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Prime Minister Scott Morrison introduces “Billionaire Keeper” after being bribed to push the Australian gas industry

Scott Morrison and Angus Taylor are preparing to use taxpayer funds to prop up dog investments in the gas industry and wherever Angus Taylor goes fraud and theft are always in the mix. One of the big beneficiaries will likely be Beach Energy which is 30% owned by corporate crook Kerry Stokes. Beach Energy in recent days has also received an extremely suspicious sweetheart deal from WA Premier Mark McGowan. 

Scott Morrison’s “Billionaire Keeper” fraud and theft scam

I published an article in June titled “Scott Morrison uses the COVID-19 crises as cover for government corruption” and that is becoming truer by the day. The government is pushing the gas industry hard as some sort of miracle cure for the economy as outlined below. But there are many billionaires with their hand-out for Scott Morrison’s “Billionaire Keeper” scam such as Kerry Stokes, Rupert Murdoch and Soliman Lew so the gas scam is not the only one.

Western Australia gas export ban – Except Waitsia that is backed by powerful media boss Kerry Stokes

Kerry Stokes has politicians jumping for him around the country and that’s why he keeps his media investment in Seven West Media which he uses to intimidate politicians. I’ll get back to Scott Morrison’s “Billionaire Keeper” scam in a minute but it is worth looking at the recent gas scandal in WA.

On the 17th of August 2020, Western Australia Premier Mark McGowan banned “the export of gas produced onshore in WA to other countries or states” “except for the Waitsia field that influential media proprietor Kerry Stokes has a significant interest in.” (Click here to read more)

Media Watch ran the below story on the gas ban and sweetheart deal for Kerry Stokes last Monday (24/8/20). They pointed out that Kerry Stokes’ Seven West Media, via Channel 7 and The West Australian newspaper, never mentioned Stokes’ conflict of interest. The video also goes on to point out that Seven’s Perth sports presenter Basil Zempilas is running for Perth Mayor and is getting favourable treatment from Kerry’s Seven West Media. If Basil Zempilas is elected Perth Mayor I understand he plans on keeping his Seven reporting job as well. How dodgy would that be?

In the above video, WA Premier Mark McGowan refused to say whether he had discussed the gas ban exemption for Beach Energy’s Waitsia field with Kerry Stokes prior to the announcement. Mr McGowan walked away from the press conference when the journalist pressed whether or not he had discussed it with Kerry Stokes.

It must be noted the Mark McGowan was recently caught lying about his involvement in helping Kerry Stokes and his wife gaining an exemption from the mandatory WA quarantine laws so he probably didn’t want to get caught lying again. (Click here to read more)

The SMH reported on the 20/8/20: Beach Energy oblivious to gas ban exemption until WA Premier’s announcement

Beach Energy says it was only made aware of the West Australian government’s plan to introduce a new gas export ban after Premier Mark McGowan announced it.

The new policy bans all onshore gas extracted in WA from being exported east or overseas, except for one project: the Beach Energy and Mitsui and Co Waitsia joint venture. (Click here to read more)

Of course Beach energy would say they knew nothing until the announcement but they didn’t say whether or not Kerry Stokes had discussed the issue with WA Premier Mark McGowan prior to the announcement.

Fraudster and thief Angus Taylor push the gas industry

There is not an ounce of doubt in my mind that Angus Taylor is funnelling bribes from the gas/mining industry into one of his many Cayman Island accounts just like he did with the $80 million Watergate fraud.

In the below video Angus Taylor was promoting the gas industry in parliament this week like he had skin in the game which I’m sure he does.

The SMH reported on the 27/8/20 “Taylor expands clean energy fund’s remit to fire up gas-led recovery”

Australia’s clean energy fund is being primed to pump up the Morrison government’s plans for a gas-led economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic, with proposed rule changes to fuel investment in gas power plants and infrastructure.

Energy and Emissions Reduction Minister Angus Taylor introduced a bill to Parliament on Thursday that would change laws that bar the Clean Energy Finance Corp from investing in conventional fossil fuels and remove a rule that prevents it from investing in loss-making projects. (Click here to read more

That right, they are changing the rules so the government can invest in “loss-making projects” in the gas industry. Once again it is the same as the $80 million Watergate fraud where Barnaby Joyce removed the need for tenders so he could corruptly spend the $80 million in Angus Taylor’s Cayman Island account with little oversight. 

Above shows that Kerry Stokes has the WA Premier in his hip pocket for his gas deals and he will likely soon have the new Perth Mayor in his hip pocket which will be helpful for Kerry Stokes’ property development deals, which made him his first millions, etc. And Stokes also gets the sweetheart deals from Prime Minister Scott Morrison which helps explain why Kerry Stokes keeps his investment in the loss-making Seven West Media.

Seven West Media announced it’s yearly results during the week with a $162 million loss and I Tweeted:

Is Seven bankrupt? Sure looks that way: “Underlining Seven’s difficult financial situation, the company revealed that at the end of the financial year it owed $236m more to creditors than it owned in assets” (Click here to read more)

Cricky reported the obvious:

Channel Seven is a zombie — controlled by banks and running out of time

It’s hard to spin a 14% drop in revenue, write-downs, weak ratings, poor programs, and a 20% chop in staff numbers.

Forget all the talk from Seven West Media about how it is transforming itself. Focus instead on details buried in its profit report and annual accounts released on Tuesday.

When you do, you’ll realise the country’s number two free-to-air TV group is a zombie business sliding to irrelevance as the legacy media sector faces another year of weak revenues and fickle viewers.

The accounts reveal that for all intents and purposes it isn’t controlled by its 40% owner Kerry Stokes’ Seven Group Holdings, or other shareholders, but by its banks led by ANZ. (Click here to read more)

Kerry Stokes controls Seven West Media and its media assets such as Channel 7 and The West Australian newspaper by owning 40% of Seven West Media shares via the parent company Seven Group.

Kerry Stokes doesn’t really care if Seven West Media makes a profit because the real benefit as he sees it is the power it gives him over the politicians which enables him to get better deals for his other businesses. I’ll be having a closer look at how Kerry Stokes abuses his power over government in the next couple of weeks and it gets a lot worse.

But for now, when the government mentions the gas led recovery what they really mean is the “Billionaire Keeper” fraud scam they are trying to get away with. 

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  1. Just shows ALP as corrupt as LNP, mates in jobs double dipping, as in WA Governor appointee Beazley, federal Parliament pension topped up by WA tax payers, if an aged pensenioner earned a few extra dollar they are penalized by Centrelink, double standards to the extreme…

    • Absolutely right, Toby Clarke, they’re all in it together. You’ve only got to look at what happened in federal parliament, when an inquiry was called for by the 4 independents, into the wealthy gambler visa scandal at Crown Casino. Labor all crossed the floor and voted against it, leaving the 4 independents to vote in favour.

      • The Lib Lab Lawyer Party who refuse to hold the nations 74,000 lawyers to account.

  2. always is the same horse ridden by a different jockey and still the race is rigged to only benefit a few at the top,nothing changes at all except the colours of the jockey,Scummo and company have past history for FRAUD and THEFT and leopards do not change their spots at all,brown paper bags aplenty to all Gov’t players local state and federal

  3. Hopefully the day will soon come when all people who live in Australia realise the nation is ruled by a lawyer run piracy that exploits the Australian Environment. As I am part of this environment I am not too happy about the likes of Angus Taylor exploiting me particularly when he ejects methane from his mouth by utilizing his sophist lawyer skills of deception by telling us it is a clean form of energy.

    When you run a pig farm with the purpose of breeding pigs there will always be your prize porkers, just like Kerry Stokes.

  4. Meanwhile the Australian Commonwealth Governor General has not made any mention about the turbulence of lies and deception that underlay the Scomo political agenda and his improper governance of our nation, to the notice of our Federal Governor General, his excellency General the honorable David Hurley AC DSC.

    The Governor General having been appointed as recently as July 2019… has not said boo to a goose about the blatant failure of the L/NP coalition party to govern in accordance with Australia’s Commonwealth Constitution Act 1900.
    The Commonwealth Constitution states that the government in leadership is must govern in the best interests of the people of Australia.

    So essentially there is no Australian government Authority to hold this anti-the-people-leadership government to account for their largesse (Federal aid and financial grants to Kerry Stokes) extended to prop up the the piss-poor performance in everything that Kerry Stokes has failed to bludgeon into shape across Australia.
    This man Kerry Stokes should already be in jail by his actions to pervert the cause of justice here in Australia.

    • Williambtn.
      You have not got a hope in Hades to expect Labor/L/NP/Greens or any other elected government to comply with Australia’s Commonwealth Constitution Act 1900.
      What should be done to force Public Servants to prioritise serving the citizens of Australia will not happen unless you and others of your ilk have a suggestion or authority in mind who WILL create the changes needed.
      “The Commonwealth Constitution states that the government in leadership is must govern in the best interests of the people of Australia.”
      As it is stated, and in a truthful Democratic government it possibly happens, but not in Australia, nearly all politicians have other plans.
      At least KCoA make people aware of ongoing corrupt political and other individuals’ corrupt activities, otherwise the news media wold never report them.

  5. How long has it been since Australia had a decent Prime Minister that is not ripping off the average taxpayer with all of their corruption and lies? We do need to have an Australian government authority to hold all of them accountable but who is going to start this with so much corruption in our systems?

    • I think Ben Chifley was the last decent Prime Minister and no I’m not a Labor voter but he got the Pension up and running and it was a great scheme that paid for itself until Menzies came along and stole half of it and the next Labor government stole the rst that’s why pensioners live at 3rd World subsistence levels these days.

  6. It is a good time to pause and reflect on the sorry state to which our potentially wonderful Nation has fallen. Our mediocre, corrupt political class has deliberately moved far from the simple objectives included and implied in our first Australian Constitution.

    Fortunately that first National Constitution (Rule Book) retains the means to lift our nation from the hands of self-serving politicians, political parties and sundry self-interest groupings, none of whom have any lawful standing. Since Federation the States have openly sought to subvert some of the aims of the Constitution.

    In the absence of any updated Constitution of the Commonwealth (of Australia) the original Constitution requires that the people of Australia elect Representatives to the Parliament for the purpose of preparing legislation which once passed by parliament shall have the force of Law (Rule of Law).

    Every wage and salary earner has an employer. In the case of all members of the Houses of Parliament the employers are the contributors to the Public Purse (the Taxpayers).

    Our PMs since Bob Menzies have all been millionaires after leaving Parliament. Only a few independently wealthy wannabe politicians bother to enter Parliament and suffer a salary drop. However a large number of Party faithful have managed to become millionaires during a term as Minister or very soon after. None are altruistic and happy to accept politics as a means to serve the people. Many who fail as MPs and lose their seat are given second chances and sinecures, some for life.

    In the non-government world where good performance is the key to success, good employers counsel employees about good performance and advise on areas for improvement.

    Sadly in politics there are no position descriptions for MPs nor yardsticks to allow this counselling. Political Parties have usurped the people’s control of the MPs they employ and enforced loyalty to the Party that overrides loyalty to People.

    I look forward to the altruists remaining in politics to step up and be counted. Tell your party that you will show loyalty to your electors and not the Party Dollar. The first party that does this will be the winner for a long time to come.

  7. It does not matter who is in power as they are all the same. Only after the one thing money, power and how well they can rip off the average taxpayer. I am so disappointed in the whole system. Shame there is not a group of people who can stand up to all of them and change this system.

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