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Australia will be importing milk from China in 5 years because of corruption in the Murray-Darling basin says pastoralist Rob McBride

Australia’s food security is under siege with the Murray-Darling Basin water system rapidly heading towards collapse because of government corruption and mismanagement says pastoralist Rob McBride who runs the NSW property Tolarno Station. Mr McBride says that if the government doesn’t act fast to fix the problem Australia will be importing milk from China 5 years from now. With the number of dairy farmers leaving the industry at an ever-increasing rate that is a real possibility.

The interview with Rob McBride as per the below video is a real eye-opener. Some of the issues Rob raises and talks about are:

  1. The big lie of politicians blaming the drought for all the water shortages in the bush when in fact a lot of the problems are because of government corruption in their management of the Murray-Darling basin water system.
  2. Stand over tactics by officials of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan Authority when they threatened witnesses to falsify evidence at the South Australian Royal Commission into the Murray-Darling Basin Plan.
  3. Former NSW Water Minister Niall Blair telling Rob McBride that they are watching him and everything he does. Mr Blair resigned from parliament in October 2019.
  4. The destruction of the Menindee Lakes for no justifiable reason.
  5. Draining the Menindee Lakes twice in 4 years when it should have water flowing into the Darling River until 2023.
  6. 20 to 60 million fish will likely be dead before the deliberate government destruction is over.
  7. 600 Dairy farmers have left the industry in the last 12 months with 1 a week leaving currently.
  8. Dairy farmers previously paid about $30,000 a year for water but are now forced to pay $300,000 to $400,000 a year and that’s why they are going broke and leaving the industry
  9. The reason the federal and state politicians aren’t taking action to help the farmers is that they are looking after big corporates who want high water prices etc
  10. It is time for a federal Royal Commission to hold those responsible to account.
  11. ICAC is investigating but has done nothing so far.

The video interview with Rob McBride is below and a must-watch and very educational. It starts off with a short video Rob McBride filmed himself two weeks ago. then the interview with Rob. Then there is a short video of NSW State MP Helen Dalton who is the Member for Murray from the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party and farmer/irrigator Chris Brooks talking about water license corruption and how politicians don’t have to declare their water licenses.

At the very end, there is a video of Rob’s daughter Kate McBride talking about the government’s failures in relation to water management. Kate will be on QandA on Monday night (28/10/19) debating the water crisis with a panel which includes federal water minister David Littleproud.

Don’t ever again be fooled by the politicians telling you the drought is the cause of all the water shortage issues because that’s the big lie they want you to believe. They don’t want you to ask questions about the company’s making huge profits from selling water to desperate farmers. They don’t want you to ask questions about why water-intensive crops such as cotton and almonds are undermining the water system and other farmers. They don’t want you to ask who owns the water licenses and why the government is helping them to maximize their profits by ripping off the farmers.

In fact, the politicians don’t want you asking any questions and especially don’t ask David Littleproud about his wife’s cousin who has been charged with stealing $20 million linked to the Murray-Darling basin plan or ask Barnaby Joyce and Angus Taylor about $80 million watergate fraud and theft.

Rob McBride repeats the saying “You need a farmer 3 times a day” which is very true. A lot of people in Australia don’t really grasp how bad the crisis is and especially as far as food security is concerned. Its an issue everyone needs to start taking notice of before its too late.

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    Consider the situation in ARMIDALE NSW 2350 where the Armidale Regional Council (ARC) is selling water at a discounted price to the Guyra Tomato Farm to grow tomatoes for export and the profit of their shareholders living overseas.

    Presently the Guyra Tomato Farm is reported as taking about 780 ML of water PER DAY from Malpas Dam, the dedicated drinking water supply for residential Armidale through a pipeline for which the NSW LIarbral Nat$ misgovernment paid about $13 MILLION, including a spur line to Guyra Reservoir for Guyra residential use.

    Guyra town is reported as taking about 400ML of water PER DAY from Malpas Dam.
    Meanwhile, Armidale ratepayers are struggling on Level 5 water restrictions because ARC is unwilling or unable to resort to the Force Majeure clause in the original 15 year contract signed by Guyra Shire Council that is reported to still have about 3 years to run.

    It is speculated that the aspirations of some ARC councillors for a future and higher political career requiring funding from political patrons may influence this situation.


    Vote national$ get screwed.

    • Your units are wrong. They should be kilolitres, not megalitres. Sheesh, if the tomato farm and the town were using 1180ml a day the dam would be dry in 12 days.

  2. Only complete and utter fools believe Politicians.From the age of 15 years old i have known this. We need to end Federation and start again. It will happen in time.

    • I agree! Abolishing state govts would be a good start. Strengthen regions instead, for a check and balance with the fed. Govt

    • I agree..But I dont know one person in the public eye who is out there in Alt media(
      the MSM is corrupt) who can take on the Globalists… We need someone with balls like TRUMP!

      • Actually Ingrid, we ALL need to stand up and be counted. No one person can change the situation, it takes a majority of voters to email the government and our representatives, tell them hard and often that we, the people, have had a gut-full of their sell everything policies. Stop sucking up to the Chinese who have bought all our water rights and used them against our local producers. We need to bite the bullet, get our utilities back in Australian hands. Will it be tough.? Too flaming right it will be tough, but to survive, we must do the hard yard. It will take some years of suffering, but in the end we will again own the country we call home.
        I am writing messages to the gutless politicians but me alone will carry absolutely no weight.

  3. There would be a revolution by the citizens in many countries if this happened there.
    Too much apathy in Australia for that to happen, “Nah, she’ll be be right, mate” is still a predominant comment among Australians who get continuous clean water from household taps, have green lawns which they water and mow on a regular basis, clean themselves under a beach-side shower when living near a beach or go for a picnic in a large green-grass park under leafy trees near a bubbling stream.
    Add to this the huge, fresh, green golf courses all around Australia where thousands of individuals must have their regular ‘hit’.
    Let’s allow cattle to graze on suburban golf courses, nature strips, parks, and other ‘green’ areas to save the livelihoods of farmers’ facing decimation, then we would witness a plethora of protests and revolutions.
    For those who may not understand what a revolution entails:-
    “In political science, a revolution (Latin: revolutio, “a turn around”) is a fundamental and relatively sudden change in political power and political organization which occurs when the population revolts against the government, typically due to perceived oppression (political, social, economic) or political.”

    When will the news media constantly publish boundless reports of the facts?
    Answer — Never, whilst politicians and the media are involved in corrupt actions against all Australian citizens.

  4. As long as the National Liberals in power this will not change. Why would the Liberals agree to be investigated into there own criminal action? I understand that the farmers traditionally never vote Labor, hope you learned a terrible lesson. You have been watching, knowing this for years and still vote Liberal into power. Shame on you and shame on our government who we trust to look after us. The things happen now are criminal and no democracy. The government stopping media of telling as it is, stoping us from knowing what country purchasing land and they do this so we shut up, while some ministers working as advisors for Chinese companies. Shame on Australia.

    • Oh please, and you are trying to tell mr that 1 party is less guilty than the other? Gtfo, they are all just the same.

  5. There is absolutely not a drop in Northern Basin although there is plenty of water in the lower area’s of the basin and flowing out to see with environmental flows brimming which in turn could be used for town water, stock water and production of food and fibre.
    The words you are told are for their own good and not the good of the country.

    • Environmental flows are necessary to flush salt and other contaminants out of the system to keep it healthy for all users from plants, insects, fish, birds all the way to humans. The real problem in the system is over-extraction and wastage. By wastage I mean poor irrigation practices like dirt bottomed, open channels and stone age flood irrigation in upstream states.

      • Strange that you blame farmers for poor irrigation practices when they have been given zero allocation of water. If the environmental flows were that efficient why did millions of fish die in the now dry Menindee lakes? I think you need to do a little research, it won’t take much of your time.

  6. We aussies need a Citizen Initiated Referendum to sort these corrupt politicians out
    Should some person out there who knows how to get it started I’m sure that you would get a huge following I for one would be with you boots and all

    • I was thinking the same thing last night! We haven’t had a referendum since the bloody same sex marriage debacle. It cant get any further from democracy than were at now. Do it via FACE BOOK start up a group…Let me know.

  7. Scum Governments from all sides are rotten at every level. We vote the bastards to represent us and they do their own thing. Their own motives are averice greed, in this case at the expense of farming families and small communities. Hopefully gaol is on the horizon for these mongrels. Sooner or later these crooks will be brought to account.

  8. All water holders should be made to show how much water they own, where it’s sold to, price sold, and ALL Overseas owners should have their water rights taken of them ASAP, all politicians who own water must be made to show that fact and where it wa sold to. This cannot continue and stop all cotton and almonds and water must go back to farmers

  9. Well done to our government in destroying our country, when we should not have to emport anything at all, we were once able to grow and manufactured everything we needed and didn’t have to import a thing, now thanks to you the government you have crippled our country and sold it off to the Chinese and made sure our farmers and our manufacturing were disabled so we couldn’t produce anything now we have to import 2nd rate and inferior products at inflated prices too survive,(well done to our government)

  10. I have said many, many times on this and other forums, Australian utilities, Power, Gas, Water, Etc. MUST be owned by the Australian public. The jokes that call them selves politicians are totally anti-Australia. Water minister littleproud…… certainly has little to be proud about.

    • Littleproud, Taylor and Joyce are criminals. There needs to be an investigation into their bank accounts and where the money is coming from. This govt. is the most corrupt bunch of sociopaths in living memory.

  11. The traitors intentionally killing this great river system know it feeds several millions of people, through the exports of produce farmed throughout the massive arterial waterways.

    The darkness and evil within the corporate and all levels of government is at war with humanity.

  12. Time for a complete shake up of the current political system.. there needs to be a new system that works for the people, and governed by the people who are there for the good of all 🤔

  13. No wonder there is no national pride left in Australia, our once great nation has been systematically sold off to the highest bidders.
    We don’t even know who owns our most precious resources anymore, and the people who are supposed to be taking care of things for us are doing nothing but screwing us over!!

  14. The people of Australia need to rise up against the issues mentioned above. How do we start a national day/days of protest I do not know but something needs to be done before it is too late. We are the majority and need to unite and show the Government that we the people are not happy.

    • G’day Linda, I replied to Ingrid on the 23rd of Nov. To start with, write to your local member and cut no corners, get your friends to do likewise. I know how hard this is, I have written and asked family and friends to do likewise. The attitude is, “What good can I do.” With this attitude, people can do nothing.

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