Capilano Honey

Justice Lucy McCallum the judge helping Capilano dump their cheap Chinese Honey on Australian consumers

Justice Lucy McCallum has been aiding and abetting Capilano Honey for the last 2 years, via their malicious lawsuits against journalists, in dumping their imported Chinese honey on Australian consumers which is putting Australian beekeepers out of business. Justice McCallum is well-known for taking bribes especially off Kerry Stokes and his company Seven West Media. So, it’s no surprise that Kerry Stokes also owns 19% of Capilano Honey.

The lawsuits are defamation proceedings against Save the Bees Australia activist Simon Mulvany which were instituted by Capilano in February 2016 and also against myself which were instituted by Capilano in October 2016. Until Friday (6/4/18) I could not even tell you there was a court case because of a super-injunction that has now been lifted so I can at least name the case.

Just McCallum’s specialty is helping companies like Capilano Honey run malicious SLAPP  lawsuits which drag cases out for years and are designed to silence whistleblowers and conceal from the public dodgy and corrupt business practices. 

Justice Lucy McCallum

Continued delaying tactics with Justice Lucy McCallum’s help

Capilano Honey’s and their CEO’s Ben McKee’s defamation case against me should have been kicked out of court last year by Justice McCallum after I made an application to have their claim struck out because they had failed to prosecute it by failing to file and serve a statement of claim. They started their claim on the 7th of October 2016 and received the super-injunction they wanted yet by May 2017 they had done nothing to prosecute the case.

Justice McCallum has been sitting on submissions to strike out Capilano’s claim since August 2017 and failed to act even though she has evidence of their criminal conduct in trying to destroy evidence for the case and also in effect admission that they are running a go-slow routine. (Click here to read more) The aiding and abetting of delaying tactics is standard practice by Justice McCallum.

I was in court again Friday (6/4/18) for a hearing for so-called “further argument” that Justice McCallum wanted on why Capilano’s claim should be struck out and again Capilano’s lawyers demanded further time to prepare so it was adjourned again until the 19/4/18. Their barrister Sandy Dawson virtually started crying at the bar table demanding more time. Dawson was very rattled, and he was arguing against the video evidence I handed up being admissible as it proved their lies and criminal conduct and that their legal claims were malicious claims and should be thrown out.

On Friday (6/4/18) Justice McCallum did lift the super-injunction on Capilano’s defamation case against me but that is because the whole matter has become so scandalous that Justice McCallum was in effect forced to because of the ongoing embarrassment to the court.

The big problem for Capilano Honey is that they are so dodgy and corrupt and their lawyers that stupid that most if not all of what is happening has spilled out onto the internet and that is where the real battle is now and it is a battle that Capilano Honey is bound to lose.

The scam

Justice McCallum, Capilano and their dodgy lawyers have failed because social media is now starting to undermine the SLAPP lawsuit scams run by dodgy judges and corrupt companies because they cannot control social media like they can control the old media.

I published the below post on Facebook highlighting Capilano dumping their imported Chinese Honey on the Australian Market and at the time of writing this article it has gone viral and has had over 1.46 million views and over 21,000 shares. Add that to the 50,000 signatures on the Save The Bees Australia petition demanding Woolworths stop dumping Chinese honey on Australian consumers and it shows that the public have a huge interest in the outcome of the court cases and there should be no suppression orders or non-publication on them. (Click here to see the petition on

Facebook post:

Capilano Honey are using their Allowrie brand honey to dump imported Chinese Honey onto the Australian market at discounted prices with the help of Woolworths which puts Australian Beekeepers out of business.
Image may contain: food
1,467,992 views and 21,534 shares – As of 10.23pm – 7/4/18 – (Click here to see the post on Facebook)
Capilano Honey are damaging their own brand globally
Capilano Honey might be 100% Australian Honey in Australia but their other brands like Allowrie are not. Overseas is another story as the below picture of a Capilano Honey bottle in Dubai, UAE and complaint shows which is doing global damage to their brand. The picture on the front of the bottle in bold print says “PURE AUSTRALIAN HONEY” but on the back of the bottle in small print the picture says it is their preference to use Australian honey, but they may use imported honey. Capilano’s packaging is so dodgy is impossible to know what is true and what is not.

“ I live in Dubai, UAE, and have been using your honey for the past 2-3 years. I use the Organic Pure Australian Honey. It was not a random choice; I am a children’s nutritionist and work with young kids who suffer from serious food-related illnesses, such as diabetes, allergies etc, and food quality is extremely important to both myself and my patients.” 

“To my shock, I recently realised that the honey I use, which clearly states on the front that it is PURE, may be cut with non-Australian honey. I understand one of the countries you import from is China, a place where food quality is non-existing and where any certification issued is worth no more than toilet paper, and I am writing you now for information: where does the honey I consume, the honey I have recommended to clients and fed my own family, come from? And what assurance can you give me that I am not consuming a nasty Chinese product?” (Click here to read more)

Fairfax Media said Justice McCallum denied them a fair trial

The fact that the Capilano Honey’s lawyers are openly trying to continue the case with blatant evidence of their criminal conduct and of them trying to destroy evidence says that they know that they have Justice Lucy McCallum in their hip pocket.

My corruption allegations against Justice McCallum is consistent with Fairfax Media who in effect said Justice Lucy McCallum is corrupt when they said they did not get a fair trial in the Chris Gayle defamation case because Justice McCallum misled the jury. Justice McCallum tried to intimidate Fairfax for making a public statement questioning her conduct but failed to take any action which I suspect was because it would have shone a light on her conduct.

Having the super-injunction lifted is another small win as I can at least now say that Capilano Honey and Ben McKee are suing me for defamation. The suppression orders are still in place and I will be arguing to have the whole case thrown out and the suppression orders lifted on the 19th of April in the NSW Supreme Court. If you have free time show up and you can see yourself how corrupt the legal system is.

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    • Absolutely Serge, I stopped buying when I first read of this matter on this site several years ago. I changed Beecroft (or similar was the name) for a yr or so, and have changed now to a local supplier.

      I go through art 10kg every qtr, so a few folks of the same inclination could surely have an impact…SPREAD THE WORD….


    • Serge, since these events have hit the net, I and my family as well as extended family, have boycotted both honey brands and will only purchase honey from locally produced producers. In our opinion, the only way to go.
      In fact I’ve gone further than that, purchasing our own hive to produce our own honey.

  1. Chinese-led corruption of the honey industry isn’t just happening in Australia … it’s global.

    Investors are the dodgy local characters such as Stokes and his lawyers whose only interest is the money to be made … they don’t care a jot for the health implications for consumers.

    A few months ago I watched a Netflix documentary called “Rotten” about the corruption of the food industry. While it was an American production, the Chinese tactics were the same as we are seeing in Australia.

    The documentary series had episodes on fish, chicken, and beef production, but when one episode was devoted entirely to the Chinese adulterated honey industry, I thought of Kangaroo Court and Shane’s persecution immediately. Amazed that it’s still ongoing AND with the same corrupt practices.

    Beekeepers in the USA are being put out of business permanently – their hives stolen in the dead of night or just smashed and destroyed. With hives out in forests or fields they are un-insurable sitting ducks.

    Meanwhile, in China they are topping-up exports of their contaminated product with corn-syrup and they get away with it because Govts don’t routinely analyse imports and industry leaders are part of the scam (like Stokes), so they do nothing except bank their ill-gotten gains.

    If you’re interested, the trailer for “Rotten” is on Youtube …

    Can’t attend court with you Shane but I wish you well in this fight on behalf of Australian consumers. Thank you – it’s appreciated.

  2. The apathy of a huge percentage of citizens in countries where poisoned honey is sold in stores, where their local beehives are destroyed and local bee farmers (members of every community who should be protected by that community) are forced to close their farms.
    In every way it is a battle to be fought by every citizen who demand healthy foodstuff for their families and themselves instead of ‘cruising’ through each day wearing blinkers and buying cheap, sub-grade imported food products instead of supporting their local produce farmers by spending a meagre few dollars more in loyal support of their own country-men and women.
    Why are so many citizens allowing themselves to be figuratively stomped upon when they support Asian farmers by buying the cheap, sub-grade food but still only pay ‘lip-service’ loyalty to their own country.

    • One answer – they are the same people who waste their votes at State and Federal level because voting is a nuisance and wasted time for them! Result = the adulterated politicians who are there for themselves not their constituents!

  3. In future I will not be buying any honey from these brands which I have in the past purchased believing that they were in fact Aust product 100%. Our farmers market have a local product slightly more expensive but made from local bees so that will suit me from now on. Wescobee has been a great product in the past but obviously cost of production can be achieved by importing this product to supplement local product.

    • freddirth. I agree with your comment that local producers need to be supported 100%. Recently attended a meeting of the local Aipary Association in my city and was astounded to see in excess of 200 people of all walks of life turn up to express their interest in managing their own bees and honey production. If every capital city in Australia is similar, I’d say eventually the imported product will die of it’s own accord, provided Australian consumer wise up and support their local industry.

      • Eddy – You suggest the “imported product will die of its own accord”, but I think not. As local sales drop off, the tainted products will be shunted offshore BUT with Australian labels as shown in Shane’s article under the heading “Capilano Honey are damaging their own brand globally”.

        Capilano aren’t damaging their own brand as in the Dubai example … they are destroying the AUSTRALIAN brand and reputation for clean unadulterated food production … so the resulting ripple effect will spread, and Australian producers of many foodstuffs will find that export markets will no longer trust them.

        A corrupt Judiciary and legal system are trying to destroy a lot more than a beekeeper and an independent journalist. While the pay-offs and bribes might pay junior’s school fees or buy a first-class ticket to go visit their money in the Cayman Islands, these bloated judicial parasites are taking down entire industries with them, and they couldn’t care less.

        Meanwhile the silence from a compliant, and therefore complicit, Mainstream Media is deafening.

        Australian consumers will only “wise up and support their local industry” when they stop sleepwalking through their lives and start taking responsibility for the choices they make.

  4. Would like to know the number of good judges out of corrupt there are
    I believe the prison system is for rehabilitation, not punishment
    Some of these people truly frighten me, expecially after reading yesterday’s artcle about the ATO taking taxpayer’s to court in the SMH
    Sick and tired of corruption in this world, all for egos and a few dollars

  5. I am sorry I will be in Victoria on the 19/4/18 I would so like to be there.

    Please, everyone who can, stack this courtroom, it is so important to have support in court!

  6. Sad to report that I have been taking the local Woolworths floor staff to task for Woolworths’ deceptive displays for produce..
    In short:Just look at some of their produce displays.
    Often the display will present, for example:
    “local and imported” or ‘Egyptian and US”; oranges for example,
    Facing the representation I have often requested that, for example, with a display of ‘local and imported’. to kindly identify the local produce in the display.
    It is sick: on numerous (as a rule) times I have been answered with the statement: that there is no local produce in the display (notwithstanding the representation)
    I have complained high up only to be presented with a fallacious submission that the buyers buy from different countries and that is ‘the system’……..that results in deceptive produce displays presented to customers by floor staff.
    In short, all my submissions, to the effect that the display/s are deceptive has been met with BS excuses.
    It is simple: the display details should represent the origin of the product……otherwise it is deceptive.
    I have had the sane experience with Coles.
    Why is it that the organisation orders that the floor staff should LIE to the customer/s ?
    I have not challenged floor staff in regard to the honey deceptions.
    I only raise this to suggest that the high end retailers lie as a matter of course.
    It is unforgivable for the executive of these companies to force floor staff to lie.
    Not withstanding all the Calipone presentations in the aisle I bought a kilo of Beechworth honey for $18.00 recently.
    If one is born a sucker, so be it. but I will not buy Calipone or Allowrie and continue to bring to task false and deceptive representations in the produce sections.
    Bring to task the floor staff and make them report our dissatisfaction to the head liars..
    By the way: Aldi does not intrude into our brains with inane rap music; no doubt presented as a good idea to ww executives from some sick marketing guru with a ring in his nose, a earring from each ear, and rat tail dangling from a empty skull.
    If the WW and Coles board think it is a good marketing ploy, let the board be hounded by the torturous intrusion during their board meeting and see how they concentrate on a job in hand.
    Sorry SD for the rant, but we have inconsiderate r-soles imposing upon the community, who are their bread and jam.
    So sell a bit of Chinese corn syrup as honey? what does the board care? They do not give a stuff about customer privacy and comfort.

  7. Our country, our nation is under siege and we have to suffer fraud and corruption.

    The Trade Union Royal Commissioner observed that the NSW Rum Corps never left us.

  8. How strange is it that lawyers generally are not so outraged by the number of bent judiciary that they band together and put an end to the corruption…… does rather look as if the entire legal system and profession is corrupt…..and that there appears to be little chance of any real change….!!

    • There are obfuscations, there are liars, and there is the legal world (I won’t use the word profession!). I don’t believe there is any difference!

  9. That some of the public are at last taking direct action regarding Capilano Honey is good, but why so late, they were caught and fined long years ago for adulteration…

  10. I notice from a recent shopping at Coles Warwick in WA,that they are now selling Capilano honey at a discounted price! Obviously trying to clear stocks!!!

    • Yes same all over.Woolworths and IGA etc. are doing the same. This means they condine corruption not the consumer. Anything for a buck. Don’t buy.


    I stopped buying Capilano honey after deciding never to support them again. But so many people donot know or are forgetful fools.

    I recently decide to buy a small jar to give it a once over taste test to see if Capilano was still continuing their deceptive methods.

    As soon as I tasted it I knew they were still fooling us.

    It’s a crime that Judges are condoning corrupt behaviour that deceives the consumer.

    Often extractions remove hiney components.
    And often glucose is mixed with honey without the consumer knowing and it is vile.

    Bee pollen is not detectable and is used in the racing industry to speed horses up. It drives them crazy.

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