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Coles starts Australian made honey war against Woolworths and Capilano’s imported Chinese honey

Coles has stopped selling Capilano’spolluted and poisonousChinese Allowrie Honey while Woolworths will continue to sell it. Make no mistake this is the start of a Honey War between Australia’s 2 largest food retailers which may lead to a broader retail food fight focused on Australian made food and/or organic food.

Coles should be congratulated and supported for their actions as they are not only supporting Australian honey but also Australian agriculture producers who need a strong bee industry to make sure their crops are pollinated by the bees which is needed for plants to reproduce. So fewer bees means fewer crops and less food.

The Honey War is also pitting Australia’s largest honey producer Capilano Honey (65% to 70% market share) against Beechworth Honey who I understand is Australia’s second largest producer. I cannot confirm Beechworth’s market share but they are stocked by both Woolworths and Coles and it is believed they produce Coles homebrand which the bottle says is 100% Australian honey.

Allowrie Honey and the Woolworths owned Macro brand honey are the exact same honey and both are produced by Capilano and are majority Chinese Honey mixed with some Australian honey.

Coles rumour that they are only selling Australian honey

I heard a rumour on Wednesday (4/7/18) that Coles were no longer selling imported honey so I went to Coles to have a look first-hand and the rumour seemed to be true as there was only Beechworth Honey, Coles homebrand Honey and Capilano Honey on the shelves. The obvious honey missing from the shelves was Allowrie Honey and a few smaller brands. I filmed the below video while I was at Coles on Wednesday (4/7/18) and published it that night on Facebook and Twitter.

Simon Mulvany has also set up a petition lobby Woolworths to stop selling Allowrie Honey. (Click here to see the petition)

I emailed Coles and Beechworth Honey

I sent basically the same questions to Coles as I sent to Beechworth Honey CEO Jodie Goldsworthy as per below.

Sent: 05 July 2018 13:30
To: Jodie Goldsworthy
Subject: Media questions

Hi Jodie

I will be publishing a story in the next couple of days regarding Coles no longer selling imported honey and would like to ask a few questions.

  1. Are you aware that Coles now only stock Beechworth Honey, Capilano Honey and Coles own homebrand honey?
  2. Are Beechworth producing the Coles homebrand honey?
  3. Would it be fair to say that there is now a honey war between Beechworth Honey and Capilano Honey and/or between Coles and Woolworths?
  4. Do you think that Beechworth Honey will take market share off Capilano Honey in the short to medium-term?
  5. Do you think brands such as the Allowrie Honey, which is owned by Capilano Honey and is a mixture of local and imported honey, can survive in Australia?
  6. Are there any other comments you would like to make regarding Coles and their new strategy on honey?


Shane Dowling

Email end

Picture of Coles honey section – 4/7/18. Only has Beechworth Honey, Coles homebrand and Capilano Honey


Coles didn’t respond, and Jodie Goldsworthy did respond as per below but didn’t directly answer my questions which is fair enough as the questions did raise commercially sensitive issues but I felt I should ask the questions anyhow.

From: Jodie Goldsworthy
Sent: 05 July 2018 17:06
Subject: Re: Media questions

Hi Shane

Thanks for all your interest in the Honey industry. Lots going on in the honey world as always.

Any day that has more Australian honey and less imported honey on Australian supermarket shelves is a good day. Beechworth Honey have been concerned for over a decade about the quality and authenticity of Chinese honey. Our company has never imported honey. Beechworth Honey brand is proud to be 100% Australian honey…. always!

People buying Australian honey from Coles shelves directly supports food security in Australia with bees pollinating two-thirds of our fresh produce – so Coles’ decision is a win for Australian consumers and Australian farmers. Great to see.



Email end

I didn’t send any questions to Woolworths and Capilano Honey as they never answer my questions.

Other media reports

Fairfax Media picked up on the story the day after I published the above video and said:

Coles takes Capilano Honey’s import cocktail off the shelves

Coles will no longer stock Capilano Honey’s controversial Allowrie product, which contains honey sourced from China and Argentina, with the supermarket chain saying it wants to support Australian production.

Capilano has faced criticism from some local beekeepers over its use of Chinese and Argentinian honey in its Allowrie product. According to Allowrie labels the product contains 30 per cent Australian ingredients. (Click here to read more)

Other media such as the ABC and Reuters have also now picked up on the story. But I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for Seven to run the story given Seven Chairman Kerry Stokes owns 19% of Capilano Honey.

None of the media that have reported the issue so far have understood the reality that a Honey War has started. Also, none of the media reported that Capilano Honey have had 2 recent loses in the Supreme Court of NSW suing Simon Mulvany and myself trying to close down public debate on the issue. (Click here to read more) Both cases are still afoot but they are frivolous and vexatious and bound to fail.

Woolworths say they won’t stop selling Allowrie Honey

The reason Woolworths are standing firm is because if they buckle and stop selling Allowrie Honey they will also have to stop selling their Macro Brand honey, which they claim is organic, as it is exactly the same imported Chinese / Australian mixed honey. It would also likely have implications for Woolworths full range of Macro products which are also mostly imported and which Woolworths also fraudulently claim are organic which I wrote about a couple of weeks ago in an article titledWoolworths organic food scam.

Woolworths will eventually stop selling imported Honey but so far, a few managers at Woolworths are digging in and trying to protect their jobs but the online campaign will continue.

Capilano Honey are in a lot of trouble

Capilano Honey can put whatever spin they want on the situation, but the reality is that they are in a lot of trouble. They are going to lose market share to Beechworth with the decision of Coles and I would expect that Woolworths and Aldi won’t be far behind. As I previously reported Capilano Honey also make Woolworths Macro brand honey and also produce Aldi’s home brand honey from the same bach of honey that Capilano make their own Allowrie brand. So, if Woolworths and/or Aldi also stop selling imported honey Capilano are in even more trouble.

If Beechworth are producing Coles homebrand, which I have no doubt they are, then I would also expect some of Capilano Honey’s Australian beekeepers to stop selling to Capilano Honey and to start supplying Beechworth Honey.

Where to now?

The online campaign to stop Woolworths and Capilano Honey from selling imported honey will continue and gather pace with the Coles win for consumers showing social media campaigns do work. 

Capilano Honey’s appeal against my win in having their suppression orders lifted is set down for hearing on the 19th of July 2018 starting at 10.15am in the Supreme Court of NSW. If you have time show-up and watch and you will see just how scandalous Capilano Honey’s case is.

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  1. YAY! May I say about blooming time! Along with many others (I am sure) I have boycotted Capilano/Allowrie brands since you first brought the Chinese toxic mixture to my attention. Have bought Beechworth and also been to Peninsula Honey and bought theirs which is lovely.
    Thanks for all your hard….and successful work.

    • I agree Dan. Aust needs no imports of `honey’ except to our friends across the `Ditch’ Even then, we must be vigilant to our Trade Laws with NZ. It is possible food can be imported into and repacked in NZ (in small label print), reexported to Aust and look like it is Product of NZ. Also always be careful of the Light at the end of the tunnel – it could be an express train (trouble) coming in to that tunnel.

  2. Great work! There is little doubt that without your’s and Simon’s fortitude in standing up to Stokes’ corporate and judicial thuggery Australian consumers would have been none-the-wiser. Thank you.

    Wouldn’t it be fantastic if this began a whole new strategy for Coles marketing? … “The Australian Supermarket for Australian Produce”.

  3. Great work, another kick in the ‘bracket’ of the n’e’r-do-well sleaze-bags who put themselves and profit with no loyalty to Australia and Aussie citizens.

  4. A very worthwhile win for all Aussies who are interested in where their food comes from. Well done Shane..

  5. It is very helpful when others go to court. The system is very powerful and it is harder to pull stunts if outside witnesses are present. A lawyer is an officer the court and his first allegiance is always to the court, the system.

  6. YEs Great news to get that confirmation from Coles decision makers re their honey supplier.
    Surely it is a matter of time only that Woolwortths come to their senses re honey buying ???

    • freddieh – Don’t count on the Woolworths Corporation to EVER act on a matter of conscience – not when it comes to the health and wellbeing of their customers.

      This is the company that owns more than 12,000 poker machines around the country, constantly devising methods of wringing every last cent out of afflicted problem-gamblers on the greasy slide to losing everything – even their lives.

      Honey? Doesn’t even register on their Give-a-shit Richter Scale.

      Woolies will call toxic Capilano potions ‘organic’ or anything else they like and the ONLY reason they’ll stop selling it is when it stops making them money.

      “It’s nothing personal – it’s just business” … Woolworths style.

      I wouldn’t shop there for FREE!

      • Thanks for info. I notice recently that they ( Woolworths)have been selling milk brought over from Eastern States to Perth where we live and great part of stocks on shelves are from East States. I don’t think WA is that short of milk stocks even though they have forced a lot of dairy producers to change over to other uses of their land when there were excessive stocks but I am sure they could buy more from local producers. However thanks for info on Capilano and Allowrie ertc .. All on our friends and family on the no buy list.

  7. If my memory serves, long long years ago Capilano were prosecuted for adulterating their honey, the lesson was not taken on board and now look where they are…….

  8. Well….you’ve published the story for over a year and 4 corners finally twigs tonight. Kangaroo Court is the most real/accurate news site in Australia. Good on you.

  9. Thank you for posting these facts,it’s really great to know that the honey I buy from coles now is an all Australian product,I do use a lot of it.
    Cheers and well done.

  10. I used to buy this honey from Coles and when I found out what was really happening,I discontinued my purchasing.and I found a local supplier in same shopping centre all product coming from here in Perth.

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