Prime Minister Scott Morrison

Scott Morrison. How he hides the truth to hide his lies and crimes

Scott Morrison and his government, in one day, Wednesday the 17th of November 2021, have been exposed for concealing the truth about his sacking at Tourism Australia in 2006, concealing the truth about what his office knew about rape allegations against Brittany Higgins and undermining a key witness at the Royal Commission into Defence and Veteran Suicide.

I started this article with a focus on what Scott Morrison does behind the scenes on numerous fronts to hide the truth about his lies and crimes and that is still the main focus but the short video below is a must watch as it is a real eye opener as Julie-Ann Finney describes the Scott Morrison spin and Josh Frydenberg bullying she experienced first-hand. For those who don’t know Julie-Ann Finney she is one the key driving forces behind the Royal Commission into Defence and Veteran Suicide. (Click here to visit the Royal Commission’s website)

The SBS reported in April 2021:

The mother who spearheaded a national campaign on behalf of her late son says the fight for change is not over despite the government’s announcement of a royal commission into veteran suicides.

Julie-Ann Finney’s son David took his own life in 2019 after a two decade career with the Royal Australian Navy.

Since then, Ms Finney has fought for a royal commission on his behalf and for hundreds of other Australian veterans who have died by suicide. (Click here to read more)

Julie-Ann Finney tweeted on the 17/11/21:

I spoke to Julie-Ann Finney today, Wednesday the 17th of November 2021, and she said she had major concerns with the way the Royal Commission was set up and was worried it would not dig deep enough to get to the truth. She said she will give evidence at the Royal Commission on the 29th of November, but she will only get her son’s records either after she gives evidence or maybe a few days before, so she won’t be able to properly prepare, even though she has been trying to get her son’s records for 2 years.

In recent days Julie-Ann has produced the below video that I have alos uploaded to YouTube which is titled “Scott Morrison spin and Josh Frydenberg bullying as experienced by Julie-Ann Finney”.

Julie-Ann Finney’s experience with meeting Scott Morrison seems to be similar to the same negative experience described by Brittany Higgins and Grace Tame who have also met and had dealing with Scott Morrison. 

Scott Morrison and his government had to dragged kicking and screaming to have the Royal Commission into the banks and they have done virtually nothing since they received the report. They also had to be dragged kicking and screaming to have the Royal Commission into Defence and Veteran Suicide and it looks like they are also planning to do little afterwards. I’ll will follow up on this matter.

Scott Morrison still covering up the truth about why he was sacked in 2006 as Managing Director of Tourism Australia

Also on Wednesday 17/11/21 Michael West Media reported on their struggles to get any information about Scott Morrison’s sacking from Tourism Australia in 2006:

New evidence shows the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) interfered in denying a Freedom of Information (FOI) request by Michael West Media (MWM) into Scott Morrison’s sacking from Tourism Australia in 2006.

MWM has been trying for months to obtain, via FOI, a copy of the 2006 Tourism Australia Board paper that discussed Scott Morrison’s termination. Access to the Board paper was refused. This document could provide critical insights into why the board thought it necessary to terminate Morrison’s employment as managing director of the organisation after only 15 months. It is a document that no other media organisation has attempted to obtain previously. (Click here to read more)

I published an article in June 2019 on the same topic titled “Looks like PM Scott Morrison was sacked as Managing Director of Tourism Australia in 2006 because of fraud and theft” which started off:

Prime Minister Scott Morrison was sacked as Managing Director of Tourism Australia in 2006 and he has always refused to say why. One thing is for certain, it had to be massive wrongdoing by Morrison. Why? Because Scott Morrison, who was State Director of the New South Wales Liberal Party from 2000 to 2004, was sacked by a Liberal Party Minister in the Liberal Party John Howard government and they don’t sack one of their own for a minor reason or even a major reason. Morrison’s sacking had to be something, at the very least, bordering on criminal and more than likely actual criminal conduct. (Click here to read more)

Scott Morrison exposed instituting a cover-up of the original cover-up of the alleged rape of Brittany Higgins

For the third time on Wednesday 17/11/21 Scott Morrison was caught in another cover-up. 

The Guardian reported on the 17/11/21:

The prime minister’s department breached freedom of information law by dragging out a request for internal documents about the alleged rape of Brittany Higgins, prompting the regulator to warn it to urgently fix its “compliance with the FOI act”.

In April this year, two months after Higgins spoke out publicly about her alleged attack in March 2019, the department of prime minister and cabinet received a targeted FOI request for documents relating to its handling of the case.

The department, however, complained that the request was “complex and voluminous” and twice asked for an extension to the 30-day statutory timeframe to respond. It also ran its decision past the prime minister’s office, something departments are not legally obliged to do. (Click here to read more)

The department still didn’t comply which prompted “the regulator to warn it to urgently fix its “compliance with the FOI act”.

The lies Scott Morrison tells the media is one thing but what he does behind the scenes to cover-up the lies, as highlighted in the 3 cases above, would be a full-time job for numerous staff.

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  1. Has the Board of Tourism Australia concealed fraudulent misappropriation of monies. The AFP can have a warrant created to circumvent secrecy provisions

  2. With respect, John. That Pie Mincer is capable of going much lower than that. He had a lying rodent as a mentor.

    KCA, I admire the marathon your’re committed to complete. Superhuman effort!

  3. You are amazing KCA. It’s so awful having to hear more of this imposter and thanks for your dedication which is so needed at this time.

  4. They’re all crooked. Scomo has shown his true colours & continually lies & hides his past. As for Josh Frydenberg,who I once considered a future PM,giving his mate, Ryan Stokes $47 million from the Jobkeeper fund, the taxpayers’ money.Surely he didn’t think he would get away with it. And why don’t they want a federal ICAC. Pretty obvious ! Similarly in S.A., the pollies of both parties , in an overnight decision, they all voted against an ICAC in S.A. And now the premier, Steven Marshall, is backing is deputy premier/attorney general as crooked, even though she thrice lied and misled Parliament about a very obvious conflict of interest.
    They are all a bunch of crooks who protect each other. We deserve betters lot better from our elected representatives. Remember they are our employees & we , their employers. Time we started voting in the independents & demand ICACs in every state to” keep the bastards honest “

  5. What we also need is to bin preferential voting,,, first past the post wins the seat and set term limits as in 2 terms only as after that them swine have become accustomed to the backhanders and lurks and perk,,, remember politicians are just the same as babies nappies ,,, they are full of SH&T and need changing often

  6. This is why the Voices movement is on the rise. It seems that the only way to have real community representation. Get organised and outnumber the parties. It is your democracy #voicesofbennelong

  7. Thanks KCA … I appreciate your efforts in exposing these “leaners”. Hopefully this election will put some disinfectant through them. We need a revamped Constitution, including a Bill of Rights and a toothy Federal ICAC. Will never get anything of that sort with these colonial patriarchal types. Oh and there is religion in there to boot … “God save us”

  8. And while Morrison does everything imaginable to hide away from scrutiny he expects and inflicts more and more scrutiny on the average Australian and particularly anyone who criticises him or his government. I allege that he is both a pathological liar and a predatory liar, using mendacity to save himself and his mates in government, and cronies beyond, and he destroys others by manipulating the truth and pushing of inquiries further and further into the future. Another technique of evasion.

    I have never seen an Australian prime minister using this degree of wilful dishonesty in my life, so much so that lists of his provable lies have been accumulated by independent media (Crikey) and he’s also been outed by an international leader in the form of French president Macron for lying. I suspect Biden no longer trusts him either after the Macron subs event and the leaking of important documents to deliberately embarrass him.

    Ask the question: why does a man of his age always have to hide everything from the public? Does it sound healthy? It appears like a very extreme and strange tendency for a person of 53 years of age. Then on the other hand he and the Liberal government have inflicted so much more surveillance on Australians using the excuse of terrorism and fear of cyber attacks by certain countries, yet no genuine evidence has ever been produced on the latter – only accusations about who it might be. As a result certain agencies can even enter your computer now and mess with your files if the government so seeks. It’s worse than Orwellian what is going on here and the government has a whiff of fascism about it through its ideology and intolerance of criticism. Very Trumpian.

    So Morrison seeks to know everything about what Australians do and why they do it, but becomes more and more evasive himself, to the point of avoiding established legislation on FOI requests, and what appears as constant delaying of action when matters do not suit his agendas. Like with Brittany Higgins a labyrinth of inquiries was established and that becomes a sort of fog no one can follow. It then acts as a smokescreen and is designed to outlast the short memories of many in the public. Much of the media helps out in forgetting. I also wonder what happens to AFP inquiries and why they take so long. Anyone who watches Senate inquiries will also know how much obfuscation takes place and often in fairly cynical ways. Three completely blacked out pages being offered from the government as evidence in reply to a question posed by the Senate at one inquiry.

    It was around three years ago ( just before the last election) that the Brittany Higgins alleged rape happened, and way back earlier this year on the 12th of February Morrison said he had only just found out. How is that possible? In a small place like Parliament House most people are aware of what goes on, gossip and rumours exist there too as they do in any workplace. Now Bruce Lehrman’s case won’t take place until June this year, after the next election which must take place before June. It just seems all very convenient once again.

    We are living the Morrison game show driven by a man whose main interest is playing games with people for his own self-preservation. Sincerity is non-existent. He doesn’t blow his own horn American-style like Trump with his narcissism, but the two have much in common in many other ways. Trump also attracted a running tally for the ongoing lies he told by US media. This is exceedingly dangerous in my view for Australia, just as it has been disastrous for the US.

  9. Another leadership coup is not enough. The Liberal party needs to be wiped out of its existence and replaced by one that respects our democracy.

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