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Israel Folau running the religion fraud scam is an old routine perfected by American TV Preachers

The fraud scam Israel Folau is running is an old routine dating back hundreds of years which in recent times has been perfected by American TV Preachers who pretend they believe in god and rip off gullible people while themselves becoming multi-millionaires. Israel Folau’s hypocrisy on many fronts stands out a mile, especially his greed for the almighty dollar, and that will be his eventual undoing.

At the end of this article I will summarize with likely questions that Israel Folau will face in the witness stand if his matter goes to a hearing. I believe it shows that Israel is in a lot of trouble as he will end up looking like a fool and fraudster who has no ethics or morals.

A quick Google search for “Bible quotes money” will tell you that Jesus did not have any time for money hungry people like Israel. One quote is:

1 Timothy 6:10

10 For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs. (Click here to read more)

That sounds like Israel to me. He is a multi-millionaire who wants other people to pay his legal fees so he can get a multi-million-dollar payout. Not only that, Israel is raising at least 4 or 5 times what he actually needs for his court case. I have seen 2 different lawyers quoted saying the most Folau would need is $300,000 but he initially wanted $3 million until his GoFundMe page was closed down. The GoFundMe page also had a disclaimer at the bottom saying Folau would not guarantee all the money go to legal fees. The new fundraiser has raised over $2 million before it was stopped and it doesn’t have any disclaimer saying where the money will or won’t be spent.

Like any fraud, the key challenge is to follow the money trail. So where is the extra money going? No one is saying which reaks of fraud by itself.

Israel’s father, Eni Folau, is a paster “and largely preaches in his native language of Tongan” and Israel has also preached at a Church in recent times. So it looks like Israel will become a paster and/or set up his own Church after his football career which is where the extra money he has raised will possibly go.

I came across a video of comedian Richard Pryor on his TV show in 1977 making a joke of people using religion for major fraud and it identified almost perfectly with the facts of the Israel Folau scam.

In the video Richard Pryor says it’s about the money and “this evening my service concerns nothing but money”, how people say he is rich and should sell assets and then he talks about how he has to diversify to get more money. Pryor says he has set up the BTAM “Back to Africa Movement” so people should donate and then the phones start ringing with the joke being that all the racists will donate to get rid of black people like him.

Compare the video to the facts of the Israel Folau scam where people say he should sell one of his houses, given he has a $6 million property portfolio, to pay for his own legal fees. Also, that Israel will not say were the excess $1.5 to $2 million is going and that he has used gay hate to motivate his donors which is proven by comments left on social media and also when they donated and commented on the GoFundMe page.

So how did Richard Pryor know most of the routine of the Israel Folau scam back in 1977? Because people have been running the same scam for hundreds of years. Below is a video of some of the fraudster Preachers in the US who are worths hundreds of millions of dollars who I suspect Israel would like to emulate.

TV Preachers Living Like Rock Stars – Inside Edition Investigates

A recent video of Preacher Kenneth Copeland (Click here to watch) defending his lavish lifestyle went viral after he ducked and weaved questions. He is estimated to be worth $760 Million although he apparently claims he is worth over $1 billion as he has no shame.

Alan Jones and other fraudsters

Israel Folau has jumped in bed with the devil by getting support from Alan Jones who is a well-known racist who was also sacked as a teacher from The Kings School in the 1970’s for grooming children. It’s well known that Jones was caught by police in a toilet in London in the 1980’s for having sex with some random guy he had met. I was also tipped off in 2016 that the NSW police were investigating Alan Jones for sex with boys (Click here to read more) but the NSW Police have recently told me that there is no current investigation.

Jones is also a big supporter of convicted paedophile George Pell so how does Israel Folau getting support from Alan Jones sit with his claimed religious beliefs? It doesn’t.

Israel’s scam is similar to the “cash for comment” scam Alan Jones was busted running in 1999 and still runs today and Jones has obviously advised Israel on how to run his scam.

The matter has absolutely nothing to do with free speech or religious freedom except some religious extremists have jumped on the bandwagon to drive their own agenda.

Below is the Tweet that got Israel Folua sacked. But it wasn’t the first time he had done it and he was warned last year to not do it again. Folau knew he would be sacked.

There is dispute about what the Bible does and doesn’t say about homosexuals (Click here to read more) but that’s not relevant for this article as it is obvious that Israel has only weaponised the issue for his own greed.

If Folau was really a man of conviction why didn’t he stand his ground in April 2018 when he first Tweeted about homosexuals going to hell?

Two of Israel Folau’s biggest supporters are Alan Jones and Andrew Bolt. Jones has been forced to apologise numerous times for using racist language against black people and others. Bolt, in 2011, was found guilty of breaching section 18c of the Racial Discrimination Act after wrote an article about a number of Aboriginal people and deliberately wrote lies about them.

RACIAL DISCRIMINATION ACT 1975 – SECT 18C Offensive behaviour because of race, colour or national or ethnic origin – (Read more)

1)  It is unlawful for a person to do an act, otherwise than in private, if:

                     (a)  the act is reasonably likely, in all the circumstances, to offend, insult, humiliate or intimidate another person or a group of people; and

                     (b)  the act is done because of the race, colour or national or ethnic origin of the other person or of some or all of the people in the group.

Both Alan Jones and Andrew Bolt want Section 18c abolished so they can say what they want about black people, other races and use whatever racist terms they want. Hardly the sort of people a black man of Christ would associate with unless of course, he himself was a fraudster and thief who had no morals.

From the comments by the gay community on Twitter and gay journalists, the real damage by Israel Folau is done to young gay people, and especially the ones who support Rugby Union, who would be wondering why Israel Folau is attacking them and making them feel second class.

Below are the sections of the Rugby Australia Code of Conduct the Israel Folau knew about and breached.

Rugby Australia Code of Conduct – Breaches

1.3 Treat everyone equally, fairly and with dignity regardless of gender or gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, cultural or religious background, age or disability. Any form of bullying, harassment or discrimination has no place in Rugby.

1.6 Do not make any public comment that is critical of the performance of a match official, player, team official, coach or employee/officer/volunteer of any club or a Union; or on any matter that is, or is likely to be, the subject of an investigation or disciplinary process; or otherwise make any public comment that would likely be detrimental to the best interests, image and welfare of the Game, a team, a club, a competition or Union.

1.7 Use Social Media appropriately. By all means share your positive experiences of Rugby but do not use Social Media as a means to breach any of the expectations and requirements of you as a player contained in this Code or in any Union, club or competition rules and regulations. (Click here to read the full RA code document) The code of conduct also covers the coaches, administrators and fans)

Some people say it is a sin to have tattoos and if you believe that then it also shows how hypocritical Israel Folau is given his tattoos

It’s been reported a couple of times that Israel Folau told players and management last year that if he was “hurting the game he’d walk away for the good of the game”. If that’s true then he’s a liar which ups the number of times he has sinned by breaching his own public preaching on how one should lead their lives. (Click here to read more)

Israel Folau previously supported the gay community in 2014 and featured on the front page of gay magazine Star Observer – (Click here to read more)

Most if not all of Israel Folau’s supporters would be embarrassed that he has previously promoted homosexuality which contradicts his public statements.

Little chance of settlement as both sides boxed in

The only chance of any settlement as I see it is if Israel Folau bites the bullet and walks with whatever he can get. Rugby Australia won’t buckle because they don’t need to and Israel Folau’s supporters won’t be happy if he buckles but if he doesn’t he will be in a lot more trouble because these are some of the likely questions that will be put to him in the witness stand:

  1. Mr Folau, you say you are a Christian and live as a Christian should. Is that correct?
  2. Then Mr Folau why do you ignore what the Bible says in relation to being greedy with money? Folau won’t have a believable answer and it will show what a hypocrite he is. Possible truthful answer: I’m in this scam to make as much as possible because I have seen how much the TV Preachers in America make.
  3. Mr Folau why do you have tattoos when the bible says you shouldn’t? Possible truthful answer: I don’t believe everything in the bible and ignore things that don’t suit me.
  4. Mr Folau why did you openly and publicly support homosexuality in 2014 if you believe it is a sin? Possible truthful answer: Because I thought it might raise my profile and be good for me financially by helping to get more sponsors.
  5. Mr Folau, what is going to happen to the extra $ millions you have raised? Possible truthful answer: I’m not saying as I don’t want to incriminate myself.
  6. Did you lie to other players and management and say that if you were hurting the game you walk away for the good of the game? Possible truthful answer: Yes I did but I’m also a liar.

They are just some of the questions Israel would have to answer in the witness stand and his commitment to his faith would come under very close scrutiny as he is a major hypocritic. A good barrister would destroy Folau with the right questions and I think he knows it which is why he should consider walking away with any deal.

If Israel Folau had of taken a stand in April last year when he first wrote that gays would be going to hell, he had paid his own legal bills and had not helped promote grubs like Alan Jones I might not have agreed with what he had done and said but I could have possibly, to some degree, think he was a man of principle. But the reality is Israel Folau is just another religious fraudster who needs to be exposed for what he is.

I also ask for donations as many independent journalists do and I have raised money for legal fees, for the various lawsuits against me by Kerry Stokes and his associated companies, trying to defend free speech and political communication. But I am not a multi-millionaire trying to raise millions more than I need. In fact, I have no assets as I am like many whistleblowers who have spent everything they have to fight for what they believe is right.

The Israel Folau saga probably has a long way to go and I will keep watching and reporting on it but don’t get caught up in believing it is a free speech and religious issue because it isn’t. It’s an attempted shakedown of Rugby Australia and gullible Christians using the courts and hate. It’s also certainly is not a David v Goliath battle as Israel Folau has raised more than enough money and he has the support of the News Corp and other nutters in the media.

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  1. Rugby Australia have stated that if they did not go down the path they have, then they would have no sponsors.

    Just maybe, Rugby Australia have not gained the right sponsors at all!

    So, lets look at social media whereby Israel Folau has over 300,000 followers.

    A guess is that Alan Joyce and the heads of Rugby Australia, combined, have nowhere near that. On that basis, Israel Folau should be CEO of Rugby Australia and in doing so, could bring in newer sponsors, with Christian attitudes, aplenty.

    Its a tried and tested remedy, “A new broom sweeps clean”.

    • The only fault in your logic being that sponsors have to give money away. From what we have seen, the people with the most amount of money have been asking others for more!

      Sorry, I forgot about the people who have supported them. The ‘silent majority’, as some have named them, who reach into their pockets to support Folau. The downside here is they are supporting their ‘right’ to be bigots in the name of religion. I don’t think rugby has anything to do with it. Should there be no threat to their perceived freedom to be hateful without consequence, they wouldn’t give him a dime.

      Now, should you be talking about real Christians, the ones who love and accept, not hate, that could work. But where are they? I haven’t seen one for years!

      Oh, almost forgot! That broom! Bring it on. We need to sweep away the hypocrites, liars and money hungry lowlife that tarnish the good name of religion.

      • “Now, should you be talking about real Christians, the ones who love and accept, not hate, that could work. But where are they? I haven’t seen one for years!”
        Hey Ross try going to a Church, you might find a few of us there and more. Seriously we had to award $35k of work to fix the Church roof, the best valid quote came from the Gay Contractor, guess what we used his business. The pastor said that the hardest working people he knew were Gay, plus it wasn’t our thing to exclude/discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation. So if you’re in Perth please come to Henderson Memorial Presbyterian Church.

  2. This is not about Issy any more. Its gone way above that and people donating are protesting there right to express there views. Considering I am a retired drunk I was not offended. I don’t see the adulterers and drunks rallying on this. I don’t think the majority of gays would give two hoots except for the media dividing and conquering. I have been told I’m going to hell in the past. It didn’t bother me. In the end where that money goes will be the point

    • Hear Hear! Well said Curious. We are all condemned to hell based on dogma that precludes repentance, but that’s not even what religion preaches. They do say we have to repent, but even that’s not the whole truth. Religion wouldn’t have much repeat business unless they developed some strong hooks to prevent the fish from getting away. Or sheep… Like Government, the lies of religion are stacked so high it’s difficult to keep peeling more off in the hope the next will be the last. Like opening Pandora’s box or a can of worms. Most gays wouldn’t give a rats what Izzy said in a tweet, and probably wish the media would shut-up about it.

  3. Thank you for broaching the issue. This circus and its actors will consume a great deal of intellectual energy, waste a lot of money on lawyers and be a useful diversionary tool by the mainstream Australian media to divert attention away from the main issues that this nation faces.
    On the brighter side it has shown up the inadequacy we all have in Australia when it comes to paying for legal services. Whether it is $300,000 or it is $3,000,0000 for legal fees, the amounts are obscene. It highlights the threat every single Australian is under from our monopolised legal industry when it comes to obtaining justice. Whether it be the employee, a single person with a couple of bob or a small business owner with a piggy bank, the amounts that are fed to the lawyers are a disgrace and neither major political party has the gumption to confront these agents of the devil who have created a living hell on earth, just spend some time in any Australian Court room and you too can experience hell fire, you do not even have to pay, it is all for free to the observer.
    Israel forgot to mention that Hell also awaits those in Australia who question the integrity of its Judicial rulers.

  4. Oh, I think you’re being a little harsh..

    I mean, poor guy’s lost his job, young family to feed, doing it tough; I was thinking about a “Food Parcels For Israel” campaign.

    Maybe the great AJ could organise it, if he has time from other fabulous causes, like abolishing the lock-out laws, despite their success in reducing violence being acclaimed by police & medics (AHA – not so much..)

    And if AJ hasn’t the time, he could delegate to his Man Servant who would probably welcome a bit of variety from ironing his Masters’ shirts, over & over to crease-free perfection.

    Come on, let’s do it for the under-dog, surrounded by foes, an innocent in a sea of oppression.. but ever undaunted


    • So very true, the immoral legal scam. But not the only monopoly in Oz, consider the greedy dental industry.

      For the last 6 + years I’ve had dental work done in SE Asia at up to ONE TENTH of the local scam quotes – most recently in Taiwan at about 1/4 of local costs. The savings just about pay for the holiday.

      Maybe the day will come when we can obtain overseas legal advise at reasonable cost. (yeah, right, dream on!)

    • It does not matter how many millions are going to be raised the greedy lawyers will figure out reasons why they have to need most or even all of that money and how to divide it among them.

    • I don’t agree with what you say, but I will support your right to say it. I donated $100 to KCA in 2016 and $100 to Israel Folau in 2019. This fight is about how our freedom to say anything meaningful has been stifled by the band of hate speechers and SJW’s and big business like Alan Joyce using Qantas as his battering ram against forces he doesn’t like.

      • You can say what you want, but you can’t expect zero consequences. You can believe what you want, but hate speech is hate speech.

        I want freedom to live without people feeling justified to refuse me service, spew hateful things at me, deny me the same freedoms as anyone else. I might do things in my bedroom that you don’t like, but I’m not asking you to like them. I’m not even doing it in front of you. So surely you can keep your bigoted beliefs to yourself?

  5. Shame! Your reference to the scam TV preachers, of days gone by, does not compare with Folau’s complaint of wrongful dismissal. Your list of questions that an RA barrister might ask Folau are particularly galling!

    • Days gone by? TV preachers haven’t stopped, they are still going. Taking money from anyone they can and living lives far beyond those most can imagine.

      As for Folau, he was treated better than many others who have said or taken actions that damage the brand of their employer. Not many are given a second chance. He decided to accept the chance and then ignore it. Sorry to say, but he is simply foolish.

      Put it this way, how long would you last at a Christian company had you gone on twitter and said ‘there is no God, it is all a scam!’? Sure, you can think it, even tell your friends and family, but should you start to mouth off, you won’t be forgiven by management. Just think about that.

  6. I don’t know why the truth is being overlooked here. Israel is just proclaiming his true faith in the modern day, all conquering god, the almighty dollar.

  7. Interesting summary. I must admit that it doesn’t look good for Izzy when it’s presented that way. It doesn’t concern me whether Izzy is a fraud or not, all I’m interested in is the truth, which is why I read your articles. If the truth exposes him as a fraud, then we should all graciously accept it for the well-being of our society. They say justice denied one, is justice denied all, so it’s important to be absolutely sure before damning someone publicly. In this case it is public.

    First, you haven’t considered the possibility that Izzy is simply trying to do his best within the construct of his understanding which would have been heavily influenced by his father. You have rightly pointed out his inconsistencies, but haven’t recognized the really big fact that we are all human, and therefore, prone to error. In an internet page he wrote that he is a sinner too, so it’s not like he’s trying to suggest superiority, and that admission indicates acceptance of the fact that he still doesn’t have his act together completely, and is only doing the best he can with what he knows, or at least think he knows. Mark Twain said, “It ain’t what we don’t know that gets us into trouble, it’s what we know for sure that just ain’t so.” and it’s quite likely he was making a subtle reference to religion as well as other flawed knowing we have happily accepted because it suits our current mindset. He also said, “If you don’t read the newspapers you are uninformed. If you do read the newspapers you are misinformed.” suggesting another source of our flawed knowledge is via the media, even well-intentioned independent writers such as yourself.

    If you were to eventually discover evidence that shed new light on your previous thinking, would you willingly accept and admit error? We’d like to think we would, but the more vigorously we prosecute any line of reasoning, the less likely we are to accept fault and lose face by publicly admitting so. That’s why they used to say, “Be careful what you say in case you have to eat your words.”

    It does seem odd that Izzy asked the public for so much funding, given as you say, the cost wouldn’t be anywhere near that high. Could it be that he is being coached behind the scenes by minders who have an alternate agenda, and he is only the puppet they’re using to pursue their agenda? The facts are that religious minded people are very easy to deceive, basically because they like to deny evil, “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”. They are only human too, and often don’t bother to properly consider things everyone else seems to “know for sure”. Ironically, the bible itself says to “Prove all things. Hold fast that which is good.” in Thessalonians 5.21 which is the complete opposite of religious preaching that demands blind faith such as in Proverbs 3.5 “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, and lean not unto thine own understanding.” For some reason, the former is never preached, and the latter is preached religiously. Why would that be so?

    If Izzy is being used as suggested above, what is their agenda? Could he be being manipulated quite easily as a stooge whose belief system just happens to correspond to the objectives of players at a higher level? The objectives aren’t that difficult to discern, since all that’s necessary is to look at the effect of the words and actions, rather than the words and actions themselves. The effect of this, and many other current events, is to subtly perpetuate division, which is always a favourite of social manipulators, and to promote distrust of religion. George Pell, the Pope’s meeting with the head of Islam to join forces, etc. all slowly destroy faith in religion, which may not seem such a bad thing until you realize that many people only behave themselves because they think they’ll go to hell if they don’t. This would also play into the hands of the UN who are working to establish One World Government with one crypto currency, and One Religion. Divide and conquer is the main game, and this side show with Izzy is definitely working to distract and divide. Therefore, I don’t think he’s a fraud, at least not intentionally. I just think he’s being used. Note I didn’t say “know” though. He could be a great deceiver, but I doubt that.

  8. Can people please not use my name in the comment section as once one person does it everyone does and it starts to look stupid. The comment section is to comment on the article, not chat with me.

  9. Why let the facts get in the way of a headline.

    Funds in a trust set up by acl. Not issy.

    Read the post it is not homophobic it is the bible. The same bible that our society is based on.

    He never said he was perfect – in fact the actual post was a call to repent for all people christians and non christians homosexual and Heterosexual.

    Issy expressly refused to sign a contract clause that would prohibit these posts. RA knew the code of conduct was insufficient and also allowed the contract to stand without the clause included.

    Even if it was is it legal to tell someone not to express their faith. What if the clause in the contract had said you can be gay just never post your sexuality online or you will be sacked. Both are discrimination.

    Christian’s based on secular research give more to charity, give more often and volunteer in charity more than non christians so to imply christians are greedy is stupid and deliberately misleading.

    The reason issy has had to rely on jones etc is because the rest of media are PC blind to both sides of discrimination.

    Finally christian kids suffer as much persecution as gay kids today – in fact probably more. It leaves most kids unable to talk about a huge part of there life in a secular school. This again squashed the rights of kids to share their faith openly.

    • No one said IF cannot express his faith and that’s not in the Code of Conduct. He could’ve said “I love Jesus/ God” …no problems. His post attacked others in a demeaning/derogatory way. How about we deal with the facts and give the “What if’s…” a miss.

      • That is the point – RA is saying you can express your faith as long as you express our view of that faith not yours. And as for RA why have they not dropped QANTAS as a sponsor. If they are SOO concerned with Gay rights why would they take money from an airline that does deals with country own airlines that openly persecute gay people?

  10. At the end of the day, Israel Folau has enough money to fund his own legals.As a decent and moral Christian man, why would he ask people who are probably less fortunate than himself to give him their hard earned money? On that basis alone he is a greedy man who clearly only cares about money, the money in his pocket, that is.

  11. The anti IF have ALL lost their credibility when they or those others cited in the list of the quote didn’t see a problem.
    Just another case of the ‘rainbow brigade’ raising the profile AND their wider campaign on gender etc.
    You could call me any and all the most obnoxious name you could think of and knowing there is no substance in them, one just carries on.
    People are just too precious these days and seemingly have little in their lives about which to be confident and to focus their attention and personal application.
    I really hope Israel has a resounding win in the courts and sticks it to RA, it’s pathetic excuse for a leader and in particular Alan Joyce.

    • I haven’t lost anything. Nor will I let anyone spew hate speech toward homosexuals without consequence. Yes, I am on the list more than once, but only one instance is not of choice and is a definition of ‘who I am’ which can’t be erased.

      Folau can tell me, as a Drunkard, I will go to hell. No problem. That isn’t who I am, at my core. But the fact that I am homosexual will always be a part of me. I have no choice. It is. And because of this, his rant is hate speech. Simple.

      I am not in any glass house, I say many things which aren’t ‘nice’. But I don’t try and erase, ignore, encourage hate, or simply verbally abuse people for who they are. I call you a bigot, because I know you can get better.

  12. One thing is for sure, when it comes to little boys in men’s bodies throwing a leather object around in a grassy paddock, the followers (supporters) are more brainwashed than God followers and will argue and fight almost to death over the ‘wrong’ decisions made by an umpire which caused the team they worship to lose a game.

    Professional football players is definitely an oxymoron.

  13. Shane, I think you have gone too far with this comment by linking Izzy with old time US preachers – I don’t share your views on Izzy though acknowledge your right to express them.

  14. Why ignore the simple fact that it does not take $2million (now asking for $3million) or even $300,000 to resolve this matter in court. A competent solicitor instructing a competent barrister could resolve the matter in court in one day (or at a stretch two days) for $12,000 (or at a stretch $15,000)

    • It would be wonderful to have a Judicial System that allowed the participants a fixed price ticket prior to entry, but that is not how the product has been designed. The price is formed from that ancient riddle. How long is a piece of string? Just to conclude mediation in the Federal Court will cost both sides at least $20,000 each in solicitors and barristers fees and that`s before it goes to trail.
      I agree that an amount of $12,000 should easily suffice as that is $3,000 per day per person which is already an obscene amount and about ten times more than what the average Australian earns. The problem is finding a competent Solicitor and a competent Barrister with integrity x two as it only requires one of the legal eagles to make mischief and the costs will escalate at an exponential rate. And then there are the appeals. The legal branches to this matter are many and long, just consider the amount of hay the lawyers will be able to create when the Bible enters the fray. The average bible contains about 1200 pages, I can visualize lawyers unloading semitrailers full of documents and a conga line of black jacketed legal assistants towing wheeled brief cases for this court case.

  15. If Folau really wanted money he would have accepted the money from Rugby Australia to take down his comments and he would also have kept his contract also.

  16. This is about freedom of speech, not religion. The only ones to complain is the gay people. I tick all the other boxes couldn’t give a rats if someone tells me I am going to hell. But the precious leftists dressed in gay gear seem to be the permanently offended! Well, bad luck!!, get over it. PC leftist cancer is killing this free country. It must be stopped.

  17. That video of Pryor is a bloody classic, i reckon he was the funniest man i have ever watched, and there are other very funny ones of him taking off Evangelical scam preachers as well.
    Yea he would not at all be surprised by the con man and serial scam preacher Falou,he should go to WA and join the other friggin religious nut job.. Margaret Court and they could hold revival meetings on her tennis court while they pass the efptos machine around so the gullible idiots can part with their hard earned like some of the religious morons making comments on this site!

  18. Funny…
    It’s said, Drunks, Fornicators, Thieves, Adulterers,Atheists, Idolaters, “HOMOSEXUALS” !
    & only “SODOMITES” are upset ??

    So ?? IMHO , Drunks, Fornicators, Thieves, Adulterers,Atheists, Idolaters, don’t care , what Israel Folau said ?? Only Sodomites are going ballistic about that comment ??

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