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Capilano Honey CEO Ben McKee confirms Capilano has sold fake honey to the public

Lawyers for Capilano Honey and their CEO Ben McKee have taken legal action to conceal from the public what it says in their witness statements, that I published on this website, which they claim proves their honey isn’t poisonous or fake. So why don’t they want the public to see the witness statements if they prove how safe their honey is?

An interim court order, as per below, was issued for today (19/11/19) for me to take down an article that quoted from and had links to the witness statements of CEO Ben McKee and their lawyer Richard Keegan.

The court order does not stop me legally saying Capilano Honey sell fake and poisonous honey.

Capilano Honey Ltd v Dowling - Orders-1

Capilano Honey Ltd v Dowling - Orders-2

What Capilano and Mr McKee also didn’t want the public to see is the testing below which proves Capilano has been knowingly selling fake honey in Australia. But the testing was tendered in court today as part of the article Capilano Honey wanted taken down and Capilano’s lawyers didn’t challenge the test results accuracy or ask for a court order so I couldn’t publish it. Capilano have in effect confirmed the test results as being correct and that they have knowingly sold fake honey.

It is well known that Capilano’s honey has poisons such as glyphosate (Roundup), alkaloids and antibiotics in the honey they sell and Capilano has been running a SLAPP lawsuit against me for over 3 years to try and conceal it from the public.

Capilano Honey has been selling fake honey via their Allowrie brand, and likely other brands, for years. Capilano claimed in January 2019 that they would stop selling Allowrie but only a few months ago I had people tell me that they have still seen Allowrie on retailers’ shelves.

The debate we have to have

Whether honey and other foods are safe with all the poisons in use is a debate that everyone needs to have and that is what Capilano Honey has been trying to stop. Paul Hogan was on the ABC’s Australian Story program recently and he said when he did ads for Winfield smokes in the 1970’s doctors said smoking was good for you. Asbestos was widely in use then as well and we now know both kill people.

Ben McKee refused to sign an affidavit that requires the person to take the oath or affirmation when signing and if you lie in an affidavit it is the same as perjury. McKee would only sign a witness statement that has no credibility.

Capilano Honey and Ben McKee started suing me in October 2016 for injurious falsehood and defamation after I wrote about them suing Simon Mulvany in February 2016 for basically the same claim. Both matters are still before the court waiting for final hearings. For new readers, to this story, a good backgrounding to the legal matters is in this article I wrote in August titled “Capilano Honey is now selling fake Manuka Honey again risking the public’s health”. (Click here to read the article)

Simon Mulvany crowdfunded and paid to have testing done in Germany which is the same Laboratory that tested the Allowrie honey last year and found it was fake. The test is below and again says that the Alowrie Honey is “adulterated” which means fake honey.

Simon Mulvany filed the testing in the Supreme Court of Victoria and has also sent it to the ACCC and Capilano Honey. (Click here for a copy of the Affidavit)

Sample A05, Brand Name_ Allowrie, Product Name_ Allowrie Mixed Blossom (16)-1

Sample A05, Brand Name_ Allowrie, Product Name_ Allowrie Mixed Blossom (16)-2

I emailed Capilano Honey for a response to the test results and they just had a lawyer email the standard denial saying the testing isn’t accurate which carries no weight.

Ben McKee criticized the same testing last year when Capilano was caught selling fake Allowrie honey then a few days later he said Capilano would fund a “new test facility for honey in Australia that uses the same regime he criticized.” (Click here and here to read more)

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  1. You are correct NEC, natural honey does not ‘Go Off’, but when honey crystalises most Chines people do not like it, the same with many Aussies.
    We use honey direct from the bee farm which almost sticks to a spoon, Capilano/Allowrie honey flows from a spoon faster than golden syrup.
    I look at the bottled poison every time I am in a supermarket, and in the recent past Coles removed the Capilano product and now it is on the shelves again.
    As with many cheap products, those who buy Capilano (with the altered,misleading label, will use much more of it instead of spending a little more money on locally produce real, pure honey as sold in greengrocers and butchers shops.

  2. Why is there any preservative in Capilano Honey? SMH 261119 Column 8 p21 notes that “perfectly edible honeys found in a 3000-year-old Egyptian tomb”./

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