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NSW Police Commissioner Karen Webb’s lies are exposed on video by protecting corrupt police officer Daniel Keneally

NSW Police Commissioner Karen Webb was exposed on video protecting corrupt police officer Daniel Keneally who lied in a police statement to have innocent man Luke Moore jailed. Commissioner Webb was put under the blowtorch at the NSW Parliament Budget Estimates hearing on Wednesday (31/8/22) by MP Rod Roberts.

The old saying that the cover-up often becomes a bigger crime than the initial crime is in full swing in this matter and it’s just a question of how many other police officers Keneally takes down with him. There is already an open and shut case to charge Daniel Keneally with lying under oath and having someone falsely charged etc and his boss who helped cover it up.

But after last week’s budget estimates hearing there is a prima facie case to charge Commissioner Karen Webb with concealing a serious indictable offence for her role in the cover up. And at the same hearing Commissioner Webb threw Deputy Commissioner Dave Hudson under a bus when she said he looks after the Professional Standards Command implying he was responsible for dealing with what Keneally has done and the cover up.

For Police Commissioner Karen Webb to stick her neck out to protect Keneally, which is on video below, takes the cover-up to a whole new level.


In 2021 police officer Daniel Keneally had a phone call with Luke Moore who runs a website called I Sue Police which sues police on behalf of people for wrongful arrest and wrongful search etc. Obviously, Luke Moore is not well liked by some police.

After the phone call Daniel Keneally wrote a police statement making up lies claiming Luke Moore threatened to kill a police officer during the phone call. Luke Moore was arrested and charged the next day and spent 3 weeks in jail before he was released on bail. 

Luke Moore had recorded the phone call which proved Daniel Keneally had lied in his police statement and the charges against Luke Moore where dropped the day of the hearing. The police have since offered Luke Moore $170,000 in compensation, but he refused, and his compensation claim is still in court.

I have published 2 previous articles on this matter with more background information and a copy of Daniel Keneally’s police statement and a recording of the phone call:

1/12/21 – Senator Kristina Keneally’s police officer son, Daniel, is facing over 10 years jail for making a false statement and having an innocent man jailed (Click here to read)

13/8/22 – NSW Police are sitting on a recommendation to charge Kristina Keneally’s police officer son Daniel with fabricating evidence (Click here to read)

Daniel Keneally fabricating evidence is a criminal offence which resulted in an innocent man spending 3 weeks in jail. If you commit such a serious crime in the workplace, it is summary dismissal. So, the questions are:

  1. Why is Daniel Keneally still in the police force?
  2. Why is Keneally being protected?
  3. Did Keneally act alone when he fabricated the evidence or was encouraged by others to stitch up Luke Moore? 

I published the first video below on YouTube on Monday which has the full questioning of Commissioner Webb regarding Daniel Keneally and she looks very uncomfortable, and is all over the shop. 

NSW Police Commissioner Karen Webb protects corrupt cop Daniel Keneally (5/9/22)

The second video below reinforces a key part from the first video and was published on YouTube on Wednesday.

NSW Police Commissioner Karen Webb in effect confirms that she knows police officer Daniel Keneally is corrupt (7/9/22)

This matter is far from over and is starting the heat right up. Commissioner Karen Webb is now being held fully responsible for what happens regarding Daniel Keneally, and she is due back for a supplementary hearing at Budget Estimates in October 2022 which runs from the 24th to the 28th of October. She has also been given the below supplementary questions from the hearing last week which she has to answer by the 27th of September:

  1. When was Constable Keneally first suspended from the NSW Force? Who suspended Constable Keneally?
  2. Why was Constable Keneally suspended?
  3. When was Constable Keneally reinstated?
  4. Who reinstated Constable Keneally?
  5. Why was Constable Keneally reinstated?
  6. What is Constable Keneally’s current employment status?

Commissioner Karen Webb will have Daniel Keneally living rent free in her head at least until the end of October. Even if Commissioner Webb does sack Keneally she needs to explain why he has been a protected person since last year which is unexplainable, except if Webb was to admit to a widespread police cover up which equals widespread police corruption. 

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  1. This is the start of the melting down of the corruption through out the whole police force. Not just NSW but the whole Force , it has taken awhile but I am sure the out come will be on going.

  2. This article finally convinced me to support you as a Patreon.
    Your work is essential to our fight against corruption in high places.
    We must support your efforts to clean up the police force and the judiciary.

  3. I remain very sceptical as I think there will be a couple of low level scapegoats & maybe some early retirements with full pension. Unless ICAC gets really serious (unlikely!) the corruption & misbehaviour will continue.

  4. Both Former NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller who was the Commissioner at the time, and also Present NSW Police Commissioner Karen Web both should be answerable for allowing and ignoring the Corruption of Constable Daniel Keneally’s Corruption and allowing him to continue to work and be pain by NSW Police and the Taxpayer. not to mention no chargers being laid against Constable Keneally. Just wrong on so many levels.

  5. Can’t wait for the 27th of September!!!

    ‘Oh what a tangled WEBB we weave
    When first we practice to deceive’ comes from an early nineteenth century Scottish author, Sir Walter Scott.
    IMHO, it also seems to be most befitting now in the twenty first century.
    What say ye?

    Good work KCA! Thank You

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