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Mick Keelty and the stolen WA Senate votes. So why no police investigation?

Former Australian Federal Police Commissioner Mick Keelty has finished his investigation in relation to the missing 1375 senate votes in Western Australia. So what did he find? Bugger all says Mick. Although he did give us the scoop and say the possibility that the votes might have been stolen cannot be ruled out. No wonder he gets paid the big dollars.

With dead beats like Mick Keelty at the top it is easy to explain why this country has major corruption issues. At this point and time the police, state or federal, have still not been called in to investigate the possible theft of the votes. Mr Keelty, as a former cop, should have recommended that a long time ago.

But it is the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) that is really responsible and derelict in their duties as they are the ones who paid Keelty to investigate. So who to blame? Well the AEC is headed up by a former judge. Bingo! By law it has to be a judge or former judge. The AEC website says this:

The AEC is managed by a three-person Australian Electoral Commission (Commission). The Commission is headed by a Chairperson, who must be an active or retired judge of the Federal Court of Australia, the Electoral Commissioner, and a non-judicial member.

The Commission currently consists of:

So are we really to believe that a former Federal Court of Australia judge would not know that the police should have been called to investigate the missing votes? He retired as a judge in 2009 and currently practises as a barrister in Melbourne. Based on his failure to call the police you wouldn’t pay him $2 for legal advice would you?

Then there is the Attorney-General George Brandis who has basically said nothing. He has shown previous form to call the police when it suits him (remember Craig Thomson)\ but not this time.

The missing votes scandal is looking like being one of the greatest scandals this country has ever seen. Mainly because no one is doing anything and/or saying anything. The mainstream media are extremely silent as far as asking questions is concerned as well.

The High Court of Australia will hear arguments soon on whether or not there should be another Senate election in Western Australia. One of the first questions one would expect the judges to ask is does anyone know where the votes are or have they been stolen. The answer will be “we do not know as there has been no proper investigation”.

Mick Keelty did not do a full and proper investigation. He no longer has police powers and he was only a fool sent there to sweep the problem under the carpet. As a side note Mick Keelty, only a few days ago, was appointed as a part-time commissioner to the Crime and Misconduct Commission (CMC) which is Queensland’s peak anti-corruption investigation body. So corrupting the Federal Police force was not enough for Mick, now he is also dumping on the state of Queensland. (Click here to read more)

We will follow-up on this as no one else seems to be asking the hard questions or any questions for that matter. Firstly though we have to see what the High Court of Australia does. As far as I can tell there has to be another election in Western Australia. It will be at a substantial cost in the millions if not tens of millions to the Australian public so we do need a better explanation of why the stuff-up happened or the how, when and where the votes were stolen and by who, not just some sweep under the carpet routine.

This is a follow-up post to the one I published in November titled “Former federal cop Mick Keelty to investigate stolen federal votes. So where are the real police?” (Click here to read)

It might not seem like much to some, but once we have electoral fraud, theft or manipulation than we are no better then some of the third world countries that we criticise. The casual manner in the way the stolen or missing votes have been dealt with by all is disturbing. 

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  1. This happens at every election and that is one reason why I have given up voting formally. I have no faith whatsoever in the system.

  2. From what I read recently most of the missing votes were from one lower house electorate. Some time the electorate officers get to involved in the work of the staff when their roll is to stand back and supervise the staff and keep an eye on the party scrutineers to ensure that they keep their distance from the staff and ballot papers which they are not allowed to touch. This can lead to mistakes if the electorate officer is distracted.

  3. Why people are making so much fuss about a few lost votes amazes me, our voting system is a joke, Just look at the last election results, we have idiots moving into the Senate in July who would have lost their deposits in other countries, instead they are telling an elected parliament what they can and cannot do. One of the Senate members will be joining the government in July not only talks garbage but eats it and throws it around like confetti. Another got in with a bucket load of money and a few distorted votes. The whole system is a bloody comedy laughed at by the rest of the civilised world, with the ABC pulling all the strings and us paying their exorbitant salaries. Allan from MyalupWA(dedicated informal voter)

  4. And then you have this quote from Keelty’s report.
    The last five words are a worry.
    How many times before has it happened?
    ” “Each of these events on its own may or may not have been significant; but taken as a whole they indicate a loose electoral environment in WA in which the loss of ballots was more likely to occur and less likely to be detected.”

  5. The votes grew legs and walked away. More believable then any other excuse I have heard. we should hold our elections in Indonesia. There is less corruption in voting locations.

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