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Burning down the house the Rupert Murdoch and Kerry Stokes way

Rupert Murdoch and News Corp have come under a lot of criticism over the last few months for pushing their propaganda and lies in relation to climate change for many years.  But for some reason, their partners in crime, Kerry Stokes and Seven West Media, have largely been left out of the conversation.

Make no mistake, Kerry Stokes and his mining company Seven Group don’t hesitate to lie and deceive the public as much as News Corp when it comes to climate change. Stokes has been making $millions for decades off his mining interests. Below is a picture from the homepage of the Seven Group website which says it all. (Click here to see their website) And people pushing renewable energy like wind farms and solar to reduce emissions are a threat to Stokes’ business interests so he uses his media, Seven West Media, to openly lie about climate change in an attempt to blur the issue so nothing is done.

Seven Group

The ABC’s Media Watch broadcast a fair and balanced story on Monday (3/2/20), which is below, about the propaganda and lies being told by News Corp via Murdoch’s puppets like Andrew Bolt in relation to climate change. But they totally missed Kerry Stokes and Seven West Media. Why? Maybe they are too scared of the lawsuits that Kerry Stokes uses regularly to silence critics.

A quick look at the Seven Group website will tell you that mining is their main game now especially after Kerry Stokes has run Seven West Media headfirst into the ground by keeping Tim Worner as CEO for an extra three years after the Amber Harrison sex, drug and fraud scandal was exposed in 2016.

Michael West News has just published an article on Kerry Stokes regarding his links to former WA Premier Richard Court which also touches on Stokes using his media to push his business interests and says:

While Stokes is publicly recognised first and foremost as a media mogul through his ownership of the Seven Network though  Seven West Media Limited, most of Stokes’ wealth is derived from mining, mining services and oil and gas interests. Indeed, the Seven Network only accounts for 8% of the Seven Group Holdings (SGH) assets by value.

The Seven Network is, however, a strong promoter of the views of the “quiet Australians” – Barnaby Joyce, Pauline Hanson, Prue MacSween, and Mark Latham – who appear regularly on its number one breakfast program, Sunrise. Their pro-mining views regular echo those of the network’s principal owners, the Stokes family. (Click here to read more)

A prime example is the video below of Seven’s Samantha Armytage interviewing Barnaby Joyce on the Sunrise show about the bushfires. In the video, Armytage talks a lot of garbage and at one point even tries to blame the fires on former NSW Premier Bob Carr. That really does nothing more than show how dumb Armytage regards her viewers and how dumb they must be to watch her given Bob Carr hasn’t been Premier since 2005.

The Liberal and Nationals have been in power in NSW since 2011 and federally since 2013 so if you want to blame someone it is them.

Both Armytage and Joyce are well-known compulsive liars, with Armytage recently losing a defamation case in regards to defaming aboriginals including children, and they are doing Kerry Stokes’ bidding by openly lying and deceiving on national TV pushing his propaganda and business interests.

The Australian public as a whole aren’t that stupid and the continual widespread criticism exposing the lies of Rupert Murdoch is having an effect with his media empire recording a big reduction in audience, both in the papers and online. The New Daily reported on Friday (7/2/20):

Audiences deserted Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp mastheads in 2019 with its tabloid tub-thumper The Daily Telegraph losing a massive 15.5 percent of its readership across both print and digital editions, according to research house Roy Morgan. (Click here to read more)

It’s one thing to lose readers of papers that are contracting worldwide but to lose online readers, which should be growing, like The Daily Telegraph has is very telling that people have had enough of the News Corp lies. When you have 10 or more so-called columnists like Andrew Bolt pushing the same lies and propaganda day in day out people get sick of it fast and that would be one of the main reasons why readers are leaving News Corp papers and their websites and going elsewhere for their news

It is also why there should be the same amount of exposure on Kerry Stokes’ and Seven’s lies and propaganda, so more people start to wake-up to what is really happening.

Should people or media who have a financial interest in arguing against renewable energy be taken seriously when debating climate change? And what if they have also been caught out lying time and again about anything thing and everything?

Australia has some major issues and we need to have an open and honest discussion about climate change with an emphasis on “honest” and not have the discussion polluted by the lies of Rupert Murdoch, News Corp, Kerry Stokes and Seven West Media. And we need other media to call them all out for their lies and not just focus on the lies of Murdoch and News Corp.

It’s also worth looking at the elephant in room that no media will discuss and that is the fact that thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people will leave Sydney if the weeks on end of smoke pollution keeps up in the future. The SMH reported:

Sydneysiders experienced 81 days of hazardous, very poor or poor air quality last year, more than the combined total for the previous 10 years, and health experts say new policies are needed for this unprecedented length of exposure to bushfire smoke.

Of those 81 days, 28 were classified as hazardous, the worst-possible level, another 21 were very poor and 32 were poor at one or more monitoring station in Sydney. (Click here to read more)

People with breathing problems like asthma aren’t going to want to live indoors a large part of the year and at some point, they will look to move if the problem continues year in year out as Prime Minister Scott Morrison has suggested will happen given he has called the bush fires “the new normal”.

And what about families with young children? Will they decide to move for a better life for their kids? I think so.

If and when people start moving from Sydney in big numbers more and more people will start having a real hard look at climate change and it’s effects. I lived in Sydney since 2000 until November last year and the worst it had ever been was a day here and there where there was smoke pollution, not the 80 odd days straight of smoke pollution.

I’m no expert on climate change but I am an expert on the lies that Stokes and Murdoch tell via their media as I have been watching them for years and especially Stokes since he unleashed his war of law against me in 2014. They need to be taken out of the discussion on climate change as they are misleading people with deliberate propaganda to benefit their business interests undermining the future of the whole country.

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  1. What strange responses from “Kathleen” and “bibifromoz” above. Shooting the messenger seems to be a national sport in Australia. I personally congratulate the author for the article, and really don’t understand why these two would be making personal attacks. Perhaps they have vested interests? Their comments are directed at the author of the article, not the content. Seems familiar?….It is, news corp and seven media are known globally for doing just that.

  2. Bushfires are part of Australia and our bush relies on them to regenerate. When the management changed from Aboriginals/graziers management to National parks the problem got worse. Over time without the correct burning our forests become thicker. Even a hot fire makes it thicker. This then leads to harsher bushfires. It goes like this. We get a drought followed by bushfires and than followed by flooding. Scott Morrison calling it the new Normal is wrong. If the National Parks don’t change there ways he will probably be right.

  3. Global warming, not climate change, this is a natural, fluctuating 24/7 phenomena needed by all creatures all over planet Earth and it is the Sun, nothing else which creates the changes of the Earth’s climate cycles.

    Carbon dioxide creation CO2 is necessary to sustain the life of plants = food = for animals = used for real food for humans, also trees have to absorb CO2 which is their ‘food’.
    Over 26 naturally occurring forces create the climate by interacting with each other.
    These are atmospheric conditions, clouds, rain, volcanoes, ice both sea and air, heat exchange, biosphere , oceans, rivers, lakes, land surfaces, orography, vegetation, ecosystems, glaciers, biochemistry, wind, terrestrial radiation, snow, high mountains, deep valleys and the ever-varying, powerful reactions of the sun.

    Living creatures including humans do not create reactions in any way, shape or form to cause continuous changes in Earth’s, climate.
    Anyone who believes in the greatest Climate/Warming con in the Western world do not have, nor have taken the time to understand that politicians, pretend scientists, protesters and other believers are supporting the huge income generated plot which makes more wealth for wealthy people.

    Understand one fact, even humans release deadly methane gas from their body waste outlet, and at the same time complain about useful CO2 while using many products which exude gases cooking, heating, most appliances and plastic, plastic, plastic.
    One day the sun will explode and destroy the Solar System, so all the clap-trap about Save Our Planet for future generations is a waste of words.

    Climate change as a description doesn’t have a meaning, atmospheric changes or cycles does have a meaning, due to the various gases, many natural which create our atmosphere and a climate, pick a country, hot, cold, wet, dry, humid relates to all the countries on Earth and the climates only change with the seasons.

    Saving lives, illegal drugs, paedophiles, rapists, murderers, currently from all the evil which is happening and caused by evil people should be first priority in the world, innocent people are being destroyed by nasty, un-natural humans who have no consideration for human lives, that is a real problem which needs to resolved, sooner than NOW.

    Climate cycles are not physically hurting innocent people so why has it become ‘more important’ now than
    ridding the world of evil people and killer viruses.
    Some human beings just ‘don’t understand what the real life priorities are,

  4. “One day the sun will explode and destroy the Solar System, so all the clap-trap about Save Our Planet for future generations is a waste of words.”

    – Will take about 7 billion years. Bet you’re fun at parties 🙂

    Good article. They should point out their mining links when writing pro-mining (climate-change denial) pieces.

  5. Climate change is 100% totally real. In Sydney, on Sat 1st Feb, the mercury hit 45 degs. Hot as Hades, and according to our trusted media, Australia was a raging inferno from Brisbane to Melbourne and far inland. The following Sat. 8th Feb,2020 it was a chilly 18 degrees. and pissing down. Flooding all along the east coast. Noah style flooding. Now that’s climate change. Pay your carbon taxes and shut up, Deniers. Tim Flannery, Al Gore and Mal Turnbull know better than you about climate change science. (sarc)

    Ya lost me Shane….

  6. Seven billionaire Kerry Stokes calls for climate calm amid bushfires

    “I don’t think that’s [climate change] the issue, is it?” Mr Stokes said when asked whether, in light of the bushfires, the government was doing enough on climate change. “First of all, you’ve got to have controlled burning,” he said.

    Read more:

  7. I agree with Jonte. It is more important to get rid of the evil scum than to tamper with Mother Nature. Too many people making big money out of scaremongering and might I add using vulnerable children to do their dirty work. These people are in the same categories as the sub humans Jonte mentioned. The sooner they are exposed the better off we will all be.

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