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Queensland copper Inspector Bruce Kuhn recorded trying to sweep NSW government corruption under the carpet

Below are 2 telephone recordings of Queensland police officer Inspector Bruce Kuhn lying, deceiving, ducking and weaving in relation to a complaint I made about officers at the Coolangatta police station refusing to take a complaint from me.

Inspector Kuhn was meant to investigate my complaint against the Coolangatta police officers and his lies are that blatant and obvious it is embarrassing and reminds me of the saying that it would be comical if it wasn’t so criminal.

The phone calls I had with Inspector Kuhn are only short but are a must-listen for everyone as you can hear for yourself a senior police officer refusing to do their job and then lying and deceiving to try to cover it up.

There are 2 main lies that Inspector Kuhn repeats a number of times. Firstly, that the reason the police officers at the Coolangatta station refused to take my complaint, which was about a harassing and threatening hoax phone call I received a few weeks ago, is because of my conduct after they refused to take my complaint.  Think about it, it’s ridiculous. How can my conduct after they refused to take my complaint then be the reason they refused to take my complaint?

Secondly, Inspector Kuhn said no crime had been committed in relation to the harassing and threatening hoax phone call, but he admitted he hadn’t listened to the phone call so how would he know.

After the first phone call, Inspector Kuhn realised he was in trouble with his lies and he phoned again the next day to try and fix the issue, but he only dug a bigger hole for himself.

Inspector Kuhn also tried to say that it was a NSW police matter even though the NSW police and Federal police said it was a Queensland police matter given I was in Queensland when I received the hoax phone call. Although the NSW police could still investigate the person impersonating a court staff member which they are meant to be doing now. (Click here to read more)

The police and other law enforcement agencies avoid investigating government corruption like the plague and that is why the Queensland police don’t want to know anything about it because the hoax phone call leads back to judges of the NSW Supreme Court.

I recorded the hoax phone call and published it in an article on the 29th of February titled “NSW Supreme Court call police to investigate threatening hoax phone call to journalist Shane Dowling“. In the article, you can also listen to Justice Francois Kunc refusing to answer questions about the hoax phone call which is disturbing given the call involved someone impersonating a court staff member and making threats to me on behalf of Justice Kunc. That points to Justice Kunc having knowledge of and/or involvement in the hoax call. (Click here to read more)

In the phone calls below, you will also hear that the police officers at the Coolangatta police station were considering charging me with disorderly conduct when I went back to the station to get their names so I could make a complaint about them refusing to take my complaint. 

The first phone call below from Inspector Bruce Kuhn was on the 19th of March 2020.

The second phone call below from Inspector Bruce Kuhn was on the 20th of March 2020. He knew his lies from the day before didn’t add up and he tried to fix the problem but only made it worse.

I will follow the above matter up with a further complaint higher up the ladder. This is a stock standard example of where the cover-up is worse than the original crime.

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      • Corruption within the QLD government and QLD Police is very real and increasingly prevalent your ability to take a senior member such as Bruce to task is to be commended, keep up the good work.

  1. Definitely a QLD Police matter and definitely serious. My mother received a late night phone call in the 1970’s from a former Liberal MHR, Juliane Beale, from Victoria which was abusive and foul mouthed swearing at my my father. Two detectives were subsequently sent to Melbourne to investigate and interviewed hotel staff (from where the incident occurred) and another witness. No charges were laid in this case. However, someone impersonating a court staff member is a serious crime and duly warrants prosecution.

  2. Yet another example of an unsuitable recruit who either bluffed their way into the Queensland Police Force or was gifted entry because the preferred social traits were obviously absent. Another reminder of Benito Duddo, the former Queensland policeman who inappropriately abused Aboriginal teenagers and retired a fortnight before being eligible for superannuation to avoid prosecution.

  3. The higher the rank of the officer involved, the more obvious that it’s an exclusive club and outsiders are not to be encouraged. Still, at least its not VicPol where complaining could well get you locked up because…well why not.

  4. 40 years ago, they warned me, don’t live in QLD, the most corrupted state in Australia. It seems nothing has changed.

  5. They didn’t take it any further because you hurt their sensitive little feelings. What happened to professionalism and remaining objective? You would think that they would do anything to stamp out corruption. Bloody incompetent. I’m glad I don’t live in Queensland and pay their wages.

  6. Listening to the tapes, it’s appalling that an Inspector is so Dumb ass. Typical and is easy that see why people think Australian are dumb. Police here, is only good when they find the body or when you cannot deny and have too much evidence of a crime. We are paying a machine it’s so inefficient, corrupt and politic curved to the whims of corrupted politicians. They exonerate the good cops of their duties. Just look at the History of Pedophiles in Australian. Once cover up after another, unless you donate millions to the political parties, then all is well. Look at Channel 7, look at Murdoch and the Judges in NSW.
    Shame on the Police force of Australia.

  7. If we want to stamp out corruption & organized crime, get rid of the police hierarchy & elect a new batch of politicians with a capped salary of $100,000pa & max term of four years with no possibility of re-election. Ban ex-politicians working as lobbyists or with companies affected by decisions they made as politicians. It’s that simple.

  8. Many times one hears or reads comments relating to travel in Indonesia, Colombia etc; that no way would they go to those counties due to the corrupt members of the police force.
    To the people who believe it also believe that Australian police force members are ;squeaky-clean.

  9. I was a Constable under his command once upon a time. I can tell you he is corrupt, he use to be drunk on duty all the time in Cape York.

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