Rolf Harris arrested in UK sex scandal police investigation

Rolf Harris has been arrested and interviewed by British police investigating the Jimmy Savile child sex scandal. The so-called main stream media at this point are refusing to name him even though there is no legal requirement for them not to and it is all over social media such as twitter.

What Rolf Harris has or hasn’t done is not the point of this post, it is our right to know and the failings of the main stream media and their own self-censorship. The failing of the media is a topic this site has covered numerous times and will continue to do so.


“Operation Yewtree is a police investigation into alleged sexual abuse, predominantly the abuse of children, by the British media personality Jimmy Savile (who died in 2011) and others. The investigation led by the Metropolitan Police Service started in October 2012. After a period of assessment it became a full criminal investigation, involving inquiries into living people as well as Savile.” (Click here to read more)

Rolf Harris was first interviewed on the 29th of November 2012 some five days after his house was searched by the British police. The main stream media failed to report it then, although a blogger did and wrote this:

I’ve seen a few questions raised online about why I named Rolf Harris as the man that was questioned under caution by police yesterday. Some suggesting that I’ve maligned a much loved Australian/British Icon. Let me first say that it was with an extremely heavy heart that I named Rolf Harris and I would not have done so without an impecable source like Mark Williams-Thomas. Like for so many others, he was a fond memory from my childhood, unlike Savile who was always a bit creepy. I feel a bit like the boy in the picture above by Banksy, I’m watching my childhood drop into the sewer.”  (Click here to read more)

Yesterday (Friday 29/3/13) it was reported online that an Australian entertainer had been arrested by British police on “suspicion of sexual offences, by officers investigating former BBC star Jimmy Savile.” and “The arrested man was bailed to a date in May.” This was repeated in today’s papers and online. (Click here to read more) But still Rolf Harris was not named.

Can’t keep it a secret

It is all over twitter and blogs are picking it up yet the main stream media won’t name Rolf Harris. It will not go away and at some stage Rolf Harris is at least going to have to front the media. The police have searched his house and he has been interviewed by the police twice and has been bailed until May to front the police again.

As one would expect the Human Headline has tweeted a number of times about the issue:

Derryn Hinch‏@HumanHeadline

Why coy media? Rolf Harris taken in twice by cops in Jimmy Saville scandal. I named him on 3AW Nov 30 and again yesty. It’s fact.

I have seen different opinions that the media are too scared to name Harris given the various media enquiries that have taken place in the UK and Australia. are saying in today’s report that they cannot name him because of “legal reasons” (Click here to read) but this seems to be contradicted by The SMH which says:

“No mainstream media have named the interviewed man, either when he was questioned previously or now.”

“A friend of the man’s family last year expressed shock at the raging online rumour mill which had built on the internet.” (Click here to read more)

The “online rumour mill” is right at least as far as Rolf Harris being questioned by police is concerned.

To my knowledge there is no court order here or in Britain restraining the media from naming Rolf Harris.

If this had happened to the average person, a priest or politician etc. they would have been named. No question about it.

Google Julian Assange and see what you get. Assange has not been charged with anything and is only wanted for questioning. Not one main stream media organisation has failed to report that. Other people who have been interviewed by the British police for Operation Yewtree have been named by the media. So why not Rolf Harris?

One thing that comes to mind is how embarrassing it will be for many people including the Royal family when Rolf Harris is named on a broader scale. A quick look at Rolf Harris’s Wikipedia profile shows his close connections to the Royal family.

It is also worth noting that “The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse (the Commission) will hold its first sitting at 10.00 am on Wednesday 3 April 2013″ at the County Court of Victoria, 250 William Street, Melbourne” (Click here to read more) The Royal Commission might get a lot bigger than anyone thinks and is there a connection to the Australian MSM failing to name Rolf Harris? Probably not, but it does make me wonder.

Once Harris is named by the main stream media the story will become massive in Britain, Australia and elsewhere and there is nothing that can stop it now. What needs to happen is an investigation why the MSM (at least in Australia) have not named him as of yet given plenty of the MSM have known since last November.

This site was set up because of the failings of the MSM to report on judicial corruption. Have a good look around this site and you can quickly see judges and magistrates who have serious questions to answer in relation to their corrupt conduct, yet the MSM never bring them to account. The MSM give judicial officers the same treatment they are giving Rolf Harris and others before him. I have written plenty about the failings of the Australian media. An example being a post I did in 2011 titled “The day the Australian media died.” (Click here to read the post)

While people might not like me reporting on the above we have to start dealing with reality. It is coming whether you like it or not. Too much for too long has been swept under the carpet by the MSM.

Rolf Harris is an Australian icon and it is a sad day for many. But history might not be so kind to Rolf Harris. Why he has not fronted the media already makes me wonder. In this day and age of social media you can no longer stick your head in the sand and hope it goes away.

Update: 1/7/14: Rolf Harris found guilty on all 12 counts of indecent assault (Click here to read more)

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      • What does talent have to do with anything. Are you suggesting only untalented no-bodies commit sex crimes

      • To clear up the entire mess all Harris has to do is call a press conference and deny all, but he has not done so and gone into hiding. This does not wear well that he is innocent of any wrongdoing.

      • Allegedly. Let’s not forget that part. Everyone is afforded the presumption of innocence until proven otherwise.

      • The media refusing to name him seems to be a bit of a relic from the days when Mainstream media had a near monopoly on the flow of information. This ruling may be one of those pre-internet things that no-one has gotten around to reconsidering. Old media and politicians hate the internet with a passion hence the usual attempts to hobble it (a la Conroy) or discredit it. I know plenty of twits that still think if it isn’t in a newspaper-of-record it isn’t credible information.

      • Really.?? My father was an extremely talented pianist, this didn’t stop him from being a molestor!

      • Dear May et al , you tell the truth. ( If he is out on bail there must have been charges laid. ) People who have not studied paedophiles often act with shocked disbelief. My gut gave a huge lurch, “I love Rolf.!” and then I thought, “Yes, he is the perfect . type.” He has the charm, the trust of other adults and the means . ( It’s an expensive habit. ) The typical charming fun- loving man whom people trust with their children.’ My husband’s life has been diminished by, when young ,suffering frequent dirty abuse by a male friend of his family, a church going fun-guy, loved by everyone. “Good old Snowball!” He never told his god fearing parents because they would have thrashed him for making up dirty stories. I have a fantastic feature article made up of case studies from the New Yorker .I will share with any of you who want to understand the mind of these addicted cursed man. They plan their lives carefully and do indeed “prey” on the victims. The hunt is part of the high, Their entire life revolves around this drive and there is a pattern that is obvious . They do not see it as harming a child , Just a bit of fun, but it does.. Does it help if we view them as having a dreadful; habit? Did you know that Australia, as everywhere ,there are sex-tourists who will pay huge money. WE all make such a fuss about how we “love children” but few will bother to make themselves cognisant of this all too common dark side of humanity. I am happy to send you this article which hit me between the eyes and made everything clear at last. Police are very -very careful around this type of crime because it is so evil and a mistake can ruin more than one life . It is good that if it comes into the public area soon it will co- incide with the investigation running here. I just feel deeply sad if Rolf has this addiction. VCB

      • Yes i agree its easy to assume guilt lets not hang him until its fact. His reason for not fronting the msm might be because once the ball starts rolling its hard to stop without causing damage.

    • I don’t think tht Rolf Harris would do the silly things being suggested, I’d want hard evidence to change my mind and there isn’t any that I have seen.

      • “Silly things” ? Sexual crimes, which is what he’s been bailed on, is not a silly thing. It is a vicious crime that ruins the lives of it’s victims & their families. Don’t trivialise it nor patronise victims like me by calling it a “silly thing”.

      • It doesn’t take rocket science to work this out…
        Entertainer who lives in Berkshire…well now he has lived there for forty years!

  1. Absolute rubbish, why dont you wait till the facts are given. Im horrified that such a wonderful entertainer can have his life ruined by heresay. Shame on you all!

    • I made no allegation of guilt or otherwise. It is not heresay that he has been interviewed by the police twice and had his house searched by the police and has been bailed until May.

      • Actually, he wasn’t arrested at all. According to several British sites, he voluntarily went in, was cautioned as a standard part of procedure as is done for any person giving a statement, and was released. There is currently no record of his arrest.

        There’s speculation that he may have been a witness to something, but at this point, that’s as far as it’s gotten.

        At any rate, it’s been made very clear that he was questioned in relation to Operation Yewtrew, and not specifically in relation to Savile himself, and that no charges have been laid to date.

        Anything other than this is pure speculation.

    • It’s simple really, you are not released on bail unless you have been charged with an offence, And police are not in the habit of arresting and charging people, especially ones that have contacts in the royal family, with no evidence. Bet if it was a Catholic priest arrested and charged there would be no media blackout of his name and no screaming for a presumption of innocence.

      • No it really isn’t simple. You are not guilty until it is proven that’s the role of the judge. Sure police are not in a habit of arresting and charging people but neither do they have the best investigation.

        Look at Lindy Chamberlain! Nothing is 100% until proven.

      • Words are like bullets, once fired they cannot be retracted as we all know! GEEEZ….it is really stunning to see just how easily a persons life and character can be ruined by such words and rumours. It seems that many people on this thread have jumped headlong onto a bandwaggon lead by a pack of frenzied hounds out searching for “truth” (and their own recognition thru sensationalism) and yet when they find only conjecture and unsubstantiated evidence are unpeturbed and happy to hang the poor bastard out to dry on these ambiguous substantiations anyway!! Why is that I wonder? I also wonder how these people pointing potentially cruel fingers will feel IF he is found to be innocent ? Will they be regretful of their slightings or will they just move on to their next potential victim of circumstance?? In the end it won’t matter the content of the police report, why the media hushed up names and detail, if he was bailed or anything else, because a fair wack of you people have already decided in your own wisdom the reasons for all this and that “Rolf is guilty until proven innocent”. To those of you who are expressing such accusations and inuendos… SHAME ON YOU! as this is totally un-Australian!! If he is found to be guilty, there will be ample time to express your disgust. Until then stop amusing yourselves firing your dispicable bullets at an innocent man.

      • Lets get one thing straight here before a misrepresentation works its way into the fabric of truth. In a court of law no one is found “guilty” or “innocent”. They are found “guilty” or “not guilty”; a HUGE difference, e.g. OJ simpson???

      • Ali, interesting that you use the expression .”firing your dispicable bullets at an innocent man.”, please explain how you can know he is innocent?

        I suggest it is better to simply acknowledge and accept the existing reality of police charges against him, then preemptively declare him innocent, otherwise it may come across as being a pro-ped sympathy?

      • Not interesting at all Ben D….. The man is indeed innocent until proven guilty! and you are proving my point that people here are happy to condemn without trial or proof. SHAME!

      • Ali, it is the UK police who have accused him of a crime, not I or others others here who are just accepting that the police are merely doing their duty based on the evidence before them, and their obligations to uphold the law.

        Consequently it comes across as you implying that the police have taken this action happily without proof, and therefore I suggest you take it up with the appropriate law authorities, However I would caution you that such action may cause experienced police investigators to do a trace on you in case they consider the possibility of there being more to your sympathy with the accused than just icon worship.

      • No you are wrong, you are released on police bail in an ongoing investigation as opposed to bailed in a court of law when you are charged with an offence.

    • Then come forward and deny it set the record straight IF HE CAN. I agree it’s a sad day but stranger things have happened. You need to drag yourself into this century woman. If I was being accused of something this heinous I’d be up there defending myself to the hilt. Make no mistake about it. Even the slightest accusation would get me going.

      • Some times it’s better to say nothing at all. I think it very unwise to presume the guilt of anyone who has not been found so by a court of law. Presumption is often embarassing and incorrect, for example, you have very confidently “presumed” that I am a woman.

    • Liz , I feel for your deep disappoinment and shock, but Scotland Yard and the BBC have taken this case softly- softly for a long time. If you read what the moderator said, you’d see that it’s far more than hearsay. The Police have to have enough evidence to convince a judge and it’s clear that they have. They know far more than you and me about such matters. I am as sad as you are . Mostly for Alwyn, and the daughters who has been loyal for so long. Do take to time to read about these people ,because until we all recognise and start to recognise this type of person children’s lives will be ruined. Best wishes VCB

      • he should be just charged with pretending to be a Australian , but we cant BRING HIM HERE TO CHARGE HIM AS HE NEVER LEAVES ENGLAND !!!!

  2. WOW, this is mind blowing for me, I use to steal fruit from Rolf’s parents Bassendean riverside property when I was a kid in the late 60’s, and Rolf would come out and chase us off. We grew up with Jake the Peg, Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport, Two little boys, 6 white Boomers and many other classic Aussie songs from this iconic person, “The Boy from Basso” as he was known back then.

    I find this typical from the MSM, they only report what they are told too, and, as stated in Shane’s article, if it was anyone else the MSM would of been all over it like vultures to a carcass, it does make you wonder why the long term silence.

    Another interesting point is, Rolf Harris must of been charged with some offence otherwise he would not of been Bailed to appear in May, so this in itself is suggesting he has been charged, if this is the case the MSM now have a right, and a duty of care to the greater public to publish his name and any information pertaining to his charges.


    • Makes you wonder when the MSM will cast aspersions on the innocent and yet they protect those who are on their side of the fence and have questions to answer. Look at how they crucify conservatives on the flimsiest or no evidence at all. Yep, it is all about advancing their own agenda and setting the agenda. Conservatives must always be harmed and those the MSM considers their own must always be protected. Biased much? You betcha.

      • Please don’t fall for the notion that “conservatives” are somehow always without sin. If you want a website that massages the correctness of your political choices then maybe this isn’t the one for you. Andy Bolt is over there…

  3. So hard to believe, how many people knew and didn’t say anything. They are just as guilty as the people who commit these horrific crimes on our children.

    • Cheryl that is a great point. Sin by omission. Whenever I have tried to talk to people about the known characteristics of the predator, women especially, have howled me down. “We don’t want to know about such stuff,” they say, and that protects these criminals even more. The book that will follow this court case will be riveting and will help to let the sun into many a dim lit room. I hope to live to read it.VCB

  4. I would further like to add that over here in Australia we have the movie “Silence in the House of God” screening. So much cover up by the Catholic Church right up to the Vatican. It is also so hard to believe this has happened but monsters come in all shapes and disguises. A sad world we live in.

  5. An Australian Star Entertainer, 82 years old, living in Berkshire…………a five year old could discover who it was. It reeks of double standards, refusing to name him, then giving all the clues you need.

  6. Shane, any respect I had for you is gone. The MSM and most of the intelligent online bloggers have not released this mans name because it was withheld by the Police in the UK. The information you are reporting here is not news…it is sensationalism. Most thinking members of the public would have already guessed/had their suspicions about who it was so to most it is not news. I have no idea what you are trying to prove but to me you have proved you are not a genuine aussie journalist/blogger or whatever else you want to call yourself. Have some respect for the media laws, even if you don’t like them

    • What media laws have been broken? Rolf Harris’s name is all over social media, so why haven’t the main stream media named him? They name everyone else.
      You say “Most thinking members of the public would have already guessed/had their suspicions about who it was so to most it is not news” So why not name him?
      My post is news. It is news about how the mainstream media cover-up anything and everything when they want to. Just like the actions of corrupt judges and magistrates which I state in the post.

      • It is not Shane’s fault that Rolf has come to the attention of this enquiry.

        The police would not have questioned him last year and then arrested him now without some kind of evidence.

        Proof of guilt is still to be established and none of us want to believe it but we will have to wait and see.

      • Shane according to the SMH editorial of the 4 April 2013 the man’s identity hasn’t been established by official means and they are unwilling to identify him until it has sufficient information. Social media blogs or any blogs for that matter are usually opinions and lack little substance. Remember Lord McAlpine falsely accused by the BBC of child abuse in 2012. As the facts are still being assembled I can understand the media being hesitant about releasing his name.
        From your comments I can only guess you’re no journalist.

    • So, that respect should extend to media outlets being taken, by the cops, to film raids when it makes the cops look good (to counter the avalanche of bad press) despite the person being raided having not been charged with anything at that point, and being presumed innocent?
      Grow up. The MSM is controlled and tamed. If you want proper news in Australia, you need a satellite or the internet. Watch any mainstream TV news and you’ll see adverts filmed as news items, prepared by PR companes and paid for by the product owners being shown as “news”. Closely followed by promos for their own TV shows, shown as “news”, and finishing off with a puff piece about a cat rescue (after all the US “news” is finished on local stations). Then sport.
      In short, MSM in this country produces diversions and distractions, otherwise the stupid plebs might start to actually think, and then what?

  7. Hang on people he has not been charged with anything. Who’s to say he will. Once his name is out in the open about this he may as well be guilty for being spoke to…….. You only have to read these posts here to see that…..

    • u must have read the wrong storyl scott , it says he has been bailed !!!!! do u understand what that means

  8. i always wonder why he is described as Australian , i admit he has spent a few weeks here over the years , he maybe was a migrant with his parents at one time. as far as i know he has lived in Britain longer that most of the people alive in Britain today , welsh English i don’t know , but certainly not Australian , his time here would not qualify him for a prize on a radio show

    • Here here ! I have always wondered why a man who has permanently resided in the UK since 1962 was lauded an Australian icon ? I mean, he’s been gone for over 60 years ! Perhaps I am just from that cynical Gen X who expects a self-serving angle or agenda to all things ? I think he just played the Aussie card because it worked for him in the UK. I will incur the wrath of his doting fans, but I have to say I have never really liked him, he always creeped me out slightly and I found him cheesy. That is why I thought he stayed in the UK where they seem to like that kind of sense of humour and music hall style singing ?

      • Born in WA to British parents, left Australia at aged 22 – returned to Perth 7 years later – returned permanently to the UK in 1962. That works out to

        24 years in Australia
        56 years in England.

        Hmmm… You decide which nationality he is LOL.

      • Hi, you don’t have to be Gen X – i am 1945er – and yes, I have also wondered why Rolf Harris was always referred to an Australian – British Paints made the man here – to us post war babes he is British – tis a real worry if he is involved in this huge sex scandal – it is about time the Brits took a grip on these matters

      • Come off it! We’re all happy to claim the Bee Gees, Olivia Newton-John and even Crowded House as Australian, but when one of our true Aussie icons is named as a suspect in a crime… Yes, he’s only a suspect… Suddenly he’s a Pom. You people are unbelievable!!!!

    • There’s several ‘Australians’ who have lived more of their lives in Britain than Australia. Besides Rolf, there were the Gibb brothers, Kylie and Danii Minogue, Clive James and Germaine Greer, just to name a few. Despite not having lived here for over 30 years, the UK media still turn to Germaine as the expert on all things Australian – and she can be trusted to only have negative things to say about her ‘homeland’ and its inhabitants. We really should look at passing some sort of residency law requiring people to (for example) have lived a total of 2 years of the last 5 in Australia in order to be able to call themselves Australian. It would be interesting to see how many ‘Australian’ entertainers there would be living overseas if that was the case.

  9. To HAVAGO – Can’t you comprehend that the media is controlling & deciding whether you should be informed. Doesn’t matter who it is, it is their duty to keep us informed & they have decided what news you will receive .
    This is the whole point of having someone like Shane not being afraid to keep us informed , even if the media won’t. You only have to follow Shane’s reports to see the corruption in our courts & our corrupt pollies .
    Keep up the good work ,Shane & more power to you !

    • To Sam the Man – Thank you spot on, Shane exposes the MSM and corruption within the Judicial system for what it is.

    • Sam, afraid I have to disagree with you- The MSM – they have no duty to keep us informed. From their perspective they only have a duty to their shareholders and powerbrokers we are not important in that equation.


    • I have issues with the way that this pedophile chase is heading. Not saying that YUTREE has been comprimised, but there has been a very high level link to prominant people who are involved in the actual pedophile ring, and the very people who will reside over the final outcome. Sounds to be a catch 22 situation and the pedophiles may have the winning ticket.

      • The public reaction to Rolf Harris may well be the same as happened with Michael Jackson,they will refuse to believe the evidence about their icon.The recent news that the many children who were abused by him have so far been compensated to the tune of thirty five million dollars says a lot.
        On a related matter the federal inquiry into child abuse may well be starved of funds to prevent any in depth investigation of these crimes because Abbot and the Liberal Parties close association with the shadowy Opus Dei.Time will tell.

      • I dont think Rolf has the cash to heal the kids he has supposedly shafted. If he did, money is a magic cure for many ills as was clearly demonstrated in the Pedo Jackson case. I find it fantastic when lawyers and the judiciary are able to assist doctors and head doctors cure any known ailment to man and child. In a lot of cases it may not help the child all that much,, but it sure as hell helps mum and dad to get over in as long as it takes to pull out the visa card.With all the bent poeple in the media and entertainment industry, surely they must ba able to put the hat around and prove Rolf is inocent as was the case with Pedo Jackson.. I almost for got !! We dont want Rolf back in Australia.

  10. I believe he has been charged with sexual offences under one of the three strands of Operation Yewtree- those not related to Savile’s activity. The dates given by the ABC of the previous investigation into Harris tally with those of RH’s interview with police last year. Harris supporters, I’m afraid though there was a suggestion it could be another Australian, details provided by the mainstream media (everything but the name really), point to Harris. We should hold off with vilificiation- we don’t know what he’s charged with, and we don’t know if he’s guilty. We also don’t know if we’re being offered a small (Australian, entertainment industry) fish to satisfy the public, where it is widely believed that there are some very high profile suspects connected with Savile. Shane, I’m glad he’s been named. If he is anything like Savile then it will mean that people start to come forward now. I really do hope that he isn’t anything like Savile.

  11. Liz,
    How do you know it’s rubbish? That’s an ignorant statement.

    If he is subject to bail conditions, then he HAS been charged. He will also have a court appearance date and a brief will be completed. Police would have charged him ONLY because they feel they have sufficient evidence to convict him, so, IF he is on bail conditions, it’s not looking great for his shiny image..

    As far as havago, let me just say that the standards of Australian MSM are woeful and embarrassing.

    Finally, these allegations are just allegations untill he is or is not convicted.

  12. Yes Shane, the actions of Australian media had me puzzled as it was obvious who it was and as far as I could see there was no reason why he should not be named. The British people arrested were certainly named as they should be. My hope is that whatever is throttling the Australian media is removed ASAP.

    • even if he was not rolf Harris , but a normal 82 year old man the police would be very careful, that he has been questioned twice and a search conducted , would lead one to believe there is really something there , then he is bailed ! his excuse is its guilt by association but saville was a associate of thousands so that is just silly , no police would even speak to him unless they had very good evidence

  13. The rich and powerful will not usually be convicted. I don’t believe Harris will be either given his status and connections regardless of his guilt or innocence.

    • The sad part about this one Kev is. Yes he is a very high profile entertainer, and what you say is more than rightly smack on the ball. Money and position does by innocence. Make him a lord and he walks.

  14. Thats very sad if its true unfortunately nothing much surprises me anymore, its a sad sad world when people have no morals it doesn t matter who they are or portray to be.

  15. I truly understand many of the feelings associated with Rolf and our childhood memories of him. But one must separate those and look at the facts. No police force would search or interview someone of his position without have absolute proof. As sad as this is, perhaps it might make our police force begin to do their job, and start to focus on those who are also in a higher position, who have committed the same. The only people who should have our thoughts are those children who have been force these acts by these disgusting people. If he is not guilty then he and his lawyers will deal with it, if he is guilty then he deserves all he gets, even if he is 82. No sympathy for anyone what ever your age if you are a pedophile.

  16. I make no judgement about this case, but I believe Shane is correct to inform us of what the MSM does not!

  17. Hi Shane,

    You’ve linked to my blog. I just wanted to make it clear to your readers that Operation Yewtree is not just concerned with child sex abuse. Both Dave Lee Travis (DJ) and Jim Davidson (alleged comedian) were arrested by Op Yewtree on charges not related to children.

    You’ve just stated the facts, others should not leap to a conclusion when presented with them.

    Nice blog BTW.

  18. It is indeed puzzling that British police have bailed “the man” to appear at a later date yet no mention of any charges being laid. Usually, a person is only ever bailed after a charge or charges have been laid so it does not make any sense to me. Sad day really. I had Rolf in my car many years ago and took him to his mother’s nursing home near Midland WA whilst she was alive. Even kids recognized him and with a giant smile and a thumbs up Rolf would say “Giday guys” “See I told you it was Rolf” the kids would say.

  19. Although not qualified as a lawyer in the UK or Australia it is my recollection that in fact even though the legal systems are similar, the process of investigation by the police and bail law for one under investigation, have differences between the UK and Australia.

    In the UK the police can arrest someone and bail them to a further appearance in connection with the investigation back to the police station. They have not been charged as such as the case is still under investigation but rather than let a suspect escape, they are arrested, interviewed and then released on bail while further enquiries are made. The bail is not to come to court but back for further questioning. At that point the accused can either be charged and taken before a court or bailed to appear before the court, can be further questioned or can be bailed again to return for yet further questioning.

    It appears that this last option: has been once arrested and released on bail, has now returned for further questioning and has been bailed again to return in May – is what has just happened to the 83 year old man living in Berkshire formerly known as Rolf Harris.

    In Australia the police must either charge you with an offence or release you after questioning with them being responsible for concluding the investigation to the point they can make an arrest and charge the accused, at which point they are then either bailed to appear before a court or taken before a court for a bail hearing.

    Are there any lawyers from the UK and/or Australia who can verify or otherwise ?

    • You are right – different systems of bail and different systems of investigation. He has not, to date, been charged with anything. This is simply the british system at work. The investigation is still ongoing. What that means is that at this point in time there is (a) not enough evidence to charge him with anything, (b) perhaps no evidence at all, or (c) simply there is so much more investigation to be done that it is not practical to lay any charges at this time.We would all do well to remember that a presumption at law in both countries is that of innocent until proven guilty.That is the task of a duly appointed jury of his peers, if it comes to that, not the mainstream media or members on this site.

  20. A prominent 82 years old Australian entertainer who lives in Berkshire can’t be named — wonder who that could be?

  21. The most disgusting part of this is the media/entertainment industry attempting to protect one of their own..This is not an isolated incident and happens a lot with this gutless industry who love to tell us how we all should live but like to follow a different set of moral rules like our politicians….aww well is not surprising seeing both industries are in one big king sized bed together.

  22. Shane, if you are sticking it to the lying, deceiving “Mainstream” media, then I’m with you. Truth goes where it goes regardless of sacred cows.

  23. Prince Charles was an associate of Jimmy Saville !

    I doubt that he will be investigated or even named in Operation Yewtree ! An indication of fairness and a just approach to this investigation.

    Interesting to note that all species of yew contain highly poisonous alkaloids… This would suggest anyone associated with this investigation will be contaminated in one way or another !

    Luckily social media did not have the chance to label this investigation,,,

    Otherwise it would have been called “Operation Hangman’s Elm”

    • Prince Charles is quite literally above the Law. That is not hyperbole, it is a fact. he will not be charged or investigated. It is in the interests now of those managing the investigation to confine it to the entertainment industry where the damage can be limited to some extent. Saville got away with his conduct for many years, and a great many people aided and abetted him with their silence which could be where Rolf fits in to this. The scandal itself goes far beyond just entertainers but I predict that the investigation won’t be allowed to go much higher than it already has.

      • Yes PC does seem to be above the law but he shouldn’t. I am still of the opinion that anyone in his situation should be a role model, but to me he just comes across as a spoilt wierdo.

    • A lot of people were associates of Jimmy Saville ,many supposedly very good people , and more than likely were very good people ,taking a long Bow there ,T.Estes !!

  24. What a shock to find out it is Rolf Harris(comment from my wife). As mentioned earlier, the British Police do not usually raid someone’s house twice, particularly celebrities, just for the fun of it! Where there is smoke, there is fire….as the old adage goes.
    The MSM here doing their usual “non-job”…but what’s new in this place. Having read Shane’s comments and reports for a long time I have learnt a lot about the skullduggery of the MSM particularly in OZ.

    • Well, if a cliche is all that is required (smoke is fire) to prove guilt, who needs a judicial system with all its silly ritualistic trial processes? No need for a trial here folks. Apparently, all we need is a bunch of keystone cops to look you over once or twice for proof enough. Guilty as suspected. Straight to the hangman’s noose.

  25. there is something lurking deeper than the rolf harris investigation, and i think harris may be part of the key as to why the MSM havent reported yet. when this truth comes to light, my feeling is is it will be a greater bombshell in U.K. then watergate was to the U.S.
    away all boats U.K. !!!

  26. They’ve named others arrested. I think you’re spot-on with his connections to the Royal Family & their embarrassment. I am not assuming he is gulty of any crime, altho I don’t trust Courts anywhere to properly determine that. & yeah, I’m not overly computer literate, but it took me less than a minute to find out who a prominent 82 year old Aussie entertainer living in Berkshire was. So what is the point of them hiding the name, just adds to the intrique & gossip. . What deeply offends me, as a victim, is social network comments about people who try to bandstand, seek publicity or compensation by reporting sexual abuse years after the offence. There are many reasons why some of us wait 20, 30, 40 or even 50 years to report it. The shame, the guilt ( society & John Laws try to tell us it was our fault, we were provocative etc), coming to grips with a loss of empowerment, we were unable to control what happened to us….. accepting all that is difficult. Plus many of us don’t realise what happened or why until we are adults then we feel it’s too late to do anything, until a case comes up that makes us think, hey maybe we can do something & help to heal ourselves & finally move on..

  27. possibly the police needed the name kept ‘secrete’ so as to be able to conduct further inquiries? That the ‘naming’ would have prevented them from doing further inquiries? Also, not only Catholics are a problem, certain NSW state school had/has its own problems, very prominent Fed politician (former student) was on its ‘board’ when sexual assaults swept under the carpet, leading to my sons suicide in later life

  28. Very sad… especially if true. Rolf Harris produced the first child protection video to use with children and it has been used in most schools in Australia. He was allegedly threatened that his participation would ruin his career but he went ahead – which was courageous back then.

  29. Everything you are saying is right good on you .as for rolf harris australion icon or not where there is children envoled he should be named.he always gave me the creeps anyway.but as they say it has to be proven before he is guilty but there is no smoke without fire.

  30. What everyone seems to forget is that shane reported some facts that the MSM did not; he did not publish innuendoes

  31. Rolf Harris what have you got to hide just come out of hiding like a real Australian & defend yourself if your innocent

    • Spot on – if he is innocent of all this innuendo, he should just come out to the press and say “I have done no wrong”.
      The other things that amuse me are the statements by many of you that he is so important – you must be kidding – he is a rather eccentric, rather childish man of no real consequence in the scheme of things..

  32. The question is “Who was protecting Saville for all these years? Is this the same for Rolf or is he a scape goat and cover for larger Fish? If it is right by one blogger I read about something bigger than watergate coming from this, than I will say ” the dominoes are definitley crashing” I wonder if the Pope re-signing has anything to do with this?

    • DOUBT the Pope is involved… but your question is interesting – WHO were the people protecting Saville for those many years – people knew surely?

  33. This was in the British press last year. I understand he took out some kind of suppression order to stop his name being published.

    It will be up to the court to decide what happens next I suppose.

    • There is no suppression order. If there was how would you know, it would have been suppressed. It is the British bloggers who first started naming Rolf Harris last year. It also does not explain why the MSM here in Australia do not name him. There is nothing stopping the papers and TV stations in Australia from naming Harris. Remember that Derryn Hinch named him on radio station 3AW last year (which is owned by Fairfax Media) as stated in the above post and he is asking the same question as to why the MSM here have not named Rolf Harris.

      • I will try to find the article about the order. It was called something different from suppression but I can’t recall what the word is.

  34. lets not get ahead of ourselves he might just be charged for knowing the facts not being involved. as every politician will tell you not guilty till its proven.

    • I’m not saying this applies to Harris, but if someone knew “the facts” & did nothing they are as guilty as the other people. It makes no difference whether you did something, or watched, or just knew what was going on & didn’t stop it. I’m sure a hell of of a lot of people knew what Saville was doing & they should ALL be jailed for letting it go on for so long. Just as all those in Churches, Boy Scout Clubs, Schools & Hostels who knew what was going on & covered it up, are as bad as the perpetrators. “Plumber of Perth”, unless you live in a cave you’d be aware of the St Andrews Hostel, Katanning, prolonged abuse scandal & that everone in the town & a lot of those in the Ed Dept covered it up. My nephews went there, they knew to stay away from him, they say… but both show the tell-tale low esteem issues abused boys have. AND some of their friends committed suicide over it. St Andrews destroyed the lives of countless young men & it isn’t an isolated case. It happens everyday & people do nothing ! It’s time to clean up this world

      • It’s time for people to watch out for each other & not turn their backs on sexual abuse whether it is chldren or adults.

  35. Be fair here the media beat up is a Kangaroo court so others can lash out at a lie or conspiracy theory that has nothing to do with the truth of why the guy was taken into be questioned by the local Police in Britian. Jimmy Savile was obviously a very conniving individual and all those he associated with on a professional level and by association are now media fodder for guessing games and trial by media before any truth is able to be established. The British Press are ruthless and baying for blood like the dogged hounds they are at getting a story for ratings regardless of the harm they do.

  36. My adopted father sexually abused me when I was 10 y.o. (“don’t tell your mother”)Ruined my life. All abusers should be named and jailed for life.

  37. Two of my grandchildren have been attending Links house to be educated on keeping themselves safe from sexual preditors as a result of sexual abuse which is presented in the form of video and who is the personality presenting this series of videos but Rolf Harris himself . As a grandmother I feel betrayed discust and anger that he could possibly be as low as to promote these safety videos knowing his own passed
    For any doubters where there is smoke there is fire

    • If there was a superinjunction in this matter the media would not be reporting that it an Australian entertainer who lives in Berkshire and is 82 years old which gives it away for a lot of people and makes a superinjunction a waste of time.

  38. Dropped hints put other entertainers in the same age bracket under scrutiny. The inclusion of a place of residence is a none to subtle way to free others of that suspicion. at least guesses can be better directed. Give enough detail to eliminate the other likely suspects. Wait for the fallout.

  39. I dont believe it. Rolf is an Aussie icon and all round nice guy. I think he is just guilty by association. Anyone that creep Seville knew would be suspect,

  40. ” Let he who has not sinned, cast the first stone”

    Age old saying .

    How quick we are to condemn.

    Seems the vultures are circling .

    • So Barry, are you suggesting that the vulture police then should never have acted on the evidence of the vulture abuse victims.

      • Ben D …. One of your adversaries – ali – says that ‘the man is indeed “innocent until proven guilty.”‘

        But doesn’t get it that term has relevance only on TV cops and robbers shows, in movies — and in the courts.

        And without any reflection whatsoever insofar as Mr Harris is concerned — Out here in the real world common sense and whatever intellectual efficiency one is able to bring to bear may quite reasonably adjudge “the man” as guilty as Hell!

      • Thanks Brian R Allen, you have explained it succinctly (and in your post of April 3, 2013 at 9:59 pm).

        TV drama trumps actual reality for some folk, they’ve yet to develop their own intuitive faculty with which they can deal directly with reality instead of relying on a fuzzy TV derived ‘made for entertainment’ model. 🙂

  41. Of course, he may well be the victim of one giant witch hunt. Or of a malicious woman seeking attention. It would not be the first time an allegation of this kind was made and was false. The hysteria is at fever pitch in the UK following the recent revelations. So cool heads need to prevail rather than condemning a man who, on all the evidence so far, has not even been charged let alone tried and convicted.

  42. “If you’re arrested, you’ll usually be taken to a police station, held in custody in a cell and then questioned. After you have been taken to a police station, you may be released or charged with a crime.”
    . . . .

    I haven’t read anywhere that Rolf Harris has been charged with any offence. He has every right to a presumption of innocence. Commentary that suggests he must or should front the media to publicise his dealings with the police are plain stupid. Why should he deny allegations that have not been formally made against him by police?

    • Take the time to read the UK court procedures in regards to charges. You can be bailed without charge but must return at a later date for further questioning, this gives gives the police further time to do further investigations, when he returns he mights be released with no further issue or released either on bail again with out charge or charged with an offence. The conditions could be that he has to attend a police station a couple times a week, and most probably he had to hand in his passport. If he was questioned back in Nov and they took away his computer, perhaps they found images on his computer which is why they arrested him the other day. Dirty little world of the rich and famous.

      • Perhaps they found images, .. perhaps they found nothing.. perhaps they found something unrelated to the ostensible purpose of their enquiries. How many people here have porn on their PC? A stash of cannabis? Contraband? Evidence of tax evasion? Don’t let me stop anyone here from imagining a plausible scenario that has no evidence to back it up. We don’t need evidence to convict a person in the minds of fools.

  43. Rolfie boy was questioned back in Nov 2012, so this latest news seems to indicate there must be a case.

    As for the MSM refraining from naming him, IMO it is because of his knowledge and his connections. This stuff goes to the highest levels of British society and if he blabs, both the MSM and Rolfie know the danger of saying too much.

  44. Where there is smoke there is fire. I don’t care if he is a much loved icon, if he is guilty he will go down big time just like the other monsters that prey on children. Unfortunately they are everywhere, your next door neighbour, favourite uncle, best friend. They dont come with a label on their forehead. I have no sympathy for him if it proves to be right.

    • & they are usually “pillars of society”, great people, everyone has respect for them, which is how they worm they way in.

    • Maybe you are a paedophile. No label required. If anyone finds images of children on your property, that is probably proof enough that you’re a sick person who preys on the innocence of youth. No further evidence required. Where there is smoke, there is fire.

  45. I was in the understanding he was only questioned not charged? I think you will find it hasn’t been proven that he did anything

    • No-one is saying he is guilty. What we are saying is that it is strange his name has been hidden but his identity given away. The whole point of this blog is “why is his name with-held” when any idiot can work out who it is. It just adds to speculation & conspiracy theories.

  46. As for baby boomers being “despicable”… I’m a baby boomer & I was 4 years old when I tried to tell my mother that a man had hurt me…her exact words, & I remember those words & the whole incident, 50 years later…..were, “go to your room & stop making up stories”. Who’s despicable…. my mother is for covering it up & for allowing that man to hurt countless other young girls & destroy their lives too

    • So think about victims who will never recover before you try to stick up for a man who was arrested, that fact is not in doubt…He WAS arrested & I’m sure Scotland Yard don’t arrest people for no reason.

      • Calm down Katie. I too was molested as a child – by my fathers mother no less some 50 years ago but I know better than damn anybody without their guilt being established in the proper way – not by association on an internet blog.

  47. If he be; reverend father Harris, the SMH, and their usual anti-Christian brigade of commentators and others, would have him on the front page and in the commentaries.

    • Well usually they are Priests or Reverends. We aren’t anti-Christian, we are anti those who use their charismatic Christianity to abuse children & young adults & anti those in all churches who cover it up. The fact that it happens in churches is not argue-able, it is fact. The fact that it happens in the entertainment industry by so-called celebrities, again, not argue-able & again, covered up! Time to uncover it all.

  48. if he is guilty that would be a disappointment, but know one should be protected when they break the law, does anyone know what evidence the police have.

    • Has he been arrested or questioned? Those are two very different things. Last year Lord McAlpine was wrongly accused by the BBC no less of being paedophile. This is one of the reasons for the current caution.

  49. I really hope that all these instant experts don’t serve on any jury in Australia if they’re so ready to condemn Harris (on no evidence whatever) based on some kind of internet witch-hunt. The man is not being named by the MSM until there are formal charges – however, his life is already ruined, even though there is a good chance he is completely innocent.
    All this ‘no smoke without fire’, ‘I never liked him’ garbage is just that.
    None of the writers on this blog have a clue as to whether Harris has done anything illegal or not. Why don’t all his accusers just shut up and let the UK police/judicial system take its course? Better still, why don’t you accuse a few more ancient ‘icons’ of paedophilia just to amuse yourselves?

    We haven’t progressed at all since the howling mobs who witnessed public hangings. If Harris is innocent, fine. If he is guilty, he will stand condemned and serve his sentence.
    But, either way, his reputation is already kaput and will never recover. Naming him when he has not formally been charged with anything is not unfair protection of a ‘criminal’ as he has not been proven to be one. It’s a recognition that what might happen has indeed happened – a baying bloodthirsty lynch mob has already tried and executed the man on no evidence whatever.

  50. Like many, I grew up watching and listening to Rolf.If he IS guilty then it’s a very very sad thing.

  51. Why does the media have the obligation to publish the name of a man not convicted of a crime? Sure they have the right to, and are legally protected if the accused is found not guilty, but thousands of people in the same circumstances are not named each year. One just needs to read through the paper on any day to realise this.

    There is a good reason why Rolf Harris chooses to remain silent – us. People are very good at assuming guilt by association, and even if there wasn’t a shred of evidence his reputation would still be tarnished. Right now he has no reason to explain himself, to do so would put his name in the spotlight.

    This is very different to the Peter Version case where a CONVICTED offender had his name suppressed. Why are people unable to wait a few months until he is convicted? Demanding that his name be spread reeks of bloodlust rather than any sense of justice.

  52. Harris, or whoever’s advice he is taking, is sensible to say nothing. If you feed the media beast it just starts to eat you, with little care for your guilt, innocence or personal circumstance. You are just fodder for content that they hope will feed their market’s appetite. Thus far, though ‘arrested’ for questioning he has not been charged with anything. It’s likely he may never be charged with anything, either through a lack of sufficient evidence or perhaps…. think of this folks… he is INNOCENT. He should continue to say nothing unless or until he is charged. It is as entirely possible that malicious or vindictive information could have been fed to investigators as it is that he committed a crime. So, he’s smart to say nothing at all. And if nothing comes of it he could sue a lot of people for defamation. It is an ugly worlld we live in when being judged by a partially, and often ill-informed Court of Public Opinion.

  53. Im sure we will find out what is going on in due course. Perhaps we will have to wait till May? If he has been charged and bailed till then, the truth will come out. Multi media makes us all want everything “NOW” and when we cannot get it, do we have the right to assume or create potentially devestating rumours born of impatience and conjecture??? I don’t think so!! Be patient.

  54. Wow, so many supporters of a pedaphile suspect coming here to post on this site who are critical of those who take the police in this case at face value as doing a professional job in the service of the good people of society.

    Do you people come out on every instance where police question suspects of any criminal persuasion to criticize discussion of the relevant case?


    • …. Do you come out on every instance where police question suspects …?

      Amazing how the language of the courts has found its way into common usage and demands of We The People that we subordinate our good common sense and/or intellectual efficacy to the romantic notion any one of us is “innocent until proven guilty.”

      Sure he is — and must be.

      In the courts.

      But out here in the real world we are idiots if we do not assess and discriminate on the basis of said intelligence and/or common sense.

  55. I think he should step forward and make comment as he puts other entertainers in the UK in an uneasy and difficult position

  56. I think a lot of people want to instinctively come to the defense of Rolf Harris as an iconic product of the then-new media of television, and an accompaniment to many of us as we grew up. Nevertheless, Saville was protected until his death, even though his behaviour was widely known of, particularly in BBC circles, Glitter was thrown to the wolves to keep the focus off others, and now the whole thing appears to be unraveling slowly, and gathering speed. This isn’t because of the media but because of Bloggers and whistleblowers. Old media deserves to die for the manner in which it has colluded in keeping lids on stories like this. What is it they say? Sometimes the coverup is as bad as the crime? Sometimes the coverup is a central part of the crime as any reader of this site will have learned.

  57. Why did it take Saville’s death for a major investigation to be launched,authorities must have known about this whole sordid web for a very very long time and why,well I will speculate that the final wash up will go a lot higher in the pecking order than Rolf Harris.MSM have an great responsibility to reveal all they know on this one,or perhaps therein “lies” the problem.Tragically as always it is a case of “suffer the little children”.

  58. Innocent until proven guilty! Police procedures call for an arrest in order to be able to pursue other lines of questioning and searches. Look at the case of Joanna Yates! The Landlord was arrested and questioned and later proven to have nothing to do with anything but was too late for him after the media blasted him name everywhere! When they show the kiddy porn or prove accusations I will change my opinion on Rolf Harris, until then the stories are no better than the ones I read on the front of Womens Weekly or other such magazines. Its not about supporting a pedophile suspect, its about waiting for the facts!

    • When you have a person like Savile protected untill his death everyone anywhere in the world has a right to have an opinnion on this investigation. It is because NO one had a oppurtunity to have an opinnion that Saville survived untill his death. Rolf has been arrested – we are not getting all the facts – we have a right to have an oppinion whether for or against!

  59. As someone who was once arrested, given bail (though never charged with anything) then later released, here’s how I understand the system works.

    1. You come under suspicion of an offence because of some evidence – in my case I would argue not very strong evidence. You are, to use a the current idiom, ‘a person of interest’ (i.e. to the police).

    2. The police interview you extensivley – in my case for eight hours. If they arrest you they can either i) grant you bail or ii) remand you in custody.

    3. If they don’t arrest you they can either i) release you completely ii) apply for more time to question you or iii) release you on bail. They do not need (as has been said above) to charge you with an offence to release you on bail.

    When you answer bail the whole process starts again. In my case I was released from bail and my status changed from ‘person of interest’ (suspect, you might say) to ‘witness’. At this time the police attitude to me changed dramatically (i.e. from when ?I was a suspect to when they thought hey needed my help.

    • I have been confused with recent reportage. Some have said he was charged and released on bail awaiting a court hearing in May and some used other phrases. The most damning document I’ve read was his lawyers’ threatening letter published in part this last weekend. I may have misconstrued what it said, but if I were Rolf I would not be at all happy. BTW , I found this interesting.. VCB

  60. Like others, I suspect that links to the Royal Family probably have something to do with Harris not being named. What is more important is that any individual, guilty or not guilty, who is even vaguely associated with the notorious words “child” and “sex abuse” in the UK essentially receives a death sentence by the British public. Irrespective of legal proceedings and convictions, any person in this situation will have their name forever tarnished by association.

  61. Do British police have a policy of not naming people in these types of offences?It may be to prevent vigilante violence and to prevent a mistrial by compromising a jury prior to the case being heard in court.

    • ..or it could be to prevent speculation as to ignorance or otherwise of his many friends in high places about a powerful ring of such like minded deviates, or to mitigate against alerting other victims, who knowing who the accused perp is, would make further complaints, or etc…

  62. He was released without charge. Posting his name here before a trial or investigation is irresponsible.

  63. Whether guilty or innocent, it won`t matter. This guy won`t be punished because he`s too high profile. Like Michael Jackson, he`ll be “proven innocent.”

  64. Disgusted. When will these men, tv stars, priests especially, stop abusing our precious children. It has to stop. We have to do whatever it takes to protect these children. I hope Mr Harris proves to be innocent, for Australia’s sake, but if they find him guilty I hope he rots in jail & they do their worst on him.

    • …. When will “these men,” tv stars, priests especially, stop abusing our precious children ….

      Probably soon after women, tv folk and ‘priestesses’ no doubt among them, no doubt, stop slaughtering our precious children in their wombs.

      And not to defend the Catholic Church, most of whose sick sodomites – just by the way – insidiously infiltrated the Church and did their dirty deeds 30 to 50 years ago — but a child is 47 times more likely to be sexually molested and/or assaulted and/or sodomized in a public school and by a “teacher,” than by a priest.

      • Very true Nathan. At the level Savile and his cohorts frequented ,there was protection for protagonists at the level used by drug Lords and mafia aficionados . They are too often beyond the reach of police even Scotland Yard. I hope this will bring out into the sunlight these people who prey upon others and enjoy their fear. They sleep happily at night because they feel no guilt. Vivienne

      • uloolaa : The reason they sleep so well is because they are sociopaths

        Many are in fact psychopaths. That is, they know right from wrong, well enough — but common garden hubris through pathological narcissism grants them all an arrogant and overwhelming sense of entitlement.

  65. I have just found your site when looking to see if this is true about Rolf Harris, and pleased I have ! The MSM have a lot to answer for & I see you are doing your best to show this………Thanks !!!!!

    On the Rolf Harris issue I don’t want it to be true as I grew up listening to his records and watching is TV shows, he was wonderful however, we need to keep a balanced head here.

    The police in special investigation units do not charge someone in this area without hard evidence they are well aware that they need to prosecute and not let someone get out on a loop hole to enable them to reoffend, the police in these units have to witness things that would cause the average person to have a break down, they have to view the evidence, before they lay charges, so we pretty much have something solid in that alone.

    I will keep my judgement till after this has gone to court, however in the ugliness of child sex abuse claims where there is smoke there is more often than not fire.

    • Finally a member of main stream media has broken ranks, Britain’s The Sun newspaper has named Rolf Harris as the Australian entertainer arrested in the UK on suspicion of historic sex offences.

      Good work Shane, you deserve credit for being a catalyst to finally get this into MSM. .

      • look at the good side maybe now he will only visit Australia every 3 years for one week now pretending hes Australian
        he the biggest Englishman there ever was , so much show he spends his whole life in another country , and what passport does his wife and daughter have ,,, well anything but Australian , lies about being a Australian so anything is possible

      • …. Finally a member of main stream media has broken ranks, Britain’s The Sun newspaper has named Rolf Harris as the “Australian” entertainer arrested in the UK on suspicion of historic sex offences ….


        Just as well,eh?

        For up until The Sun did the Right Thing, all we knew was that a “well known 82-years-old at-one-time-long-ago-Australian now-a-Pommy entertainer who lives in Berkshire (where else would berks live?) had been interviewed by police and consequential to the interview arrested to in a month or two face charges of child sex abuse.

  66. Wakey wakey sheeple. Rolf Harris being investigated in the Jimmy Savile case – Jimmy Savile AND Rolf Harris have close ties to the Royals. That pedafile (Eptstein?) gets out of jail NEXT DAY Prince Andrew meets with him in a park. How old was Diana exactly when Charlie picked her for his bride. Want to know more about our precious leaders read online Thanks for the memories by Brice Taylor and Tranceformation of America by

    • Why is the May court hearing date not widely known? It’s 2nd of May here .The comments on this site have added greatly to my scepticism about criminal cover-ups. The added bonus, forgive me moderator if I deviate, is the tendency to be uncomfortable with the truth when the accused is someone we like or admire. This culture is what bad people understand full well and why they continue to do bad things. They know that all they need do is deny and all we like sheep will be lead into the comfortable green pastures of ignorance. I believe we are our brother’ keeper and have a duty of care to other humans. Vivienne Bibby

    • Looks as if they’ve had to go back a while but that this may well be a case of a fire being the source of the smoke and the mirrors being explained by someone somewhere being ashamed of what Mr Harris may have been up to. Or of his being caught, if that’s what turns out to be the case.

  67. To think that these people acted alone is very naive. I agree whole heartedly that they should be punished to the full extent of the law which unfortunately is far to lenient in these matters.

    There is very little mention of organised and connected people in MSM. All that has happened to date is what I would term a letting of blood to relieve some public anxiety. The true victims are the generations of people that have had their lives and the lives of many around them destroyed due to the depraved actions of these evil people and the all to often people ready to turn a blind eye to the actions of what is a very small percentage of the population.

    We live in a democracy and to think that the momentum that has gathered due to these ‘celebrity’ figures is being diverted from the source to the fringes of these rings is very disheartening.

    It must be recognised that we have now found a link to a very long established and socially integrated world of depraved individuals. To allow them to be forgotten in time or to die out is giving a green light to people of the same evil intent and perpetuating the idea that they can get away with it.

    As proof I would urge you to look at the fact that the discovery of a single paedophile has more often than not exposed a ring. To think that people who live off of public approval would not seek approval from like minded people is surely very strange.

    Countries spend countless amounts of money and human hours on intelligence and I feel that these people should be given the same rights as terrorists. To say that it is not possible to get the names of the people that are perpetuating these crimes against humanity is also naive.

    The opportunity must be taken to also ensure that the enablers of and procurers to these evil paedophiles as well as the paedophiles be made to account for their actions.

    • You may be right, but this is planet earth and thus not a perfect place, and corruption is systemic throughout the global infrastructure we call human reality. Thus I don;t expect there to be always true justice, but I do expect that it does not become a ‘hell’, and for this we must always be ready to expose evil in all its forms.

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