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Smoking gun evidence: John Barilaro’s mistress Jennifer Lugsdin worked at Investment NSW at the time Barilaro stole the $500,000 New York job

John Barilaro’s last shreds of credibility have been destroyed this week with evidence given at the NSW Parliament inquiry but what has been overlooked so far is what role his mistress Jennifer Lugsdin played and what benefits she received. Barilaro has resigned from the $500,000 New York job position but there are still at least 4 inquiries, 2 government and 2 NSW ICAC, that are still afoot and below is relevant evidence that all the media are refusing to report, so I will.

This article is a follow-up from last week’s article: “John Barilaro’s fraud, theft and sexual affairs likely to take down NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet” which starts off “John Barilaro’s dodgy appointment to a $500,000 NSW Government job in New York will face an NSW Parliament Upper House inquiry on Wednesday next week (29/6/22) but the media are failing to report some key facts of corruption.” (Click here to read the article)

Jennifer Lugsdin worked directly for John Barilaro for 2 years then moved to Investment NSW for 5 months from August 2021 until December 2021 when her affair with John Barilaro was exposed in the media and she left immediately. Below is a screenshot of her LinkedIn page:

A few questions:

  1. When Jennifer Lugsdin worked at Investment NSW, which is the department that gave John Barilaro the $500,000 New York job, from August 2021 to December 2021 did she help or communicate with John Barilaro regarding the New York role?
  2. How did Jennifer Lugsdin get her role at Investment NSW and was anyone there aware that she was John Barilaro’s mistress? Who in the government was aware that it was blatant corruption for Jennifer Lugsdin to take the role given she was in a relationship with John Barilaro?
  3. Was Jennifer Lugsdin going to benefit financially if John Barilaro had gone to New York? E.g. Would she have gone with Barilaro and would she have been employed by Barilaro, on the government’s payroll, in the New York office?

Below is the article from December 2021 that outed Jennifer Lugsdin as John Barilaro’s “new partner” and she left her Senior Media Advisor role at Investment NSW. Who knew what and when? That is a question Investment NSW CEO Amy Brown should have been asked when she gave evidence on Wednesday (29/6/22) at the NSW Parliament inquiry.

Below is the video I published on Friday (1/7/22) about this matter which also has video of John Barilaro ducking and weaving at NSW ICAC about his “intimate personal relationships”. The video also adds other relevant information to this article:

NSW Parliament inquiry

The NSW Parliament held a public hearing on Wednesday which was the first day of their continuing investigation into John Barilaro’s appointment to the $500,000 job. Barilaro was smashed in all the media, especially social media, as it was revealed by the only witness, Investment NSW CEO Amy Brown, that Barilaro had set up the job and withdrawn the job offer from the candidate who had been offered the role. And then Amy Brown offered Barilaro the job after another “independent recruitment process”.

After Amy Brown’s performance giving evidence under oath, the stenches of corruption could be smelt around the globe and social media unloaded. I posted the below two messages on Twitter as well as others:

(Click here to see on Twitter)

(Click here to see on Twitter) (Click here to see the Eternity News article interview with Amy Brown)

The NSW Parliament inquiry resumes next week and is quite broad as it says on their website “This inquiry was self-referred on 23 June 2022 to inquire into and report on the appointment of Mr John Barilaro as Senior Trade and Investment Commissioner to the Americas and any other related matter.” (Click here to see it on the government website)

I have no doubt that Jennifer Lugsdin’s relationship with John Barilaro would be covered by “any other related matter”. So, how about you the readers click on the link here and email the MP’s overseeing the inquiring asking that they look into the John Barilaro / Jennifer Lugsdin relationship to see if any corruption happened.

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  1. So this is the former State MP who claimed his reputation was slighted by a comedian and won a large defamation claim after a Judge claimed the MP was forced out of politics because of the comedian’s actions!
    Would the same Judge now defend this former MPs reputation and award a ridiculous compensation payment?
    Where does the former MPs reputation stand now?

  2. Do recall Evan Whitton giving the late ‘nifty Nev’ (Wran) a run for his money!
    Didn’t Mr Wran refer to Evan as” Evan Whitton QC” when matters of corruption were raised in NSW Parliament?
    One thing for sure, New South Wales is the State of Corruption.

  3. I hope NSW ICAC bring down all involved.. why do politicians continually think they are above the law

  4. Gawd almighty! Do these buggers have no morals, ethics or conscience at all? Bold as brass when it comes to openly rorting the system because they know there really are no consequences. Where are the prosecutions for this guy’s dodgy behaviour as an MP?
    He was quite prepared to ignore the controversy and just tough it out until, hopefully, we all lost interest.

    • And what about the friend(s) of that MP who benefitted by the action take by the MP, to prevent culling of feral horses in the NSW Alpine areas, allowing continued damage to fragile ecosystems and endangering of a number of species of animals? I wonder what “gifts” were given for that favour.

  5. All I can say is thank you. Without you putting pen to paper, to inform people most of us would be unaware. Our whole system needs to be revised, not just for politics, for police: judges: the lot, so much corruption not sure how any of them sleep at nite, or how they look you in the eye and lie to you.

  6. All this doesn’t really surprise me (you) anymore. The SYSTEM … HAS changed. My Father grew up and experienced a regime government and after coming to Australia, always warned me as a young man “To remain ever vigilant as you will wake up one morning and it will have changed. You will have slowly become imprisoned in your normal life.” Thank You for the article KCA.

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