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Amber Harrison fights back in Seven / Tim Worner sex scandal on Twitter. The power of social media

The Seven West Media / CEO Tim Worner sex scandal has ramped up on social media with Amber Harrison joining Twitter and publishing incriminating evidence. The evidence so far includes love letters on company letterhead and taxi receipts which show CEO Tim Worner used company money and time to help facilitate his sexual relationship with Amber Harrison.

This follows on from Seven West Media last Friday issuing a statement saying their “independent investigation” into the sex scandal cleared Tim Worner of wrongdoing.

Ms Harrison joined Twitter only a few days ago using as her address and it is being widely reported on news websites today which seems to be the only thing to explain why Seven West Media’s share price is down 5% over the last 2 days.


News Ltd are reporting:

AMBER Harrison, the ex-mistress of Seven West Media CEO Tim Worner, has joined Twitter, saying she’s been “driven” to the social media platform by her former bosses.

And she’s singing like a bird, saying her Twitter campaign comes after fresh legal moves to silence her. “You want evidence?” she asks. She’s happy to provide hers.

Many posts target Seven board member and former Victorian premier Jeff Kennett, following comments he made at the weekend that he was “disappointed” Ms Harrison “continues to defame some of Channel Seven’s employees” in the wake of the sex scandal with the married Mr Worner.

“Channel Seven demands my silence under legalities of two contracts they won’t honour so instead I’ve joined Twitter to chat to Jeff Kennett,” Ms Harrison’s profile states.

“Bullied. Harassed. Silenced, 300+ legal letters. Wanna see them @jeff_kennett? Does @beyondblue support selective compassion? Elective empathy?” she says in another tweet, tagging the Beyond Blue national health initiative, which Mr Kennett chairs.

Ms Harrison also filed complaints to Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX), accusing Seven West Media of releasing “a factually incorrect statement to market” and “trading on this incorrect information”. 

Ms Harrison asked why Seven West Media’s board saw “no need to investigate shareholder millions wasted on pointless 2 year war of law vs. me?” in another Twitter post.

Seven West Media’s half-yearly results are due to be presented by Mr Worner to shareholders on February 15. (Click here to read more)

The SMH are reporting:

Amber Harrison has started tweeting pictures of love letters she received from Seven’s chief executive, Tim Worner, to publicly argue her side of an ongoing dispute with the media company. 

The letters make for uncomfortable reading. For example, following a rendezvous in Melbourne during the 2013 Australian Open, Mr Worner wrote on February 14, 2013, on his official letterhead: “Just a note to thank you for whatever it is that you do to make these increasingly frequent trips to Crown more enjoyable. 

“It is like I really am somebody all of a sudden. Quite a weird feeling. But I could get used to it. Thank you again.”

On Friday the board cleared Mr Worner of any wrongdoing after receiving an independent report from Allens lawyers. However, the board member who commissioned the report, Sheila McGregor, resigned the night before the board made its statement.  

Ms Harrison has reported the board to the corporate regulator, claiming its statement misled the sharemarket. 

She also argues the letters demonstrate how their personal relationship was seeping into Mr Worner’s professional conduct, which affected her ability to work. She argues Seven has tried to crush her, while protecting its chief executive. (Click here to read more)

It sounds like to me that Tim Worner must have still been high on the cocaine he is alleged to have used when he wrote the letters as they do sound drug assisted and/or drug affected.

One letter is below:


Below are taxi receipts that allegedly show Tim Worner spending $100 of shareholders money on taxis to go to Amber Harrison’s unit for sex and then to Tim Worner’s house in Manly. Tim Worner and Seven West Media have not denied this.


(Click here to see other documents that have been published on Twitter by Amber Harrison)

Kerry Stokes’ best days are long gone and he is running Seven West Media into the ground. Channel Seven might be winning the TV ratings but it’s share price has tanked from $4 to $0.76 cents over the last 5 years. Yes, all media companies have been diving but Seven with its joint venture with Yahoo is also an internet company and not all internet companies have been diving. Just ask Google, Facebook and Amazon etc.

SWM has a market capitalisation of $1.15 billion. So, Amber has wiped over $50 million off the company’s value with the 5% drop in the last 2 days as shareholder’s decide they don’t want to be part of a company run by grubby management.

Seven have in effect confirmed that their CEO is a drug addicted sex fiend using shareholders money to carry on multiple adulterous affairs with Seven staff members. Why have they in effect confirmed it? Because they aren’t suing for defamation challenging anything Amber Harrison has said like Samantha Armytage and Rebecca Gibney are suing me in their frivolous case paid for by Seven West Media.

Click on the links for the previous articles I have written on this matter including the defamation case against me, Amber Harrison’s initial media release and the Seven West Media Deed of Release.

Seven West Media have threatened almost every journalist who has written about this matter and they have also sent legal demands to Google, Facebook and Twitter trying to block stories by me. This is a huge free speech matter and given it also includes major fraud at Seven West Media it is also a whistleblowing matter.

If you use Twitter you can follow Amber Harrison here:

Kerry Stokes, Ryan Stokes and Seven West Media are about to feel the full force of social media and that is something they can’t control with their money, dodgy lawyers and corrupt henchman.

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  1. Awesome news. Thanks for sharing this news and thanks to Amber also. Takes a lot of guts to stand up against these idiots.

  2. Have spent the last 40 minutes reading all the links that then took me to TWITTER 😜

    Amber should now start realising one letter per day in no particular order. Death by a thousand wounds..

    Twitter is going crazy as well.. Now I am sure that there’s nothing wrong if you promoted Kangaroo Courts website at Martin Place in front of Channel 7 using sandwich boards..

    I am sure there are some pensioners out there that have some free time, might be able to help. Just a quite and peaceful little protest 👍

    Anyway, just a thought to promote you website and certainly not illegal…

  3. Stay strong Amber! We all admire your courage in telling the truth for which you are believed! Your credibility will ‘win the day’ over the findings of any commissioned ‘so called independent’ report that dismisses evidence of serious unconscionable conduct, which cannot be condoned by the market or Seven’s shareholders!

  4. Jeff Kennett entered into the debate? Jeff lost my trust when he appointed Gillard to the board of Beyond Blue – wonder if she counselled the wives of the husbands she slept with.

  5. Putting Allens in charge of an investigation into wrong doing is like putting Dracula in charge of the blood bank. This firm acted for Westpac against Thomas Patrick Hayes in a Supreme Court action relating to a loan they made to the convicted fraudster Mario Michael Girardo and they bankrupted Hayes to silence him. Allens lied and cheated their way through the Court proceedings as did their Barrister. A lot more is about to come out on the Hayes/Westpac matter which will incontrovertibly major fraud and cover up of crooked Westpac executives and Allens will be shown to have partic[pated in covering up a serious crime. Clearly this Tim Worster is a classic sociopath…..his wife should leave him and show some backbone…Jeff Kennett should be ashamed of his conduct in supporting Channel 7 and its executives….another hired gun that will do and say anything for money! Good on Amber….take these people down!

  6. Thank goodness for this site; one of the few journalists who provides factual investigations.
    Amber – go girrrrlll what you are doing takes the same guts & fortitude as Shane.
    (Memo: Jeff Kennett – you are a has-been – time for change & time for you to go – your time in the spotlight is well over – lack of credibility when you are nothing but a “boys club puppet”.)

  7. Well said Joe Zidar. This case initiated by the 7 media owner will become a landmark case in due course, I can say this because it does not rely on any of the Australian owned or overseas owned media platforms to alter or hide the truth narrative.

    The Amber Harrison released evidence against the Stokes initiated litigation will now begin to stack up in higher volume, if as you say Joe, by an ongoing daily release of key truths held in Ms Amber Harrison’s trusted and SAFELY SECURED external repository.

    I like the strategy of slow release refutations to the biased claims put forward by the 7 media, tis the only way to deal with the Stokes crew of genuflecting toadies that are all signed as on board the over inflated Stokes owned rubber-ducky aptly named The Ruthless Dominator.

    Therefore the truth will see the light of day, much to the dismay of the Fat-cat big-boys and the Australian Judicature sitting above the World in their Law Courts.

    This case is going to cause a legal Tsunami unless it is settled out of court in the most harmonious manner. The longer this litigation nonsense drags on the more will it transform into a Stokes brand destroying juggernaut.
    Huge praise for Ms Amber Harrison to have the bravery and powerful fortitude to release this episode of her former association with the Cocaine using CEO.
    No doubt the admitted to use of Cocaine was legally purchased from a recognized source of a registered agency to sell this addictive substance, if not where and how was it purchased?
    This will give a little something for the stokers and the police to think about.

  8. Beyond blue is black, and the black knight, Jeff Kennett enjoying the wages of sin among drug addicts, sexual miscreants, liars, cheats, thieves and blackmailers in the underground Club Stokes where evil abounds.
    The pen must be continually used to destroy them, the swords of the Australian judiciary are protecting them.

  9. What anothor fantastic day for
    Amber.. (300+) new followers 👍

    The pressure must be building
    for ASIC & the ASX to do
    something, though ASIC are not
    very useful 😬

    The corruption in this country is
    so WIDESPREAD, the more you
    dig, the bigger the STINK HOLE

    I am tipping that by Friday, Amber
    will be celebrating (2000)+
    followers 🤗

  10. Had to join Twitter as I want to
    support AMBER hitting the (2000+)
    mark by tomorrow… 🤓

    Another strong increase in followers
    today 🤗 It’s a pity the same
    cannot be said for SWM stocks…

    AMBER has just gifted her followers
    will some very interesting reading
    material 👍 Next time they should
    consider bringing the SNIFFER dogs!!

    I am guessing the SWM might be
    in for some more RED tomorrow as
    well.. I am suprised they haven’t
    been issued with a Trading Halt??

  11. I admire Amber Harrison for going on twitter and stating the facts on the sins of the Seven West Media board & Tim Worner. Jeff Kennett is one hell of an arrogant human being by being a bully to Amber Harrison. Harrison has taken Kennett to town big time on twitter and that’s great. Kennett & Beyond Blue have no credibility in the stuff they do to stop depression, when Kennett & the Seven West Media board have driven Ms Harrison to depression themselves. Kennett has never changed from his years as a Victorian politician & Victorian premier. Kennett bullies people like Amber Harrison who stands in his way. Kennett is a perfect fit for the Seven West Media board who are bullies themselves.

  12. Did anyone else notice a major screw-up in the wording of the 14 November 2014 Deed of Release on your website? My reading of Clause 3.1(c) of the Deed is that an amount of $150,000 is payable to Ms Harrison EACH MONTH for a period of 12 months. I guess that $1.8 million is better than $150,000. But, I may be miscalculating because Clause 3.1(c) seems to indicate 13 monthly instalments, so the total payable under that clause may actually be $1.95 million.

  13. Kennet? a pity people are not privy to this evil bastards mongrel deeds over the years, a most evil Australian as we can get.
    His fake depression saga was clearly a smokescreen for other motives, we know what that was about Jeff, don’t we?
    Rest assured Jeff your arrogance will bring you undone as well, a promise from your victims, lowlife

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