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Federal MP Angus Taylor gives himself an uppercut in a question to Prime Minister Anthony Albanese

Federal MP and Shadow Treasurer Angus Taylor gave himself an uppercut when he asked Prime Minister Anthony Albanese a question in parliament on Wednesday (27/7/22). The stupidity of Angus Taylor’s question reinforces the likelihood that the Liberal/National opposition will be on the back foot for many months and possibly years to come.

Angus Taylor as the former Energy Minister knew in March 2022 that energy prices would be going up in July 2022, but the Morrison government hid that from the public and the Labor Party because the election was in May 2022. So, it’s a bit rich asking the new Albanese government about the election promise of a $275 power bill decrease when they have only been in power for a couple of months.

The video of the exchange is below and is well worth watching.

Angus Taylor was a shocking choice as Shadow Treasurer as his conduct over the last few years, such as the $80 million water fraud, will almost certainly be investigated by the new Federal ICAC when it is up and running next year.

And it’s hard to see how opposition leader Peter Dutton will avoid investigation by the Federal ICAC given the many dodgy deals done in his departments when he was Home Affairs Minister and Defence Minister.

The rest of the former government is not in a much better position. For example, the Robodebt Royal Commission will cast a huge shadow on the former ministers involved which includes Scott Morrison, Alan Tudge, Stuart Robert and Christian Porter who retired at the last election.

The next few years will be taken up with various corruption inquiries and investigations into the former government. After that, we will be close to another federal election which will give the opposition almost no chance of winning because their corruption will be fresh in everyone’s minds and some of them might even be facing criminal charges by then.

We are in for a lengthy time of corruption inquiry after corruption inquiry, but it is something that needs to be done.

There was a time when the Liberals and Nationals having the support of Rupert Murdoch and his media machine was seen as an asset to help hide their corruption scandals. But even that is a huge liability nowadays with social media on a daily basis overpowering Murdoch’s propaganda.

Having a weak position is not good for democracy but the federal Liberal/National parties have not moved with the changing times. The Labor Party needs to do a lot more but even so, they seem light years ahead of the opposition and they don’t have anywhere near as much baggage as the opposition.

Albanese keeping a lid on corruption in his own party will be one of his greatest challenges, but setting up a genuine Federal ICAC should help and give him a lot of credit with voters.

If you watched the above video, you would have seen that Anthony Albanese has a sense of humour and the below video of Albanese congratulating Peter Dutton shows the same.

I recorded the above 2 videos myself while watching the parliament live and I think it’s highly unlikely that other media have broadcast those moments which goes to show how much of parliament we never see.

It’s been a while since we had a Prime Minister from either side with a decent sense of humour. So, if nothing else we should be able to have a few more laughs during the next three years.

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    • Hear, hear, Denis.

      I have not been a fan of Albanese in the last five years but I am pleasantly surprised with his performance and maturity since his election to the Prime Ministership.

      He seems to have just waited for the opportunity to rise to the occasion.

      He makes Morrison look like a rank amateur (not hard) and he seems to get a little better at being the national leader with each passing day.

      I am impressed that he’s articulate, candid and fair to date.

      We have waited a long time to see someone with a vision and a plan.

  1. After a decade or so in Opposition, LABOR has rebuilt itself. It’s depth of talent extends from it’s backbench to the leadership group. It’s talent is a visible reminder of readiness to govern and govern well for us all. In contrast Dutton and his cabal of reprobrates are not even fit for Opposition. Their talents are hidden in their undies. I look forward to an inglorious 3 years of Duttonism which is sure to guarantee an extended period of Labor government.

  2. I watched the televised QT (ABC) yesterday … I couldn’t stop chuckling all the way through … the oppositions “Points of Order” were a joke … more chuckling

    IMHO, the current Manager of Opposition Business in the House, Paul Fletcher is way out of his depth … and that’s with one performance … “he needs big boys pants” …

    I just can’t wait for the first time that the government hands out a ” … I move that the member no longer be heard …” I will be rolling on the floor

    I have my cool drink and chips ready for today’s QT … Ha!

  3. I am quite impressed with Milton Dick as Speaker. He has a firm grip of proceedings by the look of it and can’t wait to see more castigating of the Opposition!

    Think we are just beginning to see the best of Albanese ….only taken 25+ years

  4. I have met carrots smarter than Angus Fraser.

    Who in the blazes tricked him into asking that question?

    Best own goal of the 47th Parliament (so far). There will be more and many of them are likely to be better.

    • Albo at his finest. The Dutton congrats is right up there with Keating’s description of Peter Costello as “ All tip and no iceberg”

  5. At least you could describe the now opposition as being consistent both in opposition and previously whence in Government, a gang of drongos with no talent and now, no future….meanwhile the former prime minister has left the building, hopefully to never return.

  6. Angus Taylor does Have some good formal qualifications. I reread Wikipedia again. In the earl days Taylor showed some promise, but something changed. He should be smarter than a carrot, But he has done many carrot like things. Senator Penny Wong, the Labor leader in the Senate said, “I don’t think there’s been a climate minister, energy minister who’s been more anti-renewable than Angus Taylor.”[63]. So sad. But carrots are easily influenced.

  7. Angus Taylor in his ‘career’ has at least been consistent in making himself appear to be an idiot but not just that – utterly stubborn in his stupidity. I wonder if he’s apologized to Naomi Wolf yet for his ridiculous fabricated story in his maiden speech about Oxford, when she wasn’t even in attendance when he was there and can prove it easily. One of the most incorrigible, sleazy, arrogant, pig-headed and simply moronic publicly elected officials to ever disgrace parliament.

    • Reading that complimentary reference to the Honorable Member caused some confusion, had reason to believe the description provided fitted perfectly to a recently departed Honorable Member from a State Parliament, so much in common.

  8. Thanks to the inflationary effects on potatoes, Peter Dutton’s net worth just rose by about 7%.

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