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Capilano to stop selling their toxic and fake Allowrie Honey. Now have new fake / poisonous honey scam with Woolworths

Capilano Honey published a media release on Wednesday (29-1-19) on their website announcing they will no longer sell their poisonous, toxic and fake Allowrie Honey. This is after Coles stopped selling the Allowrie brand and all other imported honey in July 2018.

The reasons given by Capilano are laughable but when their media release is put together with evidence I already had about Woolworths it exposes Capilano’s and Woolworths’ new fake and poisonous honey scam. It’s simple, they stop selling the Allowrie Brand and now the focus is on Woolworths pushing their fake organic brand Macro Honey, which is produced by Capilano and only has 20% Australian honey with the other 80% being imported. That is even worse than Allowrie which was said to be 30% Australian.

Coles and Capilano Honey have buckled to the consumer campaign that has been driven over the last 2 years largely by Simon Mulvany, after they started suing him in February 2016, and myself after Capilano Honey started suing me in October 2016.

Woolworths have stood their ground because they have a bigger agenda and if they buckle on honey and stop selling imported honey Woolworths are worried it will have a domino effect on many of their other fake and fraudulent organic food products. I wrote an article titledWoolworths organic food scamin June 2018 and put questions to Woolworths but they refused to answer.

Capilano’s motive is just pure greed and they will probably never stop importing honey as they not only sell it here but also re-export it to other counties under their Capilano brand.

Capilano’s new scam also exposes the true intentions of the new majority owners of Capilano Honey, private equity fund Wattle Hill and investment manager Roc Partners, and is the same game plan used by Kerry Stokes previously when he controlled Capilano with only a 20% shareholding. Mr Stokes has kept his shareholding along with the new majority owners. Wattle Hill was co-founded by Albert Tse, the husband of Jessica Rudd, daughter of former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.

Woolworths Macro honey 30-1-19

Only 20% Australian Honey

Below is Capilano Honey’s media release but the big lies are in what they don’t say. Capilano Honey is Australia’s biggest importer of Honey and nowhere in the media release do they say they will stop importing honey. Or do they say when they will stop selling their other brands such as SmithsBarnes, Wescobee and Woolworths Macro brand which they make and which are all mixed with imported honey the same as Allowrie honey?

Capilano’s Parent Company Retire Allowrie Honey Brand


Over recent seasons we’ve seen honey stock return to sustainable levels and the new owners of Capilano Honey Ltd (CHL) have followed through with their promise to begin transitioning out of imported honey. The Company has made the decision to retire the Allowrie honey brand to allow greater clarity for consumers of our pure Australian honey offer in the market. This is the first step on the journey to making all honey products 100% Australian, with the exception of a small amount of active Manuka honey sourced from New Zealand for another subsidiary brand in the Company’s portfolio.

“While it is always sad to see a brand removed from sale at our request, CHL has always been transparent that when Australian honey production and sustainable stock levels returned, we would cease the importation of honey, and that is what we are doing,” Dr Ben McKee, the Chief Executive of CHL said today.

The timing of the decision reflects the improvements in Australian honey production over recent seasons and the resulting gains in Australian honey inventory, which has reduced the need for the importation of honey to buffer supply.

“CHL is a company that has been built on the support of Australian beekeepers for generations, and we are proud to promote their great Australian honey all around the world.”

“Capilano branded honey is, and will always remain, our 100% Australian pure honey offer in every market in which we operate,” Dr McKee said.

CHL was recently purchased by a private equity Consortium and the company remains majority Australian owned, with majority shareholders Wroxby Pty Ltd, Wattle Hill RHC and ROC Capital Pty Ltd. The new owners have also confirmed today that the existing investment in enhanced robust honey adulteration testing, which covers every single batch of honey sold on retail shelves, will be an on-going measure to reassure consumers of the quality of the honey products produced by the company.

To the best of our knowledge, CHL is the only honey packer in Australia that undertakes this level of testing on every batch, which gives consumers surety that our products are only 100% pure honey, and the best quality in the market. “It is pleasing to see that our new owners have been true to their word, as we focus our efforts to support Australian beekeepers, the Australian honey industry and marketing Australian honey products worldwide,” Dr McKee said.

End of the press release

I took the below photo on Saturday the 26th of January 2019 and put the picture on Facebook yesterday (29-1-19) at 3.12pm with the captionWoolworths dumping the Capilano owned Allowrie Honey which is 70% Chinese fake honey.Yesterday Capilano also posted their press release on their website withdrawing the Allowrie brand but I do not know which was first. Maybe my Facebook post pressured Capilano to issue the press release. But going on the below picture Capilano had been planning on withdrawing Allowrie Honey at least since Saturday as the special tags say “Clearance”.

Capilano say in their press release that they test every batch to make sure it is “100% pure honey“. Then why for over 2 years have Capilano Honey and their CEO Ben McKee refused to provide the testing to the Supreme Court of NSW and Supreme Court of Victoria in their defamation and injurious falsehood court cases against Simon Mulvany and me. In 2017 Simon Mulvany had lawyers subpoena testing that Capilano’s lawyer Richard Keegan claimed in an affidavit that Capilano Honey did. I was in court when Richard Keegan was asked about what evidence was produced in relation to Simon Mulvany’s subpoena and Richard Keegan said nothing was produced. In other words, Keegan in effect admitted that he perjured himself in an affidavit when he said Capilano Honey did certain testing.

Capilano Honey is big on saying things in media releases but always refuse to back it up in court under oath.

In the below exchange Woolworths answered a few questions that Kangaroo Court of Australia reader Allan Moore asked on Facebook. They claim their honey is guaranteed as being organic by the company Australian Certified Organic (ACO). In March 2017 I wrote an article titled “Woolworths, Coles and Aldi running a scam selling imported food as organic” outing ACO for running a scam where they sell fraudulent organic certification to companies such as Woolworths so Woolworths can sell the food to unsuspecting consumers for a higher price.

Woolworths never answered Allan Moore’s follow-up of why their honey is not “100% Australian”.

This post shows the battle is not over but Capilano Honey and their partner in crime Woolworths are on the back foot in a huge way. Especially after Capilano Honey was defeated by me in October 2018 in the Court of Appeal in NSW where Capilano lost their dodgy suppression order protection.

I will be back in court soon fighting Capilano Honey and their CEO Ben McKee’s frivolous and vexatious court case against me and I plan on going on the front foot in the legal battle in a big way so please read below and donate.

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  1. Thank you Shane.
    Have stopped buying groceries from Woolworths for a long time, since you started this cover-up. When in a store and I see someone buying the honey I’ll be a busybody and tell them that it is poison they are eating!
    Thank you for keeping us informed.

  2. Thanks to Shane Dowling and Simon Mulvany’s tireless campaigning, I have not bought Capilano (or Allowrie) honey in possibly years now and only buy from Australian beekeepers (Peninsula Honey is a great place to buy honey.)
    Now I have not shopped at Woolworths since reading they have developed their own branded halal products. Greed is seeping out of this company in buckets full.
    That’s why I DON’T buy Woolies!
    Keep up your amazing work Shane, I admire you so much.

  3. A few years ago, as an independent researcher I researched and wrote a detailed report about organic certification here in Australia.

    Now in this household we call them ‘whore-ganic’ products.

    Thank you very much for all you do, Shane! Real Australians LOVE YOU! Thank you!

    • Aldi have just opened a new store in Warwick in same shopping centre and i am now buying their honey brand which is totally australian. I stopped buying Capilano and all their brands over a year ago when Shane advised us of the amount of Aust honey in a jar.

  4. Hi Michelle. A long post from a friend. Basically Woolworths organic macro Australian honey is 80percent crap poisoned honey from Brazil. Real testing of it is horrific. All sorts of poisons. Cause the says it’s organic is laughable. Brazil uses more chemicals per head than anywhere else in the world. But like saying water from our septic system is 100 percent pure organic water. Ehehe

  5. Well done I pass on this information at every opportunity and will ring Woolworths to ask questions Angela Ps you are a true warrior. Never give in ________________________________

  6. Below is an email I just sent to the new oweners of Capilano Honey:

    Sent: 31 January 2019 14:49
    Subject: Attn: Proper Officer: Criminal conduct by Capilano Honey management. SLAPP Lawsuit

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I would like to bring to your attention the criminal conduct of Capilano Honey, its CEO Ben McKee and lawyers which is now the responsibility of private equity fund Wattle Hill and investment manager Roc Partners.

    The criminal conduct is outlined in numerous articles I have written on my website and the frivolous and vexatious defamation and injurious falsehood claim against me by Capilano Honey and its CEO Ben McKee. The fact that the proceedings are frivolous and vexatious is clearly spelt out in a judgment in October 2018 by the NSW Supreme Court – Court of Appeal judgment in Capilano Honey Ltd v Dowling (No 2) [2018] NSWCA 217 (3 October 2018) which was lost by Capilano Honey and Ben McKee in a unanimous decision.

    Any lawyer looking at the judgment will tell you that Capilano Honey and Ben McKee have no claim and that I am entitled to damages given their conduct.

    As it stands Capilano Honey, Ben McKee and their lawyers are guilty of numerous crimes including attempting to destroy evidence for the court case and perjury amongst others. Under Australian law Roc Partners and Wattle Hill partners and directors are now legally liable for those crimes as you now own and control Capilano Honey.

    I would like to know what action Roc Partners and Wattle Hill will take to resolve the matter? Please respond ASAP.


    Shane Dowling
    Kangaroo Court of Australia

  7. Great work mate keep up the great work and bring bloody woolworths down on thete knees 1 for support iga being a independent company and needs good old aussie suport against the dictators woolies and coles WHAT IS ALDI S GETTING UP TO and are theu genuine traders once again NEVER BUCKLE MATE have being following ypu for years now chow dodger

  8. There was not a reply from Woolworth’s to my post which adjoined the post from Allen Moore on Facebook.
    This indicated a guilt factor as Woolworth’s could not prove that Capilano/Allowrie honey did not contain poisonous ingredients imported illegally from China and Brazil.

    I hope with intensity that Kerry & Ryan Stokes are forced to admit that they are deeply associated with a band of crooks and punished accordingly.

  9. While shopping at a supermarket, I saw a young woman looking at a shelf with honey. I spoke to her about Capilano told her of its shonky contents. She then selected a jar of Beechworth. One more buyer of a genuine Aussie product.

  10. Kangaroo Court is Brilliant exposer of corruption and falsehoods. We need more journos of the calibre. When one reads of some of those who run own promote Capilano no surprises here ! Woolworths promote via their pubs gambling so why not fake or adulterated honey ? A pathetic Federal Liberal Government has scant regard for our health risks and ignores the financial detriment of Australian beekeepers. Fresh is Best but Fake Make More $$$$$s !

  11. The justice here appears to be non existent ! While we have numerous clowns supporting paedophile Pell one possibly should not express concern as to morality when it comes to
    people of purported high standing

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