concerning it is to be falsely accused of approximately $260,000 of unauthorised personal expenditure on corporate cards by Bruce McWilliam on the basis of a Deloitte report he commissioned from you on 1 August 2014.

I have few questions for you about the Deloitte Report… 

  1. Why didn’t Deloitte’s “forensic” investigation team complete the most simple of cross reference checks? On November 20 2014 when I was able to access a diary associated with the cards the amount of $71,806.23 was established as legitimate. This cross-checking process took me all of 30 minutes. How did you miss that?
  2. Why wasn’t I interviewed? Isn’t that just common practice of any investigation? Interviewing all involved? I note you interviewed several other staff members at Seven at the time to reach your wide-ranging conclusions. Only one of the people you interviewed was directly involved in my day to day work life. 
  3. After repeated requests for invoices and supporting documentation from Seven, I was finally granted access to my expense records and emails at your Sydney office on January 15, 16, 28, 29 of 2015 — 2 months after being made redundant. Across this tortuous 4 days, I was able to retrieve approximately 300 invoices and emails that also support the legitimacy of hundreds of spends — approximately $130,000 worth.
  4. Do external people you’ve investigated usually have to come to a Deloitte office and run their own investigation when the accuracy of Deloitte’s work is in question? 
  5. When Deloitte produces a report accusing someone of a criminal offence punishable by 10 years jail (a fact Seven threatened me with in writing 4 times) isn’t it fair to say Deloitte should be confident the numbers in the report are right? Does Deloitte still stand by the report? 

Please respond ASAP as I will likely have follow-up questions.

As well as your role in the conspiracy to blackmail Amber Harrison other possible charges you could be facing Mr Gray are attempting to pervert the course of justice, conspiracy to pervert the course of justice and concealment of a serious indictable offence. May I suggest you consult a lawyer as you will likely need one very soon.


Shane Dowling

Email end.

Deloitte had Richard Flitcroft from the law firm Corrs Chambers Westgarth respond as per below which said little and failed to address the questions asked.

From: Richard Flitcroft []
Sent: Wednesday, 25 January 2017 1:09 PM
To: Shane Dowling
Subject: Email to Mr Neil Gray of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu dated 25 January 2017

Dear Mr Dowling

We act for Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, and have been provided with a copy of your email of today’s date to Mr Neil Gray, copied to a range people.

That email provides a link to a document which was downloaded from the Crikey website.  As your email makes clear, you are aware that following the initial publication of that document on the Crikey website on 13 January 2017, it was subsequently removed.  That is because Deloitte identified to Crikey that the 18 page document was not a report prepared by Deloitte as the Crikey report initially asserted.   On 16 January 2017, the Crikey newsletter corrected the position, and accepted that the 18 page document was not a report prepared by Deloitte.  The document linked to your email is not a report prepared by Deloitte, and any article you publish should not assert otherwise.

Your email makes various assertions about Mr Gray which are seriously defamatory. Those assertions are rejected and are false.

Yours sincerely

Richard Flitcroft

Email end

Deloitte was splitting hairs trying to conceal the document as it is very embarrassing to them and shows their role in the scandal. If the document was not prepared by Deloitte then it would have been prepared by Seven West Media who shot themselves in the foot by giving it to Amber Harrison. Given the lawyer refused to answer any of my questions his claim that my email is defamatory is a joke. 

Seven West Media have declared war on Amber Harrison, Australian journalists who report the on matter and threatening letters to the media are flying around everywhere with Seven West Media shareholders paying for the expense. Seven have also made complaints to Google, Facebook and Twitter regarding my posts and had some pages blocked. This matter is extremely important as far as taking a stand regarding free speech and journalistic rights in Australia.

I’ll be in court for a directions hearing on Friday the 3rd of February 2017 for the frivolous and vexatious defamation case against me by Channel 7 Sunrise host Samantha Armytage and actress Rebecca Gibney regarding the above matter.

Admin: If anyone has other documents relevant to the Tim Worner / Amber Harrison scandal as per above can you please send them to me either via email, mail a USB stick or hard copy. My contact details are on the About page. (Click here)

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  1. No matter how you wash it, the fact remains that those paragons of virtue-lawyers-are in this up to the hilt. Apart from belonging to the most corrupt profession in Australia (wander through the reports of the various Legal Commissioners) their peers are quiet as church mice. When they waffle on about upholding respect for law and order and ignore the widespread actions of their fellow lawyers, we can only assume they are hypocrites. Note that the current Centrelink fiasco is supported by members of Parliament, many of which are lawyers.

  2. Gee, whoever would have thought that the Stokes mob, (Staffia) were criminals. I also believe that conviction for tax evasion doesn’t bear consideration.

  3. Seven West Media is the most crooked media company in Australia. Obviously now they are declaring war against Amber Harrison & the rest of the Australian media. The walls are closing in on the Seven West Media bosses & their directors over their threats & cover ups. If the 60 minutes show do the interview with Amber Harrison, well Channel 7 will be severely damaged. Seven West Media bosses & directors should be charged with blackmail.

  4. Off topic, but did you hear the confirmation speech of Susan Kiefel, our new High Court Supremo? Usual waffle are how high and mighty the courts are. Does the name Liam Magill mean anything to her?

  5. What a joke this whole thing is. Good on you for calling out what everyone else is too scared to. What I find the most incredible of all is the hypocrisy. Seven more than happy to destroy people’s lives with their reporting but as soon as they are the story it’s off limits and the legal guns come out blazing. They are untouchable. They threaten anyone and everyone who dares to speak freely about them in a less than glowing way. Has Seven once reported this story? Given it made front page if the papers, It’s news isn’t it? Aren’t they supposed to report on all big news stories and be impartial? I’ve certainly lost all respect for these people. The way this has been handled demonstrates they think they are the law.

    • It’s quite funny seeing them print The Australian newspaper at their Perth printing plant, which has carried front page articles on this scandal, when both of their in-house WA newspapers carry nothing regarding the scandal.
      I’m glad your site and exists, if only more people in WA would view it to find out what’s actually going on with SevenWestMedia.

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