Prime Minister Scott Morrison

G-G David Hurley had more meetings in 2021/2022 with the CEO of the fraudulent $18 million charity than Scott Morrison

Governor-General David Hurley had a meeting with the board of the fraudulent $18 million charity, Australian Future Leaders Foundation, on the 18th of August 2022 which is the day after Scott Morrison held his press conference trying to justify his secret self-appointment to 5 ministerial positions.

It is blatantly obvious that Governor-General David Hurley’s meeting (18/8/22) with the board of the Australian Future Leaders Foundation (AFLF) was a crisis meeting as their fraud is certain to come under close scrutiny given Morrison’s pathetic attempt to justify his self-appointments.

Were Scott Morrison’s secret self-appointments, in collusion with Governor-General Hurley, somehow connected to Scott Morrison approving $18 million funding for AFLF which Hurley asked Morrison for? Did Scott Morrison use his secret appointment as Federal Treasurer to approve the $18 million grant?


I published an article on the 10th of April 2022 titled “Governor-General David Hurley colludes with Scott Morrison to steal $18 million from taxpayers” which starts off:

Scott Morrison was exposed on Thursday (7/4/2022) as being the key decision maker, in collusion with Governor-General David Hurley, for giving $18 million of taxpayer’s money to a charity, The Australian Future Leaders Foundation, that doesn’t exist except on paper.

What makes this matter so scandalous is that we have 2 witnesses that have identified Scott Morrison as being personally involved and the decision maker to hand over the $18 million and one of those witnesses is Governor-General David Hurley. Normally Scott Morrison would duck and weave and blame others, but he won’t be able to get out of it this time unless he blames Governor-General David Hurley and then we probably have a constitutional crisis in the making if we are not already there.

Scams like this have been a common theme with Scott Morrison and his government with one example being the awarding of contracts in 2019 totalling $423 million to the company Paladin who had virtually no money or assets and their head office was at a beach shack on Kangaroo Island.

The Australian Future Leaders Foundation is reported to “have no office, website or staff, apart from three directors” and:

Several sources have told the ABC that its executive officer and director, Chris Hartley, boasted that he secured federal support more than a year before it was publicly announced. Promotional brochures published early last year, and seen by the ABC, claimed vice-regal and government endorsement of the program.

Months after Mr Hartley declared the program had government support, he registered the Australian Future Leaders Foundation as a charity in April 2021, with an official launch held at Admiralty House in May.

And the government refuses to provide answers about the charity listing. (Click here to read more)

Then on Friday (8/4/22) it was reported: The Governor-General David Hurley personally lobbied Prime Minister Scott Morrison about a leadership program that was later allocated more than $18 million in federal funding.

For the past two years Mr Hartley, who is one of the three directors of the foundation and its secretary, gathered support for his leadership program and successfully asked the Governor-General to pitch the proposal to the Prime Minister.

The ABC has seen correspondence in which Mr Hartley boasted that the Governor-General had given a PowerPoint presentation to Mr Morrison in late 2020. (Click here to read the article)

The below video covers some key issues in this article:

The numbers don’t lie

Below is a spreadsheet, that a regular KCA reader supplied, that makes a fascinating read as it has all the meetings that Governor-General David Hurley had with Scott Morrison and the CEO of the Australian Future Leaders Foundation Chris Hartley. (Source for details: Governor-General’s website)

Some of the issues the information in the spreadsheet raises are:

  1. 1/4/20 Scott Morrison calls Governor-General only two days after signing the 2nd secret ministry
  2. 16/4/21 AFLF registered the day after the Governor-General signed secret Ministry 3 & 4
  3. Did Scott Morrison use his secret appointment as Federal Treasurer to approve the $18 million grant?
  4. The most recent meeting with GG Hurley and the Board of AFLF was on 18 August 2022, the day after Morrison’s press conference explaining his multiple Ministries, on 17 August 2022. Coincidence?
  5. Why does David Hurley’s program sometimes call it the Australian Future Leaders Foundation (AFLF) and sometimes call it the Governor General Australian Future Leaders Foundation (GGAFLF)?
  6. GG Hurley is not a Board member, and the formal title of the charity does not include the reference to Governor General, although it is referenced as the ‘’Governor Generals AFLF’ in the GG’s diary entries on multiple occasions.
  7. GG Hurley has met, (in person, or phone, or video) in his role as GG, with Hartley, in his role as Exec Officer of AFLF, no less than 14 times, according to the GG diary available online. 11 of the 14 occasions were just 1 on 1 meetings. Why so many meetings?
  8. GG Hurley met with Hartley (1on1) on 3 occasions PRIOR to the AFLF being registered. Why?
  9. GG Hurley has apparently, gone to extreme lengths to meet Hartley on multiple occasions, mostly in person in Canberra or Sydney, even after extremely long days dealing with Ambassadors, formal functions, and even Ministers (Peter Dutton). Why?
  10. GG Hurley has met Hartley for 1 on 1 meetings many more times than he met with Morrison, who was PM at the time. This is an extraordinary amount of formal contact between the GG and AFLF (it’s not two mates meeting for a beer and a chat at the end of the day). Why?

Whilst the AFLF Constitution (Click here to read) states that Directors are not allowed a fee, there is a further clause that states they are not allowed payment, unless approved by the Board. In other words, if they are in agreement, they can pay themselves any amount they like, for anything.

Further questions are:

  1. Has the GG been promised a seat on the Board after his GG gig is up?
  2. Has Morrison been promised a seat on the Board?
  3. How did they apply for the $18m grant? (there was no tender)
  4. What are the conditions of the grant ie what do they have to do to continue receiving it?
  5. What are their programmes? (none so far)
  6. Why have they not been active for their first 16 months?
  7. Have they received the first $3.6m yearly grant ($18 million over 5 years) yet and if so have they distributed any funds from it?

Why is the Australian Future Leaders Foundation a fraud? 

The Governor-General should not be lobbying the Government for money for any issue. The Governor-General should be independent of the government and not be interfering with the government and the budget.

Australian Future Leaders Foundation still has no website, staff or office nor any evidence that the Foundation has done anything. It is nothing more than a fraud scam that has illegally stolen money from the government.

The $18 million grant can be cancelled – The Malcolm Turnbull Rain Man precedent

Before the 2007 election and two weeks after the election was called Malcolm Turnbull announced that the government would spend $10 million funding a trial of rainfall technology. The company in question was Australian Rain Corporation which was then part-owned by Matt Handbury.

Matt Handbury was one of the donors to Malcolm Turnbull’s personal re-election fundraising organisation called the Wentworth Forum and Turnbull refused to answer media questions about how much Handbury donated.

The Rainwater Corporation claimed they could make it rain but there was no evidence they could. The department recommended giving them $2 million for trials but Malcolm Turnbull gave them $10 million. (Click here to read more)

After the 2007 election, the Kevin Rudd Labor government cancelled the grant although Rainwater Corporation had received a couple of $million by then.

Given the Rudd government cancelled the dodgy Rainwater Corporation grant then the Anthony Albanese government can cancel the $18 million grant to the Australian Future Leaders Foundation.

I’ll keep following this matter up as it could and should be investigated by the Inquiry that Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said he will set up to investigate Scott Morrison’s 5 ministerial appointments.

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    • Why am I not surprised at the latest personal Liberty re the extra portfolio revelation?!
      No one has brought up the $400K that Turnbull said was to be spent on the Barrier Reef?
      Have the funds been given, or sidelined, etc?! Why isn’t the press asking questions about it?!

      • Janice The Press as you refer to it as is a co-conspirator in this debacle and a number of others. Thus it is not in the interest of the broadsheet and other media to report on the rort. Only the Free Press such as Kangaroo Court can be relied upon.

  1. Indeed, Janice, why are we not surprised? Secondly, you may want to swap the letter K for an M when it comes to the Barrier Reef scam.

  2. IMHO, the governor general is so entertaining, he should be on stage … “the next one out of town” … Personally, I do not see him as a fitting incumbent of this position of high office, trust and accountability. He diminishes my pride to be and say “I am an Australian”. Further thoughts about this bloke are unprintable. He needs to go …
    Further QUESTION: Where is the Queen in all of this? Was she informed of the ministries double up? If so, what was her response? Isn’t the GG just a conduit for her? AND where can I find a copy of HIS job description … duties and responsibilities? Seriously!

  3. Each Australian owns a share in that 18 million how do we engage the right authorities to have them both charged for stealing our money. Both men are criminals and should be placed in custody for their crimes of stealing from the public purse both men colluded in the worst way to achieve this. A shoplifter gets charged and taken to court this crime is far greater than most petty crimes. Australians need to come together and demand these grubs be shown the true force of corporate theft law.

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