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Kerry Stokes versus the world. Part 2. This time he wants to destroy free speech on social media

In recent times Kerry Stokes has used the deep pockets of Seven West Media shareholders to sue people who are using social media exposing Stokes’ corrupt and criminal conduct. This has included myself, Amber Harrison and Simon Mulvany from Save The Bees and probably other social media users we don’t know about because of dodgy suppression orders. Stokes is also using shareholder’s money to drag out a number of legal proceedings for unfair dismissal and sexual harassment by his grubby management team which is headed up by CEO Tim Worner.

This strategy by Stokes reached a new low during the week when on Monday Seven West Media took out a wide-ranging suppression order against Amber Harrison. As soon the suppression order was in place Seven West Media went to work, via one of their Directors Jeff Kennett, defaming Amber Harrison in the media and this was followed up by Chairman Kerry Stokes attacking Ms Harrison as well. It really shows how gutless they are when they are only prepared to attack a woman when she is restrained from defending herself.

Jeff Kennett was quick to point out that Seven West Media had paid Amber Harrison over $300,000. What he failed to address in any plausible manner was why Seven would pay her that much money if it wasn’t hush money and secondly, he failed to address why Seven had sent Ms Harrison over 300 legal letters in the last 2 years which ate up a large portion of the $300,000.

Then there is the $1,000,000 plus spent by Seven in their War of Law against Amber Harrison and why did they pay someone so much who they now claim is a thief. (Click here to read more)

Amber Harrison tweeted on Monday:


At the same time that Jeff Kennett and Kerry Stokes have been defaming Amber Harrison they have used their lawyers to threaten Amber Harrison with contempt proceedings if she defends herself and also threatened the media if they report anything Amber Harrison says.

Mr Kennett and Stokes are real heroes. It doesn’t get any more cowardly than those two. The positive is that the whole country can see what they are actually like and how they treat the staff at Seven West Media on a daily basis. Stokes and Kennett are clearly unfit to be Directors of any company or organisation.

The suppression order

How is it that Kerry Stokes can get suppression orders anytime and everytime he wants one? He has had at least seven against me in the last 3 years and has continually avoided a final hearing and then there is the one against Amber Harrison on Monday which Jeff Kennett and Kerry Stokes have in effect made look like the joke it is. 

The judge has no option but to overturn the suppression order in full given the scandalous conduct by Stokes and Kennett to use the suppression order as cover to defame Amber Harrison.

For the suppression order to stand in any form not only is it a denial of free speech for Amber Harrison and her whistleblowing on the corruption at Seven but also a denial of Amber being able to defend herself against criminal allegations made by the Directors of Seven West Media.

The suppression order was issued at an ex parte hearing on Monday and is set down for hearing at 10am on Tuesday the 21st of February at the Supreme Court of NSW.  

SWM Directors should be charged with contempt

Kerry Stokes and Jeff Kennett and the other Directors should themselves be charged with contempt of court of their own court orders. Stokes was on the receiving end of contempt proceedings in 2011 which were later withdrawn by consent so he knows the routine of what he should or shouldn’t say.

SWM already have a suppression order on me

Samantha Armytage and Rebecca Gibney took out a suppression order against me when I named Armytage and Gibney as 2 of the women named in Amber Harrison’s legal documents before the Australian Human Rights Commission in her dispute with Seven West Media. The proceedings are clearly being paid for and driven by SWM.

They have also instituted contempt proceedings against me which is set down for hearing on Wednesday the 1st of March 2017 because I have refused to delete their names.

Yet when I named Eleanor Good and Jennifer Stone (nee Davis) as the 2 other women named by Ms Harrison in the legal documents in a post a few weeks ago Seven West Media didn’t even complain to me let alone take legal action.


Eleanor Good and Jennifer Stone (nee Davis)

The key point about Seven West Media failing to take action when I named Eleanor Good and Jennifer Stone is that everything that Amber Harrison has said is being proven to be true and correct because the only thing that Seven are challenging in court is me naming Armytage and Gibney.

That means Seven West Media are run by Tim Worner who, based on the allegations, is a drugged-out sex fiend that has committed massive fraud with shareholders funds. For whatever reason Seven are refusing to challenge that.

Or as Stephen Mayne said on the ABC’s 7.30 Report:

STEPHEN MAYNE, SHAREHOLDER ACTIVIST: Well, basically that she had a two-year affair with the CEO, often on company time, cocaine during the affair, misuse of credit cards right across the company, and a CEO who had relationships with four other women involved in television or at Channel Seven.

So, basically that he was a drug-taking, womanising CEO misusing company resources, which was a pretty explosive set of allegations to make. (Click here to read more or watch the story)

One has to wonder how much have Eleanor Good and Jennifer Stone have been paid to stay silent and how many others have been paid given News Corp said they know of at least Seven women Tim Worner has had affairs with at Seven.

Another website has the LinkedIn profiles of Eleanor Good and Jennifer Stone and it is alleged that it was Jennifer Stone who had a long-term affair with Tim Worner when she was his EA at Seven. It said:

“It was Mrs Stone who had loud shouting arguments with Tim Worner in the Seven offices in front of many staff during the affair. After one argument too many she was promoted to the position of 2nd Assistant Director of the TV show Home & Away which was a very odd promotion given her employment history and seen by many as a payoff to keep silent about the affair with Tim Worner.”

“Kerry Stokes wants shareholders and the public to believe that the sex scandal only involves Tim Worner and Amber Harrison and that it is old news that happened 2 1/2 years ago. But there are very serious allegations of multi-million dollar fraud by Seven West Media management that Stokes and the Directors are trying to bury and refusing the address. The 4 women named would almost certainly have knowledge of or involvement in the financial fraud and should issue a public statement saying what they know”. (Click here to read more)

Stokes loses $200 million of shareholder’s money

It seems Stokes is too cowardly to take on any of the major media players now days, although he often threatens too, given the nasty touch up he received in the infamous C7 case.

In the 2000’s Kerry Stokes sued 24 companies including most of the major media companies such as News Corp, Fairfax Media, Channel 9 and Channel 10 in the C7 case which became known as “Kerry Stokes versus The World”. It ultimately cost the Kerry Stokes controlled Seven $200 million in legal fees when he lost badly.

Stokes own reputation took a pounding as the judge said Stokes “gave evidence that he knew was not true” and evidence that was “deliberately false”. This was reinforced by the 3 judges on appeal when Stokes’ lawyers refused to challenge the findings relating to Stokes “deliberately false” evidence under oath. I first wrote about the C7 matter in May 2011 and not longer Stokes threatened me with defamation for the first time but backed off when I stood my ground. (Click here to read more) He had no basis to sue me then like he has no basis to sue me and others now.


What Kerry Stokes is doing with corruptly obtained suppression orders via Seven West Media and his other companies such as Capilano Honey is a major denial of free speech in Australia and an attempt to undermine whistleblowers. It is a battle that Stokes will ultimately lose and needs to lose otherwise we all could be in trouble.

Before this is over it’s going to engulf a lot of people at Seven West Media and end up being a major corporate disaster which could have been avoided if its management was half decent.

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  1. The tanking of SWM share price should be of major concern to shareholders.
    Alan Kohler on ABCTV news recently reported that SWM directors denied that the legal shambles the company was involved in had anything to do with the share price dive. To which Kohler wryly commented something like – we can only wonder where the share price would have gone if it was linked to their legal war.

  2. You don’t get it. You said ‘credit card’. Indiscriminate use of company and union credit cards is the tax free way to steal shareholder and union member’s equity from the organizations. No wonder they want you to shut up. You’ll ruin everything.

  3. Jeff Kennet’s public bullying of Amber Harrison, demonstrates that he is not fit to be Chairman of Beyond Blue. You can’t protect against depression by being a catalyst for it.

    • I couldn’t agree more, – and I thought he had reformed from his bully days as premier to do something useful in Beyond Blue. A leopard and spots?

    • He should be sacked from that position immediately, gives him nor the organisation any credibility! Link the two and kennet’s antics and it would do well that people stop donating to an otherwise great cause.

    • Now that is something else! Good thinking melbaver! Beyond Blue is forever decrying bullying as a major cause of suicide and there is their Chairman, bullying up a storm and in such a deceitful and truly nasty way!

      Slightly off subject….What on earth do these women see in Tim Worner??? Ugh!

    • Is Jeff Kennet volunteering his time at Beyond Blue, or does he get paid for it?

      I heard (from someone who knows the owner) about a children’s charity that has a $200,000 motor home to, among other things, “take the disadvantaged kids for holidays”… it sits in the driveway of their home for 48-50 weeks a year, and only goes out when the family is on holiday. All paid for with donations. Tax free.

      Then there’s a big well know “charity” where I knew someone who worked there… the stories I heard were disgusting. And another where a family member was trying to help clean out the fraudsters – financial documents were altered, funds missing, voting rigged, minutes of meetings not recorded, etc. They are rife with criminality.

      My knowledge of various so called “charities” etc. tells me they are all just big tax free rorts for owners, directors and/or some high level employees. There is a reason why well known people put their names into charities… you figure it out for yourselves ($$$ ???) and form your own opinions.

      I have only made one donation in the past 25 years. It was to this website.

  4. Stokes and Kennett are FRIGHTENED. How many other issues, frauds, scandals, misuse and abuse of shareholders funds etc. are still to be exposed? No wonder Stokes and the board are constantly suppressing any adverse publicity. Is Kennett a fit and proper person to be a director of this outfit? What avenues are open to those poor shareholders who have lost plenty with the massive decline of their share values?

  5. The assumptions and ‘what if’, ‘could’ or ‘maybe’ and ‘They Should Be’ does not win truth and justice in a corrupt society.

    When does Australian ‘Democracy’ and a ‘Fair Trial’, and, ‘Justice For The Innocent’ appear in the reports to favour the Head ‘Roo here… innocent individual seeking justice…..for the Joeys Of Australia who are harmless.

    A newspaper should…are even bound to….explore whether identity suppression orders do, in fact, impede open justice in practice, and whether they are an appropriate means of alleviating some of the injustice inherent in our legal system. It will be argued that name suppression achieves an acceptable balance between individual rights and public interest.

    Indeed, it is suggested that it is in the public interest for innocent people to be protected from the negative aspects of our legal system, including the consequences of trial by media.

    “It is of the first importance that justice should be done openly in public: . . . that any newspaper should be entitled to publish a fair and accurate report of the proceedings, without fear of libel action or proceedings for contempt of court.
    Even though the report may be most damaging to the reputation of individuals, even though it may be embarrassing … nevertheless it can be published freely, so long as it is part of a fair and accurate report.”

    “It is demonstrably justifiable in a free and democratic society that the openness rule be restricted to protect the innocent when … nothing will be accomplished by publicising the identities of the persons…
    In this case, public access to all the facts, except for the names, will be assured.

    The right of the public to assess the situation, and to be satisfied that justice has been done in a fair and public hearing by an independent and impartial tribunal, will be secure; and the sense that justice has been truly done will be sharpened by the knowledge that, at the same time, the innocent have been protected.

  6. From: Richard Keegan
    Sent: Sunday, 19 February 2017 4:35 PM
    To: Shane Dowling
    Cc: Martin O’Connor
    Subject: Latest Kangaroo Court Article

    Not for publication

    Dear Mr Dowling

    I am writing concerning the latest article on your Kangaroo Court of Australia website, together with your affiliate website, in which you name and publish images of two women and accuse them of having had adulterous relationships with Tim Worner. You also suggest that Seven has “confirmed” the accusation as fact.

    I act for both women. Your accusations made today are entirely false and amount to the most egregious and unjustifiable bullying and harassment of two innocent people who have nothing to do with you or your crusade against Kerry Stokes and the Seven Network.

    You have never attempted to contact those women to ask them if your accusations were correct as is basic journalistic practice (which I note ad you have claimed on many occasions to be a journalist). If you had taken the time to do so, my clients would have had a chance to explain to you not only that they have never had such a relationship with Mr Worner but also that Amber Harrison had never mentioned it to them either. Indeed, our clients do not know Ms Harrison well, if at all and have no idea why she would make up such blatant lies about them except as a further attempt to embarrass Mr Worner and his employer. That Ms Harrison acted so cruelly and baselessly in her legal claim against Seven is one thing. That you have now adopted and publicised those untruths is quite another. It is highly defamatory and not defensible on any basis.

    You have complained on several occasions in the past about court orders made against you in your absence. The purpose of this email is to request that you remove the accusations and to give you the most notice as possible of an application that our clients intend to make for orders to secure the removal of the material in your articles if you do not do so.

    I would hope that you will consider the matter seriously and remove the material, together with all links, immediately. It is certainly not a good reflection on you or your website to be attacking two women in this way. The irony of you trying to destroy their reputations whilst defending the rights of Amber Harrison will also not be lost on any reasonable reader.

    Our clients will make their application tomorrow afternoon before the Duty Judge if necessary.


    Richard Keegan | Special Counsel

    D +61 2 8915 1075 | M +61 410 554 357 | F +61 2 8916 2075
    Level 12, 60 Carrington Street, Sydney NSW 2000

      Sent: Monday, 20 February 2017 10:14 AM
      To:; Richard Keegan ; Martin O’Connor ;;;;;;;
      Subject: RE: Latest Kangaroo Court Article

      Dear Mr Keegan

      You spend most of your email attacking Amber Harrison and myself which has no relevance to whether I have defamed your clients which I have not. Your email sounds very much like a press release and was obviously drafted with the help of a dodgy PR advisor which totally undermines your whole email.

      Your email is a bullying attempt to distort the truth for the benefit of Kerry Stokes. Here are some key points.

      1. is not my “affiliate site” as you claim and which I am sure you would be aware of if you had done a search. You need to address issues you have with that website with its owner.
      2. You say “You also suggest that Seven has “confirmed” the accusation as fact.” I do not say that anywhere on my website so you are telling a lies. If it says that on other websites that is not my business.
      3. I wrote an email to the Seven West Media directors on the 5th January 2017 and asked questions about Jennifer Stone (nee Davis) and Eleanor Good and their relationship with Tim Worner and also raised the fact that they were named by Amber Harrison in her legal statement to the AHRC. I published the letter on the 21st January 2017 in an article titled “Samantha Armytage and Rebecca Gibney exposed as frivolous in 7 sex scandal defamation case”. You have never complained about the article. I also filed the same email as part of my defence which means it is covered by the defence of absolute privilege.
      4. You say “You have never attempted to contact those women to ask them if your accusations were correct as is basic journalistic practice”. That is proven to be a lie as per the email that I mention at point 3 which is published on my website.
      5. I have not made any allegations against Jennifer Stone (nee Davis) and Eleanor Good in my article and you have failed to identify what specifically I have said that is defamatory.
      6. The naming of Jennifer Stone (nee Davis) and Eleanor Good as being named on Amber Harrison’s AHRC legal statement is fair reporting. If you claim it is not can you please explain why not and why you have not complained or taken action when I named them on the 21st January 2017 on my website?
      7. Your frivolous claim is defendable on numerous grounds and with the first being no defamation has taken place.
      8. You accuse me of bullying but all I am doing is reporting the facts. It is Kerry Stokes and Jeff Kennett that have been using the media to bully Amber Harrison all week when she could not defend herself given the scandalous suppression order taken out by the corrupt lawyers on behalf of Kerry Stokes and Seven West Media which you are complicate in.
      9. Given the allegations you make against Amber Harrison in your email can you explain why your clients are not suing her for defamation? Is it because she has too much evidence against them?
      10. Can you please advise why Seven West Media shareholders are paying for the legal fees of Jennifer Stone (nee Davis) when she no longer works at Seven West Media and has not done so for a long time?
      11. Given I named Jennifer Stone (nee Davis) and Eleanor Good on my website on the 21 January 2017 you are clearly not entitled to an ex parte hearing and you can file and serve your application and give me the required five days’ notice so I can prepare a defence. A hearing time in the morning is all I can make next few week.

      You try and blame me for damaging people’s reputations. The bad press that Seven West Media has received over the last few weeks is self-inflicted because any other company would have sacked Tim Worner long ago and if that had of happened I doubt very much that anyone would have ever heard of Amber Harrison and her complaints.

      But given the grubby and disgraceful conduct of Seven West Media Chairman Kerry Stokes and Director Jeff Kennett in abusing and harassing Amber Harrison in the media the last few days when she was silenced by the suppression order it is no surprise they support Tim Worner.

      Seven West Media have a long history of abusing women and their rights which I know you are aware given you are the hatchet person who is at the forefront of denying them their rights.


      Shane Dowling
      Kangaroo Court of Australia

  7. From: Richard Keegan []
    Sent: Monday, 20 February 2017 5:00 PM
    To: Shane Dowling
    Cc: Martin O’Connor
    Subject: RE: Latest Kangaroo Court Article

    Dear Mr Dowling

    I confirm that our clients will approach the Duty Judge at 10am tomorrow. I note from your email received earlier today that a morning hearing is suitable to you.


    Richard Keegan | Special Counsel

    D +61 2 8915 1075 | M +61 410 554 357 | F +61 2 8916 2075
    Level 12, 60 Carrington Street, Sydney NSW 2000

      Sent: Monday, 20 February 2017 9:07 PM
      To: ‘Richard Keegan’ ; ‘’ ; ‘’ ; ‘’ ; ‘’ ; ‘’
      Cc: ‘’ ; ‘Martin O’Connor’ ; ‘’ ; ‘’ ; ‘’ ; ‘’ ; ‘’ ; ‘’ ; ‘’
      Subject: Richard Keegan flags bribing the duty judge like Keegan, Stokes and Munsie bribed Justice Lucy McCullum in 2014

      Dear Mr Keegan

      You have no basis to approach the Duty Judge Justice Walton tomorrow unless you plan on bribing Justice Walton like you, Kerry Stokes and Justine Munsie bribed Justice Lucy McCallum in 2014 as per the transcript at:

      As you are aware I have to file and lodge a defence by Friday and also have the contempt proceedings on Wednesday the 1st of March. The earliest time I could make court would be the Friday the 3rd of March in the morning for an hour at most.

      It must be noted that your client’s names have been on the internet a long time, since at least the 21st January 2017 on my website, which you have been aware of from the start and there is no basis for your frivolous claim as I have pointed out below.

      It must also be noted that from last count you have had at least 8 ex parte hearings over the last 3 years and at least 6 I was never told about until after the fact and you have always refused to tell me on what basis you justified the ex parte hearings. It is obvious that judicial bribery is absolutely rife in the NSW Supreme Court.


      Shane Dowling
      Kangaroo Court of Australia

  8. Though I am not suprised by their gutter strategy, I am at a complete and utter loss as to how such conduct is accepted by the judicial system.

    Mates looking after mates is the only conclusion that does not defy logic. Maybe the only way to satisfy there argument is to stand outside the window of Channel 7, and wave a sign that puts the questions to Doe1 & Doe2, as to whether they have had sexual relations with TW??

    Addisons will obviously then need to make up another piss poor argument. It is clear that they are trying to distract you from filing you current defence and will tactically bombard you frivolous claims.

    Certainly hope that AH does get a break tomorrow and that she is allowed to return to twitter. Maybe she needs to setup her own blog and simply use twitter to let people know that she has posted an update 🤓

  9. It has to be noted that Richard Keegan’s email is perplexing, to say the least, and his (or his assistant’s) use of English leaves much to be desired for a person within the legal fraternity.
    After reading every word relating to this case posted in KCofA, the said email almost proves that Keegan, Stokes and his ‘hooked on’ friends are the liars and cheats that they purport not to be.

  10. Just a thought….

    Now if AH provided me with a copy of her (900+) page submission to the NSW Supreme Court prior to the suppression order and I provided that to every TV network, RADIO station and PRINT media, it is my view that she has NOT breached any SUPPRESSION orders whatsoever!!

    Does anyone have a professional legal view on this possibility??

    After reading several recent articles, I have to question how is it remotely possibly that permanent SUPPRESSION orders could be enforced??

    SWM had no problem in trying to pay the CORBIES for an interview. As I understand a DEED is not that different from a CONTRACT and contract are breached daily..

    It is obvious that SWM had a plan to deceptively destroy AH. The Catholic PRIESTHOOD has HIDING the TRUTH for decades and DESTROYING families to protect their reputation..

    Moreover, as an independent observer I am totally baffled that the ONLY way that AH can provide direct evidence to defend herself and any actions that she may have taken out of desperation to protect herself are being QUASHED..

    As JK said, ENOUGH is ENOUGH, when are the media networks going to challenge these SUPPRESSION orders ??

    Contracts are BROKEN daily, professional athletes do it all of the time.. A DEED is usually signed to protect REPUTATIONS and ensure that the TRUTH is withheld..

    I do have ONE question and that is, if you OBTAIN direct evidence to protect yourself would you simply hand it over before their other party has satisfied their part of the agreement ?? I certainly WOULDN’T !!

    SWM have recently shown that they are willing go to any extreme to DESTROY a person’s credibility and their career, especially if you stand up to their BULLYING..

    People like KS need to be STOPPED…

  11. Yet another example of the Stokes/Worner old boy bully culture at Seven West Media.

    The Chief Digital Officer, Clive Dickens, fired one of the last remaining female execs, Director of Commercial Operations Mel Curran, this week. It came directly after bullying from old boys Adam and Kurt.

    Mumbrella softballed it:

    But the real story is in the emails below. She was fired 3 days after this.


    From: Elliott, Adam
    Sent: Friday, 17 February 4:01 PM
    To: Curran, Melissa; Burnette, Kurt; Dickens, Clive

    I want everyone to be really clear on the pricing remarks you have made as I think it is very misleading to be honest and for those who haven’t read it as yet it’s the line “7Live is completely sold out through March, but significantly behind on budget. Due to continued downward pressure on CPMs outside of Premium Sport or Programming “
    Here are the facts as I see it:


    Yes I am pissed if you hadn’t picked up on the tone as we currently have too many people wanting to blame others versus individuals taking responsibility for their own actions and areas of responsibility
    From: Curran, Melissa
    Sent: Friday, 17 February 2017 11:41 AM
    To: Burnette, Kurt ; Elliott, Adam ; Dickens, Clive

    Subject: Weekly DIGITAL Revenue Report – w/e 170217

  12. [quote]”Here are the facts as I see it:”
    Never, anywhere have I read illiteracy to the extent as that read from the Stokes & Co den of iniquity.

    To clarify, Adam Elliot, without your jibberish, “The facts are as follows, .(insert facts)..”

    Unfortunately we don’t have honest, literate lawyers and judiciary to punish them with detention for blotching their ‘work-books’.

  13. What a disgraceful performance by the Board of Directors let alone the fool currently represented as SWM CEO.
    Mr Kennet’s actions leads one to think he’s loosing it & may be a penny short of a pound by piblically castigating Ms Amber Harrison – the person he should be hauling over hot coals is Mr Worner. On what planet does he consider Mr Worner’s behaviour acceptable as the CEO of the organisation – in defending his action he is complicit in creating this type of culture in the organisation. At least one director had the class & character by resigning in light of Mr Worner not being dismissed.
    The public is well aware of Mr Stokes history as falsifying facts – Mr Kennet must be so proud of representing such an organisation – what a joke. Do all shareholders a favour, dismiss Mr Worner, have Mr Kennet stand down from the board, let Ms Harrison & Mr Worner fight it out in the civil courts at their own costs & everyone can get on with business.

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