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Fairfax Media out Seven Director Bruce McWilliam for stalking female journalist

Last week Fairfax Media outed cowardly Seven Director Bruce McWilliam for stalking one of their female journalists and for McWilliam saying a Facebook page promoting rape is a “nothing issue”. Add this to the 2 male AFL executives that have just resigned for relationships with junior female staff and the resignation of a Border Force manager while under investigation for the same reason then the treatment of females in the workforce by senior male managers is well and truly on the agenda for public discussion.

The media have been quick to compare how the AFL reacted quickly and decisively yet their broadcast partner has stood by their CEO Tim Worner even though the allegations of his drug taking and fraud have gone unchallenged.

Another key issue is that the media have named the women involved in the AFL scandal immediately with their pictures and backgrounds everywhere. So why didn’t the media name the four women Rebecca Gibney, Samantha Armytage, Eleanor Good and Jennifer Stone (nee Davis) who allegedly had sexual relationships with Seven CEO Tim Worner before the dodgy suppression order was taken out? (All four women refused to deny it in court to support their argument for a suppression order. Justice Lucy McCallum also raised the fact of their refusal to deny the allegation in affidavits)

The 2 AFL women are only said to have slept with the AFL managers but we now know everything about them. Whereas the 4 Seven women are suspected of being recipients of financial benefits of shareholders’ funds because of their relationship with Tim Worner. If true, it doesn’t mean the four women have done anything wrong but it is likely Tim Worner has given we know he fraudulently spent shareholders’ funds to help facilitate his relationship with Amber Harrison. And Bruce McWilliam is the man trying to cover it up for Seven Chairman Kerry Stokes and his son Ryan Stokes.

AFL scandal

While there are allegations the AFL tried to cover-up the scandal, as soon as it hit the media the AFL took action fast as per the below video and forced 2 senior managers to resign for having sexual relationships with junior female employees. Although it looks like the AFL might have more trouble to come with reports another manager is in the same position.

All the media have names, pictures and details of all the people involved. We know the men are Simon Lethlean and  Richard Simkiss and one woman is Maddi Blomberg who dates rugby player Kurtley Beale and the other woman is Ali Gronow. The below picture is from The Australian.

Kerry Stokes and Ryan Stokes refuse to answer questions in relation to Seven’s harassment and threats to Senator Derryn Hinch and Bruce McWilliam’s stalking etc 

I sent the below email to Seven West Media Chairman Kerry Stokes and Seven West Media Director Ryan Stokes on Thursday as the media reported a Seven West Media manager had harassed and threatened Senator Derryn Hinch in relation to Amber Harrison:

Sent: 13 July 2017 21:22
Subject: Seven harass Senator Derryn Hinch and is Bruce McWilliam an online stalker of women?

Dear Kerry Stokes sand Ryan Stokes

Who at Seven West Media phoned Senator Derryn Hinch several weeks ago and tried to intimidate him not to talk to Amber Harrison? Were there any threats made against Amber Harrison in the phone call to Derryn Hinch? Was it either of you or any other Directors? Was it Bruce McWilliam?

Is Bruce McWilliam an online stalker of women?

Fairfax Media reported a few days ago that Bruce McWilliam threatened and harassed a female journalist over several days and only stopped when she threatened to go to the police.

“When another Fairfax reporter covered some of McWilliam’s real-estate dealings, he emailed her, calling her work “crap” and “ignorant”.

“I am suing you for defamation,” he wrote, before adding, “By the way, no one I ask at Fairfax has heard of you.” The emails continued for days, she says. “After a while I went to the editor and told him it was worrying me, and that I was thinking of going to the police.” She says the emails abruptly stopped.”

In the same article Bruce McWilliam said a pro-rape Facebook page was a “nothing issue”.

In 2009, news emerged of a pro-rape Facebook page set up by past and present St Paul’s students, who described themselves as “anti-consent”. As for the pro-rape Facebook page, McWilliam calls it a “nothing issue” (Click here top read the full article)

McWilliam bullies women at Seven West Media

The article says: When I ring a senior Seven journalist and ask her for comment on McWilliam, her first words are “No f…en’ way”. She tells me Seven management will go through phone records after the story comes out to discover who has spoken to me: “That’s what they do here.” 

The story also says “For McWilliam, offence is usually the best defence. When he got wind that Good Weekend was preparing this story, his lawyers sent a letter to the Sydney Morning Herald’s editor, Lisa Davies, advising her of his willingness to sue.”

Given Bruce McWilliam hasn’t sued Fairfax Media everything in the story must be true and the conclusion I draw from the article is that Bruce McWilliam stalks women online and thinks raping women is a trivial issue or as he is quoted a “nothing issue”.

“Yummy Mummies” Who are the sexual deviates at Seven West Media who approved the show?

I note the perverted TV show Yummy Mummies has tanked in ratings in only its second episode. Who are the managers and/or Directors at Seven who approved the funding for Yummy Mummies?

Are all the management at Seven West Media that sick and perverted they actually thought Yummy Mummies would be a hit with viewers? Are there no managers with any morals or ethics at Seven West Media?

What action has the Seven West Media directors taken against Bruce McWilliam given the above?

Please respond ASAP in case I have follow-up questions.


Shane Dowling

Kangaroo Court of Australia

Neither Kerry Stokes or Ryan Stokes responded to the above email nor did their lawyers. It must be noted Seven’s lawyers have responded to other recent emails to the Seven West Media Directors.

Who are the sexual deviates at Seven West Media who approved the show?

AFL and Border Force take action. Seven West Media use the big arm of the law to cover-up sex and fraud scandal

Seven West Media, instead of taking the appropriate action and sacking their CEO Tim Worner, have instead gone on a War of Law against Amber Harrison who was one of the women who had a relationship with Tim Worner. Seven have a history of doing the same against other female staff who stand up for their rights in the workplace well. (Click here to read more) It’s probably because both Kerry Stokes and Ryan Stokes have themselves had numerous sexual relationships with female employees.

Seven also instituted a frivolous defamation case and had me charged with contempt for doing nothing more than reporting the story. The Stokes’ will do anything to cover-up the corruption as Seven.

Tim Worner – Samantha Armytage and Rebecca Gibney

Seven have huge issues with fraud by staff and one former staff member John Fitzgerald is still being pursued fort allegedly stealing $8 million. The wide-spread fraud at Seven is the main reason Seven want to silence Amber Harrison as she knows too much and they don’t want her exposing systemic fraud by managers.

Where ever Kerry Stokes goes sex scandals go – Capilano Honey which is 20% owned by Kerry Stokes

Ben Mckee – CEO of Capilano Honey

Another Melbourne man and Haileybury College old boy Ben McKee who is CEO of Capilano Honey is also in a lot of trouble with a widely leaked sex tape likely to become public soon involving a female staff member. I wrote about it last year and Ben McKee sued for defamation. But there is no denying the tape exists as Capilano and Ben McKee tried to have copies of the tape destroyed which shows up in a draft Deed of Release they wanted Simon Mulvany to sign in their vexatious defamation case against him.

Kerry Stokes go to man on issues like this is Bruce McWilliam. But with McWilliam having his own personal issues in not understanding that threatening and intimidating women is wrong then it is understandable why Kerry Stokes’ companies fail so badly in looking after the rights of female staff.

The day and age of companies covering up for senior management abusing their positions of power is rapidly coming to an end. The above stories have a long way to go and I’ll keep following them.

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  1. Self appointed leaders of that Australia club “Me First, Me Second, Me Third and to hell with anyone else!”

  2. Thanks for the update Mr. D.
    At least we are aware that the Stokes’ family, relatives, friends, certain female employees and business associates do not have any morals. (meaning #2- dictionary)
    With this in mind we can act accordingly at every opportunityto belittle everything they stand for.
    “People without ethics are wild beasts set free by corrupt judges in order that both parties benefit from immoral and illegal practices untouchable by no-one except for one uncotrollable factor which is that each and every action is cancelled out by an opposite and equal reaction.”
    Patience and time are the most powerful warriors.

  3. Nothing to do with the above but I have just heard that the Kerry Stokes’ corruption organisation have won the case against Amber Harrison. Bugger the innocent! CRIME AND CORRUPTION WINS AGAIN.

  4. Okay, now I’ve lost faith in all legal justice, why are these people are beyond the law! This is just surreal and terrifying! From my understanding AH can’t even sell an interview, write a book, afford medical fees for basically being part of a CH 7 prostitution ring and now suffers PTSD, there needs to be a Royal Commission somethings very suspicious it’s more than AH that they’re covering up! They are just desperate to get back the devices by any means possible.

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