Capilano Honey

Capilano Honey has a ( chilling effect on freedom of speech ) in dodgy defamation case.


NSW Court of appeal has ruled that Capilano honey had no legal right to the dodgy suppression orders that have been in place against Journalists / political prisoner Shane Dowling for two years.

The judgment is below and comments on this suppression orders (chilling effect on freedom of speech).

Shane Dowling has his appeal on his contempt charges on the 16/11/18 which also involves breaching other unjustified suppression orders

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  1. Hello there Shane, remember you have friends outside who do support you in these terrible times.

  2. Great news! It is clear from Shane’s blog how these suppression orders are being used by shonky lawyers to gag whistleblowers with the full backing of our civil courts. I hope this will also bode well for Shane’s other cases.

  3. The power of truth is unlimited and even if Shane has shown alleged disregard to the court orders for exposing the Honey adulteration in the public interest it is unfair to punish him is my view. It is now all over the media what Shane was saying all along. His jailing is not proper is my view because our media has become untrustworthy and does not want to touch real issues that affect ordinary people in our country.

    I have seen judicial corruption myself where the decisions were manipulated and even fabricated. Politicians are at the bottom of the scale of trustworthiness as well. If the Honey adulteration is proved beyond any reasonable doubts what compensation Shane will be worth of for telling the truth and then getting punished for that?

  4. Hi Shane. Time to dump WordPress. Post to Facebook directly. Or use a website address. WordPress isn’t free. I have to create account. Sign in. Give all my details to Comment? Money making. Anyhow well done!!! ________________________________

  5. Shane, your a true maverick; I’d hope that call is some comfort for you in your cold and lonely jail cell, while you wait-out your time for justice to actually work for the common man.

    While the bourgeois rainbow warrior class, have this country firmly in its grip, issues of free speech only apply to their cause: Thus silence from the MSM.

    Australia is an underprivileged country for the forgotten majority.

  6. Great news Boss Roo.

    The general public are becoming more aware of the shonky lawyers and judges handing out mild sentences for serious crimes including brutal fist bullies who kill and don’t get life in prison as a punishment.

    Keep up the good work with Freedom Of Speech Shane ….. more people than you know are behind you 10 percent.

  7. Why is Australian judiciary so corrupt that these criminals have no fear to commit fraud – at will- and then spend shareholders money to defend the indefensible. Shareholders deserve to be defrauded if they are too gutless to stand up and be counted.

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