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Capilano confirm selling fake honey to Australian consumers in a legal settlement with Simon Mulvany

Capilano Honey and CEO Ben McKee have settled their injurious falsehood and defamation case which they instituted in February 2016 against beekeeper Simon Mulvany which I consider embarrassing for all the parties. Simon Mulvany has published the below statement on his Save The Bees Australia Facebook page which many of his supporters would find very disappointing and very strange given the circumstances.

Mr Mulvany apologizes to Hive and Wellness Australia Pty Ltd (formerly known as Capilano Honey Limited) when there is no logical basis to do so. The question that people will ask is what did Simon Mulvany get and/or give to agree to the settlement.

But there is no apology for accusing Capilano of selling fake honey which has to be taken as an admission by Capilano that they have sold fake honey. In fact, Capilano Honey sued Simon Mulvany and me but when they were accused of selling fake honey in September 2018 by the ABC and Fairfax Media they took no legal action but stopped selling their Allowrie Honey which had already been outed as fake imported Chinese honey.

Capilano Honey’s SLAPP lawsuits, driven by major shareholder Kerry Stokes, have been huge failures that have damaged the Capilano brand as they have at Stokes’s other company Seven West Media who announced another huge loss today. Seven have also been running numerous SLAPP Lawsuits against myself and others to conceal the corruption at Seven overseen by Stokes which is almost identical to what has happened at Capilano.

Capilano Honey makes no mention on their website that they have settled with Simon Mulvany. I wonder why? And no other media have reported it.

The matter was meant to go to final hearing in Supreme Court of Victoria in Melbourne for an estimated 15 days in March 2020 and Capilano Honey were due to file their evidence. It was obvious from the evidence that Capilano filed in my matter that they had a hope in hell of winning except for maybe relying on a corrupt judge.

In fact, Capilano’s own evidence of an affidavit by their CEO Ben McKee, which they say proved their honey was safe, was so embarrassing that when I published it on this website they ran off to court quick and got orders for me to take it down so the public couldn’t see it. That’s because it actually helped my case and would have helped Simon Mulvany’s case.

Capilano Honey’s and Ben McKee’s frivolous and vexatious injurious falsehood and defamation case which they instituted in October 2016 against me is still afoot and I wrote about their latest corrupt conduct in court a couple of days ago. (Click here to read more)

Simon Mulvany

Simon Mulvany

Below is the statement on Simon Mulvany’s Save The Bees Australia Facebook page which he posted on the 12/2/20 and he says will stay on his page until Wednesday the 26th of February 2020 and then removed.

Capilano Honey and Mulvany settlement 2

Simon Mulvany raised over $70,000 for legal fees and to have honey tested, which supported the previous 2018 testing that Capilano’s Allowrie branded honey was fake imported Chinese honey which they have stopped selling and then Mulvany  does a backflip and settles and apologizes a few weeks before the final hearing. I think Mulvany owed his supporters and the people who donated on the basis on him fighting Capilano more.

In an injurious falsehood case, which is basically a company suing for defamation, they need to prove what was said is false and Capilano Honey has never done that. So why did Mulvany apologize?

Capilano has never provided any testing to disprove the testing that says that Capilano’s Allowrie branded honey is fake so at the final hearing the court would have had to take it as being true and correct that it is and was fake honey.

Also, Channel Seven’s Today Tonight program broadcast unchallenged claims in 2008 and 2011 that Capilano Honey is selling polluted and poisonous honey.

Capilano Honey and major shareholder Kerry Stokes are in so much trouble they badly need judicial favours to try and win as per the below video where I say to Justice John Sackar:

“You’ve obviously been instructed to stitch this up today and that’s no surprise. You’re corrupt as and you’re rotten to the core, you’re an absolute grub. You’re not a judge you’re just a common criminal”.

(Click here to watch the full video in the previous article)

In May 2017 Capilano Honey’s barrister Sandy Dawson and lawyers and Simon Mulvany’s own barrister Kieren Smark tried to pressure Mulvany to settle the matter by signing a deed of release which required him to destroy evidence and not talk to me again even as a witness in their matter against me. (Click here to read more) So did Mulvany end up signing something similar this time? And has Mulvany been silenced forever?

There is a lot more I could say about this matter but given Capilano Honey’s and Ben McKee’s frivolous case against me is still afoot I’ll save further comment until another time.

One thing I won’t do is buckle or be silenced fighting for what is right because that gives companies like Capilano Honey and Kerry Stokes the green light to continue their corrupt practices which in this case is selling fake and poisonous honey to the Australian public.

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  1. Since I heard about it never bought that product again what I don’t understand is how this brand is still allowed to carry on business as usual

  2. Thank you for “One thing I won’t do is buckle or be silenced fighting for what is right because that gives companies like Capilano Honey and Kerry Stokes the green light to continue their corrupt practices…”

    You’re exactly right; WE are the ONLY thing standing between safe food and the corrupt capitalistic system that doesn’t give a flying fk if we live or die as long as they make a dollar.

    Thank you.

  3. I am so annoyed. i donated what little money I have to Simon Mulvany’s call to fund legal fees and he’s rolled over!!!!

  4. Well coming from WA most of us are aware of Stokes; even though he likes to think we live in the same place as him: ‘in the dark’.

  5. I have just read that Mulvany has settled with Stokes mob, money was collected to fight the case, is Mulvany giving the money back

  6. So disappointing!! I wonder how much $ he received? It never occurred to me that he would settle and receive funds, I just wanted justice to be served. So saddened by the corruption and greed.

  7. The standard operating procedure of Big Money is to offer you a carpet of gold or a carpet of bombs, thus destruction either way with no third space. Everyone has to decide in the end what they are prepared to lose or not lose.

  8. So disappointing! I was flabbergasted that Simon Mulvany actually withdrew his comments and virtually apologised…for telling the truth! Looks like it is all up to Shane Dowling and the Kangaroo Court of Australia! He won’t cave!

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