Rolf Harris. The British police want your help! The evidence. Guilty or not guilty?

Rolf Harris has gone into hiding and avoided addressing the number one court in the land, The Court of Public Opinion. Make no mistake, the British police want the media to name Rolf Harris and gave all the clues they could without actually naming him. They want the public’s help and this site will do its part to help the British police.

It has been a week since I did my post on the media failing to name Rolf Harris in the Jimmy Savile child sex scandal and it is time to look at some of evidence and address some misleading information. (Click here to read the previous post)

British Police want Rolf Harris named

The mainstream media have said they have not named Rolf Harris because the police have not confirmed that it was him that they arrested and questioned. So where did the mainstream media get the information that it was an 82-year-old Australian entertainer who lives in Berkshire that the police arrested and questioned. They got it from the police obviously. The police could have just said they had questioned an 82-year-old man and no one would have known who it was. But the police made sure that they gave enough details so it was easy to guess who it was with pin point accuracy. I have no doubt the police want people to come forward with evidence as it has been reported they are looking for potential victims and they want Rolf Harris’s name spread far and wide to help find victims.

Two lines in News Ltd report say a lot

There were two lines in a News Ltd report on the Rolf Harris matter and those two lines can tell a lot if it is true. The report said:

“The entertainer was first interviewed “under caution” by British police on
November 29 following a search of his home, about an hour west of London. It is
understood they have since been trying to identify potential victims.” (Click here to read more)

The part that says “they have since been trying to identify potential victims.” This to me says they have found either video tape or photos of girls and/or boys probably in their teens and it is hard to tell if they are underage or not and that why it says “potential victims” instead of victims. If the children were very young and clearly underage then it would have said “victims”.

I remember another matter in Australia where the police found child pornography of young children and they said they were now looking for the victims.

Another scenario is maybe that it was adults in strange situations that led police to believe that the adults had not participated on their own free will.  My viewpoint though it is most likely photos and/or video of teenage children.

Is Rolf Harris guilty of any crime? Based on his actions I have no doubt he is. Exactly what we do not know but time will tell.

The Mainstream media have named Rolf Harris. But they have only done it Charade Style.

In my last post I focused on the fact that the MSM have not named Rolf Harris. But that it not totally accurate when you look at it from the perspective that they have given enough clues for him to be clearly identified. So to run the argument the mainstream media should not name him, which some have, is very misleading. Of course the mainstream media should name Rolf Harris in full, not play some charade style game by just giving clues. The Mainstream Media have embarrassed themselves and let everyone down.

Clear breach of crises management 101

The biggest pointer to Rolf Harris’s guilt is the fact that he has gone into hiding and left it to people to speculate without responding. This is a clear breach of crisis management 101 which says you have 48 hours to seize the moment and get your message out there in the media.

If Rolf Harris was not guilty of any crime he could have and should have called a press conference either last year when his name first started hitting social media or at the very least before or just after his police interview last week. Rolf Harris has a manager and lawyer and has probably employed a crisis management expert at this time. Any of them will tell you what you need to do in a situation like this and that the court of public opinion is just as important if not more important in some regards than a court of law.

Some headings from an article on crises management says what Rolf Harris should have done. And the fact that he has not done it says plenty. Anyone with any knowledge of crisis management will tell you that Mr Harris’s actions, or lack of, are the actions of a guilty party.

10 Rules of Crisis Management

1. Being Unprepared Is No Excuse. 2. You Know The Threats – Get Ready For Them. 3. Know What You Want To Say Before They Ask. 4 . Admit That You Are Wing-It-Challenged. 5. Three Key Messages For Every Crisis

6. Beware Of The Court Of Public Opinion. Lawyers play a very important part in any crisis. Their counsel on legal matters is paramount and should help guide the response. However, there are two courts in this world, and the court of public opinion is just as powerful as the court of law. The biggest challenge crisis leaders face is balancing their decisions based on these two courts. What may work in one, doesn’t always work in the other. The real question that needs to be addressed is quite simple – what is the smartest thing I can do to protect my brand? Winning in a court of law won’t necessarily restore the public trust you may have lost in the court of public opinion. Both are important – choose wisely.

7. You’ve Got 48 Hours. 8. Divide And Conquer. 9. Get Outside Help. (Click here to read more)

What Mr Harris has done is gone into hiding and left it to family and friends to tell the media how innocent and distressed he is. They want sympathy. They complained about social media naming him and what the social media have said about him yet Mr Harris has not come forward to defend himself. Why? Because he cannot if the police have evidence such as photos or video and his failure to address the media in my mind is clear admission that the police do have solid evidence. Rolf Harris has never really tried to win in the court of public opinion and is totally focused on winning in a court of law which most guilty parties do when there is solid evidence against them.

The fallacy of leave it to the courts and police and do not speculate

Some of the comments of the previous post I found odd. Especially the ones where people want to leave it to a court of law. This site is a judicial corruption site which names corrupt judges and magistrates. The people who made those comments should have had a better look around this site.

As far as leave it to the police is concerned, as I have stated above, they want our help.

Should we speculate? Of course we should. The court of public opinion is rapidly over taking the law courts because of their failings and the failings of the police around the globe. The court of public opinion needs to make and keep the police and courts honest, that is what this site is about.

The British police want our help, so help promote this post. The last post has been liked over 5000 times on Facebook so far, so let’s try and do the same again. We are the media now.

Update: 1/7/14: Rolf Harris found guilty on all 12 counts of indecent assault (Click here to read more)

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      • Thats just heresay shane. Im horrified at the accusations & your support to gossip like that

      • Sorry, but I’m not even close to convinced on this! Rumour, gossip and innuendo is not evidence. Not one “victim” has come out… That, given the magnitude of the story, is both bizarre and telling. We have people constantly talking about satanic ritual abuse and “The Family” but not one victim has come out to name anyone with an ounce of convincing or compelling evidence. In fact, no living victim of which I can recall reading. It’s increasingly hard to buy that they have anything on him. Is there a clear assertion he’s been found caught with kiddy porn? I haven’t yet even read that, unless Ive missed something. If so, I’m curious to know who, how and what they have on him before passing adverse judgement. It’s too bizarre for words.

      • It they had nothing on him Rolf Harris would have called a press conference long ago and said so and put a stop to the speculation. He hasn’t has he. He is the one feeding all the social media, that his camp has complained about, by not calling a press conference and addressing the issue.

    • Well, well, well another shoe has dropped, and BBC made sure it dropped softly on the carpet and was quickly kicked under the bed. Aug 29th 2013

  1. The danger of reading articles like this one is that we tend to arrive at the wrong conclusions.

    “If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you’re mis-informed.”

    ― Mark Twain

  2. Blogsphere has a role to play – yet I don’t agree with you subject matter here Shane.

    You seem so eager to be the first to pursue this story as if it really means so much – It’s sad if its true, and for you to present yourself as a judge and jury advocating the naming and shaming will be your undoing.

    You’re playing a dangerous game with public opinion.

    If he is guilty he gets no special treatment – but I think he has earned the respect as an entertainer and much loved Aussie icon to be given some lattitude until he fronts courts and faces his accusers.

    What are the charges – girls, boys, how long ago … right now you are advocating speculation and that is not a journalist’s role – you do call yourself a journalist don’t you?

    Sorry – there are so many other stories out there – why this one …

    • I am not playing a dangerous game with public opinion at all. So you do not think the police wanted him named, they are the ones who gave Rolf Harris’s details so everyone knew.

      You say “but I think he has earned the respect as an entertainer and much loved Aussie icon to be given some lattitude until he fronts courts and faces his accusers.”

      So you think he should get special treatment. Special treatment is what Jimmy Savile got which enabled him to get away with it for so long.

      You say “advocating speculation and that is not a journalist’s role”. Who said it’s not? You? They do it all the time. This site is the people’s court and on here we speculate for the reasons I said in the post.

      You say “present yourself as a judge and jury advocating the naming and shaming will be your undoing.” So you must have not read many posts on this site. It is what I do all the time. Name and shame corrupt judges and magistrates.

      You say “You seem so eager to be the first to pursue this story as if it really means so much”. Maybe you think it does not mean much, but I do not.

      • This man is well know amongst the Royals, he does deserve some respect until proven otherwise!

    • Innocent people are too easily stitched in child abuse/protection cases. Just watch the PBS documentary “The Child Terror” to see how that happens all the time (transcripts are readily available). I agree with Eye-Ball on this one. There is a chasm to jump in finding enough to pin anything on him and he may not be “in-hiding” by refusing to feed sleezy journos looking for smut to publish. He is right to wait and see who is his real accuser. He has a right to face that accuser. But why so long after the fact, as it appears to be suggested? It’s looking increasingly like an ugly and messy witch-hunt against a man so fragile he won’t even be able to defend himself if its dragged out long enough.

      • To Liz Fry, are you away that Jimmy Saville was a good friend and confident of the royals? Really, it would matter if Rolf was mates with the “almighty” the evidence should be followed and a trial held if applicable.

    • “EARNED RESPECT AS AN ENTERTAINER AND A MUCH LOVED AUSSIE ICON” That is precisely why we should be advised about the matter, some Australian media have reported his arrest but they have not named him, We deserve better, if he is not guilty, he will come out smelling of Roses, and sell an extra million records, if he is guilty he will still have his blind supporters, because he is an “icon” and all the more reason for him to be named. PLEASE! being well known amongst the Royals! what the hell has that got to do with it????? If I was falsely accused of a crime I would very publicly scream from the rooftops with all the indignation I could muster and call my accusers “LYING SCUM”!!! I am surprised Harris has not made any public statement, he may have good reasons but in the meantime we deserve to be told a lot more.

    • As if it means so much? so the fact that such prominent people abuse children doesn’t mean much to some? it doesn’t matter if this revolting crime was done years ago or yesterday..that’s not the point.

      Public opinion knows it’s Rolf many other prominent australian entertainers live in Berkshire, England.

      I find it just despicable that the law finds it so hard to find justice for the victims of high profile people. I would be fairly certain the english police have pretty damning evidence to arrest him in the first place…any other evidence they’re looking for would just be the sealant. The english justice system is like ours…horrible criminals end up walking because of some slight technicality..we’ve seen that over and over! or because even the police are scared to do their job properly because of the strings these people can pull. The more evidence the police find between now and court the better their case will be.

      There certainly are a million stories out there…and this is one of them. Would you rather Shane reported on the local gardening competitions would you.

      This is the Kangaroo Court after all….

      • I find it just despicable that the law finds it so hard to find justice for the victims of high profile people.

        It’s called money Susan, unfortunately, with countries like the U.S. being the leader in the “best justice money can buy” game. If you are broke and use the duty solicitor, bring your toothbrush. If you have money and can afford barristers & QCs you have a chance of getting off.

    • “This man is well know amongst the Royals, he does deserve some respect until proven otherwise!”

      Wow, I’m convinced. Sounding all a bit Hyacinth Bucket there.

      • lol! and we all know Hyacinth would never do wrong! It’s not a funny subject of course….but that comment made me swallow my coffee kinda fast.. 🙂

  3. Yep if we can Not speculate we have No power! We can all speculate expecially because the police have given us that reason to do so!

  4. The British press now say an 83 year old prominent Australian. Coincidental? His birth date is 30th March 1930

  5. Keep up the good work ,Shane. We need people like you who aren’t afraid to to chase the truth. You take the risk of being sued for defamation , etc., but the world is a very corrupt & secretive place if those in high positions such as politics, law, government, etc., are corrupt, deceptive,involved in criminal acts, child sexual abuse , drug dealing, tax evasion, etc.,etc. as has been shown in many, many of your investigations.Those who accuse you of speculating may well eat their words shortly when the truth is exposed.

  6. I think you’re being a bit precipitous, Shane. Let’s hear who’s making the accusations, then let’s see where they go.

    You do realise there’s victim compensation to be had from the taxpayer’s wallet, even if an offence isn’t proved, merely as go-away money.

    How about we haul Rolf before the Catholic-bashing royal commission in Australia, even though he’s a protestant?

    • maree S, the Catholic church has been paying “go-away money” (hush money) for a long time in their quest to cover up crimes committed by Catholics, and devious Catholics, may have manipulated some of the 100 million dollars from taxpayers that was supposed to be used for that “propaganda” party that caused disruption in Sydney under the false claim by Pell “we’ll teach youth morals” and used it to top up Catholic coffers. maree you claim “there’s compensation from taxpayers” in some cases that may be true but the church has claimed THEY paid the victims, then you claim “even if an offence isn’t proved” the Catholic church has paid out BILLIONS in Australia the US and other countries around the world as HUSH MONEY to stop the matter going to court, in an attempt to cover up their crimes, one of the reasons we are having a long overdue “Royal Commission” is because to many Catholics are in denial, they have turned a blind eye, then gone off to “confession” where ALL IS FORGIVEN – ALL IS FORGOTTEN – WHY!!! IT NEVER HAPPENED IN THE FIRST PLACE, (it was just filthy communist talk) “CATHOLIC BASHING” you claim and PERSECUTION.

      • I’ll believe it isn’t Catholic bashing when they investigate the Heiner Affair as part of this Commission.

      • What about all the kiddy fiddlers in the Labor movement in Australia alone who have been caught. Are we supposed to close our eyes to them? Are you so gullible that you think they are not splashing ‘go away’ money around.

  7. Perhaps he is hiding at the Ecuadorian Embassy with that other Australian wanted for questioning about sex crimes. You are dead right, it looks as if Julian’s PR machine is working better as the court of public opinion has already found him not guilty.

  8. The UK have protected the elite child molesters for a very long time so i”m a bit confused about Rolf being outed maybe he psst off the wrong people maybe even the royals. (@ Liz fry)

    • Its probably a misdirection ploy, nevertheless Rolf would be pretty high up the chain, so if it is there must be one even higher being protected by sacrificing Rolf (a la Glitter/Saville). Just maybe too, Police with integrity are doing their job. If so it’ll all unravel once the Judges get hold of it.

      • AN update. Police in the UK are now looking at witness statements about a “beloved” pop star (singer) and issues with said beloved one’s conduct with a ten year old boy. Seems to have been quite a culture of this over there. Rolf has reason to be nervous. Mr Beloved seems to have been part of the same culture, places and time.

  9. I agree with Shane on all he has said. To not come forward and deny the rumours that are being broadcast to the media in my mind is the fact he has something to hide. At the moment here in Australia we have a Royal Commission happening into the investigation of Child sexual abuse and torture. It goes right across the board from Police, Churches, Orphans in institutions, and Education. Rolf Harris was a school teacher in WA.It has always puzzled me why Rolf Harris moved to the UK to live when he had a very successful career here in Australia. Maybe this all is a coincidence maybe not. We have 5000 victims come forward at the moment. In this very sick world we live in where we here of the most horrendous crimes being committed every single day of the week nothing surprises me anymore.

    • Rolf Harris is 83 years old. If I get to that age without heading into dementia, I will be very relieved. Back in the 1960s and 1970s, there were rumours of various degrees of perversion emanating from the realms of the entertainment industry. Not surprised if Rolf and a great many other ‘respected’ entertainers turn out to have been a bit weird, and it is likely that a more of those “old dears” are becoming a bit nervous these days.

  10. What is it about power that causes so many who gain it to become lecherous as distinct from just crooked. I have over the years gained much enjoyment from watching Rolf Harris as an entertainer but always had the odd feeling he had a smarmy side. How I hope that I have been wrong.

    • In the ’80’s, a work colleague of mine in the airline industry spoke of Rolf Harris and some inappropriate behaviour. It’s not proof of anything, but as soon as I heard about an Australian entertainer icon in his 80’s being questioned by police last November, I thought of Harris. I had no idea how old he was or what country he was living in, but he immediately came to mind. Maybe where there’s smoke………….

  11. Good for you Shane, you have told it the way it is. If Mr. Harris had never been involved in anything shady, then his name would never be tied in to this situation. In similar situations the general public ‘know-it-alls’ want to be judge and jury before UNDERSTANDING, not reading, the facts before them, and as for ‘being a friend of the Royals’, as mentioned earlier, means diddly-squat. The ‘Royals’ meet and aquaint with thousands of people, doesn’t mean they are all ‘squeaky clean’!
    Thanks Shane,
    Keep up the good work.

    • Jimmy Saville for one. Frequent visits over many years from Charles who eulogized at Saville’s funeral. The Royals have access to Britain’s best intelligence. They knew.

  12. UK Political Blogger Guido Fawkes ( ) named Rolf Harris in his UK blog immediately the story broke. It seems the news media, however, are too frightened by the Levenson effect to speak out. Remember, this type of cowering of the media is what Conroy and Gillard tried to do here.

  13. There are some other sites that have been chronicling Britain’s paedo nightmare in painstaking detail. This is not really new material for close web-watchers. It is for those who still think News comes from the traditional Papers and the websites of the traditional Papers. A friend of mine who worked with Rolf back in the 70s does not speak highly of him, even using the word “lech”. This information is not really a surprise to him.

  14. Thumbs Up for Shane and KCA, I agree that we need to know more about this, and any other case that involves or potentially involves the destruction of innocent children or young teens by disgusting perverted people, regardless of their background or who they can get to pull strings.

    Just how long are we the public going to turn a blind eye to this behavior from high profile people, if the catholic church has been covering up its debauched behavior for potentially decades, there’s no reason to doubt that it hasn’t been going on elsewhere for just as long and covered up just as much by those in the know.

    If Rolf is innocent then why has he gone into hiding, as a high profile entertainer surely your first reaction is to publically deny the accusations, not disappear from scrutiny as he has. The fact he has been interviewed twice by police associated with operation Yewtree
    is pretty condemning, his lack of reaction to it just consolidates public opinion of his guilt, hence the old adage, offence is the best defense.

    As for him being an “Aussie Icon” that may of been the case 20-30yrs ago, but I don’t believe Rolf holds that status here anymore much like Paul Hogan. We Aussie’s are a proud bunch and both of these alleged icons no longer call Australia home, so I don’t regard them as Aussie icons. Besides Rolf hasn’t lived in Australia for near 50yrs.

    Keep telling as it is Shane, someone has too.


  15. Interestingly the press were not nor ever have been ‘coy’ about the recent exposure of Jimmy Saville and others, so one cannot say that the Leveson Inquiry has made them wary, it is clearly just the choice/name of the alleged ‘perpetrator’…….

    Thank you Shane….two comments so to speak, firstly in the UK media it is alleged that one of Rolf Harris’s friends is quoted as saying that Rolf was deeply worried at the time; that is in relation to the Jimmy Saville revelations; why would he be worried when he allegedly at the time was not implicated on any level whether directly or indirectly?

    Secondly, the fact that the Media refuses to name him, in spite, it would seem, of the best efforts of the Police, one now has to ask the question as to why the Press appear so selective at this point in time?

    Thankfully with the advent of the Internet news travels fast and whether or not others dislike this means of ‘news’ it does enable the public to read information without the ubiquitous ‘screening’ that is so often applied by those high up in the Newspaper industry, especially if the news impacts on ‘them’ personally.


    • Somehow I think the MSM must be really peeved with the power of the internet and its blogging sites. Many so called journalists have been shown up for what they are, ‘pisspots’ writing dribble.

  16. The court of public opinion brought us wonderful things like witch-hunts, stonings and lynch-mobs. We may as well stick with contemporary systemic corruption than regress. Although an single person may be smart, people in large numbers are capable of great stupdity. The last federal election is a good example.

  17. Just like to say Aldi have childrens books written by Rolf Harris on sale this week. I for one will not be buying any. Wether he is guilty or not it has left me with a sour taste in my mouth.

  18. Love your work Shane, but I can’t agree on this occasion. I recently was up in arms over the ridiculous grandstanding of the Labor Sports Minister over the ASADA claims, only to see them follow up on claims of mass guilt with a plea for evidence. I agree with your logic, but I believe in justice, and that means innocent until proven guilty. Of course, if he’s a paedophile, they can send him to the gallows for all I care, as long as he is convicted in a court of law.

    • @beer: you’ve missed the point entirely here… anyone else who has been accused or questioned about such things would be publicly named. why does he get any special treatment? coz he is an entertainer? coz he is famous? coz he has connections to the royals? or to some other well known or influential people?

      this is just another example of how certain people use the system (their power/influence, or that of their friends/family/associates) to somehow benefit themselves while others do not get that kind of benefit.

      nobody has made claims of his guilt… they have only questioned (rightfully) as to why he has not been publicly named like everyone else would be.

      • @concerned, no, it is you who may be missing the point. In the unlikely event that someone has pointed the finger at Rolf Harris wrongly for some selfish reason, then the principle of innocence until proven guilty is even more apt. He does not have to prove his innocence in social or mainstream media, he has the right to silence, and as we are living in the 21st century, he certainly does not have to submit to “the mob” for public judgement.

      • Well then colin, how about this for an across the board ruling: NOBODY gets named until they are put before a court and found guilty. NO EXCEPTIONS. sounds good?

        In that case julia cannot be named for her involvement in the AWU fraud. Craig thomson cannot be named for the HSU irregularities. A priest cannot be ever named for molesting children. judges cannot be named for corrupt conduct. nobody can ever be named for anything.

        while i respect you and your opinion, it is precisely this kind of silly thinking that gives the criminals in our society the free pass that they need to do what they want and to ultimately get away with it. hiding it all is exactly what they want. perhaps unwittingly, you are effectively working against the ultimate goals of sites such as KCOA. any accusations of any kind… bring them out and let the accuser or the accused be judged and brought to account accordingly.

  19. Common knowledge that his wife is quite frail. Maybe the press know that hounding him could cause all sorts of problems should her health be affected. Until or if he is charged then that’s early enough for it to be reported. At the moment we don’t know why he has been questioned and I haven’t got a problem with that. I don’t see that staying out of the public eye is an admission of guilt – anybody who’s followed his career knows he is an open and emotional man………personally I don’t think he’d be able to cope with people shouting obscenities in his face when it’s highly probable he’s done nothing wrong. Let’s all wait and see.

    • AnneS, why do you say that “it’s highly probable he’s done nothing wrong”? Is it that you don’t want to believe he is capable of doing wrong? Is it because he is famous, or he was a favourite of yours in your youth? You may have followed his career and found him to be “open and emotional”, but do you know how he conducts/conducted himself in his private life?

  20. Some ‘victims’ do call wolf…there was a case last week where a young woman called ‘pack rape’…it turned out to be rubbish. These attention seekers/victim comp wannabe’s do confuse the issue of child molestation somewhat. 🙁

    • My father was a policeman who was put in charge of investigating two separate claims of sexual harassment. In both cases the accuser admitted to making it up for having their advances turned down. It can certainly happen.

  21. 12:00am, Fri 29 Mar 201311th Operation Yewtree arrest
    82-year-old arrested on suspicion of sexual offences
    Last updated Fri 29 Mar 2013UK
    Jimmy Savile
    Operation Yewtree

    An 82-year-old man from Berkshire has been arrested on suspicion of sexual offences by officers from Operation Yewtree, the Metropolitan Police said.

    He is one of 11 people arrested so far as part of investigations into alleged offending by Jimmy Savile and “others”.

    A Scotland Yard spokesman said he was bailed to a date in May.

    For the doubters.

  22. I understand there are three strands,’savile’, ‘savile & others’ and ‘others’. Police report I read said it was under the ‘others’ and unrelated to ‘savile’.

  23. You make the case against Harris pretty clearly but the number of comments trying to pretend you’re drawing a long bow show what sort of people make up the “Public Court”

    I long since had a bad feeling about Rolf Harris. I live near where he comes from in Western Australia and I grew up with Rolf Harris as a celebrity. This actually explains a few things. There will be much more to come out yet. pedophilia is rife in elite and celebrity circles. London is a centre of it also.

    Of course the close relationship to the British Royals should also by now be enough to raise pedophile suspicions about anyone. How many more close companions of the Royal reptiles needs to be found to be perverts and pesos before we realise that birds of a feather flock together?

    • Maybe Gillard and her Govt should have added the so called ‘celebrity types’ to the Enquiry along with the MSM for aiding and abetting them by staying ‘mum’ on it

  24. I have! I was a witness to his depravity in the early 90’s in London…Scotland yard are coming out here end of this month for interviews with myself and other witnesses/victims

    • Bless you Willow for finally getting the courage to “speak out”.
      So many like you who have been harmed in this way would rather “die” than publicly come forward and name names and sadly take it to their “early” graves because no-one believes or listens to them.
      Remember “the HIGHER THEY ARE in society, the harder they fall”.
      And the reason WHY such evil criminals are protected by the corrupted (ages old) LAW SYSTEM we underlings/no-bodies have to suffer under and never get real justice from.
      Until this site took them on and we must keep our support up for them both in anyway possible and for as long as it takes.
      Stay strong dear Willow, your voice must be heard out of respect for the ones who have LOST THEIR VOICES and LOST FAITH in the Law and the Justice System that was meant to protect us all but does not apply to anyone who buck’s the system or is poor in spirit and or money.

  25. Britain’s The Sun newspaper has named Rolf Harris as the Australian entertainer arrested in the UK on suspicion of historic sex offences. Now the rest of the msm pack have no choice but to run the story..

    The wheels turn slowly, but let us hope that they turn surely,…and may they grind exceedingly fine . .

  26. It’s all about what u think on the small chance he’s not guilty it’s mob mentality like u that put people in jail because someone painted their picture for them and the simple looked at the painted picture instead of the real picture cut down the tall poppy he must be guilty he didn’t act like I think he should I’m not saying he’s not gullty but to call him guilty now is truly defective character and cowardly malice wait for the facts don’t tell tales like a kindy kid

  27. Rolf Harris sex abuse allegations: Sydney woman interviewed

    A Sydney woman is being interviewed by British police who are investigating sexual abuse claims made against Australian entertainer Rolf Harris.

    Fairfax Media understands the woman, who lives in Sydney’s north-west outskirts, has on Thursday been visited by British detectives, escorted by an Australian Federal Police officer.

    Read more:

  28. Mr Harris has been found guilty on at least 12 charges of sexual abuse recently in Britain. The fact that some of the victims where under age makes it even worse I think. Of course we are aware that a person is innocent until found guilty in the British legal system but a jury has found him guilty recently. And the evidence points to that he did commit these terrible crimes over a number of years. He preyed on the people who could not fight back and this is immoral in my book. Rolf Harris always seemed a kind man and is very much a national treasure in Britain to many people. Many people I know where very shocked by the allegations brought against him. I feel very sorry for his victims who have had to have such an ordeal in court during his trial. And his wife and daughter what must they think. But unfortunately some of these well known people like Mr Harris and Jimmy Savile used their status to abuse others for their own sexual gratification and no one should be above the law and they deserve to be punished.

  29. Perhaps we are seeing the shell of a man who never grew up. His creativity, performance in the entertainment industry, and the fame that was given by his adoring public may have hidden a person who failed to mature beyond his early teens. With particular reference to his obvious talent of saying, doing, and creating silly stuff which was so entertaining. Looking back at this point in his life, Rolf Harris will probably be kicking himself so hard because now, far too late, he realised just how stupid and immature his actions were. Too late now.

  30. Victims of Child Abuse Need to come First

    There should be No Special Privileges for Celebrities

    I am Sickened Not only by the lax Sentence and that they have Not sought to Increase
    that Sentence but also that he seems to be seeking to Appeal Convictions

    It makes me Feel Sick

  31. There are many more skeletons in this evil man’s cupboard around the world who are afraid to come out so late in life or either dead by now.
    Sadly his so called devoted daughter will inherit his tainted millions at the expense of innocence stolen from so many young and very talented children who had the misfortune to be in this monster’s presence.
    I hope there will be huge law suits come out of this and hopefully his daughter and her mother will be left desperate and friendless for doing nothing to stop him in the first place—-they both full well knew all the long.

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