Kangaroo Court of Australia is focused on investigating and reporting political corruption, judicial corruption and the associated police corruption.

Below is an example of the stories I report. It was published on the 30th of July 2021 and is titled “Christian Porter v ABC judgment report by “News Publisher” Shane Dowling”. 

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I am also the author of a non-fiction book titled “Love Letter from the Bar Table” about corruption in the Australian judiciary. For further information on the book click here.

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Shane Dowling

Mail: Po Box 1280 Coolangatta QLD 4225

Email: shanedowling at hotmail.com

Ph: 0411 238 704

Disclaimer: Some people have confused me with another Shane Dowling from Victoria who is a former Politician and Police Officer. I do not know him nor am I related to him. I write this as some people have mistakenly referred to me as a former police officer.

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    • I had an unlawful termination proceeding that lasted 3 years against Fairfax Media. It took 20 months to get to hearing. It was a bad joke. I represented myself and the corruption was rife (the 20 months to get to hearing says it all) and I learnt a lot. Fairfax and their lawyers Freehills abused the processes and system like there was no tomorrow.
      But an unlawful termination you can always pick up your bat and ball and move on. During that time I came across a lot of people who could not move on as a huge part of their lives were riding on the court cases like financial matters or family matters and I knew they were getting shafted as well just by some of the things they told me from a procedural viewpoint.
      So someone has to do something and because I do not have any baggage from my experience I can do it. A lot of people who have had a bad experience in the courts are worn down and burnt out. I am not.
      The courts have gone unchecked and unchallenged for too long. But now they won’t.

      • Wow 20 months – that was quick. It took me 5 years and illegal involvement from HREOC to get a sexual harassment and discrimination case against the University of Queensland to hearing.

        I envy your being able to pick up your bat an ball and move on. Your former employee obviously wasn’t a malicious referee like mine was.

        Nice site. I hope you have an impact.

  1. Keep up the good work Shane, I have passed your website on to all my contacts

  2. Well done Shane.
    Keep up the good work and perhaps in time
    it will help keep the bastards honest/

  3. Congratulations, Shane on your site and your explanation above. Whilst there certainly is enough material just amongst the corruption within the judicial appointments, I’d like to see you cover – or encourage contributors, on the subject of nepotism and cronyism within the entire gambit of political appointments.

  4. You are spot on Shane about the legal system in all of Australia, and we are fools for putting up with this corruption. We the citizens are being used and abused by our own Govt that is made up of about 75% ex-lawyers. We will be the Banana Republic before we know it! If you have been defrauded by a lawyer and make a complaint to the Legal Services Commission or the Law Society, they actually protect the lawyer and call you the victim a liar. How we can change this I do not know, most Australian would not go out and protest in a pink fit.

    • What to do you ask? Individually we can do very little. If enough people join together they can achieve a lot. For starters make sure you follow this site by email which is on the top right-hand side of this page where it says “Follow this site via Email”. At the time of writing this there is 812 followers so we are starting to get some traction and over time as we grow enough then we can drive real change.

      • Shane, what Bernie has written I experienced too. However I wrote ‘Lawful Injustice’ and put it on my website.I was not prepared to be cowered by a Chief Justice.
        This site to me has far more credibility than any I have seen. It is fearless and balanced and for that reason it should become a real force in the future.

  5. Good on you, Shane. It takes guts to expose things. I live in Hong Kong and things are basically the same. It is not what you know but who know that matters.

  6. Came across your blog by serendipity. Will continue watching with interest.

    Mate you’ve got something really good going here. I’ll read more of your posts, hope won’t be disappointed.

  7. Shane, thank you for your incredible research and having the guts to speak out so loudly. You’re taking on a very powerful group and I say hit them hard! I’ll be watching you closely for any other revelations. I’ve posted a couple of links on facebook so that others may slowly start to see what is really going on in this country.

    I have learnt 2 things from reading your blog:

    1) as a nation, we must elect politicians preferably from non-legal backgrounds, and most likely independents. i think it is the only way we will ever break the corrupt link between law and politics. as per the fink recommendations article, they are progressively trying to make it harder for anyone to stand in their way. then they tell us “feel good” stories that we live in a democracy.

    2) although i always have and always will be completely law abiding in every way, i now have gained an understanding of WHY people commit crimes such as theft, burglary, fraud, extortion, etc. i have now asked myself “why the hell do i work so hard for such a pathetic return?” i see that the whole system from the top down is SPECIFICALLY designed that way for these top scum to do exactly the opposite (i won’t mention any names but i think there is a huge amount of low life scum currently in government). perhaps the criminals are far wiser than i… they simply know how to get their small share of the spoils.

    very sad state of affairs.


  8. Thankyou Shane on providing a very interesting and informative site. However, you will have a fight on your hands like no other when you take on the impenetrable cartel of the lawyers club. They are the most devious powerful corrupt industry, they write their own rules which exclude and abrogate them from any accountability.

    They can charge criminally exorbitant fees some or the lot being the proceeds of crime yet can never be held to account. They control the courts, the judiciary right through to government. They will close ranks like no other profession but at the same time insist on others being independently overseen as the hypocrites they are.

    Most ordinary folk believe courts are about truth and justice, wrong! There are Acts of Parliament such as the Evidence Act which go to extraordinary lengths to hide the truth and prohibit the real story being exposed to the detriment of the victim.

  9. This is an astonishing website. We now have a real ICAC. Gutsy, informed and very direct. It’s a new form of democracy in action, powered by good minds and a technology that is beyond the all too often crooked politicians, dodgy, lap-dog judges, bent cops and slimy prosecutors that are infesting Australia. They still don’t really get it either-too busy being pissant crooks to see the laser dots of a techno-political revolution squaring them up.. Anyway, stick it on them, watch them squirm and then lets all cheer as the bastards burn.

  10. A link on Twitter led me here. Let me join others in complimenting you on the site. If the system doesn’t provide proper oversight then it is down to others to hold elected office holders to account including appointments to the judiciary. Great blog. It goes to the lack of governance that bloggers like yourself are providing much more analysis and evidence – or at least a starting point – than the mainstream media. The best weapon against corruption is the fight against secrecy. It is this sort of determination and grass roots feelings that fuel supporters of movements like Occupy and Wikileaks. Thanks again.

  11. Can I, or anyone else apart from Gillard, call a media office and take an item off the news ????? Please tell.

  12. Shane I just read that the National Library references your site for it’s archives. That is a mighty big feather in your cap. I continue to spread the word.

  13. Very interesting read. Being a person who thought our judicial system was about finding the truth, I quickly learnt that I had been fooled for all of these years. Our system isnt about finding the truth it is about sending some innocenct people to gaol and making them spend a lot of money trying to fight for their freedom when they know they are innocent.. I was amazed to find out that you dont need any supporting evidence to back up allegations made against you and I must say that it has changed my opinion when I read stories about people who have been convicted as I have seen just how easy it is to end up in gaol on the word of 1 person!

  14. Hey Shane. A friend of mine put me onto your blog site knowing very well that it would interest me big time. Had my dealings with a magistrate court in Caboolture Qld. I came out knowing that the magistrate I got for something I did not do was nothing but a bloody bully. I hear the Qld Govt for ever talking about bullies in the community like schools etc but keep their yapper shut when it comes to some real big time bullies that cost you and me a lot of our savings just to defend ourselves for doing nothing wrong. My experiance was that the local magistrate court clerk advised me on how to proceed with an activist who wanted to take out a Peace and Good Behaviour Order out against me. I went to court with my defence as instructed but when I tabled it the bully told me I could not defend it that way in HIS bloody court. I told him that it was ok’d by the court clerk who he completely waved away. I walked out , told him I was a villian and pleaded guilty to something I still don’t know what for and got a two year order against me. Is it his bloody court or the Austalian peoples court. He should be prosecuted under the bullies act of Qld hey. Nice meetin ya Shane.

  15. Hello Shane Dowling Congratulations to you for all your research and outing of Gillard’s corrupt past. In today’s Weekend Australian (aug 18-19) it seems to me what they have written has been taken directly from your website. So, you have done their homework for them. In my posts, I constantly refer to your website. for confirmation of matters to which I refer. Looks like her end ios almost here. Thanks heaps for the inpout from you which has helped give some backbone to those who haven’t had it. Mairi

  16. Passionate site Shane! Will have a closer look now that I have stumbled across it..interested to know what you would recommend to steer us out of all this! No doubt it will be a long road, but you are raising awareness and making people think which is great.

  17. Great work Shane.
    It really is a sad state of affairs. It makes me wonder how far the rot will spread and at what point the people say enough is enough. Our leaders and others in positions of power should look to world history and current global events to understand the fate that awaits them when the people are finally pushed to far.
    Australians have a reputation for complacency, but that has never really been tested. There is a good chance that we will see this carefree disposition change to something a bit more serious as examples of corruption and injustice become more blatant and we continually have our noses continually rubbed in it.
    One day I hope Australians turn off their TV sets, forget about mindless sporting obsessions, become actively interested in the future of this country and call the people like those you write about to account.
    Before it is too late.