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Federal MP Andrew Laming threatens journalist Shane Dowling with defamation after article naming Laming as an “online stalker and alleged sexual predator”

Federal MP Andrew Laming implied he would sue me for defamation on Friday night (13/8/21) in relation to an article I published Thursday morning (12/8/21) where I called him an “online stalker and alleged sexual predator”. Laming made the threat via Twitter, which is rather unusual, and he demanded a right of reply or for me to delete the article. The article is still up, and he has gone missing regarding a right of reply which I told him I would publish.

In the last couple of months Laming has been using a lawyer, Rebekah Giles who also represents Christian Porter, to threaten and intimidate journalists and politicians and most have buckled because of a technicality. Laming didn’t take an upskirt picture of a female he didn’t know which is what the journalists and politicians he threatened said. What he did do was take a picture of her bending over with her underwear showing which meant they were likely to lose a defamation case if it went to court. So, the journalists and politicians apologised.

The SMH reported on the 28/6/21 in an article titled “Federal Liberal MP Andrew Laming threatens 10 MPs and journalists with legal action”:

Federal Liberal MP Andrew Laming has threatened defamation action against at least ten journalists and politicians and is suing ABC journalist Louise Milligan, over tweets and comments that alleged he had taken an “upskirting” photo of a woman who was bending over.

The legal blitz by Dr Laming’s lawyers has prompted a flurry of written retractions and apologies, issued over Twitter in recent weeks, including from Labor Senator Murray Watt, Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young, former independent Senator Derryn Hinch, Queensland Labor MP Don Brown, and Chaser-owned website The Shot.

Labor Senator Kristina Keneally deleted a tweet after she received a concerns notice from Ms Giles, but has not apologised publicly.

Journalist and author Georgie Dent, represented by Marque Lawyers partner Michael Bradley, has also deleted a post but not apologised since being contacted by Ms Giles.

Nine, which owns this masthead, has also received concerns notice from Dr Laming’s lawyers in connection with its reporting of the allegations against him, but no apology has been issued. (Click here to read more) Laming apparently sent legal threats to numerous others as well.

Laming has no legal basis to threaten me with defamation proceedings which might account for why he did not send a letter from his lawyer Rebekah Giles but instead sent me a public message on Twitter as per below which was an attempt to intimidate me.

The August 12 article Laming complains about above in his Tweet is titled “Confessed online stalker and alleged sexual predator Andrew Laming MP wins $79,000 defamation payout after sticking his snout in the taxpayer’s trough again” and starts off:

Federal MP Andrew Laming, who is one of the biggest grubs in parliament, has settled his defamation lawsuit against ABC journalist Louise Milligan for $79,000 plus costs which will be paid by the ABC. For Laming to be sticking his snout into the taxpayer’s trough again is scandalous but Louise Milligan also has issues regarding her use of Twitter which I have written about in the last 2 articles.

It is interesting that Andrew Laming has not sued, or even threatened to sue, any of the numerous women who have made very serious allegations against him. He has only gone after the journalists with frivolous and vexatious threats and he struck it lucky with the ABC who implied they settled to save costs. (Click here to read the article)

I responded to Laming’s message on Twitter as per below:

I sent a Laming a follow up message on Saturday (14/8/21) as per below:

Laming was talking tough on Friday night but has not reponded to my offer to publish a response from him. That is how bullies normally operate. They are good at making threats but when asked to back them up they run. 

Andrew Laming and Crystal White

Andrew Laming and Crystal White

Crystal White is the lady who made a complaint to the police about Laming taking a “picture of her bottom on his mobile phone in 2019, while her underwear was exposed as she bent down and filled a fridge with drinks at a landscape supplies business in Brisbane.” (Click here to read more) Laming was never charged by the police. It is interesting that Laming has never sued Crystal White for defamation but he sued Louise Milligan and threatened to sue many others. 

Standing up to Laming and reporting the truth is not just important for the numerous people he has bullied and abused but also because of the clayton’s defamation win he had against Louise Milligan on a technicality which I suspect he will use to try to intimidate others.

Laming’s reputation has been trashed not by the media but by himself over many years. In the last article I wrote I pointed out that many articles can be found on the internet with different allegations against Laming such as Laming’s Facebook messages making a woman suicidal, Laming making a 10-year-old-girl cry and Crystal White’s police complaint and there are many more people who have complained about Laming.

Laming’s conduct and alleged conduct, almost entirely against women, forced him to announce that he would not be running again at the next election and he was forced to take sick leave and do empathy training. Seems like the empathy training didn’t achieve much.

I stand by my last article, which Andrew Laming complained about on Twitter, as being a true and fair report and I doubt very much I will be hearing from Laming again but if I do, I won’t be buckling.

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  1. Definitely time to redraw Defamation laws in Australia.
    Next time I’m due my eye checks, know of one person I won’t be seeking medical advice from.

  2. I read elsewhere that Laming threatens the media with legal action, but has never threatened those who actually suffered his ministrations have. I don’t know why. Perhaps they have been threatened too with all sorts of retribution if they say anything. In any case, he seems a nasty piece of work, and when he leaves Parliament, I know it will improve the place. Could someome enlightem me as to precisely what Laming has done for the Australian people in his time as an MP, or like so many in the L/NP, is he just another timeserver, wastrel and glib talker with his snout in the trough?

  3. Laming definitely is not fit for office. His legal pursuit of those that might be easy money for him is an indication of the quality of the man. There are more than sufficient numbers of people who have registered complaints about his behaviour that must be responded to. Any organisation and leadership worth it’s salt would be taking action on such serious complaints against one of its members. It appears that little has happened within the LNP that would amount to a satisfactory response.

  4. Shane. No offence meant but I thought you had very little money.
    What does Laming hope to achieve?
    You will represent yourself in court and are unable to pay damages or costs if he wins.
    Pyrrhic victory comes to mind.

  5. Laming is scum, a wierdo and caught doing what he has probably done on many occassions, and now by attacking other individuals who are aware of his actions is a definite proof of guilt.

  6. Push comes to shove everyone of us who value truth telling by independent journalists will put our hands in our (small-scale) pockets to help you out, KCA. Thanks for all you do!!

  7. Seams like the federal government has only one solicitor, apart from that ABC is as crooked as the government.Would like to know why they really paid out, as the excuse is rather lame.
    Thanks KCA for all your hard work.

  8. So much for the political party that after it was elected 8 years ago, argued over and over again for free speech, even for bigots !

    It’s been clear ever since that acceptance of free speech is only for one side of the equation.

  9. Seems that LNP politicians have been learning from the SLAPP lawsuits used by their donors to prevent discussion of their dodgy practices. The ABC is in part hampered by the model litigation clause and that has been exploited by a few politicians now, but it looks like KCA will be following a different path. More power to your arm Shane. I’d say ‘Keep the bastards honest’ but it is way too late for that now.

  10. So taking a photo of a woman bending over showing her underwear without her consent is okay with the law.
    Try going to a public beach and taking shots across an area where people are sunbathing and see how far you get.
    The police are as weak as piss. The fact that this grub wasn’t charged gives a clear run to any perfvert wanting to take advantage of women and children in a compromise position. The whole thing stinks.

  11. Andrew Laming, Bill Shorten, Angus Taylor, Malcolm Turnbull, and the list goes on. I wish I could afford to hire the shonky lawyers that get them off. But then I am an honest citizen, not a crook, so I won’t need them.

  12. There seems to be an abundance of SLAPP suits being brought by politicians lately in an effort to silence negative opinions about them. It’s a worrying move for our democracy.

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