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Just think about the last time you read the paper or watched TV, grind your teeth and then put it out of your mind? Did you think about taking action then realize you had no time or money to commit to a fight? Well Kangaroo Court of Australia is taking the fight to the people who need to be fought and trying to make Australia a better and fairer country and you can help support that. (Donate now)

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25 replies »

  1. Just made a donation, and also bought your book. Your KCA is a great site, and congratulations on your valuable work. Can I have a little personal background on yourself.
    Best Wishes,
    Barry T

  2. I’m an age pensioner, Shane, but I consider this donation well spent! Please keep barking at Shorten’s heels!

  3. Will put some dollars in your account later this week when my money comes from Centrelink. I’m an age pensioner with little money but lots of principles!

  4. Bad things happen when good people do nothing!!
    Just being one of Bob Hawke’s SILLY OLD BUGGERS I intend to make regular donations every Pension Day.
    I try to promote this site whenever possible.
    Penioner Jack

  5. Just made a donation as the more who back you the greater the chance of bringing back honesty and integrity with politicians and public servants being reminded that they are here to work for us not themselves or their corporate buddies. People power got rid of the poll tax in the uk years ago and it sent a strong message to the government of the day about who is in charge and it us the people !!!!!!

  6. I was happy to organize a monthly donation (sorry it is only small) through Paypal and thank you for the honest and honourable work. Simply a pity it is SO NECESSARY!

  7. God bless your cotton socks Shane for all that you are doing in the name of Truth! Donated and about to buy your book. Cheers mate, you’re the best!

  8. The Last lone voice standing for Australians who value freedoms and choice. Suppression leads to oppression. Keep up the good work.

  9. Fighting for the truth is no small matter, it’s a very big job – thank you for what you do.

  10. Good stuff Shane. Give them hell. Just transferred a small donation to your account. Old fart pensioner here so only a small amount commensurate with the pittance I live on. I wonder if I could sue someone??! Hmmm…

  11. Justice to be done must be seen to be done and your passion for exposing the lies and concealment and double standards re its administration are commendable and provocative! You do a great service!

  12. Keep going …doing what you do, please. Keep those in power accountable…somehow. Donation on the way…as you will never be able to obtain a grant or govt funding 😉

  13. Thank you for your continuing courage, Shane. I have a great respect for your determination to disseminate the truth and shine a light on the cover-ups.

  14. For sure man
    I’ll donate to your cause, because It’s OUR cause.
    Thanks for being one of the few adults left.

  15. Your courage in the face of non stop intimidation and attacks is commendable, we have not seen any other journalist in Australia brave exposing the truth like you have, your tenacity is incredible and there should be more journalists like you and less paid robots like we see in MSM.

  16. Thank you for your investigative journalism exposing the corruption that exists amongst our public figures and politicians. Australians MAKE YOUR VOTE COUNT THIS ELECTION. BOOT THEM OUT. Thank you again.

  17. Just made a donation after having viewed your last video. Man, you seemed fired up about old media so I hope my few bucks goes a long way to make your voice heard. Geez, you even used the f* bomb. You must really hate old media.

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