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Exclusive: President Donald Trump has paedophile protector Pastor Brian Houston at The White House

Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s good friend and mentor, paedophile protector and Hillsong Church Pastor Brian Houston, visited The White House and posted a video on his Instagram account, as per the video below, on Saturday the 7th of December 2019.

Houston, who is currently under investigation by the NSW Police for concealing his father’s sexual abuse of children, says in the video that he went into the Cabinet Room and Oval Office and prayed for the President.

While Brian Houston doesn’t say in the video that he met the President that is the impression given he says he prayed for him. It raises many questions and is a huge slap in the face by President Donald Trump for victims and survivors around the world.

It’s only a few months ago that Donald Trump’s advisors refused to have confessed paedophile protector Brian Houston in The White House so what has changed? Did the NSW Police clear Brian Houston? If so, why haven’t the NSW Police told the survivor who made the complaint?

(I have also uploaded a copy of the video to YouTube which you can watch by clicking here)

Brian Houston has confessed openly that he failed to report his father’s sexual abuse of children to the police and on the 28th of November 2019 I published the article titled “NSW Police refuse to deny PM Scott Morrison has interfered in the investigation into paedophile protector Brian Houston” and said:

“The NSW police are refusing to deny political interference by Prime Minister Scott Morrison in the police investigation of his good friend and mentor Brian Houston who is under investigation for concealing his father’s sexual abuse of children.” (Click here to read the article)

The article had the below video of Brian Houston confessing he didn’t go to the police even though he knew of his father’s crimes.

Brian Houston also published the two photos below on his Instagram page today (7/12/19).

Brian Houston White Houston one

Brian Houston White House Two

Some questions for Scott Morrison:

  1. Did Scott Morrison or the government know of Brian Houston’s visit to The White House?
  2. Did the police give Brian Houston a security clearance?
  3. Did the Australian government advise the US Government that Brian Houston is under investigation by the NSW police?
  4. Has Scott Morrison or the government spoken to the NSW police in regards to Brian Houston?
  5. Did Scott Morrison call the NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller and discuss the Brian Houston investigation as Morrison did with the Angus Taylor investigation?

Whatever the situation Brian Houston’s visit to The White House has lit a fuse that will again cause Scott Morrison more embarrassment. It seems to be a competition between Scott Morrison and Angus Taylor of who can embarrass the federal government the most.

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  1. Excellent work. Thank you for highlighting the low standards of our government and confirming yet again just how bad things are in relation to the abuse and paedophilia that has now snowballed world wide.
    I am so ashamed of the people in power it makes me sick to the core of my soul, but not nearly as much as the apathetic Australians who turn a blind eye to all of this like it’s not a problem shame on you all, justice will be served one day, but when we have pedo priests , pedo Judges , pedo police , pedo mp’s and pm’s who really is looking out for the children? I wonder and worry . The Journalist of the year should be you mate thanks for your efforts . Brian Houston Paedophile protector , perjurer and immoral coward , much the same, I believe, as Morrison .

  2. I don’t think there’s anything particularly unusual about predatory sex criminals in the Whitehouse, so this guy wouldn’t register a blip on the radar, such are the times we are fated to live in.

    Anyone remember Jeff Gannon?

  3. I suspect he’s pulling our chain, In the background there appears to be a set up for a presser of some sort, not necessarily for the POTUS. Also, do guided tours offer glimpses of the Cabinet Room and Oval Office?
    There is no suggestion that Houston was anywhere near the POTUS at anytime, let alone when he ‘prayed for him’.
    I call spin and BS on Houston. He may be in the White House grounds but I suspect he is relying on semantics and spin to give his presence greater import than it actually was.
    And given his history, would you believe him?

  4. And further to my previous comment, if Houston did meet with the POTUS, where is the pic?
    If Houston did pray with Trump, where is the pic?
    Surely Houston would post that on social media because hey, a pic with the President!!!!
    No, it’s spin and BS and Houston is guilty of both, just like his church.

  5. It must be a fact that the god in which they trust helps them get away with their corrupt actions and other dirty work.
    Meanwhile the innocent people of the ‘leaders’ countries who are affected by the said leader’s corruption and dictatorial, selfish attitudes toward those citizens does nothing for them to receive any form of care or assistance from anyone, anywhere.

  6. Are you sure it wasn’t just a Whitehouse visit without actually meeting with the president … are there such things as public tours?

  7. Brian Houston did meet the President along with many other religious leaders in the USA for the faith meeting. Here is a photo



    He was also in a group addressed by the Vice President


    You might ask why he was there. He wasn’t there representing Australia. No, he was there as Hillsong has a large presence in the USA.


    It operates as Hillsong USA and has a number of ministries. Houston’s son Ben runs the USA operations. Ben is recognised as Lead Pastor whereas Brian Houston is shown as Global Senior Pastor


    Apart from Hillsong USA’s ministries, Brian Houston could have also been there because of his close association with Sean Feucht, a pastor himself connected to Bethel Church and a Bethel music artist. Sean Feucht is a Republican candidate in California, and calls Houston “THE BOSS THE EAGLE THE LEGEND”


    Sean Feucht has a connection to Hillsong USA through his music arm

    I doubt if Morrison had a part to play in setting up this White House invitation.

  8. i dont believe he met the president or was invited by him…. else we would see a photo…. i think this is his way of covering the embarrassment of being rejected by the white house…. and as he was there to open another church… he played tourist

  9. There is no clear evidence indicating that Houston was in the White House, but even if he was, it doesn’t necessarily have any significance. Lots of people wrangle their way into places that make them look more important than they are, and the system is designed to keep them there if they are “useful idiots”. People who desire fame do so because their life has no purpose or meaning, and they believe media hype that suggests fame is a substitute.

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