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Rolf Harris. The British police want your help! The evidence. Guilty or not guilty?

Rolf Harris has gone into hiding and avoided addressing the number one court in the land, The Court of Public Opinion. Make no mistake, the British police want the media to name Rolf Harris and gave all the clues they could without actually naming him. They want the public’s help and this site will do its part […]

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Rolf Harris arrested in UK sex scandal police investigation

Rolf Harris has been arrested and interviewed by British police investigating the Jimmy Savile child sex scandal. The so-called main stream media at this point are refusing to name him even though there is no legal requirement for them not to and it is all over social media such as twitter. What Rolf Harris has or hasn’t […]

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Corruption in the Canberra Press Gallery. Australian democracy under attack.

The Canberra Press Gallery who are the journalists and their support staff for the major media companies are acting in a dishonest, unethical and highly likely illegal manner and undermining new media journalists from entering the inner circle of Parliament house in the same manner as they do. To do this they lie, deceive and duck and weave. […]

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KCA interview with reporter Mark Day of The Australian.

A few weeks ago I did an interview with journalist Mark Day of The Australian newspaper with his story being published on the 21st May 2012. He makes a statement of fact that one of my posts is defamatory yet provides no credible evidence to support the claim. Although he does say the rumour has been “rigorously […]

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