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Gladys Berejiklian’s barrister flags going the nuclear option and start naming all NSW politicians who have had undeclared “intimate personal relationships”

Gladys Berejiklian’s barrister Sophie Callan, SC, flagged at the NSW ICAC on Monday (25/10/21) that they will be going the nuclear option and start naming all NSW politicians who have had undeclared “intimate personal relationships”, in a blatant attempt to use the “they did it too” defence, so Gladys Berejiklian’s secret relationship with corrupt former MP Daryl Maguire doesn’t look so bad.

Former NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro was on the witness stand at ICAC on Monday and Sophie Callan, SC, didn’t hold back and repeatedly asked Mr Barilaro whether he had declared all “intimate personal relationships” while he was an MP. Mr Barilaro didn’t do himself any favours by ducking and weaving and failing to give a straight answer to the question even though he was asked multiple times as per the below video.

I previously raised John Barilaro’s alleged numerous affairs when he resigned in the article I published on the 5th of October 2021 titled “The real reasons NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro resigned: Fraud, theft, abuse of power and numerous alleged affairs”. (Click here to read the article)

John Barilaro’s week will likely go from bad to worse as per the below video where I pointed out that John Barilaro will be in the witness stand at ICAC on Monday, at mediation for his defamation case against Friendlyjordies in the Federal Court on Tuesday & Barilaro’s former staffer, Siobhan Hamblin, will be in the Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday for non-compliance with a subpoena and she is also facing a possible contempt charge.

So, rumours about John Barilaro and female staffers and others are no secret and as I say in the above video there are 2 main benefits for Gladys Berejiklian if she names John Barilaro and possibly other MP’s having undeclared intimate personal relationships. Firstly, Gladys doesn’t look as bad for concealing her relationship with former MP Daryl Maguire if others have done similar.

And secondly, all the witnesses have so far said that Gladys Berejiklian should have declared her relationship with Daryl Maguire and that they would have acted differently in awarding the $5.5 million grant if they had known. But if it can be proven they knew about other conflicts of interests involving others such as John Barilaro having relationships with staffers, and they took no action then their credibility as a witness against Gladys Berejiklian is greatly damaged.

As it stands Gladys Berejiklian has no friends in the Liberal Party and National Party as politicians and staffers from both parties have lined up at ICAC, last week and this week, to throw her under a bus so she has nothing to lose by going the nuclear option and naming other MP’s who have had affairs and failed to declare the affairs when there has been a conflict of interest.

I said in the previous article on this matter:

Gladys Berejiklian’s scandalous defence, which her barrister has been pushing at the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) during the week, that she did not act corruptly in awarding a $5.5 million grant for the electorate of her former secret boyfriend Daryl Maguire, Wagga Wagga, because she was only pork-barrelling has come unstuck by a smoking gun memo.

ICAC are investigating $35.5 million in grants, including $5.5 million issued to the Australian Clay Target Association, that Gladys Berejiklian approved for the seat of her secret boyfriend Daryl Maguire (Wagga Wagga) when she was treasurer before becoming premier in January 2017. (Click here to read the article)

Naming other politicians, or at least John Barilaro, who have had affairs looks like it will be part of the overall defence strategy and with Gladys Berejiklian due on the witness stand on Friday (29/10/21) and Monday (1/11/21) we don’t have long before we find out for sure.

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  1. Oh dear . That’s the formula for cabinet solidarity is it? (or is it witness intimidation now ) What did Glad know and how has she used it? A scorned woman digs deeper. What an insightful year this is becoming.

  2. She’ s not appearing for having a boyfriend, she’s appearing because she may have known what he was up to with his own corruption, and she either shut up about it, or aided him in the process with the tax payer funded grants that many others have said did not pass the worthiness test. That’s where the potential corruption would lie.

    This just seems like a way for Gladys of putting duress on others so they might not reveal the full details – there is a name for that too.

    I think ICAC will be well and truly smart enough to see through this obvious ploy.

    Let it rip anyway, and who cares if she exposes more dubious players on the way. I hope it digs a furrow all the way to the federal Liberals too.

    What also amazes me is that Daryl was also running his own business from his office NSW parliament involving introductions for Chinese businessmen with links to the CPC. It is amazing that this has never come up given what happened to Shaoquett Moselmane. (But then he is from Labor).

  3. I thought Sophie Callan did a bad job in cross-examining John Barilaro.
    She should have persisted in asking him if he had declared all of his intimate relationships.
    We can draw an inference from his cagey non-answers but it would have been better to get him to confess under oath.

  4. My beef with Berejiklian is that she has always publicly maintained she is a person of integrity and yet for FIVE years she consensually with Daryl cheated on Margaret Maguire, the Maguire family, cheated on her colleagues, staff, parliament, the public and her very Christian Armenian community. Integrity? She’s blown that as a defense and her 5 years of very calculated deception leaves her immorally open to acting against the public trust.

    • You have missed the point completely …

      Let’s not forget ALL the aspects of the program of investigation, ridicule and obsession thrown at Julia Gillard during her time and tenure as PM and the Trade Union Royal Commission. Suggest you go back and watch some videos of the RC and JG misogyny speech.

      Also pull up some of the front pages of murdochs papers during that period of time = day after day – week after week … month after month.

  5. Others have noted that I seem to be exhibiting a quiet smile on my face. These next few days will be very interesting indeed. I have so far been enthralled with the proceedings. Popcorn … ready. Drinks … ready.

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