Corruption in the Canberra Press Gallery. Australian democracy under attack.

The Canberra Press Gallery who are the journalists and their support staff for the major media companies are acting in a dishonest, unethical and highly likely illegal manner and undermining new media journalists from entering the inner circle of Parliament house in the same manner as they do. To do this they lie, deceive and duck and weave.

An investigation by myself with documented evidence, after I was refused a media pass, shows that the Canberra Press Gallery journalists who should be holding the government to account are just as corrupt if not more corrupt than any politician and are undermining Australia’s democracy.

This is happening in an environment where most of the main stream media companies are reducing the size of their own journalistic work forces both nationally and in Canberra which makes their actions all the more scandalous.

I came across this situation in the last couple of weeks when I tried to get a media pass for parliament house but was refused. The Canberra Press Gallery said the reason for my application being rejected is that I am not a journalist which is not supported by the evidence in any shape or form. Unsurprisingly they have refused to put this in writing.


On or about the 3rd September I phoned parliament and asked about getting a media pass for a couple of days which I knew allows journalists into the inner circle of parliament for press conferences and access to the politicians and their staff etc. I was told that the Canberra Press Gallery deal with that and I needed to ring the President Phillip Hudson from the Herald Sun. The alarm bell rang straight away as I thought that the Press Gallery would have no incentive to give me a media pass as this would create competition for themselves.

I phoned Phillip Hudson the same day and he said that he had not dealt with a situation like mine and that media passes are generally only for people who live and work in Canberra fulltime. He made no mention of any other criteria. But I was left with the view there were other options and this could be worked around. I did find it odd though, for example what about other situations like foreign press who come here. What do they do? I said I would email him when I had confirmed my visit.

On Monday the 10th of September I emailed Mr Hudson requesting a pass for the 17th and 18th of September. At 5.58pm on Wednesday the 12th I received a voicemail saying that they would not grant me a pass as I did not meet their criteria and that I could call him back to discuss further.

The voicemail was strange in that he started off saying “sorry I missed you, if you want to get back to me that’s fine” and “we’re not able to give you a press gallery pass, you at the moment do not meet our criteria” and “I am happy for you to give me a call to discuss it further” You can listen for yourself below.


The are a number of problems with the voicemail. He says “you at the moment do not meet our criteria.” He does not say what the criteria is and does not state how I have not met it. And if I do not meet the criteria “at the moment” what do I need to do to meet it? He has still not put anything in writing why I do not meet the criteria.

The voicemail starts off “sorry I missed you, if you want to get back to me that’s fine”. I had sent him an email on the Monday and had not phoned him. He is making an excuse as to why he is phoning me and not responding to the email. He also says “I am happy for you to give me a call to discuss it further”. It is common when people are doing something corrupt they always want to do it on the phone so there is not a paper trail. He also phoned me at 5.58pm that night which seemed like he was trying the go slow routine. If I did not meet the criteria he would and should have known straight away and told me so.

I assumed her had other options as he said he was happy for me to give him a call to discuss it further, but I smelt a rat. In situations like this rule number one is, always try to get it in writing, so I sent him an email that night.

The next day, Thursday, I never received a response so I called Mr Hudson sometime after 5pm as time was running out. He said I had not met the criteria because the Canberra Press Gallery Committee do not regard me as a journalist. I argued against this to a degree and Mr Hudson seemed to get agitated. I told him I would appeal and asked what the process was to appeal. He said he did not know. I asked him what legislation or act of parliament empowered him to determine who gets a pass and who does not. He said he did know and that was just the way it had been for the last 20 or 30 years. I let him know that I would be looking at appealing to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal although I did not know If I could at the time. I decided to back off and send another email which I told him I would do.

Below is the email:

From: Shane Dowling
Sent: Thursday, 13 September 2012 9:57 PM
To:; ‘’
Subject: Federal Parliamentary Press Gallery – Press Pass rejection – Shane Dowling – Kangaroo Court of Australia

Dear Mr Hudson

I am extremely disappointed that you have rejected my application for a press pass for parliament. Your conduct of trying to discuss matters over the phone only raises suspicions to say the least. You said that the Federal Parliamentary Press Gallery had rejected my application as I do not meet the criteria set by the press gallery and that the press gallery do not regard me as a journalist. You also said that my only other alternative is if I know someone in parliament or if a politician signs me in. These are things that you could have easily have emailed yesterday or earlier. Your voicemail yesterday said I been rejected for a media pass and to contact you to discuss further. What for? There was no value in our conversation today.

As per our conversation on the phone today at 5.41PM I hereby request the following information:

  1. Please supply me with the names of all members of the Federal Parliamentary Press Gallery Council and their positions/titles.
  2. Please supply me with the written criteria that was used to reject my application.
  3. In our conversation today you said that you emailed other members my original email (see below) and that they had emailed you back rejecting my application based on their decision that I was not a journalist. Can you please supply me with full copies of their emails.
  4. Can you please supply me with a copy of all diary notes, file notes, letters, faxes and emails in regard to my application and its rejection by all council members and other involved parties.
  5. Can you please supply me with a copy of the relevant laws / acts that empowers you to make decisions on who is entitled to a press pass? I note on the phone you said there was none. I think you should check as there has to be something somewhere.
  6. You argued on the phone today that I was not a journalist but did not say why. Can you tell me exactly why I am not considered a journalist.
  7. Your response to my statement about Ray Finkelstein recommending that Bloggers be regulated because they are journalists was that most media had attacked his report thereby implying his report has no credibility. Can you clarify and expand on this.

Can you please reply ASAP and not try the standard go slow routine again. The credibility of the Federal Parliamentary Press Gallery is right on the line on this and I personally do not see how it can survive given its current mindset and format.


Shane Dowling

I did not expect a response to all the questions in the email but I wrote the email like that for a number of reasons. Firstly it lets him know that I am serious about appealing and given that, it puts pressure on him to at least answer the basic questions such as the criteria that needs to be met and why they do not regard me as a journalist.

I had not had a response by the following Wednesday, 19/9/12 and sent Mr Hudson a follow-up email saying: “I have not had a response to the below. I will be taking action to overturn your decision as I will be coming to Canberra again in the near future and require a press pass. I will also be publishing an article in the next couple of days in relation to the below and your prompt attention would be greatly appreciated.”

I also sent an email to the other committee members, with the exception of Andrew Meares, saying:

My application for a media pass was rejected last week. Phillip Hudson told me on the phone it was because the Canberra Press Gallery committee had decided I am not a journalist. Mr Hudson told me he had emailed my application to the committee members and that was the decision of the committee.

If possible I will be appealing this decision. I am also writing a post for my site on the media pass application process and my experience of being rejected for the media pass. You will get mentioned in my post.

I have some questions:

  1. On what basis did you decide that I am not a journalist? Can I have a copy of the email that you sent Mr Hudson outlining why you believe I am not a journalist?
  2. Mr Hudson at this stage has failed to give me anything whatsoever in writing. (See the emails in the attachment) Is this standard practice for the committee to only communicate verbally?
  3. I put Mr Hudson on notice that I will be appealing yet he has still failed to give me a written response. What action do you plan on taking against Phillip Hudson?
  4. Can you tell me what the criteria is for a media pass? What is the criteria to be judged a journalist?

I will be publishing in the next few days and as I see it the reputation of the Canberra Press Gallery committee is right on the line. This is an issue that will not go away by people sticking their heads in the sand and needs to addressed in full by the Canberra Press Gallery committee in a professional manner which it has not at this point.

If you could respond ASAP it would be greatly appreciated.

I finally did get response from Mr Hudson on Friday the 21st of September but not the other committee members:

Dear Mr Dowling,

There is nothing suspicious about contacting you on the telephone. I believe it was the quickest and most polite way to inform you of our decision and I invited you to call back as a courtesy if you had further questions.

The members of the Federal Parliamentary Press Gallery committee are as follows:

Phillip Hudson – President

David Speers – Vice President

James Massola – Secretary

Nick Haggarty – Treasurer

General committee: Gary Ramage, Andrew Meares, Mark Riley, Lauren Gianoli.

Press Gallery passes are issued to journalists, photographers, camera operators and support staff who work for media organisations based in Parliament House or journalists whose primary role is to report the proceedings of Parliament, politics and national affairs. Passes may also be issued to foreign correspondents who meet the criteria. Press Gallery membership is not available to lobbyists or political staffers.

Pass applicants must convince the Press Gallery Committee that they are genuine journalists who work for a bona fide media outlet. They will also need to satisfy the Committee that they require regular access to Parliament House in order to do their work. Freelancers must satisfy the Committee that they have a genuine outlet for any work before a pass will be issued.

We decided you did not meet this criteria to be given Press Gallery membership. As we have done since Federation, the Press Gallery Committee decides who is a member of the Press Gallery.

This does not prevent you visiting Parliament House or being signed into the private areas of the building by any pass holder.


Phillip Hudson – Press Gallery President

Nowhere does he say why my application has been rejected, just “We decided you did not meet this criteria”. In the voicemail he said “you at the moment do not meet our criteria”. So why does he not explain when I would meet te criteria? What do I have to do? Nowhere does it say what the criteria is to be regarded as a journalist. It is worth noting he does not refute that I was rejected for a media pass because they say I am not a journalist. And what is the criteria for a “bona fide media outlet” not that it matters because he said I am not a journalist.

I have done my homework and what gives the Press Gallery the authority is standing orders or practice and procedures issued by the Speaker of the House and the President of the Senate who have joint responsibility for the management of most functions of parliament house via the Department of Parliamentary Services.

Why would Mr Hudson not know this? I will be writing to the Speaker and President and see if we can not get the issue resolved.

Am I a journalist?

The evidence says yes.

1. I have dealt with the media advisors of the Prime Minister office, the Attorney Generals office and the Federal Police etc and received answers from them that I wanted for posts that I have written. They regard me as a journalist. If the politicians are happy to deal with me then why will the Canberra Press Council not give me a press pass?

2. I have been interviewed by Media Watch which only deals with journalists and media outlets. (Click here for the post I did on the interview)

3. Prof Julian Disney, who chairs the Australian Press Council wants bloggers to sign up to his organisation. “The APC is funded by Australia’s newspaper publishers, but Disney said he hoped that “serious bloggers” would also sign up. He said: “We’ll certainly be encouraging the online only publishers to come with us.” He warned that those who chose not to join might not have access to such journalistic privileges as the shield law around sources and access to press conferences. He said: “The only penalties as it were will be that some of the protections made available for traditional journalists… where we do need some criteria. There’s a risk that if we don’t provide an opportunity for serious bloggers to be recognised as serious journalists…they will be permanently discriminated against.” (Click here to read more or watch his video interview on Mumbrella)

I am not a member of the Press Council but at this stage they do not have a category for myself as they are still working out how much they should charge for membership for small sites like mine although they plan on it in the future. But as the above shows they do regard people like myself as journalists. It is interesting that a number of people who are on the Canberra Press Council Committee who claim I am not a journalist work for News Ltd and Fairfax Media who are members of the Press Council who say I am a journalist.

4. The Government has passed shield laws that protect journalists from revealing their sources for stories. The new shield laws also protect bloggers such as myself. Why? Because we are journalists.

5. The Ray Finkelstein media report has recommended that bloggers such as myself should be regulated as much as other media because we are journalists. While I do not agree with the overall recommendation of his report I agree with him on the point that myself and others like me are journalists.

I could go on with plenty more but that will do at this stage. On the flip side a Judge in the US recently found that a blogger was not a journalist. But that is specific to that state and their particular laws. Other states in the US are different. In relation to the judgment it is worth reading a post by David Coursey who starts off: “I’ve been working as a journalist for nearly 35 of my 50+ years. Or have I? Under the rules set down by U.S. District Judge Marco A. Hernandez, perhaps I need to revise my resume. And if I do, then many other bloggers are just as out-of-business as I am.” (Click here to read more)

And for an Australian perspective a post on The Conversation titled “When does a blogger become a journalist?” which says “In Australia, federal shield law has been changed to put bloggers and journalists on an equal standing” (Click here to read more)

Crikey and the Canberra Press Gallery Committee

Back in 2007 and also it seems 2005 the online site Crikey was blocked by the Treasury Department from attending the Budget lock-up where journalists are locked up in a room with the budget before it is made public. Crikey was a holder of a press pass at the time and probably still is. The Canberra Press Gallery wrote to the Treasurer on Crikey’s behalf and said:

“We are unaware of any reasonable grounds upon which your decision is based.” and “Crikey representative Christian Kerr applied for Press Gallery membership several years ago and, after due consideration, was approved.” And

In assessing his application, the Press Gallery Committee followed the usual procedures and found he met the criteria for membership. He was issued a pass…

I further understand that the only other reason given for rejecting Crikey’s applicants is that the decision ‘is in accordance with the criteria set down by the Treasurer’.

I would be grateful if your office would provide the Press Gallery Committee with a written copy of these criteria so Gallery members may be aware of the basis upon which their applications are judged.

In the absence of any further explanation of your decision, it is difficult to avoid the conclusion that you have excluded Crikey simply because you don’t like what it publishes. (Click here to read more) and for the 2005 lock-out click here.

The questions the Crikey situation raises is it says above “In assessing his application, the Press Gallery Committee followed the usual procedures” So what was the procedure that the Press Gallery Committee followed in my application? They never at any stage asked anything about me, my site or what I do. As per the above where it says “We are unaware of any reasonable grounds upon which your decision is based.” I am also unaware of any reasonable grounds upon which Canberra Press Gallery rejected my application for a press pass.

And were they say “I would be grateful if your office would provide the Press Gallery Committee with a written copy of these criteria so Gallery members may be aware of the basis upon which their applications are judged” Well why will they not provide me with their criteria for being a journalist? Because it does not stack up against the evidence.

And likewise “in the absence of any further explanation of your decision, it is difficult to avoid the conclusion” that the Canberra Press Gallery are corrupt and refusing to give me a press pass because they do not want more competition and in doing so are abusing their market position and power.

The committee members and their employers are :

Phillip Hudson – President – News Ltd – Herald Sun
David Speers – Vice President – Sky News – Host 
James Massola – Secretary – Fairfax Media – The Australian Financial Review
Nick Haggarty – Treasurer – ABC cameraman
General committee:
Gary Ramage – News Limited – Photographer
Andrew Meares – Fairfax Media – Photographer
Mark Riley – Seven – News Editor
Lauren Gianoli – 2GB – Reporter

These people are an embarrassment to themselves, the Canberra Press Gallery, the Federal Politicians and the companies they work for. They are morally and ethically bankrupt. If they had any self-respect they would resign summarily. But I would expect at least one or two will get the sack soon anyway or at least Phillip Hudson will.

Grog’s Gamut

Greg Jericho who publishes the blog Grog’s Gamut has written a book titled “The Rise of the Fifth Estate” and has an excerpt from the first chapter on his site which starts off:

“For as long as the media have had any say in how the news is to be provided to the public, journalists within its warm and self-protecting bosom have adopted the role of gatekeepers. This is never more the case than when it comes to the Canberra press gallery.”

“Oh, to be one of those few. Imagine the power — to be able to decide what to write, the angle, the slant, the lead. To be able to head off for dinner in Kingston or Manuka with some minister — either government or shadow — for a little off -the-record briefing (because we can safely assume that not all of those un-named ‘government sources’ are made up). Imagine being one of those who sit in the parliamentary gallery, overlooking the elected and deciding their fates. Oh, mighty Fourth Estate! Gatekeepers of the news; provider of opinions for us all!”

He is right, as my post shows the Canberra Press Gallery do see themselves as the gatekeepers for their own benefit.

Phillip Hudson and his hypocrisy

Journalist journeyman Mr Hudson wrote an opinion piece for the SMH when he worked there back in 2009 about politicians pay. He said “It’s time to overhaul the labyrinth of antiquated and unexplained rules covering pay and entitlements for MPs. No one understands the system: not the public, not the Remuneration Tribunal, and not the politicians themselves.” (Click here to read more)

I could not agree more with Mr Hudson. It’s time to overhaul the labyrinth of antiquated and unexplained rules covering the Canberra Press Gallery and how it functions under Phillip Hudson’s leadership. Mr Hudson can not explain it and he does not seem to understand it let alone anyone else. Even worse he does not seem to care. Phillip it is time for you to resign!

If I was blocked out how many others have been in the past and how many will be in the future?

One of the most important features of any democracy is having a strong and robust media holding governments and politicians to account for what they do and don’t do and say. In Canberra this is not the case. The Canberra Press Gallery are using their market power to block out other journalists which means the government are held to a lower level of accountability than would otherwise be the case.

This is a start of a battle that can and will be won. The right to block out journalists in Canberra needs to be taken off the Canberra Press Gallery and it will be. It is just a matter of time. If it requires a long drawn out battle where the names and reputations of many are destroyed than so be it. It’s their choice. The above is nothing more than round one in a twelve round slugfest if need be.

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  1. Politicians are scared of citizen journalists aka bloggers because they say what they think. Mainstream journalists won’t rock the boat, and that is what politicians like. This country would not be in the sorry state its in without the media’s fawning complicity.

  2. as JULIA GILLARD will say the press gallery is the elite group. Everything substandard is elite for this government. the polls are all fudged by this very group. reporting is positively in favour of gillard. lies lies lies from the MSM press…

    • Tonga The New World Order controls Australian politics via The European Union etc. So in reality it doesnt matter what party gets power So it is up to us the concerned citizens of this nation that must at every level try and stop their evil progress that they are making via these legalised gangsters here in our parliament.

      They call themselves the ELITE and we are the BOVINES yes folks thats what they call us (cattle)
      I recall an interview a few years ago where a member of the New World Order was in conversation and remarked that the New World Order would be in total control of the world by now only for one reason.
      That no matter where they went there was always one person they could not buy
      At this point in time as far as i am concerned Shane Dowling is one of those people
      Who cannot be bought

      Evil will prevail when good men stand by and do nothing

  3. Shane, even if you answer the questions and tick all the boxes to prove that you “meet our criteria” you will have many enemies in those hallowed halls and being freelance are a difficult target on which to focus external manipulation, therefore the odds are you will never ‘meet our criteria”

    Good luck on this one.

    • Your right. By myself I have no hope of getting in. That is where the 1600 odd email followers in the KCA support crew need to do their bit. Facebook, Twitter and email etc. If we keep on pounding on the door we will eventually get in. Like I said, this post is only the start. I haven’t finished yet.

      • you have every chance once you get this web page out to more people lets have a button to pass it on quickly Remember this Two gets you four Four gets you eight Eight gets you sixteen United we stand divided we fall The Elite is continually trying to divide us in order to weaken us FOR GOD AND COUNTRY

  4. I ‘m just curious as to what gives them the right to prevent access to a public space…..

    Wonder how they’d react to 20,000 people confronting them ?

    After all, they can’t call in the army .What’s left of them are getting eroded in Afghanistan.

    And wonder if the police would pull a similar attitude to “real” Australians , as they do to the “parasite Australians”???

    Or do the “real” Australians ” have similar rights to the “real French”?

    Isn’t Parliament house public property?occupied by people being paid by the public purse?

    Or am I missing something here?

    • Barraabus – you aren’t “missing something”.

      The fact is, the ‘public’ areas of our ‘new’ Parliament House (opened 30 years ago) are very clearly marked, guarded by Federal Police and a phalanx of Security Guards with a series of airport-style security points requiring the removal of suspect shoes, belts etc.

      The public underground carpark is entirely separate from the politicians’ and staff underground carparks. The entrance for politicians is entirely separate.

      When I attended the public gallery, ALL phones, cameras, electronic equipment and bags HAD to be checked into a cloakroom. I was carrying a book I was reading over lunch (coincidentally ‘The Ides of March’ on Caesar’s last days … LOL) and a bottle of water. I was not permitted to carry them in on the grounds that they could be missiles.

      The building has open-air internal courtyards exclusive to politicians (a separate one for the sole use of the Prime Minister and often used for MSM briefings) and there is NO access to any of the administrative areas by the General Public.

      Only the ‘elite’ of the Canberra Press Gallery have any chance of accessing our Public “Servants” (sarc). That’s why Shane needed a Press Pass to approach anybody at all.

      There is no obligation on the part of any politician to ‘rub shoulders’ with the great unwashed masses – to be tainted with contact from their taxpayer employers. They have the MSM sown up nice and tight, controlling all on pain of banishment from the inner circle and those Press Passes are guarded jealously.

      Anyone who granted Shane such a Pass would undoubtedly lose his own.

      • Well, I can understand the need for security , but I went to school, and grew up with at least one of those “politicians “, and knowing him , and watching the rest , I really don’t know why we bother with any of them .
        The whole system seems like a joke .
        Though , after working for many years , and watching my life erode as a result of who passes through that building with special priviledges, I now realize just how silly I have been , wasting my life whilst that lot of useless space enjoys all the priviledges I’ve helped pay for .
        Please excuse my ignorance, some of us learn just a little slower than others.

        Thanks for the informative reply

      • The New World Order have an Elite and Bovines at every level in politics Even the Press Have a pecking order and the front bench knows who to invite and who to talk to There is a pecking order even amonst the politicians themselves
        Front bench are the Elite and backbenchers are the Bovines used by the Front bench to spread whatever the Elite want spread You only need to watch Question Time as the lemmings in the back benches ask the staged questions every day put up by the front bench So that they can get the cameras and try to push their European Union carbon tax controlled by the World Bank and IMF Note the manipulation at present as positions are organised in the European union for Aussie politicians pending Combet handing over control of the carbon tax to the European Union in 2016 That in itself is a form of treason Where a person undermines the sovereignty of a nation by handing over the running of our nation to an outside authority 2016 WILL SEE THE EUROPEAN UNION CONTROLLING OUR CARBON TAX PERMITS ETC. AND TELLING US WHAT WE WILL OR WILL NOT DO AND WHAT LEVELS OF CARBON WE WILL BE REQUIRED TO ADHERE TO THINK ABOUT IT FOLKS

      • RH – you’ve nailed it. The groundwork has been laid in totally surrendering our Sovereignty to foreign powers……. just as Labour PM Gordon Brown did in signing away the UK’s rights when he signed the Lisbon Treaty in the face of outrage by the citizenry.

        The MSM is entirely responsible for concealing the hidden ramifications and so-called “unintended consequences” of this move to the EU.

        Don’t forget – it has never been legislated, just moved through Regulation. Gillard warned Oz business – “Regulation is a big stick and we’ll use it”.

        On second thoughts, I think the Canberra Press Gallery are too bloody lazy, arrogant and ignorant to have EVER done their homework and actually find out what this government has in store for us.

        Too concerned with their front row, their ‘access’ and petty pissing competitions to give anyone of integrity a look-in. Shame on them all.

      • Black Swan, at least the UK have a constitution that expressly forbids handing over any sovereignty to a foreign body. What does our constitution have?

  5. Shane…all power to you. Keep on keeping on and go through the right administrative channels to obtain your pass.
    If lots of us concerned voters and taxpayers get behind you, you will succeed… let’s use the power of facebook, twitter and the like to stir the pot with our largest spoon and “keep the bastards honest”.
    I agree with “Direwolf” that this country is in a sorry state partly due to the fawning complicity of the media. Just continue to get some real “people power” behind you and be the most persistent you can possible be.
    You have my complete support.

  6. Shane, just try walking in like that bloke did when she was giving her now infamous, answering every question from every elite journalist Press Conference. That looked more like another con job to buy sympathy votes, a bit like the Canberra restaurant riot.

  7. Shane, I don’t like your chances, dealing with a Press Council that cannot tell the difference between an illegal boatperson & an asylum seeker. Best of luck anyway.

  8. Keep up the good work, Shane; but as a journalist you should be aware that the word “criteria” is plural and requires the appropriate verb. Niggling, I know, but it’s these little things that contribute to “selective plausible deniability”.

  9. Shane – as you know, any journalist’s stock-in-trade is their ‘access’ to politicians and those cosy dinners or a beer at the Kingston pub where they get to hear the latest ‘leaks’ or gossip – ‘off the record’ of course.

    Their sheer arrogance doesn’t permit them to see what the rest of us can – that they are merely ‘useful tools’ in the games that politicians play.

    Bloggers such as yourself are a major threat to them and they will simply raise the drawbridge to prevent you asking anybody awkward questions. When Gillard holds a press conference, she names the journos she will take questions from and they hold this ‘privilege’ to their chests – they have ‘arrived’ – Wow!! the PM knows them and singles them out of the crowd. Yeah, right.

    It would be interesting to see if you can get membership to the National Press Club. They have ‘associate’ memberships where you don’t have to be a journo, but it would be interesting to see what their response is to an application for full membership from someone such as yourself.

    Wiki tells me that the definition of ‘journalist’ is as follows;

    “A journalist collects, writes and distributes news and other information.”

    Interestingly, there is also this;

    “Advocacy journalism is a genre of journalism that intentionally and transparently adopts a non-objective viewpoint, usually for some social or political purpose. Because it is intended to be factual, it is distinguished from propaganda. It is also distinct from instances of media bias and failures of objectivity in media outlets, which attempt to be—or which present themselves as—objective or neutral.”

    There you go Shane – you are a Advocacy Journalist.

    You can use that definition to descibe your work – you are advocating truth and accountability on behalf of thousands of people who subscribe to your blog.

    In my opinion, Kangaroo Court and Shane Dowling present the biggest threat to the Canberra Cabal of MSM hacks that they have yet encountered and they will close ranks, doing all in their power to prevent you gaining access.

    Hudson and his gang will have told a few pollies of your approaches and they all will be sweating bricks, desperate to keep you out.

    I wish you luck with your venture – you’ll need it.

    • KCA and the like dont need luck, i have stopped reading the political partisan rubbish from the abc,fairfax and news ltd for some time now.
      I watched Gillards press ‘conference’ live a few weeks ago and noticed her covertly offer something to those’elite’ journalists present something to keep their mouths shut.
      My interpretation of that was they would be looked after by either a labor party job or a job in the PS if they stopped asking questions about her involvement in the AWU affair if/when their jobs become redundant in the near future.

      • Pat never stop reading what they put out If you dont know what crap they write then you are in no position to condemn it I know their crap is hard to read without anger at their manipulation and lies but it needs to be read to actually believe that these type of people actually exist

    • The fate of Helen Thomas during the Bush years is an excellent primer on the the power of “access” and what happens to those who try to use that “access” for real journalism. Most of our Press Gallery people are really just stenographers.

      • ‘Stenographers’ is crediting them with talents they don’t have. It appears they simply publish ‘press releases’, rearranging a few pars to give it a smidgin of originality.

        If a doyen of American journalism like Thomas can be kicked to the back of the bus for expressing a truthful opinion, the “elite” all know their days are numbered unless they stick to the scripts provided.

      • Helen Thomas is a heroine. For those who do not know, look her up. US Presidents can not face her now, she asks pertinent questions and they cannot deal with truth.

    • Shane AS expected this is just another ‘BOYS Club” in Canberra .
      They get the trips with Gilliar and others and this club does not want any others encroaching on these perks.


  10. Shane

    It would be interesting to know just how many press secretaries were formerly ABC staff.
    When the Golden Haired Boy, Peter Beattie won the Qld Premiership there were a number of movements of ABC types from Toowong to ministerial offices. It does not take too much imagination to see the short-cuts on the “information” highway (toll road) working via the old mates network.
    The numbers would tell a story, particularly if plotted by party.

    • Yes Pattoh and he is still working away The press in Austrlia is controlled by two groups only Fairfax media and Rupert Murdocks mob Fairfax has also over 85 radio stations and i believe 3 tv stations so there is not much leeway to get information in or out EXCEPT FOR WHAT THEY WANT YOU TO SEE OR HEAR we need Shane to widen his outlet in order to retain some honesty in this nation

  11. You are spot on. These are carefully selected individuals from the socialist media who are held responsible for preserving the Labor/left and preventing the truth being known by us the public.

  12. Shane, I like your style and I like your guts in telling the truth – not in fudging, fixing and manipulating the way MSM does. Your call for others to stand up with you is a brave call.. realistically though, how many people will answer your call? Historically, Australia is a country full of people who whinge, whinge, whinge but won’t get off their blessed backsides to DO DO DO anything! If you are successful in motivating people to DO instead of whinging, then you will have broken the historical drought. Sincerely, I wish you well, because in reality, this country needs people who have guts, gumption and balls! Our country is fast going down the drain while people sit and whinge about it. God bless you..

  13. Reminds me of hearing about Julian Assange been told he is NOT a journalist! The corrupt are frightened of both of you! Keep hammering!

    • Be careful with the distraction that is Assange. I regard him as theatre and misdirection. He has produced little of real consequence for the media attention he’s had lavished on him, whereas others with far more damning material have been studiously ignored. Don’t forget also that the media began pimping him openly before he’d even put out a scrap of material. Why would they do that unless they wanted the focus on him, and only him? Straw Man syndrome in action. I think he’s not worthy of our trust, and the Mainstream media promotion of him is an indicator of just how deeply corrupted media now is.

      • Paul Julian Assagne has done more to bring honesty not only to Australia but to the World and shown America to be a bunch of murderers and hypocrites He is where he is today because he refuses to cow tow to the Legalised gangsters called politicians who want him silenced same as they want Shane Dowling shut down
        Thats what will probably happen to Shane as well They will go looking after every move he makes seeking to incriminate him Study before condemning anyone Look at what Julian Assagne has done in relation to how he is being persecuted now by conivence between the Swedes and America to jail him to silence him



      • I have deleted a number of off topic comments. Once one person goes off topic others follow so I have deleted them all. I have deleted other peoples before so I have to be consistent. I know all of you trying to help. You can always email me if there is some off topic matter.

      • America bunch of murderers? Yeah, he showed us a helicopter film that was already in the public domain. Had no real strategic or political value, and its not like the Americans actually cared what anyone thought anyway. Nothing he released has ever had any real strategic or game-changing value, or couldn’t be accessed from places other than Wikileaks (often beforehand). As to the persecution? Well you’re watching that soap opera unfold but in the meantime your attention is directed on his personal drama, and not on real opposition and real research. I think everyone should delve more into the extent of the lying and misdirection the Mainstream Press undertakes for its Masters… but you’re here, and like you, I believe this is an important place to be. Don’t be afraid to have people call you a conspiracy theorist if that’s what it takes to peel back the layers of deception. You learn nothing from the “Official” media except what they need you to believe and I still think Assange is a ploy to derail real inquiry and curiousity, but there’s always the law of unintended consequences to help us out. Anyway I’m going off topic and Shane will get up me so I’ll shut up now.

  14. Over the last 18 months I have formed the view that Mark Riley is a rancid, outrageous stooge & mouthpiece for the ALP. Apart from that, he’s OK.

  15. what? main stream media journalists are kissing the backsides of politicians, aiding and abetting in hiding their crimes, while at the same time denying REAL journalists from asking REAL questions and getting access to canberra? no way… surely that could not be happening in a so-called democracy like australia !?!?!?

    although the canberra trip was “unsuccessful” it was also highly successful in that it provides more proof that the entire system is rife with corruption.

    perhaps we will one day look back on this era in australian history and refer to it as “the awakening”.

  16. Free Speech is supposed to mean a Free Press. This flies in the face of that. You won’t get anywhere with Roxon who is busy stomping on our free speech rights. The public is told we have Free Speech and think no further about it. The problem is how do you reach these people? They rely on the MSM who won’t mention this or the amount of news stories they don’t report. Using the courts would be a waste of time. The only way I can see out of this is to educate the public to the point they get outraged. Trouble is it is very hard to get people interested. As long as they can drink with their mates and watch the footy, they don’t care. How can you get these people to give a damn?

  17. Shane I am sure you would have no problem getting everyone to sign a petition.
    Also, (although he is a good journalist) I do not think the husband of a Labor politician
    Should be chief political reporter for the ABC. I note he is subject to vicious criticism on the 7 30 letter page when he is doing his job.
    Imagine if Tony Abbott’s wife was chief political reporter on the 7 30 report Labor would be outraged

  18. This is what they are working towards in the Finkelstein Report…….

    “A COURT in southern Vietnam has jailed three bloggers for “anti-state propaganda”, including one whose case has been raised by US President Barack Obama.

    High-profile blogger Nguyen Van Hai, alias Dieu Cay, was sentenced to 12 years’ prison on Monday and policewoman-turned-dissident Ta Phong Tan was given 10 years after a trial lasting just a few hours.”

    The Fink wants to control bloggers who get more than 40 ‘hits’ a day, shutting down their blogs without having to give any reason and with no right of appeal.

    We know that this Government are Fascists, but this brand of Totalitarianism is beyond what we ever imagined in this country. Now we can’t be so certain.

    • blackswan, that reminds me so much of the julian assange case: the media and governments are happy to report about crimes and injustices in all other parts of the world (be it true or just propaganda) but shut down any reporting of our own dirty laundry. i DARE the dailytelegraph to report truthfully on the state of OUR quickly diminshing freedoms and the crimes occurring here!

      shane, i say go get these main stream media scum, as they are equally as guilty as our politicians and judges. at the very least, they are effectively concealing a vast amount of crime for which they should be charged accordingly. taking it one step further, they should also be charged with criminal conduct themselves since they (for sure) are getting some kind of benefit for helping to hide things.

      viva la revolution !

  19. Democracy and totalitarianism both breed powerful people who will do anything for the masters who lavish praise on them. Our Canberra press gallery appears to be more concerned with looking after this corrupt government than telling the truth.
    One only has to listen to question time to hear the lies and self glorification espoused by the government members
    The lies evidence is so powerful that most of the public ‘shut off’ when the treasurer says he is doing so well and reporters fail to ask him the relevent questions. Penny Wong, the finance minister is a disgrace as well, as her figures are always wrong compared to estiamtes, and the press gallery do little to query her. How can a deficit blowout by 100% be good ?
    Bring on the election so we can have our say and hopefully in the wash up, this press gallery can be rinsed clean too

    • Peter Van Onselen “Prime Minister I believe you did nothing wrong” (in spite of all the evidence to the contrary)Contemptible Peter contemptible.
      He also expressed his anger that viewers dared to demand more scrutiny of the AWU scandal.
      We do not care what you think Peter it is what we think that matters.

      • PVO’s mind set is an interesting read, he appears to only respect the opinion of “friends” who have ‘Dr’ in front of their name. This guy is a pure self opinionated academic

  20. WE are in a police state: orchestrated by smart people, however it’s not the smart that is your enemy, it’s the stupidity of the naive public. If you wake them up, you get charged for undermining authority and terrorising the public by such awareness. I have legal evidence to that fact. I love one of your T shirts it’s so true.

    • so true oswald. and for revealing the truth you sometimes get labelled as a conspiracy theorist too. but if the criminals put out their propaganda so often that it becomes truth, then it’s up to people like us to put out the truth at least as much. bit by bit when you show them shreds of irrefutable evidence, it slowly chips away at their stubbornness and naivety – they slowly start to ask questions for themselves and wonder why some key questions are not asked and why some vital information is hidden from them. it is people like us who will save this country, so let’s keep up the pressure.

  21. For mine the most frighting crime being committed currently in MSM is the crime of omission.How are we to judge anything if we don’t know about it.In my opinion this is the most dangerous and evil tactic being employed right across MSM and have abandoned any hope of being able to make any sane judgments by what is being fed to us.Pretty much these days nearly all my info comes through blogs so on that basis you are no doubt a journalist.P.S. I would love it if you could do an article on the crime of omission as I believe it needs to dragged into the open

    • Max, you’re right – how can you ‘know’ what you don’t know exists?

      However, once we do know, how can we turn a ‘blind eye’ and ‘un-know’ not only criminal theft of workers’ funds but the theft of an entire nation’s freedom of thought/speech/expression and the hijacking of our democratic sovereignty.

      It has often been said “People get the Government they deserve”. I don’t believe the Australian People have ever been so base, so evil and so destructive as to deserve the Organised Crime that has seized administration of this country.

      The ‘closed shop’ of the Canberra Press Gallery is culpable in facilitating the promotion of this Cabal of Marxist Cretins to power.



        WOW! LOVE IT.

      • Thanks Furious,

        For any of us who loves to write, pro journos or not, the prostitution of their profession by the Canberra Press Gallery is anathema.

        The sorry state of our Democracy is now drawing international attention and I’m sure you’ll appreciate this blogger’s ‘outside’ perspective on our concerns …….

        Many Aussie readers are regular visitors to the Pointman’s blog, including our mate Hillbilly, and links to Kanga Court and Michael Smith’s News have been posted there, expanding Shane and Mike’s readership, thereby exposing the facts they have uncovered.

        Comments from France, UK, Greece and the USA express sadness for the predicament we find ourselves in, and fear it is mirrored in their own countries.

        This has to be an international effort to defeat ‘the dark side’ and it’s reassuring to know we are not alone.

      • I agree entirely however the majority of the populace only know what comes through the MSM and don’t frequent sites such as this.So basically opinion is being formed en mass through lack of knowledge which is affecting the stands of our society.I don’t know how but to me the take over the media by the left wing needs to be broken.Not banished but gotten back to a point where all views are aired and all news etc is honestly disseminated..


    AT LAST some serous questions are getting asked by media. Pity is there are so few in Australia asking any tough questions!

    I know that this network is represented here in Australia and that its research into The AWU Scandal has been thorough and complete. This country has no axe to grind with Australia, however the producers of the segment are amazed (like me) that Australia’s media is so accepting of Gillard’s protestations of innocence.

  23. I am blogger: ‘hear me ROAR'[Mike Rivero at]
    Sending this link/article to him.
    We have to blackball msm, send them broke and let the directors explain that to the shareholders…….until they are fair dinkum with we Aussies.
    The Internet has these msm pussies on toast and they should behave.
    Good one Shane. ‘ Go you good thing’!

  24. Remember the Reverend Neillmuller He was a minister in the German Luthern Church
    He was captured by the NAZIS in1939 and put in a concentration camp until his release in 1944
    When released he was approched by an Army commander who said “i bet you wish you could get your hands on those that put you in this camp” Rev. Neillmuller replied “No sir i only got what i deserved”

    “First they came for the Catholics and i done nothing because i was not a Catholic”.

    “Then they came for the Trades Unionists and i done nothing because i was not a Trades Unionist ”

    “Then they came for the Jews and i done nothing because i was not a Jew”

    But then they came for me and by that time there was no one left to defend me”

    • Next, they will come for the blogger because they were affraid of ‘their roaaar’.
      ‘If you do not use it you lose it’, so says
      the rugby referee. Same applies to free democratic expression herein. Pollies and msm take heed!

      • HWS When you know something is a lie and you do nothing about it YOU THEN BECOME PART OF THAT LIE Gillard Swan Combet Emerson and especially Macklin all lie daily regarding carbon tax and pensioner rights the backbenchers back them yet we cannot complain because the Media blocks us every time

      • RH,
        I have been fighting a horrendous lie almost full time since I woke up in early 2004. The media and federal politicians have been covering up mass murder even before 2004. In due course there will be magnificent blow back, the fuse is getting brighter every week. Have fairh.

      • HWS freedom of speech here in Australia is a right not a privilage given to us by the thousands of Diggers who stood shoulder to shoulder and died that we might have that right. and we should not stand by and allow a few corrupt weak kneed politicians who are actually fifth columnists if anything. who never fought for this nation be permitted to stop people like Shane Dowling from demanding that right as a journalist to carry out his job

        remember this clearly


        So why should a Prime Minister who politically assassinated her leader in the middle of the night in order to get his job and with corruption claims surrounding her be permitted to manipute the press and try and stop free speech

      • rh – have you read our Constitution lately?

        There is NOTHING about the Rights & Responsibilities of citizens in that document.

        Our fathers and grandfathers fought for the same ideals that we fight for today. They could never have envisaged the Marxist constraints on our liberties that we live with today, and most of those have occurred in the 18,000 items of Regulation that have been introduced in the 5 short years since KRudd came to power in 2007.

        Gillard said, “Regulation is a big stick and we’ll use it if we have to.”

        They have already beaten us over the head with it.

        Regulation is NOT subject to ANY debate or a Vote in Parliament. It is a Control mechanism whereby Politicians AND Bureaucrats can (and do) enforce any measure they see fit – without redress.

        The MSM in general and the Canberra Press Gallery in particular, are utterly negligent in their systematic failure to make our citizens aware of the ramifications of such open slather in eroding our self-determination as a People.

        We are signatories to multiple United Nations Treaties and Agreements which have NEVER been put to the popular vote to determine the ‘will’ of a supposedly democratic nation. Those UN edicts permeate every aspect of our Federal AND State Laws, from Human Rights to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

        When my WW2 veteran Dad was giving me a clip in the ear for lousy table manners, he never dreamed I had any rights at all. Neither did I.

        Nobody is actually going to GIVE us anything. To expect that they will, and a Government in particular, is to buy into the Socialist/Marxist Nanny State myth.

        We need to claim those Rights for ourselves and not be cowed into submission.

        When the people live in fear of a government, that is Tyranny – when governments live in fear of the people, THAT is Democracy.

        We the People need to decide, quick smart, exactly what kind of nation we are going to leave to our kids.

  25. Fellow kangas ; it’s time we went on the attack against the Press gallery and IMHO Gillard’s 23/8/12 ambush press conference gives us the perfect vehicle!
    The following excerpts are also my feelings.

    Patrick SteerAugust 28, 2012 at 2:07 pm#on :Shane’s Prima facie post page. Our ‘fearless leader’ issued an invitation to the MSM to attend a Press Conference in regard to ‘boat people’ or words to that effect. It seems to me that the ‘trigger’ for questions to be asked about the ‘fraud affair’ during that Press Conference was a set up. So, the invitation was a ‘lie/fraud’ and answers given were also in the area of ‘handling the truth very carelessly’.

    PM Gillard:-“I am sitting here in front of, what, 20, 30, people, answering any question they choose to ask me, I think that that is satisfactory to deal with the matter.”

    Who were those 20 or 30??

    I and others have done or are doing extensive forensics on that P/C and it is clear those present, particularly Fairfax members of the LAGS Club (Labor And Gillard Sycophants) shot themselves in the foot. I’ve tried to find Video of the P/C or a list of Press gallery members present but have failed. However, the ABC website does have a photocopy of the document the convenient diversionary wandering nutter handed to the PM !! LOL

    What would help us all is to put names to those who asked the mostly inadequate and ill-prepared, ill-informed questions. We can take it from there and mount that attack.

    • We only have to go back to the events leading up to the Australia Day fracas for an example of media mendacity in action. They don’t exist to report anymore, if indeed they ever did report. They only exist to obfuscate, and when required, manufacture consent through deception.

    • Hello Hillbilly – good to see you are still ‘on the case’. You’ve prompted a thought…….

      Shane, couldn’t you ask Hudson for a list of names of ‘journalists’ who hold Press Passes?

      Is there any justification for him to refuse? Privacy? How would that apply to employees of various wire-services, publishers, etc? They have open access to a publicly owned AND staffed building and are charged with communicating government business to the general public, both domestically and internationally.

      If Hudson failed to justify any refusal for disclosure, it just gives you extra ammo to use in asserting that the Press Gallery is simply a ‘tool of government’ and not the watchdogs they purport to be.

      On the other hand, if you can secure such a list, it may well enable you to check the credentials of such persons to determine whether all of them live up to the criteria Hudson is so adamant about.

      Another line of thought ……….

      It’s about time the Canberra Press Gallery caught up with the 21st century. They were called “wire services” a hundred years ago when roving ‘reporters’ actually “reported” back to their editors by telegram or ‘wire’.

      A ‘journalist’ is a writer who disseminates information and/or opinion in ANY mass-communication medium.

      End of story.

      • I believe there has to a complete inquiry and cleaning out of the whole MSM particularly the left wing take over of the industry.In addition the very sinister ability of the PM to have individuals sacked for not doing their job in her favor.Their ABC is right at the head of the pack and in my opinion has demolished and discarded their charter to such an extent that it warrants breaking up the whole empire reducing it to one TV station and reasonable rural Radio coverage.SBS should go on the grounds of waste of space and money.

      • I doubt very much they would give me the lists of names. And I have no criteria to check if they conform anyhow as Hudson has given me very little. It is up to Hudson to give me detailed reasons why I did not get a pass which he has not. Just saying verbally they do not regard me as a journalist does not wash.

        I am still driving the issue behind the scenes.

  26. Shane there is no way in hell your going to get inside that circle its what keeps the lid on all the Corruption.Maybe you can use the discrimination card here?
    (But this is why they wont put nothing on paper) I think i answered my own question.

  27. There was movement in the Gallery, coz the word had passed around
    “That bastard Dowling’s sniffing round the place
    He’s rumbled Labor’s Union mates, our goose is cooked no doubt,
    So get all the Hacks to gather here post haste.”

    All the tried and noted Flunkies from TV stations near and far
    Had gathered at the Kingoh overnight
    For those journos love hard talking when such loose cannons roar
    And their bosses snuff the battle with delight.

    “We’ll discredit him and show him that he can’t call the tune
    We’ll show him just who really is the boss
    He’ll rue the day he ‘tried it on’ to get into the House
    We’ll have his guts for garters – it’s his loss.”

    And one was there, a stripling of a small and weedy cast,
    The only one who didn’t owe the Mob,
    “Don’t forget he writes the Kanga Court, it’s got the Judges spooked
    I hear he’s done a really cracking job.”

    Deep silence at the table as the whiskey was gulped down
    And looks exchanged that said “Who IS this fool?”
    The lad went on, oblivious, not noticing the frowns
    And showed that he was no-one’s ‘useful tool’.

    “Kangaroo Court is making waves, of that there is no doubt
    New opinion blogs will spring up left and right
    Misogynistic nutjobs all rally to his cause, the word went out
    The Internet really does have heavy clout.”

    “The PM is beside herself but Shane Dowling doesn’t care,
    He’s exposed her crooked past, that’s just the start,
    If it was all a pack of lies she’d sue, why won’t she dare?
    Think he could rip this Labor mob apart.”

    The seasoned Hacks looked at him, recalled when they were young
    With ideals and integrity held dear
    But now they gripped that ladder and clung onto top rung
    And swallowed down their whiskey in deep fear.

    Swanny (with apologies to Banjo).

  28. Does MSM realise that they are ruining their own liberties and actual purpose they aimed for?
    As a reader /voter/ customer/one of many this is hard to believe and even Mr Murdoch is at risk of losing due to what seems internet and communication interference wich creates an obvious anti competitive /unfair advantage …even for the largest media professionals/businesses.
    One only has to look at the state of reduced media avenues and eventually the largets are at risk it seems.
    Here is an example of not allowing many millions to form a responsible well `informed` decision affecting detriment of so many needing truths and diverse opinion.

    Eg.Mr M Smiths site and reading the MT interviw with the FWA Mr N (a respectful investigation kept from many which allows an ongoing non diclosure fro a select minority group of strange people with seemingly very low professional values).

    Scene Hypothetical

    Mr Thingamigjig …What would you call that professionally regarding your serious position?
    Mr Spokesperson No Name; Well toothbrushes and badges worth many thousands of course it was not my field of stuff.Screen printing and those kind of terrific bus mural ideas Yes /No something like that I`m sure you know?
    Mr Thingamijiggo;
    Was it approved and who by?
    Mr Spokesperson No Name; Well it could have been and maybe was but I could not tell you for sure because we could have but I can not recall who but it would have been for sure because that is how we they or I did that .
    Mr Thingymajiggo ; About when did that occur and was it accounted for?
    Mr Spokesperson No Name; Well It was the way it was done and everyone did it you know, It was not up to me .It would have been around then because others did it so it was accepted that it was hardly up to me .I can not be too sure precisely .Yet it would have been and had been normal .Yes /No I can not recall exactly .It was for sure the way those things were receipted .Yes.
    Mr Thingamygig.;So Mr Thingamigig , did you consider that a donation or sponsor or gift as such ?
    Mr SpokespersonNo Name;: Well it could have been but I cannot be too ..well Maybe but I have not that in front of me as it was so long ago so it would be a perhaps and everyone knew so not really buy yes I guess thats what you could call these things.

    This is what it is like to a viewer and media has also started following the same bumb pathetic style of null void info media for total idiots.They expect many millions to believe or support or pay for pathetic.
    They have just got to be joking Mr Dowling .
    Utterly shameful and they wonder why the Nation is mocked , broke and looking very inhumane in any mini party/media decisions.No wonder they are saying Globally irrational rubbish.
    Please allow mature genuine honest people to govern lead and decide on behalf of so many well meaning honest Australian folks.
    Thank You kindly Mr Dowling .Respect sent to you your supporters and your family and friends for all good efforts.
    Vote we shall for truth restoration and a positive future for all.
    Regards ..:

    • Rupert Murdoch has become a cowering suckhole to Gillard and Labor due to his UK debacle. He got rid of Hartigan after Gillard threatened him and appointed the head of Foxtel to replace Hartigan. That person just happens to be Gough Whitlam’s son-in-law. The reputable journalists at News Ltd have been hung out to dry by Murdoch and only the fearless among them will report the truth, the rest will do whatever it takes to keep their jobs.
      Fairfax are just plain dumb and are relying on the Libs to forgive them when they (Libs) take Govt, and the Libs are so pathetic they will accommodate them.
      An example of the pathetic nature of the MSM. Labor announce a thought bubble ie NDIS and the MSM gleefully write articles that Gillard and Labor have wedged Abbott because if he is negative to the idea the public will judge him as uncaring.
      Now an example of some real ridgy didge wedging. (1) To take Govt Gillard sells her soul to the Greens and 3 Independents, the result is she is forced to break promises she made in the lead up to the election. She has compromised her principles and values to govern the country. (2) She is installed as the PM by Bill Ludwig and the unionists within the Govt. Why?. Because they hate Rudd and used him to gain Govt AND they know the truth of the AWU/Wilson/Gillard scandal of the 90’s because they were part of it or aware of it and therefore OWN her. She is now a female eunuch, the Greens have her by the short and curlys and Ludwig and the unionists have control of the Govt. NOW THAT IS WEDGING and we Australians are the losers.

    • I thought the post was about Corruption in the Canberra Press Gallery and Democracy under attack which is exactly where I was heading on this investigation of the mis-reporting and whitewashing of Gillard’s press conference by this pathetic bunch of so-called journalists. Apologies for wasting your time and mine. It definitely won’t happen again!

      • H/B – The MSM in general, and the Canberra Press Gallery in particular are the only reason our current political status quo exists.

        Without the lazy sycophantic media hacks who support this regime, our national economic and political malaise would never have come to pass. If Australians had an inkling of who/what was running for Office, we would never have stood for it.

        Your work is appreciated by many of us for whom you have burned the midnight oil.

        Thank you.

        By the way, ‘respect’ is a concept not well understood by those who should know better.

  29. The Australian’s Hedley Thomas has some interesting things to say about the Canberra Press Gallery:

    “There appears to be an abundance of Canberra-based commentators who express opinions about the reporting by others on important issues.

    These commentators do not appear to do investigations themselves. There does not appear to be a strong investigative culture in the parliamentary press gallery. There are of course notable exceptions.

    Although I am based in Brisbane and have never worked in Canberra, my personal view is that the public interest would be better served if more of the commentators did more of their own original digging and reporting.”

  30. I think you would be a better journalist than the bloke from the telegraph that recorded the Allan Jones comments .. Keep up the good fight between you and smith we the public will win in the end . Kind regards Peter Hall

  31. Clearly Shane there has to be some guidelines as to who gets a press pass. Presently these decisions are made by the Canberra Press Gallery Committee and fair enough. Would you like to see another over regulated body? Maybe they could hold a Certificate IV course for anybody wanting a pass. It seems to me that they have no problems handing out passes to people with a recognised outlet, i.e. a readership, which clearly you don’t. So the solution is simple, establish yourself better.

    • You obviously have not read the post properly. You say “there has to be some guidelines as to who gets a press pass”. Well what are those guidelines? They will not tell me. And you say “So the solution is simple, establish yourself better.” To what degree? They said they do not regard me as a journalist yet the government do. You did not notice that they will not put that in writing? If they are going to knock me back for a pass they should at least give a detailed reason in writing which they refuse.
      You sound like their defence counsel. I think you need to re-read the post.

    • Pete.. perhaps you could consider re-reading your comment.. “So the solution is simple, establish yourself better.” Please tell me, where does this comment fit in with what’s been posted here?

      Do you consider yourself to be some sort of self-appointed, self-anointed ‘mightier than thou’ super-duper you-beaut reporter/ columnist? If so, then perhaps you might consider volunteering to help others who are obviously [in your opinion], far less qualified than you..

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