Attorney-General Christian Porter

Christian Porter to be charged with the rape of Katharine Thornton in a private prosecution led by an experienced legal team

Christian Porter will be charged with rape in the not too distant future by an experienced legal team that has been assembled to institute a private prosecution. The legal team was announced today as “Experienced criminal barrister Mark Higgins will be the lead prosecutor. Vania Holt, assisted by Eric Zhang, will be the solicitors and former senior sex crimes detective Susan Campbell will be our investigator”. 

The team has been assembled by Victor Kline who is a barrister and leader of the new political party The New Liberals. Mr Kline first announced that he intended to go after Porter in court when he put the below message on Twitter on Sunday (27/6/21):

From a previous Tweet I saw, it looks like Mr Kline and the others are doing the private prosecution pro bono (free of charge) and they are not raising any money for it.

In private prosecutions, the Director of Public Prosecutions can do one of three things:

  1. They can do nothing and let the private prosecution take its course.
  2. They can legally take over the case and prosecute it themselves.  
  3. They can legally take over the case and withdraw the charge.

Given the matter will be instituted in NSW and given there is a Liberal Party Premier in NSW there will be pressure for the NSW Director of Public Prosecutions to take over the case and withdraw the charge. But if they did that there will be an uproar by many voters especially after the NSW Police deliberately put the go slow routine on Katharine Thornton’s complaint against Porter and did what they could to sweep it under the carpet.

Victor Kline’s private prosection will draw some criticism but given no one else was planning on doing much he should at least be supported in trying and if he can get it to court in any shape or form that itself would be a victory.

I do not support any political party but I do try and give new political parties a mention when appropriate and Mr Kline spends a fair bit of time pushing his party on Twitter at @victorklineTNL and he published a video on Twitter as per below:

Further information is on their website here: The New Liberals

The private prosecution against Porter is only starting but I will keep a close eye on it and see where it ends up.

Private prosecutions are the way forward 

I instituted 2 contempt proceedings in 2019, one against Capilano Honey and one against Kerry Stokes but they were both summarily dismissed by Justice Clifton Hoeben who lied and said I needed leave of the court to file them. He said I would have to file a separate summons, which was another lie, and it would also be a private prosecution if I do it in the future. (Click here to read more)

Private prosecutions are what the public needs to start doing against dodgy politicians and I have thought about it many times over the years and if Victor Kline can get the ball rolling against Porter then a new weapon against corrupt and criminal politicians is not far away.

Imagine if other MP’s such as Angus Taylor, Barnaby Joyce and Bridget McKenzie etc. were hit with private prosecutions. They would have heart attacks and it would help really shine the light on government corruption. 

Porter v ABC hearing on the 9th of July – Update – Suppression orders and an attempt to have documents removed from the court file 

The ABC was going to sit on the sideline and not put any arguments forward for the hearing on the 9th of July where Christian Porter wants various documents removed from the court file. But Porter’s lawyers have attempted to rewrite the truth which has forced the ABC to make submissions, which I read today, to correct Porter’s lies.

I wrote about Porter’s lies in his submissions a few days ago where I published my submissions (Click here to read more) and I also came to the conclusion that Porter’s lawyers were trying to abuse the system. But that will come to a head next week. I will be attending the hearing on the 9th by video link and I believe it will be broadcast live on the internet.

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  1. Most interesting, see if NSW DPP can stop the proceedings?
    Alas, don’t have much confidence in NSW judiciary should it proceed.

  2. Your thoughts on private prosecutions is the most sane thing I’ve heard in a very long time. And I agree with you. The mongrels certainly won’t punish themselves; it’s up to the people now.

  3. Private prosecutions are definitely the way forward unfortunately most can’t afford justice.

  4. All the statutory law courts are totally controlled and corrupted. You cannot play “their” rigged game and win. (Options 2 and 3 above prove it – they can take over the case and dismiss or sabotage it.) People need to rediscover the highest laws in the land – common law – get involved, set up assemblies and courts, and then prosecute and hold accountable all those criminals. THE PEOPLE are the ultimate power in this country, NOT the criminal political party corporate structures.

    It’s high time we took back our inalienable rights and powers from these criminals and use it against those traitors.

    • Your solution is not viable. A self-appointed “people’s court” would be shut down the first time they try to issue charges or subpoenas. Both would be contested in regular courts and rejected on the basis that “people’s courts” have no legal standing to operate and that regular courts are available. You might try to force the idea by an appeal to the High Court but with similar negative outcomes. Reform of the current system is the only option.

  5. Whoa! This will be interesting. Really, a failure all round from the Federal Government to the NSW Police and we still haven’t heard from the SA Coroner?

  6. I am hoping that it will not be a trial by judge alone as that will be stacked against Mr. Victor Kline.

    As for Mr. Kline and the New Liberals, I would suggest they have ‘standing’ to pursue the case matter involving Christian Porter.

    Also you are well on the journey to becoming a news media platform of “considerable ethical standing.”
    I wish you success at every twist and bend encountered during your journey.

    If this matter is declined by NSW DPP, then subject to the response by The New Liberals, otherwise a go-fund-me-page seeking financial support is a possible means for you to press for that person’s litigation via a Civil Court action.

  7. I have been wondering where the SA Coroner is up to in the Inquest process. Last I heard the SA Police had been asked to gather evidence for the Inquest.

  8. Wow best news I have heard for awhile. Thanks MR. Kline Besides Shane who reports fact and truth, there has not been anyone to stand up and say enough.There are allot of people who say there bit, but have no authority or pull to get out to the public to be heard, and if MR. Kline and Shane are all that we have for the moment, we who believe in truth and Justice should stand behind these blokes so they can get out there and have a voice for us all.

  9. I recall at the time the story broke that the NSW Police said they could not proceed with the rape charge after Kate killed herself? They said she had to be available to be cross examined. How does a private prosecution get around this, or were they not telling the truth?

  10. “But if they did that there will be an uproar by many voters especially after the NSW Police deliberately put the go slow routine on Katharine Thornton’s complaint against Porter and did what they could to sweep it under the carpet.”

    The dossier stated that they were unable to travel to SA due to COVID-19 restrictions, but this didn’t stop them setting up a video link with Thornton and getting her to digitally sign her statement.

  11. I’m sorry. To use “NSW police” and “truth” in the same sentence, specifically on this matter, is really stretching the imagination. This element of the investigation must be tested. Perhaps it would be better if the NSW Commissioner develop a Truth App. Best we have a Royal Commission with far reaching terms of reference into the complete debacle that is the Investigation into the alleged rape of KT by Christian Porter. If Julia Gillard can be exhaustively questioned about a house renovation, surely there should be extensive questioning of the alleged crime and also of the processes that took place, subsequent to the alleged rape of KT by Christian Porter. This is my honest opinion.

  12. Has a private prosecution ever succeeded in this country? IE: complete trial process to reach a verdict.

  13. Justice for Kate! Read the Porter Dossier and statements from the time and since. This was a 16 year old virgin with brilliant potential – brutally raped in the most vile way, with deliberate methods to cover up put into place. Her life was ruined by a pompous, selfish, coward of a man who has abused the power he has been entrusted with many times over. Now she is dead after desperately vying for justice and validation, with every means used to silence her. Courageous doesn’t even begin to describe her brave battle to bring out the truth. Her legacy and fight for justice must continue, and though she may not be here to see the final result, it’s the least we can do in her honour and memory.
    Truth and justice must prevail in the ‘Australian’ way. Thank you to those leading the way. The question is, ‘How will the powerful, biased and LNP supporting, Murdoch Media handle the reporting?’ Just another hurdle to tackle in the future fight for democracy!

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